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Friday, October 21, 2016

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Too Big To Fail: It’s Bigger And Badder Than Ever.

The gun lobby may finally have met their match, as federal law enforcement agencies raise hell about the Obama Administration’s plans to export high-powered firearms. (Hint: They’re worried about the cartels.)

May Day was yesterday! May Day! Thousands march! Pictures and videos!

Wal-Mart, apparently spending too much time bribing Mexican officials instead of paying its staff, must now  cough up nearly $5 million in back wages to employees who were denied overtime.

The Florida town where Trayvon Martin was killed just imported a new police chief from Colorado.

Social conservative freakouts haunt Mitt Romney’s dreams, and an openly gay campaign spokesman is forced to resign after only two weeks on the job.

What’s really going on in Afghanistan? The Pentagon is excited that attacks in Afghanistan reached their lowest in five years in 2011 — but that doesn’t mean all the news in their recent report is good.

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  • I am impressed that Romney hired an openly gay man to begin with, is anyone surprised the far right rebelled?

  • ObozoMustGo


    The real issues are about Obozo’s complete incompetence and failures as the failure in chief that he is. Here are some reasons Obozo will lose this November:

    1. There is no positive “job growth”, unless it’s government jobs. Here are some FACTS:
    – Unemployment only measures people who WANT to work and cant find work. There were 8 million of those when Bush left office. There are 14 million now.
    – There’s an additional 20 million today that were unemployed during Obozo’s tenure but who have given up looking. They are categorized as “not looking” and are therefore NOT counted in unemployment figures.
    – True unemployment is somewhere in the 15% range. Nice work, Obozo!
    – 135 Million either work, or are looking for work. 85 Million are NOT.
    – Only 52% of Americans pay any Federal Income Tax now, 48% do NOT. That’s real fair, isnt it?
    – Bush increased the number of Americans that dont pay income taxes from 35% to about 45%. Obozo is making that worse as we approach 50%. Both are absolute disasters fiscally. Obozo is Bush on steroids!

    Basically, Obozo is transforming our nation into a country that no longer wants to work, but instead we are becoming a nation of people that believe they are entitled to “benefits”. We are rapidly approaching the point where more than 50% of the population will know that they can “vote for a living” and guarantee themselves continued access to the public treasury.

    2. There is no such thing as a “stimulus” package. Only a fool does not recognize that the government is only spending your future earnings that YOU must pay back. And it was only spent on union kickbacks anyway. You leftist nutjobs must be happy that the “stimulus”/kickbacks to the unions will partially end up in Obozo’s pocket, right?

    3. There is NO end to the war in Afghanistan. Even Obozo claims we’ll be there indefinitely.

    4. Bailouts of bad businesses like GM and Chrysler and big banks was BAD policy. In effect we socialized the costs of their BAD business decisions and put the costs on taxpayers. It was wholly unnecessary. Witness Ford, who took no bailout money! They are doing just fine.

    5. Fast & Furious is a HUGE scandal that the state-controlled media are ignoring, but the wont be able to when Holder is held in contempt of court! This will stick to Obozo like it should during the election.

    6. Improved relationships with allies? Which ones might they be? Egypt and everywhere the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over? I guess insulting the UK by sending back the Churchill bust was good policy, as well? Making our Eastern European allies happy with the fact that we removed missile defenses from their Russian perimeters really made them happy. Telling Israel to move their borders back to 1967 borders made them just ecstatic, didnt it? Face it, you moron, Obozo is a disaster on the world stage.

    7. Obozo is the ONLY US President to have presided over a downgrade of our sovreign credit rating. What an accomplishment, Mr. President!

    8. Obozo and his czars routinely stick their middle fingers up at Congress and create regluations and rules that are NOT passed into law by anyone.

    9. Obozocare is an unmitigated disaster that the vast majority of Americans were against. And we still are. Nice accomplishment, Obozo, but the SCOTUS will throw that garbage out like rotting fish, thank God!

    10. Obozo has not prevented terrorist attacks on American soil. What was the Fort Hood shooting? I suppose a Muzzie going off with gun fire in a crowd and shouting “alahu akbar” is just a normal every day work frustrated guy, right? Yeah, rite. Sure sure! An underwear bomber that failed himself, but was not caught before he tried to detonate. Obozo did that, right? The failed bomb in Times Square that did not ignite properly. That one Obozo stopped, also, didnt he? Only an idiot of monstrous proportion believes that nonsense that he’s “keeping us safe”!

    Hope this helps to clarify any misconceptions you leftist nutjobs may have. I know it wont because Obozo is your messiah and leftist nutjob ideology is your religion. But maybe one sane person will read this and say it’s a fair assessment.

    Have a nice day!

  • Fawbush

    Tracy, Rommey, is letting his religion get in the way of our government.
    And the peoples right. We need to make up our own minds what is right for us