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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Last week we learned that the Mitt Romney who shows up to debate is quite good at hiding the Mitt Romney who is running for president. And we can assume that the Paul Ryan who shows up to debate tonight will do his best to hide some of his most extreme positions.

Ryan often points out that he joined the Mitt Romney ticket and supports Romney’s policies. You can bet that will be his chief defense tonight if the vice president tries to hold him accountable for the two budgets he wrote and were passed by the Tea Partiers in the House. These budgets slash government spending on nearly anything that helps working families while cutting taxes on the rich and turning Medicare and Social Security into shadows of themselves.

The fact is Romney has adopted most of Ryan’s positions because Ryan’s positions have become the GOP’s positions. All the party wants—as Grover Norquist stated—is a president to sign what they’ve already passed.

So make no mistake, Paul Ryan—the man you’ll see on stage debating Joe Biden—is the “intellectual leader” of the Republican Party. He just can’t admit that right now.

Here are 5 other things you won’t hear Paul Ryan say during the debate.

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19 responses to “5 Things Paul Ryan Will Not Say During the VP Debate”

  1. bcarreiro says:


  2. dtgraham says:

    You can be sure that Mr. Two Fifty Something was taking notes last week and lyin’ Ryan will be bringing the full B.S. package tonight, because the guy’s not going to go out there and say ‘good luck with your Medicare coupon granny.’

    We can only hope that Biden will be in complete command of facts and numbers and vigorously challenge any trashing of them, and any rubber-glue accusations of Biden being the one who’s truth challenged. Live, verbal, observations of Ryan reinventing his policies and stances on the spot would be helpful too.

    This has to be done aggressively, while still looking Vice Presidential, because another performance of meekly bowing your head and allowing your opponent to completely reconstruct himself and lie for 90 minutes unchallenged, while inferring that you’re the liar…twice, can’t happen again.

    If you think that’s alarmist, how are those pre and post Presidential debate polling numbers working for you?

  3. I don’t expect Paul Ryan to say anything stupid or even controversial. It would not surprise me if there are a lot of lies, hyperbole, distortion of facts, and a lot of emphasis on issues of interest to large segments of our population. The MEDICARE savings will be portrayed as “cuts”, abortion and gay marriage will be at the forefront of Ryan’s agenda, claims of alleged attacks on religion will not surprise me, and promises of a magical economic recovery, full employment, ending our borrowing habits, balancing the budgeet and reducing the debt will be highlighted without ever saying how the GOP will achieve that.

    • dranyamelknur says:

      Unfortunately, with the average observer’s knowledge base (or lack thereof) and reasoning power (or lack thereof) that may be all Ryan needs to do. All it took for Mitt to be a hit with those with no more than half a wit was say he didn’t stand for what he had been saying he stood for.

  4. adler56 says:

    I am so sick of seeing that shi**y smile from this goofball. He and the tea baggers may consider hiom the intellectual leader but he’s simply another republican liar to me. Who lies about their best time in a marathon- by over an hour? Pathological liars do.

  5. docb says:

    Then, VP Biden must urge him to come clean as the young wonk gun with no numbers or plans that do not further burden the Middle Class , poor, seniors, and women! And remind the viewer that Young JERK RYAN CO-AUTHORED AND SPONSORED AKIN’S ANTI WOMEN BILLS!

  6. This is really the intellectual leader of the Republican Party? This is the “best” brain that they can come up with? He does have a BA, and from one of our most well recognized and respected schools, The University of Miami in Oh. So many of our intellectual giants graduated from there.

    He claims he is a numbers wonk and it is our lack of understanding that makes it appear that his math does not add up. I guess they do math differently in OH. and I guess that the economist from like say Yale or Havard just lack his expertise despite their advanced degrees and years of experience in a work place not devoted to process meat products.

    • ExPAVIC says:

      Think About This

      The flag bearer Mittens is the best from a field that included Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachman, Gingrich, and Mittens.

      So out of six losers you have to pick a winner or the best of the worst the American Taliban Republicans have to offer.

      And, they wonder why the “good old GOP” is on its’ death bed waiting for the undertaker to show up.

    • dtgraham says:

      Joan, I think his reclusive numbers, that no one is allowed to see, may not exist. I’m really starting to think that he might be one of the biggest frauds in recent U.S. political history. He could be Chauncey Gardener from Peter Seller’s movie “Being There”, or Sarah Palin without the word salad.

      The only other alternative is that he’s the full embodiment of modern American libertarian/conservatism and wants to condition the country to accept a return to some gilded age of long ago and, therefore, has to hide his numbers and plans.

  7. old_blu says:

    I think Ryan will be on his best behavior tonight, I look forward to watching the debate.

    Obama/Biden 2012

  8. Jeansees says:

    Paul Ryan will continue to rant the lying rhetoric of the GOP…. he will try to out debate Joe Biden but will come off looking like a pompous bhind!!!

  9. Lovefacts says:

    He’ll deny he said any of the above. Even if they show the clip of him stating it, he’ll deny, he’ll deny, he’ll deny.

  10. ExPAVIC says:


    I think Joe should go for Ryan’s downy-furred nuts early in the game and twist them for at least one hour and twenty-seven minutes.

    Too bad Obama missed that opportunity with Mittens, or was just too nice a guy to reach in and grab the pair. Mitt shouldn’t be pressing his luck for the next debate, seeing what is needed to impress the voters.

  11. jarheadgene says:

    Paul Ryan… sir are a punk, you look like a punk you act like a punk. Can’t wait to see V.P. Biden school you. When you get BOO’d on the stump, it is because you truly deserve it.

  12. Gammaanya says:

    As I said before R/R will WIN. WHY ?? People have tendency to vote against themselves and believe anything that GOP dishes out. They vote more on who look more Presidential, who lies the best and deliver the BS on silver platter. and some just vote with the party , no matter what their vote will do to their country. Some will go down with the ship because they hate the crew even worse than a death. LOL Just look at the surge in R/R favor after the debate. Sure Obama blew it in a way but on other hand HOW DO YOU ANSWER TO LIES???
    Jobs market is improving, neighbot just changes 3 jobs in the 9 mos time span, one of my clients a E-Commerce buisness owner just hired 4 people and will hire more in the next 2 mos. Business is good, people buy crap on Internet on E-Bay and he is making a killing. By the way I have heard that Romney’s blind trust INVEST money in every Corp. in the US and CHina, India and even Iran.
    Oh the power of money and GREED. I guess they all will outlive their money and destory the country. Only in AMerica.

  13. elw says:

    Paul Ryan will tell his usually “Republican reality untruths.” I expect the VP Biden will confornt him. Joe is a true regular guy who knows his stuff. He is far from the goofball that the Right would like you to believe he is. He is much more outgoing than the President.

  14. JOEL K says:

    A nice group of warm heated comments. Intellectually stimulating as well.
    I offer a suggestion to end lying by all candidates seeking to be elected.
    All candidates take an oath under penality of federal incarceration for telling a lie to the voters.

    Candidates who lie to the American citizens are stealing public funds via our taxes that pay their salary and other funds as health insurance, retirement benefits and othere expenses.

    If a federal crime the candidate will not go to the White House, but the big house.

    Each candidate should be asked the question; have you lied and will you lie to get elected president? The answer must be no. Simple and to the point. No dancing around the point.

    We voters can then decide who is telling the truth.

  15. Vice President Joe Biden won this debate, so lets cut the Shit.

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