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Sunday, June 24, 2018

6 Potential Targets For Bloomberg’s Pro-Gun Control SuperPAC

mike bloomberg

Photo: Center for American Progress/Flickr

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg scored a huge political victory when Robin Kelly won the Democratic nomination in the race for Illinois’ 2nd congressional district. Kelly, a strong gun control supporter, defeated “gun rights” advocate Debbie Halverson with the help of more than $2.2 million in spending from Bloomberg’s new SuperPAC, Independence USA PAC.

Bloomberg, who has a net worth of around $22 billion, has vowed to use his personal fortune to support gun safety advocates and oppose “gun rights” candidates in elections across the country. Here are six candidates whom Independence USA PAC could potentially target in the 2014 elections:

4 Responses to 6 Potential Targets For Bloomberg’s Pro-Gun Control SuperPAC

  1. Bloomberg can spend all of the money he wants on gun control but soon it will be called “government control”.

    With the policies the government has forced on us since 2001, they should be very concerned about the MILLIONS of pissed off Americans that have been fucked over by the banks and their partners in crime, washington.

    Nothing worse than dealing with heavily armed, pissed off people.

    • And that is why you should be disarmed immediately! We are tired of having our, children, neighbors, friends and families killed by heavily armed people. We can address other problems in other ways.

      • Bloomberg is a dictator. He is trying to force his brand of gun control. He told people of NYC what size soda they could drink, what to cook with, what plates to eat off of and the list goes on and on. I’m glad he is gone, now we only need to get rid of Gov. Cuomo. We have been living in a nanny state. I just hope the rest of the country dosen’t get stuck with them.

    • Artist, Bloomberg is welcome to spend his money however he wants to, just like the Koch Brothers, Adelson, and Soros. Some want to push for Conservatives, some for Liberals. Bloomberg is the epitome of the Nanny State facing mandatory term limits that keep him from imposing his will on NYC. Therefore he feels it is his duty as a billionair to encourage others who share his beliefs. In a nutshell, it means the rest of us will be stuck listening to him over the next couple of years touting his personal favorite candidates.

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