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Saturday, February 23, 2019

In 2012, Generation Gap Will Play Out In Polls

It’s no surprise that age is often correlated with political ideology, but generational differences are bound to play a particularly significant role in next year’s presidential election. A new Pew Research Center study, “The Generation Gap and the 2012 Election,” reveals a clear relationship between age and voter preferences, which could portend a much more challenging re-election fight for Obama.

According to the study, young Millennials tend to hold liberal attitudes, and 56 percent favor a bigger government. They would most likely choose Obama over the GOP candidate, even though only 49 percent approve of the president’s job performance. They still generally prefer Democrats over Republicans, but they lack the enthusiasm for Obama that they had in the 2008 campaign.

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One response to “In 2012, Generation Gap Will Play Out In Polls”

  1. kurt.lorentzen says:

    Young people tend to be more liberal for a variety of reasons. For one, they are beginning their life journey, many with lots of debt and few personal resources. They see big government as a potential step up, and liberal policies as fulfilling needs in their lives. They also equate converatism with racism, elitism and change-opposition something that was once true on many fronts although most “modern” conservatives want no part of that legacy. And let’s not forget indoctrination. Academia is decidedly liberal, even public schools. 16 to 20 years exposure to that mindset during the developing years will, at least temporarily, have a tremendous influence.
    As people grow older and gain perspective from their own experience, many (most) become more conservative. “Dollars and Sense” begins to dull the shiny ideals that seemed so compelling when others were footing the bill. Concepts like fiscal responsibility are mated with numbers like $15 Trillion in debt, and that unsustainability becomes evident.
    So, with the political tide seemingly shifting among independents who fear Democrats have a no holds barred policy toward debt and spending, it’s easy to see why some demographics are catching the more conservative wave. One thing should be completely evident to Republicans and Democrats, that is that the country is content with neither. Tea Partiers are the anti-liberals and Occupiers the anti-conservatives. The one thing that strikes fear in the heart of politicians is the one thing they can’t control – we can vote.

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