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Monday, October 24, 2016

2. Babbin, Jed. How Obama Is Transforming America’s Military from Superpower to Paper Tiger. Publisher: Encounter Books, July 2010.

Between the Covers: According to former air force officer Jed Babbin, President Obama wants America to be a second- rate military power and, in league with Defense Secretary Robert Gates— in the real world, a Bush appointee— is moving fast in that direction by cutting military spending, abandoning our allies, and not investing in new technology. Apparently, Babbin was AWOL when Obama drove his liberal base crazy by continuing the war in Iraq, expanding the war in Afghanistan, providing military assistance to the rebels in Libya, and increasing the Pentagon’s bud get while cutting heating- oil funding for the poor. Another right- wing charge without any supporting evidence.

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  • jussmartenuf

    Barack Hussein Obama is the most admired politician on the face of the earth and deservedly so. His beautiful family is a poster board for a beautiful Christian family. His speeches are coherent fluid and well structured. His opponents, those listed above and the fanatical fundamentalists, cannot stand that he is so appreciated. It is a shame they do not have the objective capacity to see how lucky we all are to have a person of such stature and quality as our president. It is a credit that the majority of the people in the united States had the good sense to vote him into office.