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Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) recently described the relationship between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his own party’s fringe like this: “He tried to make love to the Tea Party and they didn’t like it.”

Since the Tea Party wave of 2010, McConnell has been trying to position himself as a fierce ally of the movement. He’s hired Ron Paul’s son-in-law to run his campaign and done little to stop Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Ted Cruz (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) from trying to obstruct every nomination and bill Democrats have supported.

McConnell’s plan — after he failed to make President Obama a “one-term president” — was to avoid a primary challenge. It didn’t work.

Entrepreneur and Tea Partier Matt Bevin will square off against the minority leader for the Republican nomination to serve Kentucky in the U.S. Senate.

And the campaign is already ugly.

“[He] voted for all the bailouts,” Bevin advisor Nachama Soloveichik told National Review Online, “voted for amnesty, voted to raise the debt ceiling at least nine times. He orchestrated the boondoggle debt ceiling deal of 2011. He voted for higher taxes. He’s been one of the biggest culprits of bigger spending. He’s been a pork king. He voted for the bridge to nowhere. The list goes on and on.”

Here are five things not on that list of grievances that the senator definitely should hope primary voters don’t know and won’t find out about him.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via

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127 Responses to 5 Things Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Want You To Know About Mitch McConnell

  1. A politician who does not understand the self-inflicted damage he endured when he admitted that the GOP strategy of obstructionism was designed to make Barack Obama a one-term president, is unlikely to discern all the negatives that contributed to the emergence of a Republican challenging him from the right. The irony of the latter is inescapable considering the circumstances and McConnell’s record. Anybody slightly to the left of Attila the Hun is a liberal in the eyes of Tea Party supporters.

    • The problem with that argument is, look how badly the country has suffered because of the failure of being able to restrict Obama to one term.

      • Yeah, the stock market is the highest it’s ever been, the unemployment numbers continue to go down, slowed only by the continuing Republican obstruction. Obamacare is reducing insurance premiums in the states where it’s being rolled out All they’ve accomplished is to make everyone and everything in Washington tainted.

        • And don’t forget the rapid return of the housing market. I love how Bill Maher says, when listing all of Obama’s accomplishments, he says the repubs say, “that damned Obama.” lol Loves me my bill.

          • LOL. The list could be much longer and I did forget to add that one. Anybody who says otherwise is a party pooper poopy pants nut job from the far right.

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        • The employment numbers are going down because they are being manipulated. 9 million jobs have been lost in the past 5 years since your dear leader ascended the throne. Pretty easy to keep employment numbers up when you delete 9 million jobs from the market. Obama has created twice as many food stamp recipients than actual workers. If we keep up this pace we will have zero percent unemployment and 300 million Democratic voters mooching off the government. The stock market is up because the Fed is pumping fake money into it. A dollar is worth 20 percent less today than it was 5 years ago, but there is no inflation. You keep on believing the fantasy. its a fake bubble, just like the last few highs have been.

          • I like how you responded to the facts rather than called names. The DOL admitted to deleting the “available jobs” to favor increasing the unemployment numbers. Kinda convenient.

          • I like how you appointed yourself the far right moderator. Post what you like and so will I. If you want to present facts, be my guest. You isolate a line that’s favorable to your argument and completely ignore the rest. Be my guest.

      • I doubt too many people are impressed by your conclusion that withdrawing from Iraq, leaving Afghanistan, ordering the raid that killed OBL, restoring our international credibility, turning around our economy, creating millions of new jobs, contributing to a robust and profitable stock market that is exceeding investor expectations, saving to icons of Americans industrial might, fighting for equality, trying to fix an inadequate immigration law, and all the other achievements made by President Obama against tremendous odds and in spite of continuous obstructionism are examples of socio-economic Armageddon. That conclusion may find fertile ground within the confines of a Tea Party forum, with the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter and the rest of the Neanderthal team as hosts, I doubt it will get you very far in a forums where most of its members are capable of rational thinking.

      • How come you’re the only one who reads this rag that doesn’t know you’re a moron? I suspect it’s because you’re an ardent devotee of Fox Noise, the opiate of the asses.

          • The economy is not suffering because of health care. Bush effed up the economy with his wasteful wars.

          • You Got That Right My Friend 🙂 Somebody Needs To The Catskin That Romney Had The Same Healthcare Program In Play In His State Where He Was Governor!! LOL Plus People Like Romney Is The Ones Who Is Screwing This Country Up By Stripping American Companies And Shipping American Jobs Overseas To India, China And Mexico Sweatshops!!

          • What somebody needs to remind Catskinner and make many millions of Americans aware of is that Mitt Romney had a dysmal 31% approval rating toward the end of his 1st term as Mass Gov which is one reason he threw in the towel and gave up on running for a 2nd term. He knew getting trounced in a reelection bid for Mass governor would derail any chances he had in running for president. The Mass people found out that America’s greatest snakeoil salesman hoodwinked them but good when he promised them the moon when running for governor and instead gave them a garbage dump – he seriously degraded even Massachuesett’s stellar educational record by almost destroying the state’s school systems.

          • Exactly My Friend!! And His State Was 49th In Jobs Creation!! LOL Catskin Been Drinking Way To Much Of That Venom Those Snake Oil Salesmen Like Fox Fake News And Rush Limpballs Has Been Selling!! LOL

          • Government doesn’t create jobs, it can only get out of the way and allow business to create jobs. Sorry, but when the unemployment in your state is only 4 percent, you don’t have to create massive jobs because thats pretty much 100 percent employment. You don’t like Mitt, but you also don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Dimbulb: when government “gets out of the way,” we have what happened in the S&L scandal, the dot com scandal and the hedge-fund scandal. Business is out to make money, period. Government’s job is to protect us from the kind of greed business invites and encourages. I’ve been screwed by business a lot more than by government.

          • You speak as if Bureaucrats have no interest in self-preservation. I see you’re a drinker of the Communist Kool-Aid. Business can’t survive long if it’s only out to make money. It’s the Big Business in bed with Big Government that gives you the royal weenie but you’re too damn dumb to know the difference.

          • Put your tin-hat back on and have another cup of that delicious, “brain-wash” tea. We have been getting the royal weenie for the last thirty years. In fact, we have always been getting the “business” from our businessmen. When the economy is good we are able to “create” enough to keep ahead of their greed. Since Reagan and his trickle down thievery, we have been slowly and surely headed for destruction. So my advice is try to actually do your own thinking after you do your own research. Instead of just mindlessly chanting wing-nut mantras.

          • Hay Matt Head…..why is the Big Business flocking our dollars to COMMINIST CHINA? Stop the COMMUNIST labeling fool… is where Romney likes to set up factories…..Guess where he put Gateway Computers? PS… will need a Chinese Phone Directory!

          • dimbo
            You are just repeating Republican propaganda. How did China go about creating a mamouth economy over 10 years. How did they go so fast from a third world economy to worlds second largest? You think their government was a bystander? Do you have any idea how important was the Chinese government in pushing those economic buttons which made them a world economic power? if you do you have a lot to learn!

          • And just for your info, businesses don’t create jobs, customers do. When someone starts a business they don’t add helpers unless enough customers come to justify adding another body to the business. And customers usually frequent businesses when the economy is going well and they have enough money to spend. Now with the economy in the doldurms, as Bush obviously left it (The Great Recession) explain to me how companies would improve theeconomy which would then result in job creation.

            When businesses are already lossing money would they hire a new employee to help bring down the unemployment rate (knowing they probably already have employees not fully working)? Would they give all their employees a bonus to give them more money to spend to spur business (and reduce already meager or non existen profits)? And, knowing that customers are struggling and short on cash, would they take a chance and suddenly reduce their prices to hopefully attract more customers knowing that that would only increase their losses? Just what would companies likely do to spur the economy? THE ANSWER TO THAT IS NOTHING!!

            The GOP proved that when Hoover back in the 1930s cut government spending and actually raised the tax rate thinking that it was the private sector who could rev up the economy and when it did, with the lower spending and higher tax rate, the government would rake in tax revenues which would then allow it to increase spending again. What he really did was put the cart before the horse. (We know how all that turned out – Hoover the great business man that he was (he was the Mitt Romney of his time), did exactly what Mitt would have done if he had gotten elected, he drove America and the world into the Great Depresion.)

            It takes the government to spur the economy by increasing spending on projects that will create jobs and maybe together with tax cuts that can be quickly realized (like Obama did by temporarily reducing the social security tax) which give people money to spend which in turn creates more customers for businesses which when then will add new employees (create jobs). It’s in fact, government policy that creates jobs because government policy is what affects the economy and causes its citizens to either spend or to hesitate from spending.

          • Hey Dim….government gives loan guarentees for its Cronies like Mitt and GeorgeW. to buy stuff on our dime and profit like gangbusters with the special tax breaks your Repuke Tea Party folks in congress get for them. Look up how they made their money!

          • Catskinner and his ilk are what I have started to call “sloganistas.” They just repeat what their right-wing controllers have fed into their empty heads. They all seem to say the same mindless drivel, the same way, with no evidence or rational thought to justify. Sometimes it seems as if they are semi-literate buffoons reading a pre-prepared script.

          • And let me guess, you’re all free thinkers, right? All you’ve done is “updated” Marxism to the 21st Century. He’d be proud.

          • And let me guess, you’re a non thinker, right? You have no idea what Marxism even is. Being as fair to possible to all people is not Marxism. And really, this topic is really about “taking out the trash,” or did you even read the article. Just another one of the mindless “sloganistas.”

          • And Matt guess your take is Fachism to the 21st Century…….guess you guys are looking to China for your Staliln so you can screw over the rest of the middle class folks in the world.

          • He promised the moon and he delivered… he dropped his pants, shone the moon and said “pucker up”

          • Liar. Mitt has put hundreds of thousands of people to work right here in America. Don’t be any stupider than you already look.

          • You Bubble Headed Troll Find You Some Business!!! Your Mother Is Stupid She Had Your Ignorant Ass!!

          • dimbo
            No he did not put hundreds of thousands of people to work. That is a bald face lie. Mitt save some jobs and cut many others. He created almost none by his or his companies efforts. You are way over your head!

          • Mitt Romney is by far a greater American job destroyer than he was ever an American job creator. Mitt and his cronies were actively buying out and destroying companies and shipping American jobs overseas all the time he was running for president with his fake plan of creating American jobs. Mitt and his hedgefund cronies were doing leverage buyouts of companies that were foundering because of the great recession, stripping them of their assets and dumping the pension responsibilities on you, me and millions of other American taxpayers. Mitt Romney is nothing but a huge sleazebag.

          • What BS, Mitt Romney didn’t have a clue how to get the economy going – he would have implemented his fantasy tax cuts that hundreds of economists said didn’t compute and would drive up the deficits by trillions of dollars. And he didn’t have a clue about getting jobs going again, the 12 Million Jobs in 4 years fantasy he kept touting during the campagin were just that; “A Fantasy”. Not one thing on his website supporting his job growth plan panned out – everything he had there was proven to be a sham. All Mitt would have done is turned America into the World’s first Corporate run country. He’d be busy right now getting legislaltion passsed to ensure that Republicans would win every election for the next century – he had already gotten a number of CEOs to intimidate their employees to vote for him by having them send out letters before the election saying that there would be a lot of layoffs if Obama got reelected. Mitt’s all for rigging everything he can in his favor, and it doesn’t matter to him if that means destroying the country in the process. He sure wasn’t concerned about America during the Great Recession when the auto industry was foundering – he and his hedgefund buddy Singer snatched up the auto industry’s small parts maker Delphi (Read Delco), canned all its union jobs, shipped 25,000 of them to China leaving the American taxpayers to hold he bag for all the pensions. You can bet if Obama hadn’t followed through on the auto bailout, GM and Chrylser would be no more’; those companies would have been bought out, stripped and shipped to China too – leaving America holding the bag and the country in depression with millions more lost manufacturing jobs at a time when it was already in chaos. But what did Mitt care – he pocketed a number of millions – to hell with America!!!!!!!!!

          • That would require doing some thinking. Can conservatives really think??? My sense is that they’re akin to robots – programmed by the likes of Faux News, Rush Limpbag, Glenn Beak and their ilk.

          • Most simply don’t have the time to argue with a dimwit and his ignorant talking points from Media matters.

          • Romney Even Tried To Get The Polling Places To Use His Son Tadd Voting Machines!!!! 🙁 A Real Conflict Of Interest!!!

          • Now that was just stooopid! Your total argument is predicated on the fact that anything wing-nut and greedy business people do is automatically the ideal. It takes no brains, no ethics, no compassion, and no balls to have your views. Just drink the “tea” and all will be well. BS!

          • LOL…laws are repealed by Congress….not the president….but…that would have been hilarious. Mitt destroying health care modelled on his own plan. LOL…leave it to a “conservative”…….LOL….freaking imbeciles….. How would Mitt have saved the economy….by writing the treasury a check?

          • LOL….Ann says she was worried for his sanity had he won…..LOL….dodged that bullet!
            Mitt urging “mark of Cain” types to “self deport”….LOL…..that’s pretty funny too….

          • Are you sure he “dodged that bullet.” I think he had already been “wounded” before he ever ran for President.

          • LOL…..I’m happy the country isn’t as f*cked as it would be with a President Romney….aren’t you?

          • Instead of doing like Obama has, deported more troublesome illegals than any other president – more than 400,000 of them.
            And by the way, Alabama found out real quick what getting rid of illegals will do – shut down business in the state. It wasn’t 2 months after Alabama had legislated the toughest immigration laws in the nation before hundreds of companies, including several mult-nationals threatened to either go out of business or leave the state. Why? For two reasons: 1) they couldn’t find American workers that would do the menial jobs the illegals would do and 2) Alabama had created such a negative alien mindset that several multi-nationals said; If you don’t want foreigners here, we’ll leave too.
            Smarten up you bunch nitwits!! Illegals ARE NOT costing America like your fanatical right-wing idiots want you to believe. They’re creating far more positives than negatives- what we need to do is give them a path to citizenship so that they’ll be in the work records and pay taxes – instead of many of them getting paid under the table- When are you cluesless nitwits going to wake up????

          • The Obama administration scheduled a record number of illegal aliens to be deported, but in the end, few of them actually were. Alabama came out of their immigration scenario just fine. The agriculture community had to invest in mechanical pickers, but after that everything went swimmingly.

          • Catskinner, you really missed your calling – you should have run as a GOP legislator – you can lie with the best of them – your whole comment is pure BS. What’s saved (thus far) construction companies, farmers and many other businesses in Alabama who depend on legal and illegal aliens, is the fact that a federal judge has blocked the idiot Alabama immigration law until toward the end of September; she’s going to make a ruling then on what if anything in the law is constitutional.

            Mechanical pickers in deed – here’s what Alabama really tried to do before the judge blocked the law (news item follows):

            The real-life story has taken a turn for the absurd, as Alabama is attempting to replace the migrant workers who have fled the state with prison laborers, who farmers admit don’t work as hard as their predecessors.

            Turns out, Americans who’ve chosen a life of crime don’t have quite the same work ethic as Guatemalans who’ve walked through 500 miles of desert to feed their children.

            It remains to be seen what the outcome of Alabama’s potentially disastrous legislation will be.

          • This is something I’ve looked into quite extensively, I-1. The farmers in Alabama who could afford it, or finance it, and had the right kinds of crops went to mechanical harvesters. In China they are developing robots to do this kind of work. The days of the migrant farm worker is virtually over. Big agri-business wants the cheap labor now, but the minute it becomes economically viable to change over, they’ll do it in a minute. The result of that will be to dump all of these otherwise unemployable field hands onto the American welfare system. Better informed people are saying–better start keeping them out now.

          • Sure, down the road, what you’re saying will eventually happen, but I just did a bunch searches on the advent of mechanical (robotic) farming and the best estimates I can find is that it will be 20-40 years before robots and mechanical harvesters really get cheap enough for anything but the huge agribusiness to start using them. Unfortunately for Alabama and a lot of the southern states, a good portion of the farming is done by smaller local growers who aren’t going to be able to afford mechanical farming replacements for migrant workers for quite some time.

          • A number of the smaller growers in Alabama have switched to less labor intensive crops. But they have pretty successful grape picking machines right now. The only thing they hand pick are table grapes and raisins. Plus, they’ve developed thicker skinned tomatoes for the benefit of machine harvesting.

            I’ve been in industries where technology has eliminated the need for labor. I’d say 10 years tops, and hand picked fruits and produce will be pretty scarce.

          • And when hand-picked fruits and vegetables are scarce, we will all be eating awful, thick skinned produce that was developed especially to withstand machine handling. The good taste and juiciness will have been bred out of every variety but what the heck, machines don’t need a decent wage or healthcare, so it will all be good, right?

          • I’m sure you’re right about that 4-4, but why should the rest of us subsidize those folks who want hand picked produce? It wouldn’t be any different than organic produce. If you want it, you have to pay for it.

          • I wonder sometimes if all ‘skinner is interested in doing is “showing his ass.” It thinks it is clever, but I think it is too stupid to realize how stupid it really seems.

          • Independent, I love how you answer Catskinners fevered Fox dreams with actual facts. Keep up the good work!

          • . . . But their not pale skinned and they don’t vote Republicon. My, my, can’t you see what’s most important. 🙂

            I am afraid the “clueless nitwits” are never going to wake up. Like Orwell’s Soma, these bigots have sucked down too much “delicious” tea. It’s addictive. Especially so, for mental midgets.

          • And so that they’ll vote democrat!! And then, we can all drink green bubble-up and eat your Rainbow Stew!

          • That Would be Catforeskinner? Saved what? Does Mitt build in your home state or LaJollia California? Guess foreskin pealing Tea Baggers do not have brains!

          • Since the ACA hasn’t been fully implemented, I fail to see how Romney repealing it would have done one ounce of good! You are really reaching!!

        • how about less racism? Obama has made this country more racist, because he is a race baiter. Everything is about skin color now.

      • Anti-semite bigot: you probably “suffered” along with all the other bigots and lunatics because the president has the wrong skin color. The rest of us have benefited from – at worst – a slowdown in most of W’s crimes and abuses, plus at least a few actual improvements.

    • Attilla was a leftist – well, at least you got that right. You throw out a mass murderer’s name and think that makes him conservative? Attila was a Satanic all powerful ruler – much like our current administration sees itself. Yep, I’m to the right of that. This is a Republic, where we don’t follow murderers, or Hipster dufus’ – we follow laws. Attila was pretty good about making up his own laws, just like Obama does. You are witless. To Blame the tea party for wanting our government to live within a budget is really far fetched to you isn’t it? Unbefreakinleivable! The Tea party just wants fiscal sanity and you say that’s like Attilla the Hun? Let me guess – you’re not a very smart person are you?

      • First of all, President Obama has not written his own laws, our laws are written and passed by the legislative branch, not the executive.
        What makes you think that I don’t support fiscal conservatism? I believe that if we are unwilling to pay for what we benefit from and need, we should do without. Period. My problem is that all the efforts that are being made to reduce spending are focused on eliminating programs and services that benefit the middle class and the poor, while programs and services that benefit those who don’t need taxpayers money to succeed and preserved or expanded.
        The problem with the Tea Party is that it has evolved from a movement that was originally focused on fiscal and economic matters into a racist movement designed to undermine our rights, from making it as difficult as possible to vote to undermining the welfare of our most vulnerable citizens and the rights of ALL Americans, especially women and ethnic minorities.

  2. If the Republicans nominate another Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock, they’ll lose another seat just like they did in Indiana. That’s probably the strongest argument McConnell has going for him.

  3. Having lived as a neighbor to Mitch, not too close, but I can still drive thru his neighborhood, some of his late actions caused me to change my registration to Independent, after 65 years .I never was a good any party person because since I returned to civilian life after WWll, I cannot ever remember voting a straight ticket. I have always voted for person and policy. So, the disclosures do not surprise me, since I have been aware of them.

  4. Hmmm-sounds like at one time he was actually a reasonable senator. If the TeaParty is such a fringe group representing a small portion of the country, why are they so powerful? At the present time, I don’t know who’s lower in my book of destructive leaders, McConnell or Cheney.

  5. Mitch, Mitch, Mitch… as I see it, your problem is that on occasion, albeit briefly, you have shown signs of sanity. And we all know the cardinal sin for the Tea Clowns is any sign of sanity.

  6. Funny how the teabaggers keep railing on out of control spending when the facts show spending is at its lowest in years. I also find it rather amusing how they keep clutching their pearls over the debt when, as the facts show yet again, is at its lowest. Well, we all know that facts “are a stubborn thing” … so, carry on with your delusions teabaggers!!

  7. Mr McConnell is the sorriest excuse for a legislator to ever befoul the hallowed halls of Congress – if such a process is even possible.

  8. I say, “Spread this message to every responsible voter and let them decide if they want a continued self-interest fat cat in office”.

    • Old Turtle Face Is Just Another Old Senile KKK Member He’s Aline With the Teatards With Their Crap For Smaller Government But Did You see Him Call The FBI When He Got Caught On Tape!! FBI Is As Big As Government Gets!! LOL It’s All Bullshit That They Promote!! The GOP /Tea Party Members All Got Help From Big Government And Used The Same Program That They Now Trying To Cut!! You Know Why Don’t You!! It’s Do What I Say Not As I Do The GOP/Tea Party Do So Well!! Mitch The Bitch Is Just A Bitter Old Fart Who Should Have Been Retired Long Time Ago!!! 🙁

      • Fern, the Teaparty’s focus on “smaller government” is a real hoot. Here’s some stats on which party is really for smaller government. You decide:

        .Reagan added 238,000 workers to the federal government.
        .Bush Sr. cut 30,000 workers
        .Bush Jr. added 53,000 workers
        Net result was INCREASING government by 261,000 workers

        .Carter cut 8,000 workers from the federal governent
        .Clinton cut the federal workforce by 380,000 workers
        .Obama has added 27,000 workers

        Net result was DECREASING government by 345,000 workers

        If we look at all governments combined (federal, state and local) during the Bush and Obama terms – all governments combined INCREASED by 953,000 workers during Bush’s 8 years, and have DECREASED BY 600,000 during Obama’s 1st term.

        • Nice try, Moron! Last I checked, Reagan and Bush never claimed to be Tea Partiers! You also conveniently left out the role the Congress played in forming those numbers. Your statistics are filled with half-truths! How convenient!

          • what does not being Tea Partiers have to do with anything?? Reagan and Bush jr are the biggest drunken sailor spenders of all time – between the two of them they are responsible for more than 80% of our current debt. The GOP constantly whines about government being too big, but if you go back even further than Reagan, you’ll find that it’s the GOP that adds the most people to government. I’m sorry, but if there’s a moron here – its you!!!!

            (PS: Reagan authorized the spending of more money in 8 years than all the presidents combined over the previous 50 years – and a lot of the spending of that money was building a bigger gov ernment – despite the GOP tried to pretend like they want smaller government – BUT ONLY WHEN THERE’S A DEMOCRAT IN THE PRESIDENCY!!)

          • DUH! And that’s why we have a Tea Party! A lot of conservatives hate the Republicans because they talk out of both sides of their mouths! Tea Partiers are NOT fans of Big Spender Hypocrites. I have no doubt that Reagan would not be a Tea Partier.

          • Oddly, I have never, never known a tea-bagger to vote for a Democrat. They ALWAYS vote Obstructicon after they have rigged the primary.

            Why is that when “those” conservatards hate Republicons as you claim, they always wind up voting for them anyway. Your “logic” does not follow. . . .

  9. Mitch has done nothing but get himself some bags of money. People of Kentucky – throw the rat-bag out. Perhaps someone will get the message that going along with traitors makes you one as well.

  10. We have the worst government money can buy. It’s easy to see why people fight to be senators-if they are corrupt, and aren’t they all!

  11. So, sometimes in the past, McConnell was on the side of the angels. But now, he is allowing the Tea Party to call his agenda. Too bad he has besmirched his own reputation. He can’t win with the Tea Party, and by now, I think he knows it. He backed a losing horse, as did all Republicans who used to be moderate, then began to do the bidding of right wing extremists. He really sold out, and now he has to live with it.

  12. Mitch, you care nothing about the country, only your own self-interests. How much do you ‘invest’ in Carlyle Group?

    He should be tried along with every member of congress for treason and receive the appropriate, suitable punishment.

  13. Do you think they’d print an article called, “5 things President Obama doesn’t want you to know about President Obama”? Yea, I didn’t think so…I’m not defending Mitch McConnell but how about some honesty?

  14. Ah, quit picking on good ole boy Mitch, he wouldn’t do anything that is immoral or un-American because I saw him hold a bible and wave an American flag one time. Every time some crooked Republican gets his nxxx in a crack the right wing nuts start comparing what he did with some Democrat as if that makes it O.K.

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