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Monday, October 24, 2016

5 Examples Of Fox News’ ‘Fair And Balanced’ Obama Coverage

5 Examples Of Fox News’ ‘Fair And Balanced’ Obama Coverage

As part of the ongoing Republican freakout over President Barack Obama’s remark to The New Republic that “if a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it,” Sean Hannity made a truly jaw-dropping claim on his Monday night show.

According to Hannity — who, you may recall, is the proud owner of a painting of President Obama burning the Constitution — Fox is the “only media organization on this planet that has delivered fair and balanced coverage” of the president.

Luckily for us, groups like Media Matters for America keep tabs on Fox, providing plenty of examples to counter Hannity’s claim.

Here are five examples of Fox’s not so “Fair and Balanced” coverage of the president:

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  • Sand_Cat

    Where are Obozo and Montana Bill and friends to tell us why these incidents are all outrageous lies concocted by the “liberal media” to promote our “messiah”?

    • Because their assertions are full of holes an bs.

  • Republican policies and record, as deplorable as they are, take a back seat to their rhetoric. There is no need to spend lots of money in future political campaigns, the GOP is doing a fine job in doing everything they can to become a perennial minority party. Hopefully the Democratic party is collecting all the comments and proposals they are making to put together a collage of unprecedented evidence of semi-developed gray mass for 2014 and beyond.
    I wonder how the few remaining moderate Republicans feel about what the Tea Party is doing to the GOP…

    • Let them (GOP) enjoy their own dance. How can anyone who is thinking, allow the party inside another (same) party?

      • Moderate Republicans should have stopped the takeover of the GOP by the Tea Party when it first emerged. Now it is too late, the damage is done. I suspect moderates within the party thought the original focus of the TP on spending and deficit reductions would appeal to mainstream Americans, what they did not know is the fact that the original goal was to be replaced by incendiary rhetoric attacking women rights, exclusions of ethnic minorities, and endorsement of policies so extreme that most Americans had no choice but to reject them.
        There are clear signs that influential members of the GOP are desperately trying to move the party back to its traditional center-right position, but I have the feeling it is going to take a long time before the average American forget the bile that characterizedir 2012 presidential campaign. They simply went too far and they are now paying a price for it. FOX News, Limbaugh, and others are exacerbating their problems.

        • While I’m certain that I won’t vote for any republicans in this lifetime,I surely won’t give carte blanche to Dems.That being said,the Democrats are the logical alternative to anything that republicans are currently offering. Surprisingly they continue to refer to themselves as the gop.Given thier strident vehemence of late a heading such as GOPT would not be unseemly.Why even now the statements of old Newt sound halfway serene and logical and a defection by Governor Christie would not be surprising and might result in the republicans bleeding members.

        • L. Bergstrom

          I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies
          about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.

          ~Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952~

      • barneybolt12

        Sorry frida, the comment was meant for montana bill.

  • ChristoD

    Sean Hannity gets paid to insult, denigrate, misinform, lie and humiliate the President and the Democrat party. Why ANYONE other than a died-in-the-wool rightie would watch him never ceases to amaze me. His subject matter is Propaganda 1.01.

    • Hannity and his ilk borrowed a page from Joseph Goebbels, and are likely to end up like the latter. Ideological extremism feeds on fear, intolerance, and ignorance, but it never lasts long.

      • montanabill

        I take it you didn’t watch Hannity’s show titled, ‘BoomTown’, last week.

        • DukeDacat

          Hannity is a stupid Ass hole………………………

          • demboy2013

            I wholeheartedly agree with you, as do a litany of other Americans as well.

      • “borrowed a page from Joseph Goebbels” I think he took the whole book and added several Addendum’s.

    • montanabill

      We should be watching Chris Mathews instead so we would not be subjected to insults, denigrations, misinformation and propaganda. Or maybe just reading the National Memo is close enough.

      • alumahead

        Matthews may be over the top, but he doesn’t consistently go out of his way to lie on the air.

        • montanabill

          Does that mean he sometimes does lie on the air?

      • barneybolt12

        I see your here reading the National Memo.

        • montanabill

          Right. I like to know what all sources are saying. If I just listened to ABC, NBC or CBS, I would miss anything and everything that might reflect badly on the President. I also listen to NPR and CNN. And I read the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo news, Huffington Post, Breitbart and several local newspapers from around the country.

      • ChristoD

        Yo montanabill, if you are equating Hannity to Mathews, you lost the argument BIG time. Mathews is clearly biased but Hannity is so over the top, it isn’t remotely close comparing them. Hannity gets PAID to PROPAGANDIZE. Mathews get paid to annoy people. BIG, BIG difference. I can point out ten – twenty lies, misinformation, vitriol, hate or alternate reality comments made by Hannity to every one made by Mathews and I am being charitable toward Hannity.

        • montanabill

          There is a difference, but it isn’t what you theorize. Hannity is never crude. Mathews delights in it.

          I like your idea. Give me 10 lies Hannity has told and 1 of Chris Mathews.

          • ChristoD

            Let me see if I have this straight. You actually want me to identify 10 – 20 Hannity lies to 1 Matthews lie. I would suggest that is a piece of cake. Just watch 1 or 2 nightly Hannity broadcasts to 5 Matthews and YOU can do the counting on your own….or rather since you have absolutely no objectivity have a neutral source do the math. You don’t seem to get it montanabill. Propaganda by its’ very definition is full of lies to stoke up anger, vitriol, angst and hate.

          • montanabill

            I take your post as a sign you could not do it.

          • ChristoD

            Of COURSE you would. I rest my case… is called Republican ‘alternate reality’ defined as accepting things as you WANT them to be not as they are. Hannity is an overpaid buffoon who does’t have a shred of integrity. Discussion over.

          • montanabill

            Reality is you actually answering the question.

          • ChristoD

            I did and in typical right wing fashion you choose not to accept it. Remember that ‘alternate reality’ point I made. There you go….again.

          • montanabill

            You did not answer the question. In typical left wing fashion, you made claims, but did not provide one single example. Then got all huffy when that was pointed out. You still have not provided one single example, let alone multiple examples.

          • ChristoD

            For me to provide one single example is playing your game, which I will not do. Your ‘alternate reality’ world would deny simple lies as ‘truths/facts or yet to be proven as lies’ so I will not engage in this nonsense. Your kind still will not let go of the FACTS that the PRESIDENT was born in America and is not a Muslim and is NOT a socialist or a communist etc. Hannity consistently reinforces absurd accusations such as these. Go away and THINK for yourself, something that I am certain you will find difficult to do, and maybe the light will dawn on your marble head.

          • montanabill

            Lot easier to respond with insults and names than facts, isn’t it?

          • ChristoD

            Name calling ? Nah, just stating the facts. Now go on and bother somebody else. I am done with this BS.

          • He didn’t ask you to play a game, he asked you to answer a question to support your claim that you could show 10-20 examples of Hannity lies and 1 Matthews lie, and you did everything you could to not answer the question which you brought up. Typical liberal.

          • Looks to me like Montanabill won the argument big time, is all I’m sayin’

          • Travis

            Big time

          • Travis

            You never started ANY facts LOL

          • Travis

            so do it if your not just full of BS. Lies HE told on the air.

    • Erik Nyquist

      And he’s doing nothing but preaching to the choir. His job is to tell the core audience of Fox what they want to hear, nothing more or less. It’s the conservative media circle-jerk of delusion.

      • ChristoD

        Close Erik but I think ‘circle of jerks’ is a better description. 🙂

    • its a deep thinking thing christoD,you would not understand,sorry!!!!!!!!

      • ChristoD

        Good one Ted. I assume you’re referring to a typical Republican who’s intellectual curiosity is about as ‘deep thinking’ as a 1/4 inch puddle, correct ?

  • AlfredSonny

    Cant follow this Hannity video because its not closed captioned.

  • montanabill

    Hannity is a commentator, not a reporter. Wise up.

    • johninPCFL

      Same for O’Reilly. And yet, both programs are put in the “Cable News” category for rating purposes. Odd, huh?

      • montanabill

        I heard O’Reilly many times specifically clarify that his show is a commentary show, not hard news. The fact is, hard news shows, on cable or network are things of the past. Local news usually comes closer than any network or cable show.

        • johninPCFL

          And yet, I’m sure you’ve seen his adverts where the show is “the number one cable news show for 13 years running”.

          • montanabill

            O’Reilly’s web site says, ” Bill O’Reilly’s nightly program has been #1 for 50 straight quarters” That does translate into 13 years, but he calls it a ‘nightly program’. The network is taking literary license by calling it a news show. It is and it isn’t.

          • johninPCFL

            The advert with the flipping, spinning “#1” specifically calls out 13 years, and specifically calls it “cable news”. Maybe they’re spinning the “no spin” program?

    • awakenaustin

      Explain the difference. Since numerous dictionaries define them as the same.

      • montanabill

        A reporter provides known factual content, neither adding commentary, conjecture nor omitting known information. A commentator offers discussion and opinion. The difference was specifically taught when I took journalism classes. Apparently, not so much anymore.

        • awakenaustin

          I missed the part of the life lessons my parents tried to teach where they explained to me how lying was okay if I called myself a commentator. So if I commentate on something then the truth is irrelevant. Wish I had known this sooner.
          You are ignoring that commentate is defined as to report on an event as it occurs, esp., for a news and sports broadcast.

          • montanabill

            A color man is a commentator. The play-by-play announcer is a reporter.

            Examples of commentators lying?

          • awakenaustin

            Your definition is not the standard definition. Does the color commentator ignore what is happening in front of him/her on the field, ignore the past (or more accurately, re-imagine it) and make up facts about what is happening? Hannity lies. FOX News often spreads lies, gossip and innuendo as news.
            I am sure all commentators lie sometimes (at least say things are true when they don’t have any reason to believe they are true), and so do “reporters”. In Hannity’s case, often. (I guess it could be just delusional thinking on his part, which isn’t lying per se). That was everyone’s point. You raised the fallacious distinction between reporters and commentators as if it meant something. Lying is lying and I suspect no one much cares what the guy calls himself when he is doing it.
            People listen to FOX News to re-enforce their preexisting biases and to get support for the reality they live in. They don’t listen to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or NPR or read anyone one of the hundreds of moderate to moderately conservative newspapers in the country or read mainstream news magazines, because they would be required to brush up against views which conflict with the reality they wish to sustain. It did not come as a shock and surprise to anyone but FOX adherents and the GOP in general, that President Obama could win the election. The “lamestream” media got it right. The national polling groups called it correctly. Only people who think Hannity is a truth teller and not just a “shill” for the GOP thought President Obama did not stand a chance of winning. The National Enquirer is no less sensational and inaccurate than FOX News. Unfortunately for FOX News fans, the National Enquirer may be more accurate as a source of news. FOX easily spends more time shaping the news than they ever do reporting it.

          • montanabill

            You are in agreement with many on this site. Just so I’ll get the picture, how about detailing some of the ‘lies’ you have heard on Fox.

          • awakenaustin

            09/09/09 Sean Hannity says Pres. Obama said “insurance executives are bad people.” Video clearly shows President saying “insurance executives don’t do this because they are bad people, they do it because it is profitable.”
            Hannity supporting and spreading the idea that the Affordable Care Act set up “death panels.”
            Hannity (6/18/12)selective editing of video of President speaking about his executive order actions re: immigration. (Jon Stewart plays the complete video showing the President did not do and say what Hannity said he said and did.
            Hannity (10/6/11) lies that Pres. Reagan inherited far worse economy than Pres. Obama. A straight forward lie.
            6-12-12 All of FOX including Hannity lie about and distort a Federal Reserve survey talking about the drop in median income.
            Hannity (8-24-11) Hannity lies about never questioning Pres. Obama’s patriotism.
            They have faked footage, over reported numbers, under reported numbers distorted the meaning of things, misquoted people time and time again. If you wish to believe they speak the truth, fine.

            I could spend more time on it, but I have other things to do. I have an idea why don’t you listen to them all day today. Then fact check them. Side bet you will find at least two to three blatant lies or distortions. They are not a news network they are agents provocateur.

    • neeceoooo

      Common Tater, your right about that.

    • And a lousy one at that!

      • montanabill

        Maybe, but he gets awfully good ratings. If you missed his episode last week entitled, “BoomTown”, you missed a very informative, non-partisan look at what really is happening in Washington, D.C. It didn’t favor or spare either party.

    • DukeDacat

      Hey Mountain Billy, I hate to break it io you, your idol, Hannity, is a Ass Hole…………………

      • montanabill

        Hate to break this to you, Duke, but I find Hannity a little too over the top most of the time. However, don’t discount him. When he does a show like ‘BoomTown’, it sheds light on the Washington D.C. most of you never see or hear about. And it was non-partisan.

    • highpckts

      Montanabill – Hannity is not a commentator nor a journalist!! He sold his soul and will do whatever it takes to make millions!

      • montanabill

        I mark that down as your personal opinion.

  • kanawah

    I can think of no comparison to the absurdity of Fox News (NOT) being fair and balanced.

    If a Fox commentator ever told the truth, their jaw would fall off. (not drop but literally fall off) and Murdock would have a fatal hart attack.

  • AlfredSonny

    I often wonder which is funnier: Saturday Night Live or Foxy and Fiends?

  • Whenever I see this man with a forced way on his hair which doesn’t fit at all, I am talking about Sean Hannity, I always shake my head. How on earth anyone can employ such a person. He always talks fair and balanced. That is a defense mechanism. Why can’t he wait for those who are watching him talk, say what he is saying is fair and balanced?

  • In the late 1920’s there was a man from Austria, who used similar propraganda such as Fox News is portraying today, leaving thousands upon thousands dead, and world destruction. Is history again going to repeat itself?

  • dcorey3

    Fixed News is really full of itself! Rupert has to be proud! That is if Rupert can tear himself away from his china doll wife who is old enough to be his granddaughter!? Is it Rupert’s fourth or fifth wife?

  • labrown69

    I think Hannity has either moved into first position or is tied for it with Limbaugh when it comes to pure shameless brain dead propaganda. Given that the announcer begins every hour with “It’s the stop Obama express” I don’t know why we even allow it. The fairness doctrine might go to far but 3 hours a day, 7 days a week on our air waves? This is the Tokyo Rose show.

    • Doesn’t matter. They failed at stopping Obama. All that hatred and they failed at making Obama a one-termer. The joke’s on Faux News and their viewers.

      • Yes, Stella, and they still don’t get it. Truth and righteous does prevail against the odds, doesn’t it now?? Yeah!

    • DukeDacat

      Hannity and Limbaugh are pure shameless brain dead Ass Holes……………

    • tubesaft

      Can you imagine the GOP denying that Obamacare is not running like a swiss watch, people sighing up so fast that the website can’t keep up, 325,000 people get laid off while 125,000 get part time jobs and millions have gotten employment since he took office, Obamacare saving families $2,500 a year, $10,000.00 plus deductibles, doctors knocking on your door to serve you., The deficit down to $12 trillion, the Keystone pipe line cutting heating bills by 75%, Putin shaking in is boots when facing Obama, our armed forces the best in the world and moral excellent.
      Hard to believe.

  • I dont watch this guy. he makes me puke.

    • neeceoooo

      I am with you, I can’t stand the sound of his voice or his puny face

  • latebloomingrandma

    Since Fox News afficianadoes were certain that Romney would win and were SHOCKED that he lost, you would think that listeneners would wise up as to the quality of their “news” source. Can they not see the possibility that they are being “played” every day? Or–is there just a certain sub-set of people (mostly white, older) who are so fearful of the changes occurring in this country that they seek a “news” source that just confirms their fears and prejudices?

    • LBG–They appeal to people with IQ’s under 60 and are inbred…no rational thought processes going on there, just hot-spot, trigger invoking language such as much as the likes of G-ma Grizzly and her bogus line of patriotism when all she was invoking was self-promotion falsely draped in the flag and the Cross. Faux is like this as well. They are fearful of losing whatever control they think they possess on emotionally and racially rabid people…even there they are doomed.

    • bigal953

      Haha! They are so gullible that they think the rest of the world is being played. FOX just plays to what that type of mindset wants to hear. Why do you think they don’t want people to be educated?

  • lana ward

    Sean Hannity is spot on!! If you disagree with omuslim, you are on his hit list!! The only freedom of speech is agreeing with him!!

    • WhutHeSaid

      Then why are YOU still here spouting ridiculous, Satanic drivel?

      • Lana has no idea she spouts drivel. Lana thinks she knows what she (meaning her news source, Fox) knows what they are talking about. Lana obviously cannot think for herself so we mustn’t blame her. Critical thinking skills are generally learned in k thru 12. Conclude what you will about Lana’s education

    • Iana, why do you always get lost on your way? As much as you know, you do not belong here. I am very curious to know what really attract you to come here?

    • I pity you. All you have for comfort is Sean Shammity?

      • lana ward

        Don’t pity me!! You’re the one who needs pity, believing that lying fraud traitor in the WH. Omuslim can’t take being exposed, that’s why he hates Fox News. Fox News won’t tow the line like the MSM does!!!!

  • It never ceases to amaze me how the left will NOT debate the FACTS, but choose to “Stand By Their Man”. If the people on the left think that Fox Commentators are the ONLY people in this country that have “those” opinions, you are dead wrong. Perhaps you should take a look at Fox Ratings which happens to be number one. How do you explain that? And are you saying that EVERYONE that watches FOX and has the same opinions of this administration are absurd and irrelevant? I do not agree with this administration on the majority of issues, but I do understand that not everyone will agree with my points of view. That FACT is one that the left could take a lesson from. It seems that if someone does not agree with Obama about his vision of healthcare, they are Racist…if they don’t agree with Obama about out of control spending, they are Racist. Personally, I don’t care whether the President is pink, blue or green if he does what all the PEOPLE, (not just the ones that voted for him) elected him to do.

    • Did you read the article? If you don’t recognize insanity then one can only surmise you are insane. I believe all media is slanted, but the conspiracy theories, the hatred for this man, Obama, the outright lies are staring you and everyone else in the face. As slanted as all news is,please give us some examples of this same kind of insanity from other news agencies. If they were just anti-Obama that wouldn’t be a problem in my view. One only need listen to them to know it’s pure hatred and the only way for them to get an audience is to pander to other’s who have the same hatred. You use the word FACTS in capital letter’s. Why then wouldn’t you enlighten us on any of the FACTS that were just reported in this article? I believe Fox ratings are as high as they are because people like me tune in to listen to the unbelievable. I for one can only hope they continue on the path that has led to the Republican’s loss. They have done more to clinch this election than all the money poured into the GOP.

    • Ah-ha-ha! Despite Faux News’ so-called high ratings, the GOP still lost the presidential election! All that hate, polarization and divisivness, and they still lost! If Romney had won he would not be the President for all Americans – he wrote off 47% of us!

    • oldtack

      This happens “on both sides of the coin” so to speak. All should take a long look at Mass Media and their aims.

      In the “olden days” we got about a 30 minute summary of the major news stories and that was all until the next day. Then came CNN, TNN, MSNBC,CNBC and all the other “variety shows” posing as news. This Media sought out the most persuasive “talking heads” they could find and paid them Millions of dollars to hawk their version of whatever with the main goal, not to inform the public but to attract listeners. The more listeners the higher the rating, the higher the rating the more advertisement they sell.

      It’s not News oriented friend – it’s money oriented. The talking heads make Millions and the owners make Billions.

      Why does anyone watch or listen to these charades? All news covered and misquoted by these liberal and conservative hucksters is freely accessible on the internet. Find out what happened then search it our for yourself. Don’t waste hours in front of the boob tube.

  • dellmartin

    Does anyone think Hannity actually believes his own b—s— ? Is he really that delusional that he actually thinks Fox Noise delivers real news? Or is this just his shtick in an effort to gain viewers from the ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) crowd? Fox Noise will never rise above the status of being a joke. I believe there is a good possibility the repub party will see a schism occur as the TP digs their heels in the sand while the (slightly) more reasonable repubs try to survive with a more centrist ideology. I won’t be sorry to see it happen since I think it will take at least a full generation for them to be able to complete with the democrats in an election.

  • Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Riley and the rest of the Murdoch-Saudi propaganda mercenaries, should be tried for crimes to damage the brains of many Americans.

    • DukeDacat

      It is not only the, ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) crowd………………. It is also the GWB (Governing While Black) crowd………….

  • Hannity’s Resume’: Fired from a construction job. Fired from a restaurant waiter’s job. Fired from a dishwasher’s job. Instead, he landed a career telling people how to think.

    • Hate is easy to sell. Look at Palin – she landed a career spreading hate. No skill required – just hate.

      • DukeDacat

        FAUX NOISE paid Palin $1,000,000 bucks a year, before they dumped her last week………..

  • Hannity and the rest of Australian / Saudi paid propaganda whores on Fox, should be barred from going on the publicly owned air waves.

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  • Nomoresmoke

    Not all Repulicans are stupid, I just think they have bad luck when thinking.
    The puppeteers of Faux News are elitist nimrods and hate any form of free thinking without manipulation.

  • Can we bring a class action suit against Fox for alienation of affections? They are largely to blame for the polorization of America.

    They pander to the lowest of human impulses. It is not enough that we do not watch them ourselves we have to convince others that they are NOT the NEWS!

  • ObozoMustGo

    Henry Decker, useful idiot du jour, is back at the propaganda machine yet again…

    Funny how you leftist freaks never complain about ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSLSD, NY Slime, Washington Compost, and every other leftist freak media outlet. You have nothing to complain about because they are all in the tank for leftist freak causes and Obozo already. So what do you do? You go after the one news outlet that doesn’t toe the leftist freak party line. Demonize your opponents. Anyone that is not down for the leftist freak, statist cause will demonized.

    Fox is the ONLY news outlet on TV that challenges the Obozo agenda. The ONLY one. That’s just the facts. And they are fair and balanced in all their news coverage. Even their opinion shows (like Hannity you morons is an opinion show, not news) are filled with leftist freaks like Leslie Marshall, Juan Williams, Bob Bickel, Dennis Kucinich, Kirsten Powers, Heraldo Rivera, and dozens of others at all times during all shows. None of the others can even come close to having as balanced coverage as Fox does. You leftist freaks just don’t like it.

    BTW….. what exactly do you call the coverage in this leftist freak septic tank called The Memo? The only thing that makes this place somewhat balanced is the comment section being worked by me, Montana Bill, and a few others like us. Other than that, this is leftist freak world in the extreme.

    Have a nice day!

    “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read The Memo, you are misinformed.” — Mark Twain, edited by ObozoMustGo for context

    • Ah, the daily rant by Bozo! Bozo obviously reads The Memo. You rant on this forum everyday! LOL!

      Happy Bashing, Bozo the Clown!

    • DukeDacat

      Hey Obozohole, did you forget…YOU LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bigal953

      Can’t stand the fact that your ideas suck. Obviously you think BS is facts.

  • I am a registered Democrat, and there was once a time where I could sometimes vote for a Republican candidate based on what I heard the candidate’s “take” on issues were. Unfortunately, this was A LONG TIME AGO!!! The political parties are too polarized now to even THINK of bridging that divide….

  • dslocum

    While most reasonably intelligent people recognize Fox News for what it is, ie the
    TV VERSION OF TRASHY JOURNALISM (tongue in cheek on “journalism”), there are many folks who are ignorant, racist, extreme right wing, and/or out of touch with reality. They’ve become so brainwashed with FOX propaganda that they are immune to the truth. If they only watch Fox News and listen to the right wing pundits, they are totally out of touch. And Dick Morris ! Does anyone really take him seriously. He sells himself to the highest bidder.

  • bchrista

    Hey, OMG, Mary K. Pike, and MontanaBill, clear up something fo me if Fox News is so fair in reporting the truth why is it that Kelly Myers Stated that President Obama destroyed Delphi Auto Parts and out sourced 26.000 jobs over seas to China when in fact it was Bain Capitol run by Mitt Romney that did it, also why is it that if Rupert Murdock shows his ass in his home country of England they will throw his ass n jail and throw away the key. He chose America to set up his Fox News reporting organization because he found that only in America could he find enough idiots and gulible assholes that will buy into his bullshit lying alleged news that if put to the factual tests completely crumble and he has you assholes that are led by the rings that he has attached to your noses, be careful he doesn’t make any quick turns. You people better hope that the public that you have put to sleep doesn’t wake up because I would hate to be in you shoes.

  • bchrista

    People remember lana’s real name is spelled Anal nuff said!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • montanabill

    He does have his moments. In fact, if you had watched his show on ‘BoomTown’ last week, you would have gotten a very good, non-partisan, education on what goes on in Washington, D.C. I normally would not recommend Hannity to this audience, but that show had information every American should know.

  • cliffb47

    All of Fox news really hasn’t had anything worth watching since they began.

  • All right. Any right minded-clear thinking-rational person knows that Faux News is bigoted, deceiftul and flat out manipulative in their ” fair and balanced” reporting. That they are not. Have them hold up the factually approached and balanced reporting done for example, by the likes of Rachael Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell. This fake broadcasting company is a sham and a fraud and a hoax on the American public. They spread fear and hate and are devoid of any solutions. They thrive on criticism only and on lies they fabricate. They will definitely ROT IN HELL!

  • alumahead

    Fox News is fair and balanced.

    And I am Captain of the Starship Enterprize.

    If anyone had any doubts about FN being an arm of the Republican Party, those doubts should have been confirmed after the airing of the four and a half minute anti-Obama campaign commercial. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • Faux News Super PAC, a 527 for the GOP and official propaganda source.

  • Sean is the biggest propagandist and conspirator theorist at Faux. I wonder at his education , he probably was schooled in being a fabricator and mischief maker . It is not possible for Sean to be fair, its not in his DNA , He’s probably dunce too

  • Hell i couldn’t even watch the garbage. It’s a dam same “Fox” supports such mess, show where they stand, and that’s not with the people.

  • Pamby50

    I totally forgot about the fist bump. Everyone thought it was funny seeing that Hanes was running a commercial at the time with Michael Jordan & Charlie Sheen doing a fist bump. I guess they’re terrorists.

  • hannjty is the worst impersonater of a human being, him and all of fox news care about is the money that the republicans are feeding them.Can’t wait to see the day that one of them becomes a American citizen and denounces fox. Believe me it will happen.

  • “he has been doing it for 40 years ,and he knows how to read a pole” He also knows how to blow one.

  • Goebels would be proud over Faux news .

  • Sorry Mr. Hannity–You are full of sh-t! It is time that you learned the difference between vitriol from the extreme right wing and truth–but then, you are probably the last person on earth who would recognize and value the truth.

  • sea n hanity is about as smart as a bucket of rocs, if he think for one moment the republican congress is more polarizing than any congress in the history of the U.S. . you have never witinessed any congress as anti- american people as the present in fact they are just reactionary, they dont have a plan , an agenda. all they have is kiss grover norquits ass.

  • He sounds more uptight and nervous than he typically does. One wonders if its his plummetting ratings that has him so fidgety??

    • texanbynature

      Golf scores have been going down, apparently. 🙂

  • lrandy

    Let them talk, it is still a free country. This country may be divided in half right now, but I am not scared to let either side use their first amendment rights. That is what America is about.

  • Bohemia_1918

    Ironic that the election of our first black president highlights not only how far we’ve come, but how far we still have to go when it comes to attitudes toward race in this country.

    • texanbynature

      Obama is at his lowest approval rating in his presidency. It has nothing to do with his race. It has to do with his being lazy, incompetent, incredibly dishonest, enormously wasteful of tax dollars, elitist, way too secretive and NOT transparent, and too disengaged from a job where he is a complete amateur.

  • “Anderson 360 “seems more fair than all the other news shows. “Keeping them Honest” segment has both sides of issues on his show. You can hear them verbally give their points of views. Than there are the fact checks that are given. You don’t have a one sided view like you have on “Fox News” or Fox channel. For comedic relief watch “Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert”.

    • texanbynature

      Fox News (unlike its evening editorial content) DOES give both sides or controversy in the news. And, Stanford University backs that up with a study of the networks that show Fox the fairest and most-balanced in terms of news. The University also says that Fox “looks” conservative because the other networks are so far to the Left, and it makes Fox look right-leaning. But, they say Fox was straight down the middle.

  • Let’s go back 25 or so years, pre-Murdock years, and before the castration of the FCC: planned control of the air waves to manipulate, opiate and subdue independent thinkers and doers, First amendment rights, and the nationalization of natural resources and communications being owned by foreigners and private entrepreneurs… bank deregulation laws and predatory lenders…etc.,blah, blah, LET’S DO SOMETHING, YESTERDAY…

    • texanbynature

      You’re absolutely correct! Fox News beats every other cable station in the ratings, and is well on its way to beating the Big Three networks.

      What Fox discovered is that people aren’t looking for news they agree with. And, when it comes to political news, they want both sides. Fox is the only one to give them that these days.

  • hudge88

    Why do you liberal clowns have such a hard-on over Fox News? Exactly, because they are kicking MSLSDs ass up and down the block. If you liberal bedwetters weren’t so brainwashed then maybe you losers would see that? Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen. Keep drinking the kool-aid……….

    • Yvette White

      you know you Dumb ass Conservatives Kill me when it comes to you Jackasses trying to Defend Klan Headquarters Fox’s no news, the first thing that comes out of you stupid people’s mouths is that it is leading MSNBC in the Rating you Dickheads Can have your stupid ass rating people will watch the madness over at Klan Headquarters But you can’t seem to get these same watchers to Vote for any of your Fuck up party so keep your Rating Asshole we will take the Votes, Which is why we are in the White-house and you are the Losers, and why we will keep the White-house in 2016

      • texanbynature

        You seriously need to get help. And, I’m sure your parents must be very proud of your language and all those years they spent sending you to school. And, no matter how often you flunked out, I’m sure they stood by you.

        There is almost no possibility the Dems will keep the White House in 2016. Obama has easliy been the worst president in our history, and will be lucky if he’s not impeached and indicted.

        I hope your Communist Party membership is paid up. You’ll need something to do after you lose the White House and the corrupt people like Eric Holder.

    • Yvette White

      Oh and by the way none of us Liberal’s have a hard-on for a Bunch of Dry up old ass white men who could not get it up if you pour that little blue pill on them, but we all know that you Conservatives have a big ass hard-on for OBAMA now tell me that I am lying, Especially Klan headquarters Fox’s no news

      • angelsinca

        Has a problem with white people=racist
        Has a problem with men=misandrist
        Has a problem with the elderly=disrespectful
        Has a problem with Fox=ignorant
        Has a problem with conservatives=hateful bigot

  • corrigible

    Hate and simplistic lies and myths sell. No critical thinking required.

    • texanbynature

      Just watch CNN and MSNBC, and your observations are probed correct.

  • angelsinca

    That’s it??? Of the TENS of THOUSANDS of air time hours on Fox, that best you can do is two lame comments by most;y-lame Hannity, one bad prediction by Clinton’s Morris, one comment by FoxLite’s ‘friends’ and a segment on a dubious pre-election jobs report (that turned out to be ‘missing’ data from CA)? Here, let me just hand the straws to you so you can stop clutching at them.

    • texanbynature

      As you know, Hannity is an editorial show, and has nothing to do with news. Fox NEWS is distinctly fair and balanced, and has been cited by several studies for being the most balanced news on cable or network programming.

  • Russell Byrd

    So old Dickie Morris basically admits that he could care less about news reporting but spends his time directly politicking for right-wing candidates. Typically “fair and balanced” Faux coverage.

  • texanbynature

    I want to be nice about this, because intellectually challenged people have enough obstacles already.

    Fox News is what’s normally on morning and early-afternoon programming. The “editorial content”, which is not counted as news, doesn’t come on until early evening, and is distinctly more conservative. But, it doesn’t hold a candle to the ultra-liberal and Progressive all-day programming and news at CNN and MSNBC.

  • JanNH

    Love this!