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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

WASHINGTON — He says he would be the wealthiest person ever elected president, but refuses to release his income tax records as every major candidate has done for half a century. He says he’s given tens of millions of dollars to charity, but won’t answer questions about specifics. He would be the oldest person ever to…

34 Responses to 3 Ways Trump Is More Secretive Than Clinton, Or Any Other Candidate

  1. Just another of countless hypocrisies and shill jobs by Trump, his campaign lapdogs, and his adoring fan base, all of whom can’t discern darkness from daylight, honesty from deception, nor can they tell the difference between right and wrong without hand holding. So conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs have Trump’s fan base become that they on command will bark when told to, and will sit or roll over if promised a dog biscuit.

    How much longer they will act as trained seals and dogs, only time will tell. As I remarked to someone else, there was a decision once made by a panel of educators for the Texas Board of Education that approves and makes recommendations of many textbooks used in public schools in much of the country. One specific recommendation was to discourage critical thinking—too “liberal”, I suppose.

    “The Religious Right has invested so heavily in Texas textbooks because of the national implications. School districts in Texas have to buy books from a state-approved list, and Texas is such an enormous market that textbook publishers will generally do whatever they can to get on that list. Textbooks written and edited to meet Texas standards end up being used all over the country. So Religious Right leaders in Texas can doom millions of American students to stunted, scientifically dubious science books and ideologically slanted history and social studies books. Advances in printing technology make it easier to prevent that from happening now, but it will take vigilance to keep publishers from following the path of least resistance…”

    With this decades long textbook approval process, little wonder that so many children in America have become brainwashed to the point of no longer being able to think critically, independently, and whose mental perception has atrophied to the level of an imbecile regarding science, math, literary skills, and artistic expression. Which would explain the Republican war on science, while a fundamentalist religious nihilism fills the void.

    Which also explains Trump’s increasing popularity among a vast number of Americans who’ve been mentally hamstrung as a result of “planned ignorance”.

    True education balances and integrates Science and Religion in a seamless, unbiased and rational manner. Anything less yields religious fanaticism and a plethora of myths to describe the physical universe, a hee-haw level of entertainment, and promotes a stultified soul devoid of real spirit and empathy.

    As Baha’u’llah states emphatically, Science and Religion are in agreement and complement each other—all science and little or no Religion results in a frankenstein-like cold attitude, more robotic and short on feelings, while Religion alone without Science yields eventually to a fanatical outlook, opening the door for bizarre suppositions, superstitions, and an anthropomorphic notion of God which defies the concept and reality of an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Unknowable Essence, and reduces that which is infinite and transcendent to the level of ordinary, frail, spatially confined, and transient.

    • Get used to it lemming…maybe you will be befriended by one of us “Deplorables” after the election because you will need a new pal to replace your evil idol, HC.
      Your ethics and morality base will need some major work, however, because you have a lot of personal cleansing and self analysis to do after falling under the spell of the soulless Clintons!

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  2. Why is it that most Americans judge themselves both ethically and morally, yet give Crooked Hillary a pass over and over, and over?
    She simply cannot be trusted!
    Trust Trump/Pence in November!
    America First!

    • No. You are wrong. First of all name calling is a way of inhibiting free and intelligent discussion. You should have stopped doing in by third grade. Just repeating slogans over and over again do not make those slogans true.

    • Maybe because she has proven she can be trusted by releasing everything ever asked of her. I suspect that 90% of her accusers and detractors would be incapable of producing under subpoena what they are demanding of her!

      • Did you comment on qc times dot com?
        If so you might not like me but Acorn and I are trying to find as many from that site as possible

          • Okay, thanks for responding. We had a person who called their self “Opinioned1” and consistently had spaces when using apostrophes just like you do that’s why I thought you might be him.

    • If you call Hillary a crook, you damn well better prove it with legal documents. Just because you hate Hillary doesn’t mean you get to post BS you cannot hope to EVER prove!

      You’ve had 4 decades to prove Hillary is a criminal. You have NOTHING!

    • Well, mainly because your savior has bragged about his corruptions and hide
      those that may bite him on the ass if revealed while Clinton keeps getting exonerated by conservatives themselves when teet party ghouls keep charging her with made up accusations that hold no water. But why should I try to convince you? A shill remains a shill regardless of fact.

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  4. Trying to compare a candidate that has made several years of her tax filings public, that made extensive and comprehensive medical records public, and a woman whose lifelong endeavors have been scrutinized, demonized, and attacked for decades, to the deliberate efforts of a man who refuses to make his tax returns public, who provides two pages of health records to Dr. Oz, during a surreal “realty show”, and a man whose record of bankruptcies, controversial business dealings with the Mafia, praise of a ruthless Russian dictator, and a man whose private “Foundation” has engaged in quid pro quo with fellow Republicans running for office, is the ultimate example of hypocrisy.
    Yes, Hillary is far from perfect, she has made mistakes, which she has acknowledged, but her record and commitment to society contrasts with that of a man whose idea of sacrifice to country is that he built structures.
    The difference between these two candidates go well beyond qualifications, relevant experience, and record of public accomplishment. The most important differences are temperament, and a life devoted to helping others, instead of just helping himself.

  5. “Trump handed Oz a summary paper from physician Harold Bornstein that gave some information about the candidate’s condition.”
    This is the same Doctor Bornstein that was listed as a partner in a practice that he was not part of, and listed a web site that never was issued. If Oz bought into this, he is worse than the 35% of the Republican Primary voters who forced this mook on to the American Public.

  6. Let’s see now…Trumpenstein wants you to believe that Dr. Bornstein, a relic Hippie with a lot of shady medical issues, wrote another medical report and this time, it didn’t take 5 minutes? yeah. right.

    So, when Trump handed Lauer the script HE wanted for the debate, Trumpenstein knew he shot his last load. He got away with that once. He knew instant replay was not going to happen.

    Trump is nothing more than a blabber mouth control freak. He believes you can run a government the same way you run a business. But then, so do all right wingers and Republicans.

    Okay. So now the Trump government is the 1st US corporatocracy. We pay taxes, he spends the tax dollars as HE and ONLY HE pleases…what does that make taxpayers? It makes them Trump Employees of the Trump Empire.

    Anyone who is stupid enough to pretend this isn’t true has totally managed to miss the last 4 decades of Trump’s life.

  7. what is wrong with the people of this country ??????/ I cant (well maybe I can ) understand how stupid and blind every one is . SO SAD . DONNY DUMP is making a mockery of The Whole Political System . every this that comes out of his DUMPSTER mouth is a lie . he bad mouths war hero and vets . and he is a 5 time draft dodger . he cry’s about company’s leaving the USA and he is making all kind of things in a lot of other country’s. he says Obama is no good . and got us out of the DIRTY BUSH’S grave hole and the stock market was like 6000 something if that today its up over 18,000 . he got BIN LARDAZZ more jobs came back since he been in the house . now the DUMPSTER talks his B/S taxes down to 15 % he will do that but only for the 1 &2 % greedy bastards rich . he lied his way through the first half and he is still lie’s all the way to the 2nd half . the true fools are the ones that stand with him and the ones that stand with the ones that stand with him . its not 50% its 100% of them deranged retards . I cant believe so many fall for the B/S the DUMPSTERS talks about . you stupid people of the country the POS just says what you want to hear THATS IT NOTHING AT ALL WILL COME OF ANYTHING THE MORON SAYS WAKE UP people don’t be the stupidest people on the earth the world is laughing at the USA and DONNY DUMP thy know he is POS

  8. Dr. Mehmet Oz is not a quack – he is a cardiologist who favors dietary treatment for arterial disease. He performs the role of “medical journalism” on his TV show, and that’s what we got.- Trump performed, pulled an alleged rabbit out of a hat (actually, his pocket), and left it to Dr Oz to react to a single page of test results. Not original lab reports, either, so the numbers on the paper may be OK and still not be Donald’s actual numbers. Nonetheless, a man of 70 with a BMI of 30 is a candidate for a surprise heart attack and should at least have a stress test to check his heart function. Trump is

    Trump is a pitchman. His record is nowhere as good as he claims – how does a great businessman manage to lose money in the gambling casino business and get forced into a bankruptcy sale? Why is this “straightforward” guy facing three trials (motions are over, there are real charges) in two States, one of them for criminal fraud? Why is anyone supporting a candidate who, win or lose the election, will go ontrial for fraud the very next day?

  9. How can people be so damn assinine to call Hilary Clinton as less than candid when she discloses much, much more than orange marmalade does?

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  11. After all the information that has been uncovered about this man both by noted officials, true truth seekers and even from his own mouth, it confounds me that so many idiots are going to vote for this pecker head not because they believe in him or his lies but simply because they hate Hillary Clinton.. Truly these knuckle draggers are the walking dead and their intention is to take us down with them by choosing the most pathetic zombie of them all.

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