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Monday, October 22, 2018

Last week we learned that the Mitt Romney who shows up to debate is quite good at hiding the Mitt Romney who is running for president. And we can assume that the Paul Ryan who shows up to debate tonight will do his best to hide some of his most extreme positions.

Ryan often points out that he joined the Mitt Romney ticket and supports Romney’s policies. You can bet that will be his chief defense tonight if the vice president tries to hold him accountable for the two budgets he wrote and were passed by the Tea Partiers in the House. These budgets slash government spending on nearly anything that helps working families while cutting taxes on the rich and turning Medicare and Social Security into shadows of themselves.

The fact is Romney has adopted most of Ryan’s positions because Ryan’s positions have become the GOP’s positions. All the party wants—as Grover Norquist stated—is a president to sign what they’ve already passed.

So make no mistake, Paul Ryan—the man you’ll see on stage debating Joe Biden—is the “intellectual leader” of the Republican Party. He just can’t admit that right now.

Here are 5 other things you won’t hear Paul Ryan say during the debate.