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Thursday, October 27, 2016

APTOPIX Boston Marathon Explosions

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Days after two bomb blasts killed three people and injured more than 140 others at the Boston Marathon, the identity of the perpetrator is still unknown. But that hasn’t stopped scores of commentators from sharing their own baseless theories on who is truly to blame.

Although the speculation has certainly been bipartisan, actors on the right have been especially eager to blame the horrific attack on their political opponents. Here are five groups that have been targeted for blame so far:

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  • howa4x

    The biggest lie ever told is that republicans are for law and order. The first one who told that lie Nixon had to resign the presidency under threat of impeachment for breaking the law. Bush gave a no bid contract to Halliburton in violation of federal bid requirements, so law breaking is not unknown to republicans. The NRA will say anything at any time to scare the gun owners. They is actually support the straw man purchases so that criminals can get guns. In fact criminals and other hate groups having guns helps their mission of arming every citizen in this country, so it is in the NRA’s best interest to create a climate of fear with the middle class. It doesn’t matter if every law enforcement officer and chief in the country calls for more background checks and smaller magazines. The NRA dances to a different drummer and that is the gun manufacturers who fund the NRA’s existence.

  • pappadaddyo

    As a veteran and a hunter I have not been without a gun for most of my
    life. All of these gun laws have not impaired my rights or freedom one
    bit. Both sides of this debate are acting or reacting out of fear, fear
    of guns, fear of crime, or fear of gov. and fear always beats logic. If
    your choices are based on fear, who is really making those choices for
    We need to step back and actually think a bit. Time for
    more commander Spock, less chicken little. The second amendment begins
    with the words “A WELL REGULATED” who does the regulating? The gov. of
    course and being the gov. they will find the most cumbersome way to do
    it! A simple, straightforward “purchase permit” issued by the local
    sheriff dept. after whatever background checks and training are done,
    just like a ccw permit would simplify the process for all, even the
    dreaded “gun shows” and provides for better local control.
    Sadly gov. and simplicity seem to be mutually exclusive.

  • Billy Nonan

    so who was right in their speculation?

  • Billy Nonan

    Isn’t quite in here now that we know it was Muslims?

  • Charles___Darwin

    Ya think the jihadist vote dem? Of course they do, LOL. Bring in more illegals and third worlders, just what we need.