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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mitt Romney’s greatest accomplishment is that — right until the very end of his third bumbled run for the presidency — he has always been a bigger joke than his religion.

As the first member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to win a major party’s presidential nomination, Romney risked offering up his faith for ridicule. Thankfully, Mitt’s Mormonism never became more than a mild curiosity compared to Mitt’s dog, Mitt’s awkward attempts to relate to human beings and Mitt’s secret contempt for about 150 million Americans.

Suspicion of Mormons has festered in the religious right for generations. But when Billy Graham endorsed the Romney/Ryan ticket and backed off his long-held belief that the religion started by Joseph Smith in “ancient upstate New York” is a “cult,” tolerance in the name of a shared hatred of Barack Obama had won.

Jokes about Mitt’s religion probably fell flat because it was the most likable thing about him. It was the only possible way he could be considered a minority. And his commitment to his church pointed to a massive generosity that he, for some reason, never wanted to document completely by releasing his full tax returns.

We should mock cruelty, not difference. Mitt’s goofy religion was no more laughable than any of our goofy religions.

The former governor of Massachusetts — who ran for president on the premise that his one great policy innovation was about to destroy the nation — deserved to be laughed at for lots of things, especially proposing to fight income inequality with the exact policies that created it. But despite his best efforts, Mitt actually did a lot to help poor people. For instance, he lost in 2012.

Now that I’ve been able to get the last few drips out of my strategic Mitt Romney joke reserve, it’s time to to take a look at a few quips that risk aging faster than Haley Joel Osment, Crash‘s Best Picture Oscar, and a Jib-Jab video combined.

The more hilarious you are, the easier it is to break rules. So maybe you can find a fresh way to recycle these spoiled goods. But for the rest of us who aren’t any funnier than your average Republican candidate for president, here are some comedy mountains that have already had their tops blasted off.

1. Chris Christie is fat.
Here’s a guy who enjoys creating traffic, robbing workers’ retirement funds and living it up in Sheldon Adelson’s luxury planes. His struggles with his weight are the only relatable thing about him. Sure, he makes it tough. But we should applaud him for trimming down and remind him that he should not trust his own medical advice. Leave his weight alone and investigate his many other failings.

2. Calling Bobby Jindal “Piyush.”
This is America: the land where Jews write the greatest Christmas carols; a Shining City on a Hill where someone with the middle name “Hussein” can be elected president twice. For six years, conservatives have gotten their jollies calling President Obama “Barry,” the Americanized name he went by until decided to use his given name. That’s apparently funny to them — and Maureen Dowd — because being born with an African name in a country that only decided during your lifetime that African-Americans deserve equal rights is apparently very easy… for white people. Bobby Jindal went the other way — and he hates the idea of “hyphenated” Americans. Who cares? If Bobby feels he’s a “Bobby,” fine. We should offer him the respect he surely doesn’t offer to gays, lesbians and transgender people. Compared to his Sharia Law fan fiction, participating in exorcisms, and making it easier for Louisiana’s children to learn about the Loch Ness Monster in biology class, it’s the least of our worries.

3. Going birther on Ted Cruz.
Birtherism is racism. We know this because birthers only targeted the 2008 presidential candidate who was actually born in the United States (John McCain was born in Panama). Pointing out that Cruz was born in Canada is fun, because it annoys Canadians. But this is a man who is eligible and should be encouraged to run for president. In fact, I insist that Republicans prove they are not racist by nominating Ted Cruz every four years for the rest of his life. If they don’t, they are cowards who clearly hate America and love Obamacare sexually.

4. Calling Ben Carson “this year’s Herman Cain.”
More than every other candidate who will be onstage during the 2016 GOP debates, Dr. Ben Carson has done some good with his life. With the help of the social programs he hopes to dismantle, he rose from poverty to become the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins. His life story is inspirational, and he’s clearly an inspiration to any Fox News viewer who believes that you can qualify for the presidency by memorizing email forwards. Suggesting that he’s only being championed because Republicans need an African-American to insult Obama in order to insulate themselves from charges of racism is demeaning — even if his entire campaign for president is built on the premise that he cannot lose because he’s guaranteed to increase the GOP’s share of the black vote. Diversity is good and we should expect more of it from both parties. It’s easy to accuse someone of tokenism, especially when that someone embraces insulting conservative critiques of the civil rights movement. But unless people are willing to take criticism to break boundaries, nothing will ever change. Besides, no one called Herman Cain “this year’s Alan Keyes.” But that was mostly because no one remembers Alan Keyes.

5. Marco Rubio is thirsty.
I get it. It was funny when it happened. But he dealt with it and went on to destroy his career by being fooled into thinking Republicans were serious about immigration reform. Until it happens again or you find some new angle in this parched topic, let it go.

6. Scott Walker didn’t go to college.
This is a tough one. A properly serrated joke actually gets at some truth. Mitt really was an odd fortunate son who could only live on the minimum wage if he had a yacht named “The Minimum Wage.” Scott Walker really does seem to have a deep hatred for public education, which he has cut again and again while creating huge deficits with tax breaks for those who don’t need them. He quit college to run for office and became a career politician because he — unlike Mitt — has actually won more than one election. (Okay, I had to get two more Mitt digs in. I’m going to miss that guy.) But mocking someone for not finishing college comes off as elitist, especially in an economy where trickle-down economics has made life brutal for those who don’t have a four-year degree. The problem isn’t that Walker didn’t graduate. The problem is that he doesn’t care if your kid does.

And here’s a joke I hope Republicans do make:

Hillary is old!
Get it? She’s lived a long life, much of it in public service! She’s almost as old as Mitt Romney! She’s only slightly younger than John McCain and Ronald Reagan were when they first became their party’s nominees! She’s old enough to be an average Fox News viewer! Old! Age is such a serious issue for Republicans that three of their last six nominees for president were older than Mrs. Clinton will be in 2016. But given that Republicans’ political power relies almost entirely on senior citizens, it would be terrible if they alienated the most important voting bloc in America with jokes that suggest chauvinistic disdain for a new grandmother in her sixties.

Rand Paul and Chris Christie suddenly becoming pro-measles reminds us that we have no idea what we’ll be laughing at this time next year. The candidates the GOP is fielding this year may be the “strongest group of candidates since 1980,” but they’re still Republicans.

Their biggest problem, The Daily Beast‘s Michael Tomasky explains, isn’t their own abilities. It’s who they’re wooing.

“Let me put it this way,” he wrote. “The greatest cardiologist in the world could move to town. But if everybody wants to eat chili-cheese fries all day and nobody wants to have bypass surgery, there’s still going to be a lot of heart disease.”

The voters that make up the Republican base don’t just want chili-cheese fries… they want to feast on the ground, raw, red meat of anyone who disagrees with them, while claiming that America is a Christian nation. That’s the kind of diet we should make fun of.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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  • Dominick Vila

    The best thing we could do, if we want to win the 2016 presidential election, and reduce the GOP majority in Congress, is to stop worrying about candidates like Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, Santorum, and Christie, who are just distractions to keep us entertained, and focus on consider the most likely GOP nominees. The same goes for potential Democratic candidates. HRS is, without a doubt, a chew in for the Dem nomination, if she decides to run, but that is far from clear. Shouldn’t we be discussing the qualifications and vision of the people with a realistic chance of winning the nomination of their respective parties, and potential VP candidates, instead of losers without a chance in Hell to be nominated?

    • bernieo

      I think it is important to let the public know just how wacky a lot of these Republican candidates are. They have clout in the party which is why they are able to run. If we just focus on the candidates like Mitt and Jeb who pretend to be moderates the public will never comprehend just how crazy the party has become. Democrats have nothing to compare with this. Dennis Kuchinich hardly qualifies as an extremist.

      On the other hand I agree that too much focus on these guys allows guys like Jeb to hide their own troubling stands and shady dealings.

      Read the section about Jeb’s very shady business partners/associates

      Jeb lobbied to get a known terrorist released and allowed to stay in the country. I wonder if Sarah Palin will accuse him of pallin’ around with terrorists…

      But for me the most troubling thing about Jeb that the MSM is willing to bury in order to maintain their favored narrative of “Jeb is a moderate” is his long term, very close ties to the neocons. Jeb was a founder of PNAC (Project for a New American Century) and a signatory to their neocon manifesto calling for a more muscular foreign policy, the weaponizing of space through the creation of a space force, among other things. Other signers were Cheney, Rummy, Gaffney, Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, and others who lied us into war. These were the guys who lobbied Clinton to take Saddam out. Check out the Wikipedia article. (Paste stopped working again). I recently heard that Condi is a close adviser so apparently Jeb has not had a change of heart.

      • Paul Bass

        I can never forgive Jeb for his interfering in the Terri Schiavo case.
        Do we really want a president who will will use his religion to PREVENT families from making difficult medical decisions, and allow the state (Jeb Bush) to make these decisions for us?
        And the Repubs say Obama is an Emperor!

        • FT66

          I can never forgive Jeb for what he caused during his brother 2000 Election. Dems still remember how hard it was having nightless sleep for more than one month and a half. It was a big torture of its kind and we will never ever forget.

        • plc97477

          I will never forgive him for putting his brother in the white house. Without the shenanigans that took place in forida in 2000 we would never have had that incompetent boob.

    • Canistercook

      The qualifications! Does that matter! We’ve had our ‘First Black President’ (well half) anyway, shouldn’t we now move on to our “First Female President”. Why worry about leadership and competence!

      • oldtack

        You refer to our half- black President. Would you like to have Rafael the half- breed Canadian Immigrant? I believe he goes by the name of Ted and presently masquerades as Senator from Texas – slick Rick the good hair mans’ handpicked little half-breed.

        • Canistercook

          You sure are a firm Democrat I guess and not open minded. Fortunately a lot of ‘little red hens’ are getting tired of working for the irresponsible entitlement receivers and want to see them work!

          • oldtack

            “You sure are a firm Democrat”?? Have I ever proclaimed myself as a Democrat? If you check my voting record over the past 56 years you will find I have voted many different ways. I always try to vote for the one that has a plan that looks viable and for someone that possesses some common sense. We are presently inundated by a plethora of Intellectual Idiots but there is a scarcity of those that exhibit common sense. Right now the field of “hopefuls” on both sides look mighty weak and scary. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican nor Libertarian. I prefer to remain Independent.

      • Dominick Vila

        Hillary Clinton has the academic credentials, government experience, international and domestic experience, temperament, record and vision to be a great candidate and a great President. I can’t say the same for Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, Christie, Walker, and a few others. In fact, these guys don’t even qualify for the number two spot, if you ask me.
        As for Senor Cruz, I wish Donald would explain why a man born in Calgary, Canada, whose Mom was born in Delaware, can run for President, and why a man born in Hawaii, whose mother was born in Kansas is an usurper because he is not a natural born citizen. Live by the sword…

        • Canistercook

          1, Because an American who gives birth overseas can register that birth at the Consulate and the child is a citizen! 2. Hilary’s only real asset is being the wife of a former President and having like Obama a law degree. She never achieved anything on her own but is backed by Bill so gets the appointments. Romney on the other hand for example had run companies, run investments and had done a lot of good things for a lot of people. Walker has shown a lot of class but I still hope a ‘leader’ will step forward who knows how to run something BIG like America! America is failing under Obama!

          • Dominick Vila

            1. I know, I did that when my 3 children were born in Spain. BTW, it can be done at the U.S. Embassy or at a Consulate, whichever is most convenient for you. My comment referred to the hypocrisy of claiming that a man born in Hawaii (no need to go to a U.S. consulate to register him) was a foreigner because he spent a couple of years in Indonesia as a child, was not eligible to be POTUS, while a man born overseas (Canada), whose father was labeled a communist and tortured by the Fulgencio Batista ultra right regime, and who later joined the Castro regime until he realized there were greener pastures at the land of plenty, is considered a natural born citizen eligible to run for POTUS.
            2. Hillary Clinton was a successful Secretary of State, respected world wide. Her exposure to international affairs, his experience as a Senator, and her formal education, make her as qualified as most other former Presidents and, certainly, more qualified than most of the current Republican field. Romney’s good deeds include buying and liquidating companies, and laying off workers, outsourcing, and hiding financial assets overseas to avoid paying taxes to Uncle Sam. His 47% comment highlighted his lack of morals and commitment to country – which includes more than just the elite – and should be enough to disqualify him from running for President.

      • Independent1

        Sadly, typical RWNJs such as you and your ilk wouldn’t know what leadership was if it smacked them in the face. Given the 24/7 obstructionism that the GOP has put up to prevent American from making any progress toward economic recovery that the GOP could prevent at all costs: President Obama has shown more leadership than all the last 5 worthless GOP presidents ever showed combined.

        Obama has accomplished more in the past 6 years than those worthless presidents of the fake party accomplished in all the 28 years of wasted time that they spent in the White House.

        Here’s just a handful of things out of a far greater list that Obama has accomplished. Dig into your memory box – let’s see you round up even 2 or 3 actual things those last 5 worthless GOP presidents accomplished that can actually be classified as having helped all of America – and just not American corporations and those who were already more wealthy than they ever really had a right to be:

        1) Obama has presided over the longest stretch of continuous positive jobs growth in America’s history – more than 59 months and counting; with more jobs created in the past 3 months than at any time in the past 17 years.

        2) The stock market has virtually tripled during the Obama administration (from a low around 6,600 to well over 17,000) with it reaching levels NEVER SEEN BEFORE which has improved the lives of millions of American retirees such as myself!!

        3) The Obama Administration has managed America’s economy in a way that has allowed its energy sector to
        expand during his presidency to the point that TODAY, America is the largest distributor of energy on the planet FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!!

        4) The Obama Administration has rounded up and deported more troublesome illegal aliens that have been costing America billions THAN THE THREE PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED!!

        5) Obama following through on the auto bailout has resulted in America’s largest manufacturing sector, the Auto Industry, recording profits the past couple years that haven’t been seen since Clinton was in office. And in that process arguably saved 1.5 million Americans their jobs and kept America from falling into a full fledged depression.

        6) During Obama’s time in office, deficit spending has come done FURTHER and FASTER than under any previous president IN HISTORY (from a 1.4T deficit in Bush’s last budget to under 500B for 2014 – reducing deficit spending more than 1T/yr in 5 budgets)!!

        7) During Obama’s time in off the unemployment rate has come down further and faster than under any previous PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!! (From 10.1% when the freefall Bush created turned around, to below 5.8% in less than
        6 years.)

        8) The Obama administration started a war on fraud early in his 1st term, the spring of 2009, focusing on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors which has resulted in bringing more fraud-related crooks to justice and recovering more illegally gotten government money than the last 3 presidents combined.

        9) Obama pushed for a stimulus in 2009, that not only helped keep America out of a depression, but also invigorated the alternative energy sector to create alternatives to fossil fuels (solar, wind, hydro, tidal and
        plasma) that will greatly reduce demand for oil and coal in the near future; greatly helping the world’s efforts to combat global warming.

        10) Obama was successful in getting legislation passed that revises the rules health insurers must follow in providing insurance to Americans (ACA/Obamacare); which has not only already saved more than 60,000
        people their lives, but is also now saving hospitals and many states millions/billions, even including in the red state of Arizona, billions of dollars in reduced costs because there are millions fewer Americans that are
        now uninsured. And Arizona State University predicts expanding Medicaid will create 15,000 new jobs by 2016, add 1.5 billion to Arizona’s economy in 2015 and 2.8 billion to the state’s tax revenues over the next 3 years.

        11) Obama has presided over the economy during the best year of jobs growth (2014) in America since 1999, when another Democrat was in office!!!

        12) Obama used an Executive Order to cut the banks out of the student loan program which has greatly simplified the loan application process which has allowed hundreds of thousands, maybe millions more high school graduates to afford college than under any previous president.

        • Canistercook

          Do you believe in fairies too!

          • Independent1

            No! Not only don’t I believe in fairies, I also don’t have tunnelvision like you; nor do I ever intend to vote criminals into office as my guess is you may be willing to do: like maybe voting for Scott Walker, who has some very suspect dealings and may well face federal charges, as may Christie and Perry – both of whom may be in a courtroom fighting to stay out of jail by 2016. And then Rick Scott is lucky not to be in prison given his involvment in the largest Medicare fraud case ever; and then of course there’s the one-time convicted felon Darrell Issa that mindless Republicans seem to easily overlook in continuing to vote such an absolute scumbag back into office time after time. Wow!! the people that you low IQ, limited honesty people will allow to get into political office – it’s absolutely appalling!!

            Here’s just a little blurb from a local OP Ed person on the non qualifications of Scott Walker who apparently is now leading the GOP clown show for 2016. Man – how deep to the bottom do you clueless people have to stoop to actually support someone like Scott Walker who’d steal the shirt of your back if you gave him the slightest chance???

            See this – and you could say in one of your posts that you admired his leadership??? Someone who would lead you right into jail??? Wow!! If Scott Walker is the best candidate the GOP has – America is really in trouble!!!!!!!

            Governors are no strangers to presidential nominations and the presidency. Four of our last six presidents were governors.

            And in evaluating governors as they run for the presidency, more than their rhetoric needs to be scrutinized. Their policies may provide a template for national problems.

            Indeed, Gov. Mitt Romney’s approach to health care reform had the same key core elements — insurance exchanges with subsidies to help people afford private insurance — as the Affordable Care Act Obama signed, and which has substantially lowered the percentage of Americans without health coverage. Nearly 75,000 Mainers have coverage through the exchange.

            Walker’s record as governor should serve as a warning to Maine policymakers.

            What happened in Wisconsin and neighboring Minnesota is as close to a natural experiment as one could ever see. The states are next to each other, have a history of fairly similar politics and their populations are quite a lot alike.

            Both Walker and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton took office in 2010 amid terrible economic conditions, with high unemployment and high state budget deficits. Their approaches could not have been more different.

            Walker slashed spending and cut income taxes while reducing the tax credits (typically lower-income) renters would receive, opposed a minimum wage increase and refused to take federal funds to expand Medicaid.

            Dayton increased the tax credits for renters, created a new income tax rate of 9.85 percent for the top 2 percent, cut income tax for the middle-class and raised the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour while also indexing the wage to inflation.

            The result? As Wisconsin’s LaCrosse Tribune notes, Wisconsin has “private-sector job growth that continues to lag behind the national average. The latest 12-month period numbers that ended in June show Wisconsin 32nd in the nation in job growth. Minnesota was 26th. Minnesota’s jobless rate in November was 3.7 percent. Wisconsin’s was 5.2.”

            Wisconsin has a $2 billion deficit, while Minnesota has a $1.2 billion surplus, even as Walker cut education and transportation spending and Minnesota increased both.

            Forbes ranked Wisconsin 32nd best for business, with Minnesota ranked 9th best.

            Politico reports that, “Walker is using budget gimmicks to postpone more than $100 million in debt payments.”

            Walker, a member of what columnist Jonathan Chait calls “the Republican anti-math wing,” holds firm to his belief that tax cuts boost state revenues and jobs.

            Maine’s economic growth continues to lag the rest of New England and the nation. Evidence about what works should guide our direction.

            You have to agree with the LaCrosse newspaper that, “Economic measures of income and employment clearly favor Minnesota. At least Wisconsin has the Packers.”

    • ericlipps

      Hillary’s a “chew in”? Surely you mean “shoo-in.” And that’s what everyone said (or moaned) in 2008, too, until . . . it didn’t happen.

      • Dominick Vila

        Oops! Thank you for pointing out my error. Hillary has baggage, but considering who is running against her, her negatives are meaningless compared to others. For me, the main disappointment is the support she gave W after 9/11. I understand the need to be united after a tragedy like that, but she – and other Democrats – should have challenged W’s claims and lies when W (Cheney) announced their decision to invade Iraq, a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. It would have been nice if she and others had not hanged Ambassador Wilson out to dry.

        • ericlipps

          I agree. But almost any Democrat would be better than whichever circus-freak conservative the Republicans are likely to put up. Just look at their choices, for God’s sake—Paul Ryan? Rand “Atlas Tripped” Paul? Rick “Seceder” Perry? Sarah Palin? Even Chris Christie is the best of a bad lot (and he’s no prize), but hasn’t got a prayer, since he damned himself with his own party by praising President Obama’s leadership after Hurricane Sandy.

          • Dominick Vila

            With the possible exception of Jeb Bush, who carries a lot of baggage, the rest of the Republicans planning to run for President in 2016 are a bunch of losers, who don’t even qualify for the number two spot. I doubt the GOP will consider any of them for them. I am convinced that Jeb Bush will be their nominee, and that the VP spot will be filled by either Susana Martinez or Nikki Haley.

          • ericlipps

            There’s always the chance that someone will come out ofnowhere to take the nomination, as happened to the Democrats in 2008. I suspect a lot of Republicans aren’t happy making the Bushes what amounts to their party’s royal family, and don’t look forward to a third President Bush—though of course they won’t say so publicly. No one wants to wake up with an elephant’s head in his bed.

            Whether or not Jeb is the nominee, though, don’t look for a woman in the number-two slot. The GOP got burned in ’08 and is likely to be twice shy as a result, unless they can sucker, I mean persuade, some really high-powered businesswoman to take the job. I don’t think either Martinez or Haley is quite up to it, given the ghoul factor—that is, the need to pick a veep
            candidate who’s genuinely presidential timber, just in case. I don’t think either one is credible as a possible replacement POTUS, though neither would be as embarrassing a choice as Sarah Palin was.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Dominick, I agree. I never pay attention to what the GOP “wants” us to see. I only pay to attention to what they “don’t” want us to see.

    I am not sure Hillary plans to run. If she doesn’t, that leaves Elizabeth Warren wide open. While I would love to see a Warren/Sanchez Dem ticket in 2016, I also recall the ruthless, vicious attack on Geraldine Ferrara to keep her from becoming the VP.

    The GOP has a lot of skeletons they keep hidden beneath layers upon layers of smoke and mirrors. This is why they usually choose “new meat” like Cruz, Christie and Ryan. These guys aren’t old enough to have a past of much ill repute. And, the biggest asset of these twerps is that they are highly controllable from the GOP back room.

    • FT66

      Eleanore, haven’t you noticed yet what GOP want everyone to see? Here are few examples: All of the sudden they have become a Party of “CHANGE”. They want to tackle “inequality”. To make their NEW CHANGE even look more funnier, they are opting for having a young candidate with no experience at all how things are done. Remember they have been pounding on this since Pres. Obama became president, now they think it is their turn to apply the same. You can’t borrow a laugh from anyone. It has just started and we will laugh a lot through out to November 2016.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        As I posted, it’s what they don’t want us to see or hear that we need to “out.” I know what they want. They are into a 1930s brand of backlash for anyone who wants this country to move past mindless austerity they consider “conservatism.”

        What some miss is how vengeful these GOP boys and girls really are. They make the wrong decisions like Harding, Hoover, Nixon, Reagan, Bush ’41 and Bush ’43 all did and then they refuse to take responsibility for those decisions.

        That’s like a spoiled child who gets caught with its mitts in a candy jar and then denies, denies, denies, it was stealing.

        There’s one thing about truth and facts. They don’t change. They may grow, but they never change. The GOP doesn’t get this.

        There is nothing President Obama can do about Nixon’s Harding’s corruption, Hoover’s Great Depression, Nixon’s forced resignation, Bush ’41’s IranContraGate and S&L bailouts or Bush ’43’s massive lies about Iraq, WMDs and his Sept, 2008 Financial Meltdown.

        That was the duty and obligation of the GOP. Why should anyone else take blame for the decisions made by their GOP administrations that sank the country into a morass of mindless austerity for no reason other than revenge.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      As a NY Democrat I feel I must comment on your statement about Geraldine Ferraro (r.i.p.) She was a 3-term congresswoman with no particular qualification for the vice presidency; she was picked solely because Walter Mondale mistakenly felt he just had to have a woman – any woman – on his ticket. Mrs. Ferraro was an okay congresswoman with no special lustre over any other NY Democratic member of Congress. As I recall the “ruthless, vicious” attack on her had to do with her real estate tycoon husband John, who like many in NY real estate, was involved in all kinds of deals of an unsavory nature and was in fact at least passably acquainted with Soprano types although certainly not one of them. (I won’t get into the fact their son was kicked out of college for being a dope dealer and they later pulled strings to get him into law school and then eligible for the NY bar although entry into the bar requires a showing of character and fitness.)

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        As a NJ taxpayers who has watched the cesspool of corruption (most recently Sheldon Silver), one question remains. You say Geraldine Ferrara was an “okay” congresswoman. Then, your post goes on to attack her husband and her son.

        As you saying she also was involved in his real estate tycoonery? That she had control over him and directed the course of his business? Please…does your wife have that much control over you? Does your wife get involved in your business?

        As for her son, I realize that as a parent, your children are probably the most perfect. But, should one of them step out of line as a teen, I’m sure we can blame you right?

        My point here is that who and what Geraldine Ferrara was had zero to do with her husband, son, uncle, cousin etc. UNLESS she aided and abetted their actions.

        And in my 68 years of life on planet earth, there is yet to be born any MALE who EVER allows any woman to tell him what to do. Sorry, I don’t agree that we should look for flaws in candidates disassociated from the behaviors of their authoritarian male family members.

        By that note, maybe we can lock up Mrs. Sheldon Silver too? How about we lock up Mrs. Madoff?

        • Elliot J. Stamler

          Ms. Whitaker: first, I did not attack her husband, the Republicans did. Second, there was considerable evidence that Ms. Ferraro was NOT a silent partner but that she was quite involved with her husband’s business affairs especially in regard to legal issues as she was an attorney and former prosecutor. It is also well known in this state, in which I live, that she did pull her many political strings to arrange leniency for her son. Third, I am not a parent and her son was not a young, immature teen but well advanced in college during his dope dealer days. Fourth, my wife is dead but when she was alive she certainly was involved in some of my business affairs…in today’s world of marriage, the “little woman” is in fact not kept dim, dull and in the dark most of the time…unless she IS dumb or wants to be counted out. Look, I personally liked Geraldine Ferraro–when she later abortively ran a race for a US senate nomination I voted for her. My point was that there was absolutely nothing that distinguished her from any other member of the NY Democratic congressional delegation – she was selected by VP Mondale solely because of her gender. Oh, by the way, much as I love New Jersey, and I can see it when I leave my house, a Jerseyite calling NY a cesspool of corruption, which I admit it is, is nonetheless the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            And MY point is that Geraldine Ferrara is a novice compared to Sheldon Silver. Yet, he managed to reach the highest echelons of NY government. Albany is quaking in its boots now that Silver’s high handed, underhanded tactics are out on the open.

            The reality is that today, the GOP men are far too bossy, overbearing, high handed and ready to usurp the authority and protocol of the Executive office. AS for Ferrara, when you her to the Tundra Tootsie Palin, Bachmannistan who isn’t even a full fledged American citizen (Holds dual citizenship with Switzerland due to her Swiss Husband.) Lisa Get Keytone Up and Running for Profit for Alaska Murkowski, Joni Ernst or Nikki Haley, the GOP has nothing and I do mean nothing to be proud of.

            Ferrara as you say might not have been the best female candidate. But then, get any male today to admit the only women in government capable of working for ALL the people, ALL the time is Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren and out come the men who scrape the toilets to find some scum on both of these two women.

  • adler56

    Mormonism is far weirder than other religions- it was “founded” by a flim flam man in upstate New York- it had the multiple wives thing to multiply the “believers- unlike the Catholic methods of no divorce and no birth control.
    I’ll leave the magic underwear for you to decide.

  • stcroixcarp

    This is no joke: Scott Walker has a long time habit of appointing criminals to public jobs, breaking campaign finance laws, giving tax payer money to his cronies, selling state property on no bid contracts, gutting public schools, diverting state money to private and religious schools, usurping local elected officials authority, denying healthcare coverage to citizens, obstructing voting rights, all this and dropping out of college because of a student government cheating scandal. Scottie Walker is not a joke, he is a portrait of corruption!

    • jointerjohn

      In other words, his resume for winning Republican primaries is excellent!

    • latebloomingrandma

      And his state was to be the test case (per ALEC) for union busting.
      Done. Scary guy. The best that Koch money could buy. Perfectly malleable. Watch him sail to the top.

    • Three Dollar Bill

      Apparently Snott Walker is only vulnerable to Crank Yanker phone calls from phony Kochs. Mr. Walker will be running until the fall.

  • Allan Richardson

    Back in 2012, when Mitt Romney WAS running for President, I posted the following, and I still feel the same way: I have no objection to Mitt running his life by the Book of MORMON, but I object to his using the book of MAMMON as his guide to business and political life.

    I have fact-checked several of the historical assertions in the Book of Mormon, and cannot accept it as literal fact. Ditto for the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, etc. But if a person accepting one of those as their scripture lives a decent life and does not bother others, I don’t care what theology they believe. Unfortunately, too many people have found excuses to hate and dominate others in all of those books (most recently the Quran has made the headlines, but the Christian Bible is running a close second, just not as violently).

    All of the Republican candidates are totally beholden to the big corporations and the very wealthiest individuals, and have no concerns for 99 percent of the population. The Democratic candidates are not perfect, but at least they want to help provide both opportunity and a safety net for all Americans; even those few who are outright crooks want to steal a bit WHILE helping others, not steal BY HURTING others.

  • adp3d

    I always laughed every time Mitt wore bluejeans…it was like someone had to teach him how to wear them…

    • My favorite was telling the Southerners he had some cheesy grits that morning.

  • Actually, “going birther” on Ted Cruz is perfectly valid because the vast majority of Cruz’s supporters A) wanted Obama removed from office for POSSIBLY not born in America, and B) openly acknowledge that Cruz was not born in America.

    Playing the birther card on Cruz is guaranteed to shut the tea-baggers up like clams.


    Sane person: “But he was born in Canada.”
    Tea-baggers: “Yeah! So?!!”
    Sane person: “And you said Obama was ineligible because he MIGHT have been born in Kenya.
    Tea-baggers: “Yeah! So?!!”
    Sane person: “So by that logic, Cruz should be ineligible too.”
    Tea-baggers: “That’s different!”
    Sane person: “Oh really? How so?”
    Tea-baggers: “. . . . . . . . . . . . .”
    Sane person: “Well?”
    Tea-baggers: “Umm. . . . Uhh. . . YOU WANT THE TERRORISTS TO WIN!!!”

    • Independent1

      And what makes all this birther stuff even more nutty than it already is, is the fact that given that Obama’s mother was a bone fida American, even if Obama was born in Kenya, which he wasn’t, he would still have been eligible for president as a ‘natural born’ American. Given that at least one of his parents was an American citizen. If that wasn’t the case, then the children of thousands of our soldiers who live overseas, many of them who marry foreign-born women, and have children while they’re living overseas would, would not be ‘natural born’ Americans – AND THEY ARE!!

      • Exactly.

        And what’s truly sad is that NOBODY disputes that Obama’s mother was an American citizen (even the ones who try to say she wasn’t ended up naming OTHER American citizens as his mom in their conspiracy theories).

        Yet when you point out that Cruz was born outside the country, every tea-bagger in the country will point this out.

        Ergo, this is yet another thing that they either freely acknowledge or outright refuse the existence of all depending on whether it is being applied to a Republican or a Democrat at the time.

        • Independent1

          Yes, being that RWNJs are always selective in what they find right and wrong, it’s pretty clear to me that all this birther stuff was nothing more than just one more GOP attempt to build a smoke screen to distract the majority of our country from the fact that it was doing everything it could find to do, to sabotage our economy and way of life; just as those 14 treasonous GOP legislators and lovers plotted to do on Obama’s inauguration night.

  • Three Dollar Bill

    This stuff writes (rights) itself. Hand a fool a rope…. Well done !