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Thursday, June 21, 2018


President Obama has an idea on how to overcome the unprecedented obstruction in Congress: Take back the House.

Speaking at a fundraiser in Chicago Wednesday night, the president said, “We’ve got a great chance of taking back the House. And I’m going to be working tirelessly wherever I get the opportunity to make the case to the American people that our ideas are the right ones.”

Taking back the House has been a preoccupation of the president’s since he was re-elected. He reportedly committed to helping congressional Democrats by both fundraising and recruiting candidates. That was before several “scandals” began swirling around his administration, but in Chicago, he seemed fully committed to the effort — perhaps because he knows sticking with the current House leadership will resign him to dealing with manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis for the rest of his presidency.

Of course, before Democrats can worry about winning back the House — which is gerrymandered to keep Republicans in power unless they lose by a margin greater than 7 percent — they have to worry about holding on to the Senate, where they are defending seven vulnerable seats. But a recent poll showed Democrats leading Republicans by 8 points and the president — whether by optimism or necessity — is looking past the Senate to the dream of a functioning Congress.

“Do not buy into this notion somehow that, oh, these problems are too big or Washington is broken,” Obama said. “Washington is not broken. It’s broken right now for a particular reason, but it’s not permanently broken. It can be fixed.”

Here’s how he could fix it.

AP Photo/Chicago Tribune, Zbigniew Bzdak, Pool