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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Did Donald Trump finally cross a line?

Conservative media outrage was mysteriously muted after the mogul disparaged Senator John McCain’s military record. But it came out in force shortly after The Donald made lewd cracks about Fox News host Megyn Kelly — remarks widely interpreted to be a crass reference to the debate moderator’s menstrual cycle. That is ultimately what got him disinvited Saturday from a gathering organized by right-wing media big top RedState.

But if there’s one person standing by the Donald, it’s Kelly’s employer, Fox News president Roger Ailes. According to a tweet from Trump, Ailes called to say that the reality TV star and GOP frontrunner would get a fair shake from the news network and that Ailes’ “word is always good.”

Perhaps Ailes has decided that it’s expedient to bring Trump into the network’s fold — that, to paraphrase Lyndon B. Johnson, it’s better to have Trump in the Fox News tent emitting his puerile playground insults outward than sending him outside, to have him (or his alarming supporters) spew it in.

Or perhaps it’s just Ailes’ long-overdue affirmation that his network really is just in the business of casual, vile misogyny — of which the following may be four of the worst examples. We’re sure we missed a few (hundred), so please let us know in the comments.

First: “Boobs on the Ground”

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15 responses to “Are These The 4 Worst Examples Of Misogyny On Fox News?”

  1. Insinnergy says:

    Yes… the collective Trump-outrage seemed wildly disproportionate to the GOP’s/Red State’s/Fox News’ casual misogyny that occurs pretty much daily.

    The importance of women’s health, parental planning services, and contraception/abortion to the livelihood, opportunity and prospects for women is incontrovertible fact. It’s also supported by a growing majority of Americans.

    It puzzles me why the GOP are prepared to run the risk of alienating half the voting population in order to promote some sort of 1930’s vision of women as less than men.

    As someone else said: Women’s health is not just a “Women’s issue”, it is also a male issue because men want their partners to be healthy and protected from medical misfortune.

    Can they not see that defunding and attacking the key provisions of women’s health in America, ultimately reduces the health of their own family? Or is this a case of the wealthy politicians simply not understanding the plight of anyone with less than a 6-figure income?

    • Carolyn1520 says:

      “Women’s health is not just a “Women’s issue”, it is also a male issue because men want their partners to be healthy and protected from medical misfortune.”

      One would assume that but you are applying the standards of real men.
      Seems on the right, if they can find replacements, thats the easier option. Gingrich, McCain…etc.

  2. Steve Batchelor says:

    This is just one more sign of the disconnection the Tea Party/Fauz News has with anyone not male,white and rich. WIth every word coming out of their mouths about women I don’t understand how any women would even consider voting for them and with their bigoted ideology to boot the 2016 election just might be the greatest beatdown in Presidental election history.

  3. Dominick Vila says:

    The media has never been a platform for the promotion of civility, objectivity, or moral values. Their goal is to get as much market share as possible to guarantee higher profits. They will sell their souls to the Devil if that’s what it takes to stay on top, and nobody does it better than FOX.
    FOX is not criticizing Trump’s remarks, they are fighting for their livelihood and, at this point, their reputation. I suspect they are troubled, and taken aback, by the reaction of so many conservatives to the audacity of Megyn Kelly to ask the champion of narcissism whether or not he still stood by the disparaging remarks he made about over weight women, and those he considers ugly, which is likely to now include Megyn in addition to Rosie. For a red blooded “conservative” FOX crossed a line that should have been reserved to asking Hillary how she felt about Bill’s infidelities. Not to worry, the sheep will go back to the pen before you know it.

  4. FT66 says:

    Am wondering why people continue watching Fox News. Getting news is to be informed something new which you were not aware of. Can anyone call lies, insults, bashing, hatred, Cherry-picking people etc. etc. as news? Wake up folks. Stop being fooled around.

    • FireBaron says:

      Hey, without their misogynistic outlook, how else could Faux News survive. After all, many of their female commentators (well, we can discount Greta) were selected for their beauty pageant looks and bra size, not for their intellectual acumen.

    • Carolyn1520 says:

      The women bashing/insults is standard fare on the right. If they fear their opponent it’s what they lead with. Most of those guys are scared to death of women who don’t “depend” on men. When there is no control factor available to them, they are at a loss.

    • Jeffrey L Mooney says:

      I watch Fox “News” to keep up with the latest lies and distortions they espouse. The right wingnut base (truly base) of viewers actually like and believe in Fox Fairy Tales preferring them to real news.

  5. yabbed says:

    Trump is doing a better job that Democrats could ever do in bringing to the public’s attention the negatives of Fox News. I wish him well in that.

  6. squappie says:

    What about all the vile comments made by Erick Erickson calling first lady Michelle Obama a “marxist harpy” and Texas politician Wendy Davis “abortion Barbie”? Or saying “When you look at biology, look at the natural world, the roles of a male and female in society, and the other animals, the male typically is the dominant role. The female, it’s not antithesis, or it’s not competing, it’s a complementary role.” This is the same guy calling CHUMP a Misogynist. LOL!!!

  7. Karen Stickney says:

    They just need their diapers changed because they are full of crap and a wake up call that it is 2015.

  8. Johnny Z says:

    Good luck to the Fox whores, you’ll need it.

  9. Sterling Harris says:

    Bill O’Reilly Should Know and he is Qualified he grabbed his X-Wife by the Throat and dragged her down a flight of Stairs in front of his 15 year old Daughter. When You have Money you can Pretended you are not a Monster and Hater of Females. keep it up Fox

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