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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Value Voters Summit

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Back in March, the Republican National Committee released its long-anticipated “autopsy report” on what when wrong in the 2012 presidential election, and how the GOP can remain competitive in the future. The “Growth and Opportunity Project” suggested that the party reach out to women and minorities, and soften the militant tone that scared so many voters away in 2012.

“The Republican Party needs to stop talking to itself,” the report reads. “We have become expert in how to provide ideological reinforcement to like-minded people, but devastatingly we have lost the ability to be persuasive with, or welcoming to, those who do not agree with us on every issue.”

A little more than half a year later, the GOP has completely and utterly failed to solve the problem. And there is perhaps no better example of the party’s failure to leave the “ideological cul-de-sac” of which the RNC warned than the 2013 Values Voter Summit.

The annual conference, which is organized by the Family Research Council — an anti-gay hate group — plays host to a mixture of mainstream Republican politicians and some of the most extreme figures on the right-wing fringe. From October 11th through the 13th, more than 60 speakers will preach the right-wing gospel from the stage at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, right in the middle of Washington, D.C. — a city that has been paralyzed by the intransigent politics typified by those on stage.

The three-day conference has been running for not even 10 hours, and already it has featured some startling rhetoric that certainly won’t help repair the GOP’s tattered brand.

Here are five lowlights from the 2013 Values Voter Summit (so far).

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60 Responses to 5 Lowlights From The Values Voter Summit (So Far)

  1. For all the things Ted Cruz has done in just the last few weeks alone, I don’t think he needs to worry about disappearing. What he should really be worried about is all the furloughed government employees (most of whom live within driving distance of D.C.) coming together and giving him the full Mussolini treatment.

    Which I would never condone, but I’m at the point where I honestly wouldn’t give a flying crap if anyone disagreed with me either. Ted Cruz is screwing over the entire country while administering self-fellatio unto himself all the while. You can’t get more evil than that.

        • I agree that Obamacare (the UnAffordable Care Act) should be put to a national vote. Then, the one thing that Ted Cruz will be most surprised at, is by how big a landslide it would fail. America needs an American, not a European socialist style remedy, meaning it should be market based, which has worked so well in keeping down the cost of home electronics and Lasik surgery, for instance, two areas were there are no insurance or government subsidies to pay for them.

      • In case the uninformed don’t know, Mussolini was lynched, so you are condoning murder with your remark. I suggest you retract your comment, which in the context of American history, specifically targeted African-Americans. So, your dumb comment is not only vile and racist, but genocidal as well.

        • He was hung upside-down and his body was allowed to remain on public display for days, to demonstrate the fate of fascists who subvert the will of the people. This should be a lesson to the latter-day fascists of the TPotty, which may be the point of Eliot’s post.

          • It’s disheartening that you, nirodha and many who agree with your leftist point of view want to inject incivility and actual violence into our political disagreements. It should be clear to any reader that wishing ‘the Mussolini treatment’ upon those of us on the right who agree with the Tea Party, in respect to fiscal responsibility and limited government, is to favor actual violent retaliation on your political opponents. We want to win hearts and minds with our reasoned arguments, while you appear to just want to break heads to achieve your leftist ‘utopia’. Why are you taking this violent sounding approach?

          • I did not hear all of Sen. Cruz’ statements, but am open to hearing about any that did not conform to constitutional requirements, or were reasonable. That goes for his actions, too. I respectfully ask you to share any examples.

          • Oh, I suppose most Americans were thrilled to see Ted Cruz standing with a few Confederate Flag Waving Patriots, who “demand that this president leave town […] put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up.”

            By the way, I do not care what kind of responses I receive from you again. I simply will not reply. There is no use wasting my time on people who think this government shutdown spectacle was appropriate.

            Very reasonable actions indeed.

          • Please, get over yourself. If you bothered to note, it is your faves (radicals) who are the ones spreading the violence, not as you want to erroneously conclude, the “leftists”. Fan of the Founding Fathers? BS!

    • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rafael disappeared-picked up in a spaceship by his people, who dropped him off here on earth a few years ago. Bon voyage!

  2. The most disappointing thing is Dr. Ben Carson. He has such a wonderful, inspiring personal story, but seems to be forgetting where he came from. In his one book, he was not completely against Obamacare. His preference was for the gov’t to intervene in catastrophic care, much as FEMA does for natural disasters. He’s been hanging around the wrong people and they’re rubbing off. He was a rather reasonable conservative/independent.
    I just don’t understand what these faux Christians’ “values” are. They aren’t anything like the gospel message I’m familiar with. By the way, isn’t this the same thing essentially as the CPAC meeting? They need less pep rallies and more work.

    • What makes you think there aren’t black neo-fascists or for that matter black stalinist communists? There are; blacks are no more immune to totalitarian ideologies than anyone else. Clarence Thomas, Allan West, Alan Keyes, Ben Carson, E.W. Jackson on the right; Cynthia McKinney, Al Sharpton, Gus Savage, the late Henry Winston and Benjamin Davis, Louis Farrakhan on the left. Nor does having academic credentials as Carson does preclude being enamored of totalitarianism, e.g. Angela Davis, Herbert Marcuse, Josef Goebbels, Noam Chomsky.

      • You don’t come off as a person who went to school on a Fulbright scholarship. The topic was whether the Republican Party really know what is going on. You turned it into a “yahbut, looka at these people…” Are you saying the the the Republican Party versus the Democrat Party is a matter of race? And since you are bringing up some liberals of a minority race, it looks like Republicans are white and Democrats are not. At least that is the way you see it. You are a racist. You probably even have a sheet with a pointed hood to fit the shape of your head.

        • I didn’t go to school on a Fulbright scholarship and I don’t know what on earth you are fulminating about. A subtext in the clash between the parties now assuredly does involve race. Also I didn’t reference any liberals whatever..I references black communists. Thank you for calling me a racist…you have a very interesting way of thinking-what planet in the galaxy do you reside on? Did you arrive on a flying saucer?

  3. If the consequences of the shutdown were not so devastating, the comments made by these five would certainly qualify for excellent slap-stick comedy.

    • Oh come on! The only ‘devastating’ consequences of the 18% of the government that is actually shut down are the consequences artificially created by Mr. Obama and his henchmen, to injure good Americans in a twisted attempt to cast blame on his political opponents, who have actually voted (in the House of Representatives) to fund government operations multiple times, but these spending bills have either been voted down or ignored by the Democrat leader in the Senate. A news media that would report the facts, instead of selectively report events in a slanted way to support the leftist Democrats, would expose the president’s thuggish & vindictive tactics for what they really are. However, most people are still hearing propaganda from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, et al, and not actual facts and news.

      • YOU come on! Your blinders are getting in the way of any clear thinking you may have although it doesn’t appear that way. Maybe you need to find an objective news source. Your post is filled with vitriol and hate. Just take a look at the words you use. And billions of dollars wasted due to the GOP radical group enforced shutdown? And you talk about “leftists” being violent. Your expressions are filled with violence. You are disgusting!

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  5. Funny she doesn’t mention Medicare/Medicaid and the VA. These are all government run healthcare systems. Any senior who is yelling about Obamacare being a socialist takeover of health should give up their access to a government run system which is really socialized medicine.

    • And what’s wrong with socialized medicine? We have socialized firefighting, socialized highways, socialized bodyguards (i.e. the police), and even socialized navigation (who controls the satellites that our GPS units read? The United States Air Force!).

    • Yes, and it looks like any senior who is against the ACA act is saying, “I got mine, to hell with you.” No compassion for the families that have a seriously ill child.

  6. Strange that a doctor doesn’t know the difference between a private sector health plan and a government one. Obama care delivers healthcare payment, that’s it and it’s done through the insurance companies. I guess having uninsured Black families with no access to healthcare doesn’t matter to him. I’m sure in private practice he has run across Medicare patients, and I bet he hasn’t turned any away because it was a government run system

  7. number one fact; teabaggers are racists.  Only had problem with deficit after 1st Christian President was legally elected since President Clinton.  President Obama is only 1/2 Irish.  Not enough for teabagger racists. 

    • You’re so right about the GOP totally ignoring deficit spending when Reagan was more than tripling the 826B debt he inherited from Carter to 2.9T; and when Bush Sr. almost doubled the 2.9T to 4.4T and more than doubled the 5.6T he inherited from Clinton to 11.9T. And of course the GOP just assumed that when Bush left office that the disaster he created stopped immediately; like stopping a mile long freight train racing down a mountside – which is always easy. They hate to admit that Bush jr. is also responsible for another 3T plus since he left office associated with the economic disaster he allowed to happen. Reagan and the two Bushes are easily responsible for more than 90% of our current near 17t in debt. And as you point out – suddenly it’s a problem when for 20 years of GOP presidencies it hadn’t been.

  8. Canadian teabagger racist is On cruz Control. How is that working out 4u? Racist cruz should Shut up instead of shutting down our country. Canada, u can have him back now please. That racist teabagger did enough damage already. I call on all of my fellow Catholics and Veterans to come together and shut 100% of z teabagger racists out of the republican party. I hear Satan has openings for the racist teabagger ilk. They will all fit Right in.

    • That would only amount to moving Cruz from the up-front part of the Devil’s party, where he’s open now to really causing trouble, to some lessor visible part of the devil’s party where his influence would, hopefully, be less destructive to the country.

    • You’re not going to force Cruz back onto us again are you. Have mercy. I thought you guys had something in your constitution about cruel and unusual punishment.

    • You are not the first leftist to use the term, but please explain why ‘teabagger’, which is a word that describes an erotic homosexual practice, is applied to your political opponents? Doing so seems infantile. What do you have against gays? It seems like a homophobic remark. Also, Canadians are our close friends and neighbors, so why are you using that term to express contempt? I’m just wondering why so many leftists and Democrats use such language in their comments, which are notably so devoid of logic or rational thought?

      • Say there fan of the morons, teabagging is also a heterosexual practise. Of course you wouldn’t know about that either.

        • Fan of the ‘morons’? That’s telling, and makes perfect sense, since you and President Obama believe, as radical leftists who want to ‘transform’ our society, that the founders of our nation, who created this constitution of ‘negative rights’, which limited the power of the central government and promoted individual liberty, were fools. Now, whether ‘teabagging’ is enjoyed by all is a different question; my point was that it is a specifically homosexual term (not just practice), and your use of it in this context is insulting to, and not supportive of, that community. But, I don’t believe you are capable of feeling shame for any hateful thing you do or say. Or, are you? Do you want to apologize?

          • No apologies from anyone for this archane fop. I love it when you say this is what the President “believes” and this is what “leftists” believe, blah, blah, blah. You don’t even know what you believe since you are all over the board making little if any sense you make about anything. Frankly, I think the founding fathers would have considered you a fool and ignored you.

  9. Oh my God! It is sooooo frustrating to hear these remarks from supposedly sane representives of the people and not be able to step up and slap their lying faces!!

  10. To paraphrase Palin,” He is in my crosshairs” . Question is, should he be put to sleep, arrested for treason or just let him implode?

    • Leave him be, to continue to help the progressive democratic cause! Never in the wildest Machiavellian dreams could one conjure up screwballs like Cruz, Gohmert, Bachman, Beck and the rest of this clown crew. They are burying the republican brand better than any opposition efforts could, and the effects will be felt in 2014 and 2016, and hopefully, far beyond!

  11. These 5 individuals; Levin, Bachmann, Gohmert, Carson, and Cruz should all pay attention to what Mr. Levin stated: they all, including Mr. Levin need to sit down, shut up, and if possible open their ears and listen to people other than the Tea Party. I’m most disappointed in Dr. Ben Carson; I knew him when he was a neurosurgical resident at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was a compassionate, gifted, and talented surgeon. I would like to know what has made him so bitter; is it his fame or his money.? I just find it sad that such a gifted man can be that misinformed and bitter.

    • The
      real McCarthyism wasn’t what Joe McCarthy did, but what was done to
      him by the left, that led to his personal destruction and early
      death. As evidence, I submit that the leftists and communists in
      Hollywood were never really disrupted, since they still pervade and
      run Hollywood today, and the claims Senator McCarthy made about
      communist infiltration into our government during the 1950’s were
      confirmed when the KGB files were opened up after the collapse of the
      Soviet Union.

      • I suppose those evil Hollywood commies made poor Joe drink himself to death. They gave him his great thirst, which led to cirrhosis and early death, preceded by the ravings of an alcoholic lunatic.

  12. Ha! So Fox news decided that airing the Ted Cruz speech will show people how crazy he is? And last week, they cut off the President mid-speech, when he was making a lot of sense. I guess they believe in censorship over at Fox. Heaven forbid anyone should be able to see a speech and make up their own mind, without the talking heads of Fox telling you what you should think they said.

    • Censorship at Fox? No! Who knew? There’s another neat little trick that all of the hosts do at Fox if you pay attention and watch for it. It occurs whenever they’re interviewing a Democratic politician, or even one of their own analysts, who starts to bring up facts and numbers that contradict the narrative and talking points of the conservative bubble. The moment that happens, the host will begin talking over the interviewee and will veer the discussion in a different direction. Watch for it.

      • I would if I could bear to watch Fox, but no matter how much I try, my gag reflex kicks in and I have to change the channel before I puke. Faux Snooze is a real affront to any thinking person’s brain cells!

  13. Who the hell voted for these five bozos? They are truly crazy and you know they are lying when their lips move. 2014 – Vote em out altho that crazy b*tch Bachman isn’t running and will be lucky to stay out of jail for campaign contribution violations.

  14. I love all the high blown comparisons of the ACA to communism. One of the planks of the communist manifesto is free public schools. So the US has been quasi communist for almost 100 yrs.

  15. If merit entitles a person, then liberty does not exist because someone else has been empowered to position them via subjective judgment.

  16. While today’s Internet technology enables the principles of morality, liberty, and prosperity to spread as never before, its imagery also unleashes the anti-social passion of envy from its moral cage.

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