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Thursday, April 26, 2018

3 Responses to The 1 Percenters Are Middle Class: House Republicans

  1. Yeah, but look how much simpler filing your taxes will be, using the Republicans’ new two-line mini tax form designed especially for low and middle income filers:

    Line 1: How much did you make last year? $___________
    Line 2: Send it to us.

    PS Republicans are scum (and traitorous scum, at that).

  2. The Republican Party has deceived itself for so long with its obsession with money matters that they no longer are capable of rational thought. Being poor in their estimation is now equivalent to being of the middle class in this delusional state; the middle class is now perceived as being upper income; and the wealthiest are just barely a notch above the middle class, and therefore adjustments must be made to help these “financially deprived” castaways.

    The entire GOP clan need to get CAT scans and need to undergo rehabilitation and counseling to restore their sanity.

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