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Saturday, October 21, 2017

5 Cuts That Even Scrooge Would Make This Christmas Instead Of Punishing The Unemployed

Just Use A Third Of The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Savings — $73.7 Billion


Hopefully you’re part of the tiny percentage of Americans who know the deficit is falling faster than it has since after World War II. Much of this has to do with the marginal recovery we’re experiencing and a lot of it comes from ending the Bush tax breaks for the richest Americans at the beginning of this year.

“Allowing those tax cuts to expire, along with other savings in the fiscal cliff deal, reduced deficits by $737 billion over 10 years compared to what deficits would have been under current policy at the time,” The Center for American Progress’ Harry Stein noted.

We’ve already tripled the savings we’ll get from punishing the unemployed at Christmas. So how about we give them a little break? If Paul Ryan can’t ask himself what Jesus would do, maybe he can reflect on what Scrooge might — at the end of A Christmas Carol.

Offering a hand to the unfortunate may not help them dream. But it will help 1.3 million Americans and their families eat.

Photo: AFGE via Flickr

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