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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • CaptainWes

    A rat trying to save a sinking ship?

    • morgan520

      Nah! He’s not trying to save that sinking ship, he’s swimming away as fast as he can to save his own worthless hide! hahahahahahaha

  • irishtap

    This is standard GOP disaster modus operandi, and they call it courage.

  • a pirate running from captain mitt Romney ship to save himself from getting hung

    because he knows the crime his captain wants to commit is unforgivable,pretending he is a God

    loving citizen,knowing full well he is the black beard of the century a crook if there ever was one
    run tim pawlenty run you rat run!

  • Just shows you what kind of a Party it really is……Too bad they dont just do thier jobs,,,,!!!

  • anyasnote

    He is unemployed and Romney will not give him high paying job and usually ALL RATS leave sinking ship. He will write a book or run for Gov. or Senator or Congress again. LOL
    It would be blind leading blind. See how quick ly he change d his mind, but you can’t take back the praise he said about Romney – Unlucky guy – did not get paid. Maybe he should join the 999 guy??? maybe the Moon Colony guy — nah -his 2 companies under bankruptcy (and he wanted to be POTUS – LOL), or the Texas guy who can’t remember what he will do, or even the Muslim warrior Moochelle Batwoman (her light bulb was dimmed from the get go) It seems to me Minnesota people are nuts they are voting and keeping/ picking lemons and lemmings and losers and plain dumbos. Is he a MOOCHER NOW????