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Monday, October 24, 2016

Guns are the problem. Period. But in the right-wing media bubble, the reasons behind the mass shooting of 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut have nothing to do with guns and everything to do with, well, everything else. By avoiding the root of the problem — America’s lax gun laws — conservatives have taken the NRA slogan “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” excuse to an entirely new level (never mind that in China, on the same day of the Sandy Hook massacre, a deranged knife-wielding man injured — not killed, injured — 22 schoolchildren).

Now, there are some moderate, sane people who wrongly believe gun control is not the issue. There are some who believe this is strictly a mental health issue. Many of them cite this story, titled “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” by a Boise mom dealing with a son who has a mental illness. It is important to not only talk about, but take action on, America’s broken mental health care system, and catch angry depressives with a grudge — who are usually young, suburban, white males — before they act out (for more on that, watch “Columbine” author David Cullen discuss the three main types of people who commit mass murder). But to say this is a mental health issue and not a gun control issue is just wrong.

Here are the five wackiest mass-shooting excuses from the right-wing noise machine:

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  • nobsartist

    Thank republiCONs for destroying our mental health system.

    Thank republiCONs for destroying our health care system.

    Thank republiCONs for making it possible for people with mental health issues like ted nugent, have the ability to buy all of the weapons and ammo that they can afford.

    Thank republiCONs for spending TRILLIONS defending us against bogey men.

    What country would be stupid enough to invade America knowing full well that we allow the yearly murder of children just so idiots that cannot spell “Second Amendment” can buy all of the weapons they want?


    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I can’t add anymore to your comment!

      Great Post…………….

      • Axiom3142

        As a Brit looking fairly impartially at your country from neither a left or right perspective, one must admit, apart from the 5th case, that there is an element of truth or logic in all those statements.

        #1 Security of whatever didn’t have guns. Technically, correct.
        #2 Removal of God. Yes, if we fear no ultimate sanction or belief system in the sanctity of life.
        #3 Hollywood. Yes, humans display copycat behavior and also can be desensitized.
        #4 The Media. Yes, these people are often deranged and suicidal and want to go out in a blaze of glory.

        What you are doing is infantalizing, polarizing and trivializing the debate into the left-right cannon, being dishonest as much as each other, to deal with your cognitive dissonance of the matter.

        Actually both sides of the debate have relevant things to contribute.

        On a logical level, cases 1-4 make perfect sense as much as restricting guns. However the argument goes, when you outlaw guns only outlaws have guns.

    • They (Republicons) are working on that…they just don’t have enough folks fooled as yet…

    • 13observer

      Sorry, but your Condtitutional rights are not being violated!!!!!!!! Your just pissed because the NRA has the support of a hell of a lot more people than your COMMUNIST PARTY!

      • LoveUSAmerica

        Not a communist, 13. An American who wants us to be all we can be and allow our children to grow up without being afraid of being killed at school.

        • 13observer

          Know one thing…….. the people that say they want a discussion about guns…..want ONLY one thing…………….a ban of ALL GUNS period!!!!!! They can fool some of the people, but not those educated by the NRA. The reason they all hate the NRA is because they kick their ass all over the carpet. If you fear for your children then make sure someone from “Blackwater” is protecting them while in school!!!! I love the USA also but see how these communist fu*king gun grabbers are working the crowd trying to compromise our Constitution and I don’t like it!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Emmmm, IF the NRA was so right in their cause, I wonder why no one from that organization hasn’t spoken not one word about it.

            Seems to me the very people such as yourself who wave the flag are doing it only for self-interest and nothing more.

            And, BTW, I am a Liberal and I never advocated total Gun Control. Yes, ban most semi-autos, some handguns and some after market products. NO, I wouldn’t ban normal weapons used by hunters and hobbist.

            But, we have to do something about these weapons that are primarily used as mass murderer weapons. I am particularly concerned about any military-styled weapon.

            And, you better believe, I do support a few teachers in our schools. But, first they must be former Combat Veterans to hold a CC Permit – if I had my way anyone seeking a CC Permit.

            The rest of you cop wannabes, weekend warrior wannabes can go kiss my royal ass. Shit breaks out, you’d be the first to run for the nearest ditch.

            Be totally aware, OUR society has had it’s fill of your crap. Your days are NUMBERED.

          • RobertCHastings

            Michael, if you can stomach it, try to read Glenn Beck’s latest rant, “Control”, published in 2013. I could not make it past about page 22. The lies were so thick even I caught most of them. I wonder how much the NRA paid him. Please see my post above.

          • Sand_Cat

            Face it: your just an angry, ignorant moron with nothing intelligent or meaningful to say. We’re supposed to sacrifice our rights of free speech and freedom from having someone’s religion rammed down our throats with government funding, but of course your “right” to take your nuclear arsenal among us and thereby endanger our lives and our rights is of course absolutely sacred and untouchable.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            There is no worse mix than god and whatever weapon is currently in favor at the moment.

          • You are one of the people the rest of us that believe there can be stricter gun laws and still not violate the 2nd amendment that gun addicts hold so dear, you have anger problem and seem to be paranoid about the government taking your precious guns from you. I want stricter laws to protect me and the ones I love from the likes of you, a person should n’t have to be in fear of being shot by some legal gun owner because he or she have gotten mad at someone and wants revenge and start shooting no matter who else in present.

          • 13observer

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          • 13observer

            Do you really believe there is no desire to ban guns altogether by certain groups? Paranoid? What ever you call it, I call it being aware of what’s going on! We NRA members tie our democracy to the Constitution, and specifically the Second Amendment. Anyone who doesn’t support our Constitution is not a Patriot.

            Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

        • quail

          Then you should support armed security at schools. Schools are now battlefields in America, treat them as such.

      • jebediah123

        Yes, your’re right, “13observer”! I am pissed off—because the U.S. of A has an over supply of fucking screwballs like you. Please try and complete your 8th grade education—it will give you a new perspective on world issues.

      • You are in a bubble that is getting smaller every day. The President won the election by more votes then there are members of the NRA.

        CNN has recently reported important information, including: U.S. gun owning population is on the decline with those gun owners stockpiling more firearms; 20 percent of the gun owners with the most firearms possessed about 65 percent of the nation’s guns; the U.S., with 5 percent of the world’s population, owns 50 percent of the world’s guns; the number of households owning guns has declined from almost 50 percent in 1973 to just over 32 percent in 2010.
        The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported the economic impact of firearm sales—a figure that includes jobs, taxes and sales—hit $31 billion in 2011, up from $19 billion in 2008, which is an increase of 63 percent despite the economic recession. Fighting gun control has paid off for the gun industry.

      • nobsartist

        Communist Party? What about soros? Go back to fox, its more your speed.

        By the way, dumbass, I am also a member of the nra.

      • No citizen has the right to have military assault weapons. Only a madman or criminal would think so.

    • 13observer


      • You just seem to get stupider and stupider. Highing Blackwater at schools, who is going to pay their exhorbitant prices, will they be held responsible when they shoot an innocent person (they killed a large number of civilians in Iraq at some shootout then had immunity). Do you realize how many schools form elementary to high school there are in this country. Aside from your idea being asinine the logisics of trying to do this is overwhelming. How many Blackwater people per school are you going to hire – one per classroom. You never think about whsat you write you jsut put down some crazy statements. Sorry you are the biggest asshole on this site.

      • S-3

        People like you need to be genocided!

      • Blackwater (or whatever their new name) would probably be the first to open fire on the kids given their tendency to shoot first and ask questions later. I can see it now…”his hall pass looked threatening so I shot him.”

    • quail

      I havent read anywhere where in the Constitution that you have the right to healthcare. Nice try

  • Nice group you’ve got there. All insipid and off the mark. In particular I find number 5 very offensive. This country has a very long way to go before we truly begin to believe in the stated ideals of our nation. Belief in our founding documents is often claimed as if a political scalp. Maturity takes years and we got a long time to proceed on that path.

    • nobsartist

      The problem with our country is the influence that those that believe in fairy tales have on our way of life.

      Maybe its time to put the religious where they belong and out of mainstream society.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      We are still a very young country compared to most of modern civilization. We’re only 300 years old. Others who have learned to tame their animal emotions are centuries beyond us. Most have extremely strict gun controls as well, and most have very small standing armies. Along with the Gun Control issue, they’ve also learned how to get along with their neighbors.

      Switzerland is one of these countries that come to mind as well as the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, etc. Even the UK has strict gun controls and low murder rates. Their primary weapon of choice is the Knife.

      Yes, we have a long way to go. And, I wonder if we will ever get there. Let’s face one undeniable fact, the United States is a Warring Country. We love our wars, externally and internally.

      WE never learn from our own mistakes, let along learn from other country’s mistakes.

  • Albert Mispel

    Ordinary people do this sort of killing, not “others” or “mentally disturbed” (who isn’t?) or the godless. A gun is a machine for killing people. Forget the other excuses. I’m glad to live in Australia where I can walk down a street or go to a movie and know that nobody is carrying a gun.

    • nobsartist

      Remember 1996? Australia has had their own problems. The difference is, Australia did something about it while all we will get is more mumbling and filibustering from the owl man that the morons in kentucky elected to be their voice.

  • sickandsad

    Who is more responsible for Adam having the weapon – the mother who has already paid in full – or the NRA machine who is totally responsible for making that gun legal in the first place? A gun that has been used repeatedly in other school children murders as well.

    So to the NRA – make your organization useful and maybe even admired by parents of dead children, come up with a solution instead of ideological excuses blaming other things.

    For example your organization has groups everywhere in the USA who could create volunteer to establish school safety patrols to guard all schools – with or without your own guns. Then the NRA would be admired for their philosophy instead of feared for their results. It might even take government money to create a guard house at every school so your tootsies wouldn’t get cold or wet, so that would not be something you conservatives would support either, government is the problem.

    Oh well, I guess you don’t really give a d____ about the results of your millions of dollars gun program, if you can’t help in solving the problem of school kids continuing to get killed by the very guns you think are OK for everyone to have.

    Oh – I also have guns which I am happy to own, but no military weapons.

  • Considering that mental health funding is always on conservatives’ chopping blocks, screw that excuse whether it’s true or not..

  • A great article that tells it the way it is. As for the five individuals, they all need their respective heads examined. I spent 43 years with the US Army, and nobody can dare tell me that guns don’t
    kill. As for pastor Sam Morris and Huckabee, we should do to them what Barry Goldwater said should be done to Jerry Falwell: “Give them a good swift kick in their asses. As for arming teachers, only a complete IDIOT would come up with that as a solution. Every soldier knows that shooting at a target or a wild animal, is totally different when aiming at and pulling the trigger
    on a human being. The right and only answer is to totally ban ALL automatic weapons, which are assault weapons meant solely for military use. While we’re at it I would strongly recomment banning the NRA, which is nothing but a tool of the gun industry.

    An Old Soldier

    • Then what weapons will you ban Frank, after a psycopath allowed to freely roam our streets kills with an “illegal” sawed-off shotgun? Another gun ban would not have stopped this mentally unstable sociopath from killing.

      • A shotgun (sawed-off or not) is not a rapid fire weapon, it is a worst a pump action gun that requires an action by the shooter to feed a shell into the chmaber. Semi-automatic weapons only require the shooter hold keep pulling a trigger.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          There are semi-auto Shotguns also. This is not an unusual weapon. Most hunters own them. However, in some states they require a plug in them to limit the amount of shells stored as with all Shotguns, semi or not.

          A Shotgun is a rather bulky weapon, even sawed-off.

          Besides, Shotguns are not the primary weapon of choice with these mass killings as far as I can tell. They prefer smaller weapons with higher bullet capacities, with way higher firing capacity.

          • Didn’t know about the semi-automatic shotgun. You are right these mass murders want to use semi-automatic handgund or rifles.

      • If thermonuclear devices were available to him he would have used that.
        If he had to feed the bullets 1 at a time into his rifle far fewer people would have been killed.
        If no gun was available to him this would not have happened.

      • I would ban semi & fully automatic weapons and only allow single shot rifles & shotguns, which require manual reloading after a round is fired. Semi & fully automatic weapons are Assault weapons meant for the military. The gun industry together with the NRA do not give a damn about the Right to Bear Arms, which they tout solely to make big profits. Should one of their own little be so brutally murdered they would scream like stuck pigs. Need to protect your home from an intruder, then get a big dog, or cheaper still, get a recording of a mad dog growling.
        That will scare off any intruder than a gun.

    • jeffjeffb

      Hey frank,,, ar15 are semi-automatic,,,,, not full automatic….. very FEW automatic are out there,,, from another army vet

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        You are right.

        In order to possess a fully auto weapon you need a Federal Firearms license. It costs a lot of money to get one of these licenses and renew every year.

        The FBI background checks you out so throughly, you can’t have not even one blemish on it in order to qualify to have the license.

        In fact, I know one Gun Dealer who is telling me he might not even renew his license because of the expense and all the hassles you have to go through.

        The problem is, is that a lot of these semi-autos can be converted to fully Auto with some minor machining and aftermarket parts, which makes them illegal to even possess. Even some semi-auto handguns can be converted to fully auto.

        • jeffjeffb

          your right, but of all the people i know that have weapons,, none are converted,,, plus dont get cought with one

        • Ed

          Try the internet, you’d be surprised what you can get.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            I haven’t actually checked into this. But, I’ve heard this also. It wouldn’t surprise me.

        • Sand_Cat

          The fewer gun dealers, the better.

      • awakenaustin

        For most shooters a semi-automatic is a better killing weapon than a full auto. Unless you are well trained, with a full auto your ammo goes very quickly and you have to reload much, much sooner. It requires some discipline not to just blow through a magazine. You have more problems keeping on target because of muzzle climb. With a semi and a high capacity magazine you can get a very rapid rate of fire ( how fast and often can you curl your finger), it is easier to keep your weapon on target or bring it back on target, easier to pick your targets without wasting ammo. For all these reasons and others, a semi-automatic in the hands of the average shooter is a deadlier, more efficient and more effective weapon than a full auto. Full autos are just more fun to the guys who really like guns. Semi-autos with high capacity magazines and full autos are a distinction without a difference, if you are talking about limiting access to high magazine capacity people killing weapons. (You can convert an AR 15 to full auto relatively easily. Lots of the owners of AR 15’s know how to do this. It probably isn’t worth the trouble or the potential legal liability for most.) Neither of these is really suitable to hunting, even though in a effort to justify ownership of them fellows will talk about hunting with the AR 15 and its compadres. You can come up with other pretend uses for handguns and AR-15s (the civilian version of the M-16 – although the Air Force’s APs – now SPs used to be armed with AR-15s), but their primary pupose is to kill people. That is what they were designed to do. AR 15s were not manufactured or designed for sports hunting or sport shooting. (Although some people do that with them.) It isn’t a really significant justification for their existence. Most owners have them not from any necessity or for any real sporting purpose, but from either a simple desire to own one of those nasty looking guns or some paranoid/survivalist/gangster purpose. We could do away with all civilian access to these types of weapons and what? You could still hunt, you could still sport shoot, and you could still protect yourself and your home with the thousands of other firearms made for those purposes. Maybe it would cut down on the death toll. I would hope so. It might take one of the apparent weapons of choice for mass murderers off the market. If one were to follow the logic of the NRA in the matter of guns, that gun control laws don’t prevent gun crimes so we shouldn’t have any gun control laws, then we should just repeal all laws. Clearly the laws against murder don’t prevent all murders. Maybe we should try some rational thought in this area.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I would support arming “some” teachers in a school.

      I qualify this statement by further stating – only if they are Combat Veterans FIRST. I would also include anyone who is seeking and currently posses a CC Permit.

      I do not believe anyone with a CC and not served any stretch in the military, let alone not in a combat zone, would know how to handle a heated situation where there is actual people being killed.

      Most of these people I see who hold CCs are nothing more than weekend cop wannabes who have no knowledge of what its really like to shoot someone, let alone react in a timely manner in a actual firefight. The only reason they even possess a CC Permit is due to Paranoia and unfounded Fear.

      The training to quality for a CC here in Ohio is nothing more than going out to a range and taking shots at a target and some lessons in how to handle yourself. Minimal at best and certainly nothing remotely approaching a real life situation.

    • MRD1056

      Thank you for your response. Couldn’t have been said better.

      Semper Fi

  • We can continue making excuses until we are blue in the face, the truth is that the massacres at Columbine, Aurora, Tucson, Virginia Tech, the Sikh Temple, and now Newtown would not have happened if people did not have access to semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazines. We stand alone in the world as the most violent society, not because we don’t know the difference between right or wrong, or because we are the only country with people afflicted by mental illnesses, but because we are the only country that allows anyone to buy as many lethal weapons as they wish and store their mini arsenals in the privacy of their homes.
    God, improved healthcare, or arming kindergarden teachers with AK47s will not stop massacres like this. Strict gun control, not placebos like the Brady Act, are an absolute necessity and the sooner they are implemented the better off we will be.

  • Everyone has the right t0 his/her opinion, and here is mine. THESE FIVE REASONS ARE STUPID.

  • I believe President Obama cut funding for school security in both 2010 & 2011. Liberal policies that allow dangerous sociopaths & psycopaths to freely roam our streets are the problem as well as removing parental responsibility and the breakdown of a stable family life.

    • Again you just make up some fact (not really a fact). The president doesn’t cut funding, funding is the domain of Congress and it wasn’t liberal policies that allow psycopaths to walk the streets it was a 1980’s policy called “mainstreaming” that was an economic decision. Who remove parental rsponsibilty, you have this alternate reality world that you live in. You just make some wild and ignorant statements.

    • LMAO! Nice try but what you believe is not fact! But then again, what else is new. It’s a whole lot easier for the Obama haters to blame him and “liberal policies.” Public opinion is not on your side this time.

      • iowasteve

        It was the ACLU that created a lot of this. They get involved in every aspect of someone’s life – and especially preventing the parenting and control of kids who act like thugs. Let’s go back to a time when parents could punish their kids for doing wrong – can you even remember that far back?? It was the ACLU that created the mess that now prevents this punishment. When the state of Indiana created a statewide curfew for all teens – it was the ACLU that jumped all over it and put a stop to it. They tried it in Ohio as well, and it failed because there ever locality had their own curfew laws and it was way to costly for the ACLU to fight that many cases. But, yes, they tried to. The ACLU has prevented parents from doing a little discipline when their kids act out. But, today, everyone wants to blame “liberal parenting” on everything. There is no such thing – it’s the law now that parents have totally lost their ability to raise decent children. We didn’t have this nonsense when I was growing up – I got my butt beat a few times in my life – but I watched violent movies – I played with toy guns – in fact, many of my guns actually had an explosive in it to make it more lifelike than those today – I had cap-guns (anyone remember those?)! There are some differences in other areas of life as well. There were not nearly the number of guns available and most of those which were – were reserved for hunting. Dads didn’t have to keep the hunting rifle under lock and key in those days. I knew better than to get near them and really didn’t want to. We protected our home and family with whatever we happened to have. I can assure you that if someone broke into our house they were getting it with a 22 rifle that my dad used for hunting. And I’m not sure why, but even without large caliber ammo and high-speed reloading – I’m absolutely positive that the result would have been a dead burglar regardless. One last thing – I going to go out on a limb here, but how much meat would be left on a rabbit or even a small deer, after you killed it with an assault rifle and emptying a clip into it? I’d rather use the older smaller type weapons we used when I was a small boy. And because we didn’t need those military weapons in the days of my youth, I am happy to say that I actually made it to an adult. Now I’m scared I may not make it to a senior because I must walk down the street to work in the open space of the public. As a country, we should all be ashamed of ourselves that we allowed this to get to the point is has.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Without any doubt, it was the liberal left who pushed for no more corporal punishment. It was the left also that supported many of these crazy laws, for so called child safety.

          Hell, most of these laws today, what I actually did when I was a kid, I should have been dead hundreds of times.

          Most of our problems with children is that we, as a society, have given children more rights and more protections than their own parents have.

          I’d like to stretch this problem a bit further also. It was the Woman’s liberation Movement that has placed the Male, sometimes by law, in a subservient role in society.

          Please notice, most of the kids under Psychotropic Medications in our schools are MALE. This dovetails perfectly with the overall Woman’s liberation Movement’s Agenda.

          In most court cases today; child abuse claims, divorce cases, child custody cases, the man, the husband, the former husband usually loses in favor of the female, whether or not he was at fault.

          This I believe is the total fault of the Liberal left and of women in particular.

          • Sand_Cat

            Yeah, it was all the liberal left, with help from the Commies, Socialists, Nazis, Muslims, Kenyans, whatever.

            God, would this country ever be better off without the liberal left and the ACLU! That way we could lock up everybody who has the audacity to disagree with us!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            I’m not saying the Liberal Left didn’t have good ideals.

            They have carried it too far though. Just as surely IF the religious right had their way as well.

          • Why do you believe women are to blame in this gun problem? Women had to learn to take care of themselves and their children because so many men walked away from their responsibilities and left the women to raise and provide for their children. Not because of society but because they wanted a younger woman and another family who they also left for that wife to raise and provide for their children. I don’t know what divorce cases and child custody cases you have been seeing but I know what you are saying that the former husband usually loses in favor of the women is not completely truth.. My younger brother got custody of his daughter when he and his wife divorced, I have 5 male relatives that got custody of their children after a divorce and know several men at work that have custody of their children. Are you saying that we women should have stayed in subservient role and let men abuse us and abandon us to have to go on welfare to take care of our children and our self, which is what happened before Women’s liberation. The liberals didn’t close down mental health facilities that started with Ronald Reagan and his Republican allies.

        • Sand_Cat

          I really love how those who would oppress others project their own faults on someone else.

          So the ACLU gets involved in every aspect of one’s life? Sounds more like governments that declare statewide curfews absent an emergency, or schools that try to force people to swallow religious doctrines they don’t want or need.

          First of all, name a case where the ACLU prevent a parent from disciplining his or her child.

          You’re certainly correct that there are lots of problems in our society, but without a lot of emotionalism and irrational thinking added to made-up cases and “evidence,” you’d be hard-pressed to make a reasonable argument that the ACLU has “caused” much of anything other than some people’s having their legitimate rights protected whether it was popular or not, or whether those people agreed with the ACLU and its members or not.

    • karinursula

      The President can’t cut anything without the approval of Congress.

  • TSB

    I believe this country is riddled with boneheaded people, the U.S. Congress is loaded with them like an automatic weapon that never needs re-loaded.

  • FredAppell

    Anyone remember when President Obama said that in hard times people cling to God and guns? Boy was he ever right. That is precisely what has happened. Huckabee is exhibit A of that very notion. They are so blind and filled with hate that they can’t see reason. The greater problem here is that the biggest obstacle to real gun reform is the 2nd Amendment itself.

  • pernkat

    Here it comes again. Let us focus on the tool rather than the intelligence behind the tool. I was raised in a military family and am considered by my conservative friends to be extremely liberal. A gun is a tool and nothing more. China doesn’t have guns but they do have school violence that injures and kills people. No gun than pick up a knife or a bomb or a rock. They have had in China a number of incidents in the past couple of years that people have done just that. If you read/listen to the timeline the people in the office knew before the first child was killed that they had a gunman coming down the hall. In fact two people ran out and were shot trying to stop him. If those foolishly brave women had been trained and armed there is a good chance that both the women and those children would be alive today. For me that’s the bottom line. I ask you to stop and think and ask yourself: Would Adam have even tried the school had he known that the staff was trained and armed or would he have contented himself with killing his mother and himself?

    • Elizabeth_in_RI

      First – I own guns and support reasonable, responsible gun ownership. But your argument is lame at best! Yes, there have been killings in China schools, but typically not the large number of dead (yes injured) without the use of guns. And the idea of having a gun in the school is insane! If that principal had a gun in school she likely would have had it locked up securely with the ammo elsewhere. Her first instinct upon hearing a boom at the door would be to race out thinking that a car had crashed or a gas line had exploded – something else. Prior to Friday her first thought would not have been a gunman at the door – she would not have taken the time to arm herself!

      Please, please explain why anyone who is not bent on shooting someone (hopefully thinking that they need to defend themselves from the so-called ‘jack booted thugs’ of the military or the Russian commandos supposedly living in the mountains waiting for Armageddon or whatever….) needs an assault rifle and clips carrying 10s or 100s of rounds. It’s definitely not for hunting! And armor piecing rounds? Who are they intended for other than police officers?

      When this country wake up and realize that the gun and ammo industry and NRA have contorted the 2nd amendment into a billion dollar boondoggle and our children are paying the price across the nation every day, 1 at a time or 20. We can’t accept that! That is not freedom!

      • Amen, sister, Amen.

      • pernkat

        According to the survivor who decided hiding in first her office and then her supply closest was the best way to protect her person, they knew he was armed when they headed out to stop him. They also knew that they were going to die in the attempt. I support responsible gun ownership and am willing to have reasonable restrictions on ownership but you need to look at it rationally and not emotionally. Ct has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the entire country. These guns had belonged to his mother for years and been used in sport and target shooting. What restriction would you put on guns to have stopped this? The things you mention aren’t relevant in this case. The rifle didn’t have a clip carrying 110 rounds or a drum. The clip showed does carry 10 rounds. As my son points out he can change clips of 10 as fast as someone with 100 rounds can shoot. He did not use armor piercing rounds.

        Again I say your solutions are irrelevant to this case. That is what I’m objecting too. We should not allow ourselves to get side tracked with what has no relevance to this case. To me the more important issue is where was the help needed to deal with this then boy when he was taken out of school and homeschooled because he apparently couldn’t deal with the society within the school. His mom was having more trouble dealing with him in recent weeks according to her friends. Where was the help for that. Why could he break the school windows to enter the building when there is safety glass available. If you don’t want the teacher to have a gun, how about a taser gun or an air gun carrying sedation darts. How about armed guards.

        It wasn’t where the help was for the mother down here who called and reported that her son appeared to be planning something. They stopped it before he could complete his plans to attack a movie theater. This occurred about a week before the school attack up there. I repeat that these things don’t occur in a void and we need to look for a way to really stop them; not panic and start throwing out the baby with the bath water. BTW: Have you looked at how many violent incidents happened while the last Assault weapon ban was the law. When you pass those laws you want then only the criminals will have weapons and they will be able to carry out their violence with impunity.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Maybe might not be a bad idea to build into all schools bullet-proof rooms where everyone can run when the shooting starts.

    • Sand_Cat

      Someone with a knife is easier to overcome, far less likely to kill multiple victims. And yeah, why don’t we get set for massive gun battles in our schools, churches, etc. I can see why you thought your right-wing looney friends were too liberal!

    • Yes, he would have, he had a need to kill and he would have still attacked the children and how many more children would have been killed if there was a gunfight between him and an armed teacher? Bullets don’t always go where you want them to go and schools aren’t built to stop bullets from going through walls and hitting people in another classroom. All you that are advocating teachers be armed either do not visit the schools your children go to or do not have children, if you have been to a school recently and looked at the way they are built you would see that they are not built to have gun fights in. What are you going to suggest if a gun carrying teacher has a break down in the class and starts shooting her or his students? There was a teacher that had a break down in his class in my city, luckily he didn’t have a gun, he was throwing things at his students and at other teachers that were trying to stop and even through a chair at the school resource who was armed. Image how many of his 40 students could have been murdered or injured especially if he had a pistol that shot more than 6 bullets and he could reload at fast pace. There needs to be a better solution to this problem than arming teachers, most of which probably wouldn’t be able to shoot the other person any way, they are more inclined to protect not kill.

  • rpg1408

    It’s all clear to me now. Require prayer in the schools, ban the teaching of evolution, permit teachers and first graders to pack heat and all will be well. Why didn’t I think of that ?

  • Mike Huckabees explanation that God was not allowed in the schools contribute to recent school massacres just boogles the mind. This wanta be American President totally ignores the fact that that almost every massacre or attempted massacre was attempted or completed by an emotionally disturbed youths that had access to assault weapons and pistols that were in most cases legally obtained by either themselves or family members. I’m not an advocate for absolute gun control, but I do advocate for laws that insures that only law enforcement , military and specialty gun ranges have access to assault weapons.

    • ljbaker

      I am a Christian who is tired of hearing about “taking God out of schools.” What was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court was a state written prayer. God is still allowed in our schools– Christian teachers and students bring Him with them every day. Students can share with classmates about their God, and can even pray when they wish and read the Bible during free time. The problem is that the home and the church are the places to teach your children your faith. The public school was never intended to be a forum for promoting any kind of religion. Study about the effect of religion on our lives and in our history, definitely. But not use the school to push one religion over another.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Not on with MY publicly funded Real Estate Tax Dollar you won’t. I’m not paying out the ass so you can to teach god in a science class, change history to meet your religious agendas either.

        You want to have god in your private, religious-orientated schools? Fine with me. I don’t care how dumbed-down your kids are. But, I’ll never approve of god in any publicity funded, public school.

      • When Huckabee talks about prayer in school he means Christian prayer. Would he allow Jewish prayer, Muslim prayer, Hindu prayer or an Atheist equivalent? I don’t think so

  • howa4x

    This whole controversey about assualt weapons is based on the right wing conspiracy theories that one day they will need their guns to fight America. Why should the only ones with assualt weapons be the military? This is what they think. We are one of the only countries that intertwines Christianity with the gun culture. If you want to be god fearing own a gun is their mantra. They rant about abortion but not about child death from gun violence. In their eyes it’s god’s will. So what is wrong with the practice of the Christian religion where gun violence is ok but abortion isn’t. Where are all the evangelicals? They should be leading a crusade the rid this country of assualt weapons. What would Jesus do today if he came back? Would he be for gun rights? Or would he use that great quote from Vince Lombardi: “what the hell is going on here’

    • Sand_Cat

      My favorite is that those who rant the most about the danger of the government are the ones who vote for the kind of government you’re likely to need a defense against.

  • Wow some people have potty mouths and they need help even the pastor. You can not blame anything except for the KILLER ADAM LANZA he is a killer. He knew exactly what he did he planned it out because of his actions before hand. Mental illness effects many people and that does not make them a KILLER. Some people have no compassion for life period. He was such a person wired wrong. He would have found other means like the guy in Japan killing with a knife. However I do not think it should be possible to go out a buy an assault weapon either. I think the guns on the street should be small caliber like a 22 just to scare a person off not to kill anyone only if they are breaking in your home or committing a crime against another. My heart is with the people who suffer today. The schools need metal detectors. remember students did the killing at Colombine. sp…. so METAL detectors are in line and security officers around the clock.

    • Sand_Cat

      People with knives don’t kill 20+ people in a couple of minutes.

  • Banning guns, what an idea, how has banning illegal drugs worked out for us? Any one know what the cost per year of the DEA is and the actual percentage of drugs they are stopping? How many new agents will ATF have to employ? Oh, and by the way, gun violence is down in this country since 1980. Yep, this gives us more and more government workers that don’t produce anything to help pull this country out. Looks like more money is going to need to be taxed from those nasty ole guys that are working their asses off to build companies and employee people. Oh yes, we do have a two party system, the givers and the takers. It’s not Democrat and Republicans any longer. But, with all this being said I also agree with banning assault weapons. And, how about making it harder for couples with children to get divorces, and lower the average of 70% of blacks, 50% of hispanics, and 30% of white children being born out of wedlock. More conscientious fathers and mothers would be a great way. Family, home, and moral values would certainly go along way. Then, how about the violent cartoons and video games that young kids play that gets them out of touch with reality. It’s really not a gun issue, it’s a moral issue, and the farther liberal we get, no spanking of kids at home or at school, the worse it gets. Kids today have no respect of authority. That’s the basic problem, and until that is worked out the rest of this is just a bunch of expensive steps to promote private interest groups.

  • Ed

    So Gov. Huckabee actually believes that the government is responsible for teaching children moral values and behavior. Parents have nothing to do with ity? Actually there are numerous forces at work which lead to this result.Of course, being americans we want one specific problem with an easy answer. However, todays parents are the third generation of the “ME PEOPLE” so the kids are not being taught things like, courtesy, respect, the golden rule, or stuff like that. And yes, a steady diet of the fare on tv and video games is a part of it, making this type iof action more acceptable. A Lack of leaders willing to stand up for strong community values because the right will tar and feather them. But we seek and easy answer.

    • Sand_Cat

      Actually, Huck usually rants against the government (i.e. schools) teaching children morality unless of course it’s his sick and demented kind.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      I think the Flower Child Generation, of which I am a member of, had all great ideals when we were young and radical.

      However, as most of us got older, more wealthier, we’ve substituted our views, our value systems for greed and the ME Me Generation.

      It’s really sad to see what has happened to our generation.

  • RonTruth

    People withOUT guns, do not kill people with guns. The gun lobby and it’s Teapublican extreme rightwing political liar’s club, are the political forces behind all the death and violence that has gone on for so long. They say it is “people.” But, you and I are people. We do not kill people, not only because we do not want to, but we know that there ARE very mentally ill people out there, many of whom were turned out into the streets from the protection of even small residential programs because Teapublicans thought the care was too expensive (these are most often the same
    personality types who want little or no gun control laws).

    The hypocrisy of the gun lovers of America is palpable. They say that owning guns can protect
    people from people who own guns and want to use those guns. The reason most people own guns is because they actually believe in that lie. Most adults who die as a result of gun violence ALSO own guns. Gun owners treat people in ways that most non-gun owners do not. They are typically
    more aggressive peronality types who are more verbally abusive and controlling of other people
    than are people who do not own guns. The anger over lost jobs, homes, and the economy that so-
    called “leaders” like Teapublican, Boehner, are playing Russian Roulette with in Boehner’s efforts to win re-election in two years by not allowing the elected will of the voters to raise taxes on Boehner’s wealthy and upper income buddies, are at least partially to blame for the continued emotional stress on average Americans who just voted to raise taxes on the wealthy and upper classes.

    Unfortunately, some of those who have been emotionally angered to the point of violent acting out
    their anger on helpless children, lost everything including what little was left of their sense of dignity and self esteem. Thus, you have what happened last week at the school.

    It is time that Americans, especially those who, deep inside, know that they did not get their wealth
    alone…having had the help of average American workers to obtain that wealth, and yet many of whom claim they are “Christian,” take a long hard look inside where they “live,” and discover that they are no different than those people who work for them. It is time for some real soul-searching
    and decency and compassion. Soon!

  • commserver

    I guess since Taranto is a member of the media he is in effect putting culpability on himself.

  • What a fucking idiot. A man of god. A messenger of salvation. A supporter and friend of ted nutcase.

  • the t party will reap what it has sown. remember all the t party rallies where people were armed and tossing about jeffersons remarks about blood and revolution? what a crock!

  • see morgan freemans remarks…

  • bring it on, almighty one…

  • SeekingOut

    Right….guns don’t kill people….people kill people. So don’t give guns to people as that would only facilitate them.

  • JGlackin

    The Rev. is confused. In my lifetime, mass shootings have increased since we put “under God” in the pledge of allegiance, which those children said that very morning.
    I think someone is having problems with false equivalence.

  • During the very first reportings of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., as I was watching TV, across my mind floated an eerie procession of slides of a younger Governor Reagan, complete with characteristic, thin-lipped sneer, announcing, circa 1966, that “…the state has NO BUSINESS taking care of the mentally deranged….” and subsequently closed all state mental institutions in CA……

    Time not only heals all wounds, it also places in better perspective people and events, which at their times of occurrence seemed so TRUE and WISE….like Reagan’s characteristic whining about BIG GOVERNMENT and REGULATION!

    As they say, humans only (get to) appreciate “prophets”, including FALSE ONES, after their death…

  • Aaah, here we go again!
    With some of those little innocents not even buried, we have those HUCKSTERS FOR GOD passing blame for this tragedy on His “sheep” for having removed God from all our Public Institutions and places.

    Not that Adam Lanza saw much of the insides of our schools, but that’s beside Huckster Huckabee’s point, isn’t it?

    It is exactly those hucksters’ “interpretations” of their God’s words (to be found in his “HOLY BOOK”!) that has for lo these 2000+ years imposed on us “sheep” a sexual ethos that reeks of the cultural hypocrisy so characteristic of the region and peoples of the Middle East, and that has swollen the human race to a deleterious 7+-billion – befouling this earth with deforestation, extinction of other, beautiful life forms, and overpopulation!

    Middle Eastern religions are indeed Man’s brazen and arrogant interruption of Nature…

  • 13observer

    This is a cheap ploy to defund the NRA who supports republicans ONLY BECAUSE the democrats never met an anti-gun law they didn’t like!!!!!

  • hmalen

    Per Huckabee, 26 INNOCENT people DESERVED to die because we did not allow Huckabee;s version of god in the schools. But wait!! Now we know that Adam Lanza went to a catholc school. Isn’t that where they require god to be in the school??? OOOPPPSSS!!!

  • greghilbert

    It is self-evident that the sheer number and nature of guns are the central ingredient in the recipe that kills 30,000 and wounds and maims another 70,000 Americans annually.

    That said, I am appalled that the author of this article ridicules a Tea Party website for ranting against TV, movie, and videogame contributions to a culture of hostility, competitive aggression, predation, debasement, and violence. That culture is not taking us toward tolerance, compassion, or lovingkindness, nor to a just and peaceful society or better world for all. The greedy profiteers fueling that culture are no different as to motive than the worst of Wall Street, Walmart, Monsanto, BP, Citizens United, or the officers of NRA. They are run amok preying on our vulnerabilities and do what they do to satisfy their own lust for wealth. Madison Ave sells false means to well-being, the entertainment industry sells “shock and awe”, “beat to submission”, and “shoot to kill”.

    I welcome any common ground I can find with Tea Partiers upset with that culture, just as I do anyone upset with cultural worship of the wealthy and trappings of wealth, power and status and “free enterprise” run amok. Spare me the argument that some Tea Partiers use Hollywood as a scapegoat in defense against any and all gun control. Many do not, and the last thing progressives should do is blanket-attack anyone for deploring hatred and violence in entertainment media.

  • 13observer


    • Sand_Cat

      But why should anyone buy it when you’ll destroy it for free?

  • 13observer


  • 13observer


    • Replying to 13observer –

      So, all the teachers and principal should have semi-automatic rifles, loaded and ready for action, along with a few 30 round magazines?


      What kind of sick idiot are you?

      If the problem isn’t guns, then it is the ready availability of ammunition.




      If a person is injured in such a manner as to cause permanent mental or physical pain or anxiety , the award should be the same as for the killing of an innocent party.

      Have a nice day.

    • Sand_Cat

      Yep. All too many people like you out there.

  • LoveUSAmerica

    If you believe people can take God out of schools, your God is too small.

  • 2hheels2

    The defunding of Medicine, from the GOP. The CPS for taking parenting out of the hands of parents. Spare the rod spoil the child.

    The children of today lack respect for themselves and for authority. The media spreads that Americans should be afraid of everything. IF it bleeds it leads is there motto. FOX is rampant with it’s fear and war mongering. No one has respect for life or death.

    How many of us over 55 have not had our buts spanked from school swats to parents discipline. The GOVT is in our business just enough to make it harder to be a parent. There is time to talk to children and time to take action.


    We as a nation have not taken care of our fellow man, we see death and destruction in everything we see. It has desensitize us as a nation

  • I’m a democrat, I agree with Mr. Huckabee we’re living in a Godless society .I here the so-called experts speeking mental health theropy and a armed physical presents in our schools,however,I believe that in order to combat this demonic spirit of murder that is plequed our society for over the pass 50yrs ,we must incorporate God into the formula in order to achieve an holistic solution. This problem is more spiritual than anything,to add balancewe must look at it from all three prospectives(SPIRITUALLY,MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY) if we trully believe that we serve a higher power then we must incorporate our faith as a part of the solution.. I myself am a firm believer and know that JESUS is the answer.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Seems to me IF god is so protective of our chidlren, as your bible seems to claim, he shouldn’t allow some nut to go in there and blow them away.

      Wow, what an original thought that was.

      So, your god is nothing more than a trumped up concept, mostly with false information that results in instilled fear.

      Jesus might be your answer, but he wasn’t the answer to any of these wackoos.

    • Sand_Cat

      So you add another evil: ramming your religion down our throats so your benevolent, loving god doesn’t arrange some more slaughters of our children.

  • You are upset that someonw may be taking away your right to own an assault weapon of mass destruction. Well, a mass murderer with a gun may be taking away my granddaughter’s right to go to a mall, a movie or school?

  • bchrista

    I just read an artical by James Taranto, Reporter, in witch he hit the nail right on the head, and I agree with him, the Media, TV and Radio plus printed News are largely to blame for the carnage that has occurred in our Schools they make it sound so exciting and their relentless repeating of the events that occurred and the type of weapons used is noticed by these wachos who in most cases aren’t playing with a full deck and are looking for a way to vent their frustration for their inability to rationalise with their perceived personal problems and they want to strike out at some one they harm those that can’t protect themselves and do so when it’s least expected, and the person that is aware of the mental condition of these nuts refuse to admit thses conditions and seek help for their love ones and they wind up unleasing the Hell on an unsuspecting public, if you don’t publicise and glamorise these situations repeatedly on the hour for days on end then these nuts have nothing to hang on to build on, because they want to out do the other guy, since they are not hitting on all eight they don’t rationalise that it’s wrong what they are about to do. And it hasnothing to do with God or any other excuse except the fault of the parent for not seeking help for their son by being so protect ioness and ashame to admit that their son has a mental problem

  • With all the carnage in this day, and age, the founding fathers would be appalled.

  • Mike Huckabee should know that statistically atheists are less likely than christians to lie, cheat or steal. Testing subjects’ honesty and altruism and relating that to other lifestyle or personality characteristics is the last resort of psychology or sociology professors who must publish or perish.

    His conjecture that secularists are not restrained by fear of divine punishment is effectively countered by a more probable one, that christians are used to feigning “rebirth” and not only being morally forgiven but also relieved of the obligation for retribution.

    Those christians who doubt my assertion should seek statistics in their state. Prisons are required to provide for the religious needs of their wards and do keep statistics to defend themselves. The proportion of atheists in the prison population ranges from 80% down to 50% of their proportion of the general population.

    Mike Huckabee could still claim that atheists commit white collar crimes and are just too intelligent to get caught. That is the purest tautology. They are atheists because they are just too intelligent to get converted.

  • LoveUSAmerica

    Useless to argue with you, 13, I know. You know everything about everyone. Here’s something you don’t know. I am a target shooter. I was trained at an NRA gun range and my brother had a shooting range in our basement. I have no desire to take rifles from hunter, guns from target shooters or collectors. What I do want is sensible gun controls. I hate the NRA because their leaders have sold their souls to gun manufactures and ALEC to indoctirnate people like you who spout the party line. I don’t want my children to go to a school portected by Blackwater so people can carry assault weapons. I am not a communist–which you think means anyone who disagrees with you. The fact that you want something doesn’t make it right or best for everyone–and that’s what the Constitution is about, And, yes, guns kill and very efficiently

  • Please do focus on the claim that god is punishing these innocent children, not for their own sins, nor the sins of their parents but for the sins of some unspecified people who run the country.

    Would you honor any leader who randomly kills even one innocent citizen to keep the rest in line? We have seen in the mideast that such behavior demands a rebellion.

    Whether one personallly rebels against god or against Sam Morris concept of god, we must expel the loudmouth preachers before we can expel the broader cult.

  • onedonewong

    The libs in this country have debased morality and the meaning of life. Over 1 million babies are murdered every year with taxpayer help and yet the dems see that as a rallying cry for even more of the same.
    The only way to end this carnage is to insure that anyone who is being treated for a mental problem or who HAS been is banned from buying or owning a fire arm, including a single round 22 hand gun. There names have to be part of the national registry and they stay there until a psychologist testifies that they are cured. I’m sure the nanny state will complain about them being stigmatized and my response is so what…

    • If you are talking about abortion , get this through your thick skull, NO TAX MONEY IS USED FOR ABORTIONS IT IS AGAINST FEDERAL LAWS TO DO SO. There are not over a million babies killed in this country yearly, there are not that many abortions in a year, besides there is no baby until the 39th or 40th week of pregnancy until that is reached there is only a mass of biological matter in a woman’s womb. Have you ever seen what comes out of a woman if she has a miscarriage before the 42nd week of pregnancy ? All it is a bloody lump of matter, no shape, form, and no way to tell that it been a baby in the making. So stop comparing abortion to a fool that shouldn’t have been anywhere close to gun and who should have been in a mental health institution instead of the general public.

      • onedonewong

        Looks like you have never even been with a woman with your moronic comments.
        Planned Parenthood receives $600M a year from the taxpayers
        another $700 Million is disbursed to other abortion mills
        at 16 weeks the babies head and arms legs fingers and toes are distinct and visible, their heart is pumping.
        Its only a mass of biological matter?? what is it then a snake a hog an alien??? How stupid can you get. If its not a baby then why do 40+ states call it a murder if a women loses a baby die to violence??
        And yes the 1 million figure of abortions is the conservative number of murders a year. You don’t read about it because the State Run Media loves the killings

  • Preach_r_man

    For “ONCE” I agree with Huckabee, If we trace these horrific incidents back we find that, there was an escalation of violence in schools that began when we kicked God out. Now before you attack me take the time and do the research and you’ll find out that these kinds of incidents were unheard of, and the more we rant and rave about getting God out of everything the worse our so called civilized society gets. GUNS ARE JUST PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!

    • There were incidents similar to the massacre in Newtown before God was taken out of the schools, most of the times there were explosives used instead of guns but the news of these deaths didn’t make it all across the country because we didn’t have the type of communications then as we have today. Preach r man you need to do some research and see how many children have been murdered in their class rooms before God was taken out of the schools. What is happening today is happening because people can get guns to easily and we have a lot of people in this country that do not have a conscience so it doesn’t bother them if they kill someone. Another reason for there being massacres is the fact that a lot of children growing up seeing or hearing their parents bragging about getting away with breaking the law, like tax laws and never learn the difference between right or wrong. Religion should be taught in the home and the place of worship that a family attends not in the schools because of the many different religions that are represented in a class room.

  • suptjake

    Presidential candidate and former Gov. Mike Huckabee stated on Fox News that the massacre in Connecticut happened because we have “removed God from our schools”.

    Gov. Huckabee of all people is familiar with killers. In 2009 he commuted the sentence of 12 murderers. One of these murderers was a Maurice Clemens. Maurice Clemens went free and was accused of molesting school children – God would not approve of his actions. He also murdered four policemen. And now Huckabee says the schools are to blame for not having the name of God in the schools. Where was God when he released these murderers and allowed them to molest children and kill police officers?

    And he wanted to be our President……..

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Don’t feel too bad!

      Nearly half of the voting public would have elected a Anti-Christ Mormon Bishop, Mitt Romney for President, a man who governs the Mormon Church, where marriages between young girls and old men are held in secret, and who supported other candidates who thought god approved of rape and at one time produced the likes of Warren Jeffs.

      Huckabee is the least of our problems when most Christianity didn’t even follow their own beliefs in the last election, backing someone totally against their own self-interest.

      These Candidates are not the problem. The problem lies with the American public itself.

  • Mimi2kool

    As usual. the usual idiots give us a piece of their minds. Unfortunately for them, they have none too many to spare…

  • Jayne Ricco

    I find it interesting that people (LOTS of them, actually) are saying the problem is that God isn’t allowed in schools. God is WORSHIPPED in the Catholic Church, yet that didn’t work out so well for the protection of the children in that church, did it?

  • Guns are not the problem.
    Human behavior is the problem.

  • This is rich coming from a tea party guy:

    “Rebellion has become the noblest of acts.”

    Am I missing something? If anyone’s been promoting rebellion, it’s the TP.

  • He’s right about the media, but I have no idea what other crap he is talking about.

  • I see every time I read posts on the nat mo the deranged ranters are out foaming at the mouth like the rabid dogs they are. These poor nut jobs are told everything they need to know by their puppet master. They can follow their joker the bobo prez to the slaughter house. I will watch them be ground into hog slop.

  • quail

    Anyone who says the gun is the root of the problem is the problem. Freedom is sometimes messy, but with freedom comes personal responsibility.There will always be mentally ill people out there, there will always be evil people as well that will want to do bad things to people regardless if there are no guns or other tools used to kill. Guns do not kill, ‘people’ do. I have never witnessed any gun jump out of its holster or safe, hop to a local school and start firing.

  • quail

    We have to deal with liberals packing fudge.

    Liberals can deal with us packing guns.
    Sounds fair to me.

  • Playadude

    What a bunch of sick people with the lamest excuses I’ve ever heard.

  • When I saw the excuse of “Gun Free Zones”, I at least expected to see a defense to the acusation… *Crickets* ??

    Can anyone on the left explain how a “gun free zone” is safer?

  • That’s because almost all modern guns are semi-automatic. That’s advancements in technology. Do you feel police and everyone else should go back to carrying revolvers?

    Why is it the group that knows the least about guns seems to think they are best at identifying which guns law-abiding people should and shouldn’t own. You didn’t even know semi-auto shotguns existed, while the rest of us have been hunting with them for 40 years…

  • What about pistols, which are almost all semi-automatic?

  • Strict gun control doesn;t prevent people from possessing guns. That’s a fact, proven my every single lace that bans guns. So knowing this, how do you conclude that strict gun control could possible stop a madman from shooting up a school? Futhermore, could do you comclude that a good guy with a gun cannot stop a bad guy with a gun? it happens every single day in the US. Police and CCW holders both carry and have stopped hundreds of thousands of threats every single year. Many of the teachers that you feel shouldn’t be armed, already have a CCW and carry everywhere in their lives except for work (school). It’s pretty silly to trust a teacher with a gun outside of aa school, but not inside of a school.

  • Yes, don’t blame Hollywood. Of course Obama blaming Bengazie on a movie is different. LOL.

  • OK, but Gun Free Zones IS part of the problem. And blaming guns is really lame.

  • brad

    Are there really people in America stupid enough to believe some of this drivel? Ok I dont care about the god in school thing and no one is dumb enough to believe that movies and teaching evolution are to blame but really? This article is all over the place from genuine issues to extremism.

  • RobertCHastings

    I’ve been struggling through Glenn Beck’s latest diatribe, “Control”. I had to stop after the first 22 pages. For conservatives, I am sure it is everything the wanted to hear, except it was all lies and unverifiable assertions. Perhaps the most blatant of his many misrepresentations was the stats and charts he used. While this book was published in 2013 (well after this article), the charts he used (from a UN source) were from at least 10 – 12 years earlier. Even I can comprehend that the UN has more current data. Another total misrepresentation, and one that puts this book right up there with some of the best propaganda, is his argument about gun violence rates. While he does demonstrate that the rate in the US is NOT 15X that in other advanced countries, he uses this fact to dispute ALL claims about gun violence in the US. His position is basically that if this one claim is wrong, then ALL OTHER claims MUST be wrong. He goes on to insist that rises in gun related crimes in Great Britain are entirely the result of stricter gun control. What is absolutely amazing to me is that this one did not make it to the weekly “This Week in Crazy”.