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Saturday, March 17, 2018

19 Responses to 36 Women Who Worked With Sen. Franken On SNL Offer Support

    • Women are not stupid. That Tweeds political gal was paid to smear Franken. Men just don’t realize that women have minds of their own. We do not need any man to think for us.

      The Republican white boys brigade all believe they can always put one over on women. We support men we know are being smeared when we know they are innocent.

      We will NEVER support male pigs like Trump, Hastert or Moore when we know our children’s live are at stake.

      • I remember men trying to kiss me or hug me, but I told them where I stood, making a joke out of it. Never, would I try to destroy their reputations. One of them recently run for office in my city. I wouldn’t do that to him or his wife and children. Had he been more forceful, that would be different.

    • Men like you have no balls. What are YOU doing speaking for women? CONmen like you think women are going to tolerate your BS for another generation. Sorry..not when Women pay EQUAL taxes to what you men pay and on salaries YOU and YOUR dickheads decide they will pay women.

      By the way Mr. MAN MOUTH, have you noticed that the more you bitchy boys bash Hillary, the more women enter government? What will you dickless morons do when your good ole boys are outnumbered?

      You can’t even get a kiss much less a free “feel.” You boys just never learn that your all powerful and mighty act is not going to win you favor when women become the ONLY government.

      • Women like you give real women a bad name. You are the problem I’m talking about. Ughh, we would be so much better off…

        • Men like you only THINK you know women. You are the kind of man who looks the other way when your best friend has his hand up your wife’s skirt.

          Don’t you dare tell any woman what real women are. The kind of MAN you are is the reason the divorce rate since the 60s has skyrocketed.

          The kind of women you call real are the ones with big hair, fake bazongas, fake eyelashes they bat coyly your way and then kneel at your knees and only know one word; YES.

          Women are fed up with men like you. You boys will stick together if someone molested your own mother rather than dare go after one of your own.

          Time for you to grow up.

          • You don’t hire women? Is that because they are smarter than you? Smart enough to alert the DOL to that fact which a dickless eunoch like you admitted is gender biased and unconstitutional? You don’t hire women because women won’t let you molest them as part of their wages. Who the hell do you think you are fooling? I always report men like you for violating the law. Better be careful, if some woman gets wind of what you’re doing and reports your bully ass, you might not have hire anyone…you’ll end up paying a fine big enough to shut you down for good. Then what will that simpering clinging vine wife of your do? Work her ass off for a big mouth bully like you? Men like you are the kind women like me chew up and spit out just for fun.

          • O never molested his own 14 year daughter. For a guy like you with NO dick and no brains, I’d say you are jealous of Obama. What’s the matter? You don’t hire females unless you can get a free feel? Bet your former wives realized that peanut in your pants was as useless as you are. I’d not go around bragging about MANhood, you have none. Just a Mommy who was a tad too overindulgent with her peanut dick son.

          • You can’t get ANY woman in your life. Admit it. What educated woman would tolerate your bully boy attitude? Be glad I’m not in your life. I’d have made sure your attitude toward women wasn’t ulike some 16th century chauvinist pig. The only women a bossy bully like you EVER attracts are welfare queens you THINK you control. Time for you to grow Mr. No Balls

          • I’m happily married to a wonderful woman. She hates rape baiter like you just as much as I do. Crawl back in you hole and wait for your next shift at McDonalds.

          • You actually think YOU know women better than women know themselves? Think again moron. Sure YOU are happily married. You make all the rules for her.

            As for her hating rape baiters, you would definitely know what she is thinking, what she loves and hates every minute you crawl into her brain and dictate what she can and can’t think.

            I hate to inform you Mr. Bully but I’ve known many men like you and those who were married “happily,” had wives who couldn’t wait for their bossy, overbearing, bully husbands to drop dead so they could get the ROI on that MRS degree they had to invest in or be too helpless to be financially independent like I am and many other women morons like you hate.

            You really have a whole lot more to learn about how women think. The only reason I know so well how men think is due to always being outnumbered in my family, my church and my businesses by them. Oh gee…I guess I owe you thanks for educating me about pricks like you who think you know women.

  1. I’m pleased to see women coming forward in Franken’s defense. Speaking of his character does make the allegations harder to understand. We know he acted like a sophomoric child on that plane while putting his hands on the ladies vest. The big difference between the Senator, the Judge and the President is that Al has stood up and taken responsibility for his action. I hope the voters can tell the difference.

  2. In response to the allegation by LeeAnn Tweeden, which was supported by a photo, Mr. Franken couldn’t deny it, and he responded appropriately by apologizing and admitting it was a stupid and inappropriate thing to do. In regard to the allegation by Lindsay Menz, the only reasonable response he could offer was “I don’t remember doing that.” Apparently there is no evidence to support it other than Ms. Menz’s claim, and there have been reports that she is heavily involved in right-wing Republican politics and may have a reason to want to falsely defame Mr. Franken.
    In contrast, President Trump and Judge Moore have simply denied all the accusations against them and called their accusers liars, despite substantial evidence supporting the allegations of those women, and in Trump’s case, even video in which he openly brags about committing such acts.
    Remember that the Republican Party impeached Bill Clinton, saying he was unfit to be president, because he had a sexual relationship with an adult woman who freely consented to the sexual activity with him, and apparently even solicited it. Yet they turn a blind eye to a man who had many such relationships, and bragged about them, and also turn a blind eye to a man accused (credibly) with raping minor girls, which is a felony. I might also mention that one woman filed a law suit against Donald Trump claiming he raped her when she was a minor.

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