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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The debate over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s bungled attack against President Barack Obama hinges on the timeline of the attacks in Egypt and Libya. What follows is a list of the key events, ordered chronologically:

1. Tuesday, around noon EDT. As protesters gather in Cairo in response to an offensive YouTube trailer depicting the Prophet Mohammed, the US embassy issues a statement condemning the video, presumably hoping to quell the protests:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

At nighttime, protesters breach the compound walls and take down the United States flag with a black flag bearing the words “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”

Tuesday, 7:51 p.m (EST). Reuters reports that “An American staff member of the U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi has died following fierce clashes at the compound.”

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101 Responses to A Timeline Of Romney’s Libya Meltdown

  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! His irresponsible behavior and total lack of common sense (I am trying to be polite) is a reflection of his character and the values he embraces which start and end with what is best for Mitt Romney.
    I can not find words to express the disgust I feel. Americans have been killed, ou consulate in Benghazi was attacked, our embassies in Cairo and Sanaa were attacked, the lives of thousands of Americans are in danger, our interests in the regon have been compromised as a result of a hate film released to incite violence, and what does Mitt does, he releases a statement blaming our President for the violence and, by default, linking our government to terrorism.
    The authors, planners and financiers of the hate film should be arrested and tried, and Mitt Romney should not get a single vote on November6. This man is an embarrassment!

    • Dommy… you are an idiot! We have freedom of speech in America, fool. Even if you don’t like that speech, or you disagree with that speech, you MUST defend their right to say it. If you don’t, at some point someone is not going to like your speech and they will then have the right to arrest you. If anything, you should be arrested for extreme stupidity, but then again, I will defend your right to be as stupid and as big of a moron as you desire.

      If you think it was a film that made those people hate America and kill our people, you are too stupid for words! You are a fool.

      Have a nice day!

      “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

      • OMG you mean these people are mad about someone trashing their GOD? It happens in America all the time…just ask the democratic delegates at their convention. This is what I’m talking about, trash our heritage… and replace it with anyone elses…..bullsh*t! This is why we can’t let Obama take our guns!!!!! I Know six million Jews that wish they had never given theirs up to Hitler before he came knocking. I’ll bet some thought at the time….that there was no cause for worry….we don’t need to defend our gun rights. Six FU*KING MILLION DEAD because they gave up their guns…..not me! WHEN THEY PRY IT FROM MY COLD DEAD FINGERS!

        • Hey John Wayne or should I say Charlton Heston get your historical facts straight. The Jewish people in Europe didn’t give up their guns, they were business people, teachers, musicians, ordinary people. They were rounded up by a fascist army. The Jews in various places formed resistance groups to fight the Nazis but were easily over whelmed by the military might of the Nazi army, they had tanks, cannons, etc. What you also forget is that one type of religious zealot is cauisng other zealots to take action against innocent poeple. I am also amazed at the toughness of the chicken hawks who talk tough but will not be invovled in the action.

        • Brother 13… I cannot improve upon your sentiment.

          Have a nice day!

          “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

        • Not one move toward gun control has been taken under this administration…Bush did more on that topic than Obama has. Yet here we are with the same tired BS call of the redneck…demos are takin ma guns. Google it man not a shred of it in the books not a shred…but hey make sure you cower in fake fear and tell your neighbors to buy ammo.

        • No one is trashing “your God,” OR trying to take away your guns! You fell for that conn? Do you really believe the zombie apolcolyps is going occur any day now?
          Sorry….but I live in reality. Christians and Muslims are all basically pretty good folks. Only a small group of either group have extremists who are hell bent on harrassing, hurting, disabling, maming, torturing and killing other people. There are christian extremists and muslim extremists who say the worst things and do the worst thing.

      • Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished rights; a sense of responsibility and character are among the most important attributes to look for in a candidate for President. Issuing statements that endanger the lives of Americans and our interests may be an example of freedom of speech to you, but considering what Mitt said and the weight of statements made by a man who may be our next President, I can’t say that I am as impressed as you are.
        If you are including the right of terrorists to express their views, perhaps you should join the idiots that made the film that caused this crisis.

        • Heartily agree. Just because you are free to speak, doesn’t mean you should… and he shouldn’t have. But I am glad that he did, because in doing so, he revealed his true self, one that might have remained hidden until after the election. But now that we know him through his actions, hopefully those on the fence and were undecided will now recognize that this guy does not deserve your vote and not fit to serve as our leader.

        • Dominick….and Bozo….freedom of speech is supported and protected until it rises to the level of someone whose “message” or “speech” is compareable to yelling, “FIRE!!” in a crowded theater.

          Hate speech that is designed to incite violence or criminal actions against someone or a group because of their race, religion, or sexual identity, is not protected free speech and can result in legal action and civil action.

          Threats to government officials is not protected free speech.

          Slander is the use of intentional malicious, false, and defamatory statement agaist another person and can result in civil litigation.

          Political speech which is the redress for grievances against our government is a protected form of speech by the constitution.

          So all speech is not free and you can say what you want but be prepared for the consequences that come with that freedom.

          People have made an issue out of what Rush did on bothe sides and there is a lot of finger pointing and yells of hypocrisy.

      • OMG, why is it that you can never disagree with someone without attacking them and calling them names? You’re obviously not stupid, but why do you feel the need to be vicious?

        • Because religious and political zelots tend to be insecure and often resort to infantilism and bullying when they are desperate…and most Republicans are beyond desperate , not only because of the polls but because they realize they nominated the wrong man.

        • sn… you may have point there. I probably could be nicer, but it’s very hard for someone like me that does not suffer fools very easily. I will try harder. You should know that I take my fair share of abuse in these tomes, as well. I don’t take it personally, though. Nor should you. Just good clean fun. I like a good insult and can laugh at any of them, even those directed at me.

          [click image to enlarge]

          Have a nice day!

          “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

    • Seems to me that Romney is attacking a person who’s life was in danger when they issued a memo in an effort to diffuse the situation. Did the person who wrote this even survive the attack? This is like criticizing a soldier fighting on the front line during wartime. What will it take for people to see what a danger Romney is to our country? Timing of the release of this disgusting film was not random, it had a purpose.

      • I wonder how Mitt Romney got hold of a classified memo from our Embassy in Cairo, and the quick reaction, and the similarity of the statements made by Romney and Netanyahu while events were still unfolding and nobody had a clear picture of what was happening…

    • DV – first I want to say that I am a fan of your writing and find myself on the same page with you more often than not (in fact this is the only thing I can recall where I don’t agree with you) – but I can’t agree with your statement to arrest and try the authors, planners and financiers of the hate film. I agree that it was despicable and inflammatory and in this case lethal and dangerous – but let’s put the blame where the blame belongs – with the thugs and protesters that would commit violence over such a fleeting thing. This violence is just as ludicrous as the bounty placed on Rushdie’s head for writing the Satanic Verses. I’m no “anti-islamist” by any means and I fervently believe that everyone has a right to worship (or not worship) as they wish, but just as the Catholics did so long ago, so must the Moslems – their religious leadership needs to renounce and outlaw any violence committed on behalf of their religion.

      That being said, I’m with you on the rest of it and I always look forward to your very insightful posts.

      • This pastor and the so-called Israeli American need to address their hate. I agree with DV. This pastor sparked a riot that killed 50 when he said he was going to burn the Koran. Now he’s sparked an attack that has killed men who were instrumental in peace, love and bridging a divide. This pastor should be jailed. He knows what he causes. He deliberately has fired up hate and intolerance, disrespect and violence. He belongs in jail before more killings are in his hands. And this film maker, whoever he is (can’t be found apparently) should also be in jail. Freedom of speech, but freedom to cause hate and prejudice and to incite violence, create and perpetuate lies?

        Libyans have denounced the violence and have expressed their sorrow and their love for the ambassador, known to be their friend. How about Americans stopping this denigration and prejudice against Muslims?

        • Please don’t take my statement as any sort of support for anyone involved with the production of that film. I’m only pointing out that our laws do not consider any activity associated with the production of that film a crime. For good reason – it’s a slippery slope to arrest anyone for a dissenting opinion, no matter how profane, in poor taste or potential for volatility. By this reasoning, we had a responsibility to arrest Salman Rushdie, when we had the opportunity. Also, by punishing the producers of the film we justify the reasons for the violence, when what we really need to do is punish and outlaw violence for any reason. I agree that Americans should stop denigrating Muslims – but consider this, did any American Muslims react to the film so violently? I don’t think so, because violence is illegal. I’m just saying – let’s punish the crime.

          • The issue for me is not the fact that a controversial fim was made, but the fact that a film containing incendiary rhetoric was deliberately released in a part of the world where we know religion, and their prophets, are untouchable and any criticism elicits a violent response. The people that made this film, translated it into an Arabic dialect to ensure the intended audience understood every word that was said, and released it via the Internet on the eve of 9/11 knowing what the reaction would be. They are not responsible for the execution of the attack in Benghazi, or those in Cairo, Sanaa and other cities, but they might as well have put the bullets or grenades in the guns and RPGs used to kill our diplomats. What is happening in some Muslim countries goes well beyond the usual protests; this seems to be a well orchestrated attempt to destabilize the emerging democracies in that part of the world, influence regime change, or achieve unspecified geopolitical goals. Our top priority at the moment should be arresting and bringing those responsible for the killing to trial, but trying to find out who is behind this whole thing is just as important as who pulled the trigger.

          • The word is that the actors are equally outraged that they were involved in the film and that they didn’t know what the movie was about. But I do think you’re getting to a good point – I think, based on what I saw in Libya, is that the protest was just a pretense to a premeditated, pre-planned terrorist attack on our consulate. Protesters throw rocks and bottles, terrorists use AK-47s and RPGs.

      • i’m of two minds about this and agree with you and DV. but–you can’t legally yell fire in a public place, either. so where does that stand in regards to that?

        what i do know, is that neither side–filmers or rioters–are in the right. nor is romney. of course we should apologize. and before or after the killings doesn’t matter, this is a horrid thing to film. imagine the outrage if it were turned around and denigrated jesus, or joseph smith for that mater. romney talked about our ‘american values’–hatred of others? trash talk about those we don’t agree with? never having to say we’re sorry?

        • I know, it’s a tough one… But respectfully, making a film is not the same as yelling fire in a crowded theater. I do believe there was a less than flattering movie about Jesus Christ made awhile ago and that didn’t incite anyone in the bible belt to attack anything (although I’m sure some thought about it…) But another analogy could be abortion providers. Some say performing an abortion is just as abhorrent as producing the film. We don’t punish the provider, we punish the guy that shot him… I don’t like having to defend the film producers, but freedom of expression is freedom of expression and I say again, it’s a slippery slope, especially if you are on the wrong side of the community you are in.

    • Living in an Islamic country I am so pissed off…idiots like this actually threaten my life. I am not able to go out. I am on total lockdown until the US Consulate desides it is ok and I won’t be a target in response to this completely stupid, extemist stuff. I am fricken living over here! Anyone would be angry over this depiction but a little respect for other religions would go a long way in insuring peaceful discussion and compromise.

    • Dear Both, Dominick Vila posters:

      I agree that the creators of the latest right-wing hate product, “The Real Life of Muhammad” video, should be, as you say, “arrested and tried.” The difficulty of doing so touches on a nasty characteristic of Republican politics in this election cycle. The party that will not be hampered by fact checkers (and aggressively seeks to win by spreading lies and concealing facts), that seeks to restrict the vote based on lies about voter fraud, that cynically espouses unprovable claims by evangelical fundamentalists (and lies like Creationism), that promulgates hatred of Muslims (and simultaneously the lie that President Obama is a secret Muslim)–this list could go on and on–does all this under the banner of protecting the right of free speech for both individuals and corporations, and by that they mean the right to lie.

      I guess Republican apologists for Romney’s statement must be OK with the irony of the video’s title, “The REAL Life of Muhammad,” as well. In Republican speak, FREE SPEECH = THE RIGHT TO LIE.

      Romney’s original comment criticizes representatives of the U.S. government for condemning verbally the far right’s latest hate vehicle, this one designed to infuriate Muslims worldwide and satisfy bigots on the far right at the same time. Romney essentially stated and doubled down on the position that to condemn this hate product is to sympathize with Muslim fundamentalists who are now rioting because of its content. In so doing, he unambiguously places himself on the side of the creators of the hate product and asserts himself as a protector of their right of free speech, which he claims should not be infringed upon by the president or anyone else condemning the video entitled “The Real Life of Muhammad.”

      What Romney and his party seem not to understand is that “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” in the freedom of speech department. In fact, intelligent criticism–even strong condemnation–of hate speech, lying, and slander are healthy societal correctives to inflammatory speech, correctives that are themselves protected under the constitution. If Romney would protect this film’s xenophobic creators and the various degrees of mendacity that characterize today’s Republican party, by claiming their right to free speech, he’ll have to do more than whine about his detractors speaking out against these abuses.

      For example, like many others did today and yesterday, he could side with protectors of free speech in the U.S. and worldwide who would support the American government in bringing to bear the many laws in our country that legally curtail hate speech, libel, slander, and speech acts instigating violence (shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre). The courts and organizations (like the ACLU) created to uphold the right of free speech interpret these legal sanctions to be an integral part of the right to free speech itself. Legally prosecuting the creators of this hate product is as much a part of seeking justice on behalf of American public servants who died at the U.S. embassy in Libya as finding their (I hate to use this devalued word) “real” killers and prosecuting them.

      Will Romney see the light and join the majority in this country who see the logic of this two-pronged approach, both in terms of quelling violence overseas and sustaining the inviolability of U.S. citizens worldwide? I hope I am wrong to say this, but I doubt it. He is likely to continue to side with the creators of this hate vehicle, even against his “better” judgment, maybe because he has no better judgment. He has been hampered by the blinders of the entitlement that has cosseted him all of his life: membership in a proselytizing religion that may make him incurious about other religious beliefs, failure to include international affairs when he had the means and ability to master any subject (he IS interested in other countries that provide tax shelters), the kind of super wealth that fosters a keen speculator’s obsession with gaming a system in which all but the very rich are pawns, pride and confidence in his wealth that make him virtually unaware of the pain and suffering of others, and the drive to obtain the presidency at all costs, even the public humiliation of becoming the pawn of his right-wing handlers.

  2. I saw some nice Timex Watches @ Target this past week – does Mittens have a Watch?
    It would be a nice “PARTING” Gift this November!

  3. Once again, Mitt’s plan is to open his mouth really wide, then insert his foot, or in this case, both feet. One can only imagine the disasters he would create as President of the United States

    Mitt Romney has put on full display everything that makes up the stereotype of the political hack, He has changed his position on all things Romney, adopting whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear.him say. He is all that is wrong with our American Political system putting party and winning over Nation.. He has consistently demonstrated that he is a Politician first, an American last. Winning first, telling the truth, and doing what is best for America last. His is now a politician abet a very wealthy one, and regardless of his wealth, his gifting to his church, he will always be nothing but a politician, completely unable to put this Nation before his perceived self interests. He is not now, and will never will become an American Statesman., much less a Great American Statesman. He is only a very rich Vulture Capitalist, who would be king.

  4. Axel Tonconogy…. another of the useful idiots du jour from this septic tank called “The Memo”…

    Romney was 100% correct to speak out and to characterize the Obozo regime’s gut reaction to blame the behavior of radical muzzies who kill Americans on some dope that makes a stupid film. Classic leftist freak reaction. Instead of defending our embassies like any normal president would, these idiots sympathize with the criminals.

    Romney was 100% correct to defend our way of life and our freedoms, while the Obozo regime is more interested in appeasing our enemies and those who want to do us harm. Obozo is a fool.

    The real issue here is that Romney upstaged the complacent and clueless idiot, Obozo, and Romney is on the right side of the issue. That pisses off you leftist freaks because it highlights what a fool your messiah Obozo really is. Instead of questioning Obozo’s failed policies that have gotten our embassies invaded and Americans killed, you jacka$$es on the left are attacking a man who is correct in his criticisms of the loser in chief, Obozo. And it is a coordinated attack by the media as evidenced by the reporters caught on mic plotting their strategy to make Romney look bad.

    Obozo is a disaster for America. He makes us weak in the eyes of our enemies and those who desire to kill us. This whole incident is symptomatic of his failed policies that supported the takeover of muzzy countries by the radicals in the Muzzy Brotherhood, while ignoring uprisings for true freedom in Iran and Syria. Of course, the if the Muzzy Brotherhood was trying to take over those countries, Obozo would then support the uprisings.

    Obozo is a first class, incompetent A$$!!! Obozo MUST go…

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “Above all, we must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have. It is a weapon that we as Americans do have. Let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and prey upon their neighbors.” – Ronald Reagan

    • Your childish name calling speaks more to your ignorance than about your intended target. Romney, in his classic refusal to accept fact vs his fantasy version of events, continues to provide evidence of his incompetence and willingness to do anything to seize a position of power. That the murder of Americans would be used to attack the present administration instead of the terrorists responsible as a cheap political ploy continues to provide evidence of the lack of Mitt’s integrity. Apparently Mitt never learned what most of us did early on: Tell the truth. Choose your words wisely. If wrong, admit it and make amends.

      • mbm… all of these attacks are Obozo’s doing. He has had a policy of appeasing the radical muzzies, of supporting revolution where the Muzzy Brotherhood stands to take power, and ignoring it where true freedom is sought (Iran and Syria). Then, when the attacks occur, where is Obozo? Doing Letterman, going to fundraisers. Turning down the Israeli Prime Minister’s request for a meeting while the Middle East is on fire.

        Face the truth here. Romney upstaged Obozo by standing by American values. By being Presidential and a leader. THAT is what pisses you leftist freaks off, and you know it.

        By the way, Romney and Obozo ARE actually engaged in a political campaign and Obozo’s incompetence IS A VALID ISSUE!! Romney has every right to be critical of Obozo just like you hypocrites on the left were critical of Bush in Iraq during the 2004 campaign. So STFU!!!!

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

    • You are just as big a jackass as Nit Wit Mitt Romney and everything you spout is hate with no substance and no facts to back it up….Your a typical Tea Party fool who disrupts everything for your own selfish agenda just like your buddy Mitt. If anyone is a incompetent ASS it is you for all your idiotic rhetoric. The only thing both you and Romney has succeeded in doing is made yourselves laughing stocks to the whole world. If you were so sure of your theories, you would put real facts to back them up instead of ramblings of an idiot….Let’s face it you are the Real Bozo here and people are really getting tired of your troll ass.

      • Ronny…. you’re just pissed because your messiah’s complete incompetence has been exposed by Romney who has upstaged Obozo. Obozo would rather sleep than deal with an international crisis…. that HE CREATED by appeasing the radical muzzies in the Muzzy Brotherhood!!!!!

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

        • The only thing that pisses me off are blowhards like you that rattle on and on with no substance and small minds of hate and have no facts to back up their arguments…people like you are the problem with this world…Nit Wit Mitt made a fool of himself and even his own party is condeming his stupidity…You on the other hand are just an idiot….and do as your name suggests bozo and just go. Intelligent people have had quite enough of your crap!

      • jcb… I take it that you would know based upon your expertise?????

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

        • yes I blame the filmmaker,because he knew exactly what he was doing. You have to live under a rock not to realize the consequences.

          • karin… 3 questions…

            1) so your implication is that the muzzies are just too stupid and too much like animals to be responsible for their own behavior, right?

            2) That we should know better than to use our God given rights to free speech to present a different perspective on issues because we should be afraid of the muzzies being aroused to violence? Is that correct?

            3) Instead, we should appease those animals and hug them until they love us? Is that the answer?

            Awaiting your response I remain….

            Have a nice day!

            “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

    • That stupid film also resulted in similar reactions in Egypt and Yemen. You can try to minimize the importance of a provocative film, released via the Internet on the eve of 9/11, using an Arabic dialect, and knowing how its audience feels about attacks against their religion and prophet as an innocent game. Four Americans lost their lives, thousands of others are in danger, nd our interests and credibility have been compromised. That may be chicken feed for you, it is not for most people with an ability to think logically.

      • Dommy…

        1) when is the last time someone criticized the Catholic Church and that sparked murderous riots and storming of embassies? Uhhhhhh….. NEVER!!!

        2) When is the last time that someone isulted you with their speech and you ran off on a murderous rampage? Uhhhhh…… NEVER!!!!

        Blaming the film maker for the behavior of those animals who hate America BEFORE any movie is made is like blaming forks for obesity. I know you leftist freaks want to blame everyone excpet the person behaving badly, but that’s only because your minds are so twisted and effed up that you cannot see reality. Don’t be such a fool!

        Those muzzies are animals and they will use anything as an excuse to riot and kill Americans.

        By the way, Obozo seems to be just a little too busy to be dealing with a global crisis. Another light shining on his supreme incompetence. He is a fool and MUST be thrown out of office like the amateur that he is.

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

    • I wonder if the relatives of our killed people see it the same way as you. I also believe in free speech, but a certain sense of responsibility has to be part of free speech.

      • Hi Karin! I hope you are well. It’s classic leftist nutjob speak to blame someone else for the bad behavior of another. You need to rethink your position.

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo


    Don’t take ” MUSTOGOOBOZOMUSTGO” guy seriously ok? He hides behind his user name fearing that we will really find out he is, in my opinion, a shill and an operative for the right wing Republican machine run by Karl Rove.

    Romney stands alone in his comments. Most Republicans are distancing themselves from him. This loose lip candate is an embarassment and has no business running the USA, especially its foreign policy….

    Dealing with the global dynamic is FOREIGN to Mitt Romney…therefore it really is “foreign policy” to him and especially Paul Ryan….Ryan scares me more than Romney…

    According to the Associated Press: “The gunfire at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, had barely ceased when Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney seriously mischaracterized what had happened in a statement accusing President Barack Obama of “disgraceful” handling of violence there and at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Mitt Romney is a Republican standard-bearer largely standing alone in his rush to criticize President Barack Obama after violent attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya.”

    I also agree with the view that “Gov. Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later. I think if you look at how most Republicans have reacted, most elected officials, they reacted responsibly. Waiting to find out the facts before they talked, making sure that our No. 1 priority is the safety, the security of American personnel. It appears that Gov. Romney didn’t have his facts right.”

    That says it all.

    Romney did not have his facts right and all unbiased views agree with this fact including mainstream Republicans.

    Don’t take ” MUSTOGOOBOZOMUSTGO” guy seriously ok? He is a paid operative trying to disrupt this site. Until he reveals his true identity….please hold him suspect along with all his “apologist” views of Romney et al…

    • I agree with you… Funny, it seems that since the RNC Talipublican toadies have been coming out of the woodwork and many find themselves posting here. Which amazes me – if they were ordinary right-leaning folk, they would recognize the tone of this site and leave knowing that they won’t find much common ground here and that none of their ideas will get any traction (which is the reason I find it pointless to frequent any of the right-leaning sites). But there are several lately that post on this site to inflame – leading me to believe that they are Talipublican toadies getting paid for every post. I don’t think OMG is one of those – his silly rants have been entertaining us for quite some time now – and it’s very easy to scroll past his drivel if you’re not in the mood for it.

  6. As an early morning riser (even on the West Coast) I saw this unfold. Unbelievable! Watching NitMitt in action just validates the idea that he is not fit for higher office… or any office for that matter… His naivete is dangerous, just as the President said, “Shoots before he aims”… Can you imagine this moron with his hands on the “button”??? This has to be his defining moment and Americans of whatever flavor have to know now that this man is dangerous and a threat to humankind. I no longer hold the Bible in the same esteem I once did, but remembering back, it’s not a hard argument to make that maybe NitMitt is the anti-christ – do the research and you’ll see he fits the profile.

    • Yeah—-and there is a “666” embroidered in his magic underwear to! (snicker)

      But seriously, you are correct by stating “His naivete is dangerous.”
      It is more insidious. Follow the money. See who wants Romney elected now that “citizens united” decision has allowed billionaires to buy the election.

      Same guys that propped up Bush Senior and Bush Jr League.

      Same guys that ran Reagan’s state and defense departments.

      Same military indutsrial complex global business that want “Bain Capital Romney” as CEO of the planet.

      Same mindset that thinks it is OK to suspend the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act.

      Same NSA mindset that has created a “surveillance state” for past 30 years.

      Same mindset that thinks it’s okay to spy on American citizens with drones and millions of cameras watching our every move and listening and reading our phone calls and emails.

      If Romney is elected, say COMPLETELY goodbye to individual freedoms.

      Let’s hope Obama wakes up to the “surveillance state” threat.

  7. It is the anniversary of 9/11, the day terrorists love to stage an attack. We are warned that an Islamic protest will occur. We have embassies and diplomatic missions throughout the middle east, many of them in dysfunctional countries including Iraq, that GWB broke and Libya, that Obama broke. We know which countries have the most active radical Islamic groups. Did we beef up our embassy or diplomatic outpost security to prepare for possible trouble? Did we have military support ships and planes stationed minutes away, in case the boots on the ground needed additional support?
    Would an embassy actually release a statement without the full knowledge and approval of either the President or Secretary of State? Did the Egyptians provide external security to keep protesters away, even after the President forgave them a $1 billion debt last week? What was the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood government’s response to questions as to why they weren’t there? What was our response?

    Is it George Bush’s fault we weren’t prepared and lives were lost?

    • George Bush has nothing to do with this, and you know it. Don’t distract us with this stuff.

      Did we beef up our embassy or diplomatic outpost security to prepare for possible trouble?

      yes we did

      Did we have military support ships and planes stationed minutes away, in case the boots on the ground needed additional support?

      they are there now and it is impossible to be minutes away..whether it be Libya or Egypt…we could not afford a destroyer positioned a minute away from every potential threat…

      Would an embassy actually release a statement without the full knowledge and approval of either the President or Secretary of State?

      yes—the role of an embassy is to reflect American policy…nothing wrong with what was released.

      Did the Egyptians provide external security to keep protesters away, even after the President forgave them a $1 billion debt last week?

      He did not forgive anything.

      What was the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood government’s response to questions as to why they weren’t there?

      They condemned the attacks.

      What was our response?

      We condemned the attacks and are working with current Egyptian and Libyan governments to find and punish.

      So what is your point?

      These concerns are important but not relevant to Conasons article about LIBYA!

      • Congratulations Daniel! You are the first leftist freak to NOT blame George Bush for something. A rare moment of intellectual honesty, indeed.

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo


          Don’t take ” MUSTGOOBOZOMUSTGO” guy seriously ok? He hides behind his user name fearing that we will really find out he is, in my opinion, a shill and an operative for the right wing Republican machine run by Karl Rove.

    • Hey Montana! Great to see you again [virtually]. The leftist freaks are all up in arms because Romney upstaged the incompetent Obozo and showed the whole world what an empty suit Obozo really is. THAT is the truth about why they are all freaked out. Obozo has revealed to the world what a feckless weakling he really is.

      Your questions are all right on point. Why isn’t the press asking Obozo these same questions? I’ll tell you why…. because they are NOT observers of this election, they are participants on Obozo’s behalf. And those reporters being caught on tape plotting to make Romney look bad prove the point, yet again.

      Have great day, Montana!

      “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

      • Re: your forks comment. I thought it was the ‘Big Gulps’ that Bloomberg just got NY to outlaw. Now he’ll have to outlaw forks too! So little time, so many things government has to outlaw or regulate.

        • bwwwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha ROFLMAO…. Isn’t that the friggin truth?

          Have a great day, Montana!

          “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

        • So many things government has to outlaw or regulate, such as each woman’s decisions about her health and each couple’s decisions about contraception, such as who can shoot whom and with what provocation, such as which books may be used in public schools and which shall be banned, such as which types of ID must be used to vote and which will not suffice, such as which couples may marry and which may not, such as which lands may be used for oil and gas exploration and which may not . . . . . . So much to do, so little time.

          • Get real. You know very well the ‘war on women’ is about one thing: who is going to pay for each woman’s birth control. Are we going to force every insurance company plan to include coverage for birth control, or should we have the freedom to get a plan where the purchaser of the plan doesn’t have to pay for something they don’t want. The abortion issue is about forcing religions that don’t believe in it to pay for it. Both issues are really about money. Got it?
            Who can shoot whom? Where is that a real issue? In Florida, the case is about disputed facts of who attacked whom. Books? Certainly. You want your side to be able to choose the text books. I would prefer you didn’t. I’m more incensed when I hear about a politically active college professor teaching history, because I know they will filter things they don’t want to teach or inflict their own interpretations.
            Couples marrying? Why not settle for civil unions with the same rights as a civil marriage? Or is in-your-face confrontation the real goal?
            Gas & oil exploration? Are you buying gas this week? Got money?
            You are obviously not a person who understands that every law, every rule and every regulation enacted is one more freedom lost. The amount of individual freedoms that we, as a country, have lost just during my lifetime is staggering.
            You are telling your neighbors that you don’t trust them to make good decisions, so you want a government that will force your perspective on them. I probably don’t agree with much of your thinking, but I don’t want a government that will force you to change.

          • All of the topics I listed and you listed represent areas where the right wants to introduce government regulation and legislation, which you support. How is this not big government “that will force you to change”?

      • Once again…


        Don’t take ” MUSTGOOBOZOMUSTGO” guy seriously ok? He hides behind his user name fearing that we will really find out he is, in my opinion, a shill and an operative for the right wing Republican machine run by Karl Rove.

    • The embassy statement came before the protesters had breached the embassy’s walls and was not an apology….It affirmed American policy of religious tolerance and respect.

  8. Well, the repubs have shown the world that WE ARE NOT UNITED! Just what was needed at this time. They’s rather fight the president than fight the middle east. As for Romney, if it wasn’t for poor judgement he’s have no judgement at all.

  9. It is nice to speak about free speech as long as you’re not the one being attacked, and your faith is not being vilified. Muslims can not respond to this type of attack against their Prophet simply because they respect all other Prophets and all other faiths. Remember free speech did not exist few decades ago, even in this country, you couldn’t defend the rights of minorities least you are hanged.

    Muslims reacted to the film in disbelieve, and their efforts to halt such attacks on their faith failed in the courts. Yet, the majority of the Muslims did not join the violent against the US and the Dutch embassies, it was the Salafies and the far fringes of Muslim extremists who responded to the call to demonstrate, and only a small fringe who perpetrated the attack against the US Consulate in Benghazi. Most of the Muslims deplore the anger and the attack, and defended the US as a friend of democracy.

    Free speech should not be granted for idiots, nor for those whose intention is to inflame the situation.

    • emad… question…. who grants free speech?

      Also, Christians and Jews are attacked CONSTANTLY in America in the media, in our schools, in our government… everywhere. How many riots and demonstrations have the attacks of Bill Maher generated in America? uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. NONE!!

      Have a nice day!

      “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo


        Don’t take ” MUSTGOOBOZOMUSTGO” guy seriously ok? He hides behind his user name fearing that we will really find out he is, in my opinion, a shill and an operative for the right wing Republican machine run by Karl Rove.

  10. I also believe in freedom of speech, but that does not mean that I shout “Fire” when there is no fire. I have to take some responsibility. Because of this movie so far 4 people died, needlessly. It was Romney who embarrassed himself, in times like these we should be together not apart because of our party affiliation.

  11. I was speaking towards the totality of your comments. My expertice would come from the fact that I can read what you have posted.

  12. The excuses don’t fly. Especially since the Obama team was busy diverting attention away from his (in)action, with Conason’s help, to Romney instead of Bush.

    Did we beef up our embassy and diplomatic outpost security in preparation for 9/11 and the expected protests? You said yes. How many additional Marines in Cairo? How many additional Marines in Benghazi?

    Ships there now? The horses are gone! We know exactly where the trouble spots are likely to be. With one or more ships in the Gulf of Sirte, we could have had support available in minutes to either Tripoli or Benghazi. With another near the Suez Canal, we could have been minutes away from Cairo or Saudi Arabia. And we had warning about Cairo. If the ships are not there, just what trouble spots are they patrolling in the Mediterranean?

    Embassies don’t release public statements without approval. But you are right about that statement reflecting policy, just not necessarily American. And you don’t see anything wrong with it?

    Obama pledged to forgive $1 billion in Egyptian debt. He’s not going take it back.

    The Egyptian President knew the demonstration was coming, pulled security and 24 hours later, condemns it? And we ‘condemn’ it? Morsi is not going to do squat about it and we could have prevented it but not by issuing a wishy-washy statement.

    At least Israel has the comfort of knowing that when Iran nukes Tel Aviv, we will most certainly ‘condemn’ it.

    • This is the original embassy statement:

      “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy.

      Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

      The statement condemns religious intolerance..

      • Exactly what do you think that statement says to a radical Muslim? One who firmly believes that he has been instructed by his religion to kill infidels? You have just admitted to him, you are an infidel, because everything said is counter to his beliefs.

        • You are engaging in illogic dialogue.

          One does not have anything to do with the other.

          “Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

          The statement condemns religious intolerance..

          How does this infame anyone??

          What is your real name? Who you affiliated with?

    • The Egyptian President did NOT pull security. You are confusing Libya secutity forces that fled after mob attacked….

      Just today, President Mohammed Morsi again condemned the attack on Libya and has, once again, vowed to protect foreign embassies. This includes the USA where he ordered police police to use tear gas to disperse protesters at the U.S. mission.

      • Are you picking nits? He either pulled it or instructed security to stay away, because the video clearly shows there was no Egyptian security present. Now its there, but it wasn’t on the first attack.

        • So–what is your point? It seems you are “picking hairs.” No one isnstucted the security forces to stay away. How do you know this? Because you claim it it isn’t factual. Just theory.

          What is your real name? Who are you affiliated with? Until you identify yourself, simply can’t believe you are not an operative of Karl Rove and the Republican right wing.

          • Morsi knew there would be a demonstration just as we knew it. His security people were no where around when the wall was breached. If Obama had told Morsi that our Marines and military would take whatever action was needed to protect our soil, Morsi would have made sure that no demonstration got out of hand. If our people had to repell the invaders, it would have made Morsi look weak and he would not have taken a chance on that. Supposition? Sure. But from experience.

    • The ships patrolling that region are doing a remarkable job in keeping the peace…. can’t be turned on a dime when something occurs and you know this….. They were there and responded in a timely manner.

      Obama is correctly and carefully escalating our security at embassies because of the right wing propagandist anti muslim film that started this while thing.

      Was this film meant to cause an international crisis intentionally? Obama certainly didnt do it.

      Maybe someone orcahestrated this to embarrass the USA and Obama…

      Wonder who that could be during a presidential election season?

      • Well, obviously, it had to be those terrible right-wing tea partiers under the direction of Rush Limbaugh with the full approval of Mitt Romney, doesn’t it?

        Today, I have no quibble with the actions the President is taking. I do have serious concern about what he did, or mainly didn’t do, when it was clear a problem was brewing.

        As President, it is your job to know that something as silly as one man making a home made movie or drawing a cartoon can ignite significant unrest in the most volatile part of the world and be ready for it. You can’t skip briefings to go campaigning or diss your best ally in the area. A President can’t prepare for everything, but in this case, with all the signs, not taking proper precautions and being prepared is inexcusable.

  13. And another summary of Obozo’s incompetency in the both the Middle East and economics….

    [click to enlarge image]

    Have a nice day!

    “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

  14. The forces behind the film have achieved their goal: disrupting the Middle East.

    A Shiite militant group has recently threatened the USA in Iraq as part of the backlash over the anti-Islam film . The group described as “heinous.”

    Therefore, the film is directly responsible for what is going on, not Obama.

    Qais al-Khazali (who is IRANIAN backed) said the video that ridicules Prophet Muhammad was unforgiveable. A new statement now released by the militia called on all Muslims to “face our joint enemy.”

    This has nothing to do with Obama.

    THE FBI identified a Coptic Christian in southern California. NOW ON probation after his conviction for financial crimes. he is described as the key figure behind the anti-Muslim film that ignited mob violence against U.S. embassies across the Mideast, It has to do with the perpetrator of the film, right wing fundementalist Nakoula Basseley Nakoula AKA Sam Bacile, and his backers. His primary backer is a conservative Coptic Christian, Morris Sadek, A US citizen who has promoted the anti-Muslim film in recent days on his website.

    Maybe someone (like Iran? Like pro Romney Putin? ) orchestrated this to embarrass the USA and Obama…

    Wonder who that could be during a presidential election season?

    The problem with MUSTGOOBOZOMUSTGO and “Montana Bill, is that they hide behind user names. Who are these guys reallY??

    Just asking. Will they answer.

    Doubt it.

  15. A-Qaida’s most active branch is in Yemen. The Obama Administration is the primary foreign supporter of Yemen’s counterterrorism campaign. Al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader in Yemen was killed in an U.S. airstrike…. This is major blow to the terror network…. Yemeni officials are cooperating significantly with the USA ie the OBAMA ADMINSTRATION to maintain order and protect U.S. personnel.

    So any claims that Obama is incompetent and not doing anything is false.

    The untested Romney and his shoot first and aim later mentality is dangerous.

    He melted down on Libya….lets not let him have a chance as president. Last thing we need is a reactionary clueless president….did that with George Bush Jr.

    Lets not repeat history OK?

  16. I think it is very very important that the original premise of The National Memo’s story is remembered: A Timeline Of Romney’s Libya Meltdown

    Criticism by those here that refuse to identify themselves with real names and affiliation should be viewed with extreme skepticism given a presidential election year. We simply don’t know who this “posters” are.

    Even more important is President Obama’s REAL response on Tuesday September 11th. Yes–a national day of mourning….

    President Obama acted swiftly and responsibly with no meltdown or knee jerk reaction.

    “Tuesday, 7:21 a.m.:  President Obama condemns the attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi:

    I strongly condemn the outrageous attack on our diplomatic facility in Benghazi, which took the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Right now, the American people have the families of those we lost in our thoughts and prayers. They exemplified America’s commitment to freedom, justice, and partnership with nations and people around the globe, and stand in stark contrast to those who callously took their lives.

    I have directed my Administration to provide all necessary resources to support the security of our personnel in Libya, and to increase security at our diplomatic posts around the globe. While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, we must all unequivocally oppose the kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public servants.

    On a personal note, Chris was a courageous and exemplary representative of the United States. Throughout the Libyan revolution, he selflessly served our country and the Libyan people at our mission in Benghazi. As Ambassador in Tripoli, he has supported Libya’s transition to democracy. His legacy will endure wherever human beings reach for liberty and justice. I am profoundly grateful for his service to my Administration, and deeply saddened by this loss.

    The brave Americans we lost represent the extraordinary service and sacrifices that our civilians make every day around the globe. As we stand united with their families, let us now redouble our own efforts to carry their work forward.”ul and in no uncertain meaning be faulted for the attacks?

    How can Obama’s decisive, thoughful and decisive response be considered incompetent or not timely?

    He can’t because he was on top of this situation as soon as he could with the appropriate , careful and not reactionary response….

    He didn’t melt down like Romney.

  17. Ok, well how about Eric Holder (Obama administration) and the “Fast & Furious” blunder when they tried to sell a bill of goods to the U.S. public about U.S. gun owners responsible for drug cartels violence with guns. Our citizens realized that a MULTI BILLION dollar drug trade didn’t depend soley on getting its guns from America! What a joke. It backfired when border agent Brian Terry was killed in the “gun walking” folly. Please google “United Nations Small Arms Treaty” proposed by none other than the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION and negotiated by Hillary “gun grabber” Clinton. When they couldn’t get a two thirds majority in the Senate for ratification to allow foreigners to dictate our Second Amenment RIGHTS they came up with the “United Nations Against Small Arms Programme to try an “end run” approach to gun control with the appearance that Obama had nothing to do with gun control! I WANT YOU TO REPORT BACK TO ME ASAP WITH YOUR FINDINGS AND TELL THE PEOPLE ON THIS BLOG STRING TOO!

  18. Remember when movies named ” the Passion of Jesus Christ” and “The Da Vinvi Code” were attacked and boycotted by the Christian Right. How much violence and how much threats against the theaters. Also, remember what happen to the Dallas Chics when they said they were ashamed that GW Bush is a Texan.

    I am not blaming the film maker, a derelict who was just released from jail and wanted to make trouble in Egypt between Muslims and Christians. Beside the attack in Benghazi has nothing to do with the movie, but was premeditated radical group attack, that occurred after the demonstration was over.

    Obama will stay, Romney will go, as well as all his Neanderthals.

    • There are no “accidents” when there is a presidential election involved.

      This whole Middle East uprising at a right wing induced anti-muslim film is far too convenient.

      Who benefits?

  19. If not for the lobbying efforts of the National Rifle Association, we would have NO guns at all. That is why it is such a HUGE lobby and democrats fear it greatly. But it didn’t have to be that way however, the democrats got on board with these wacko lefty fringe special interest groups that were “hell bent” on taking freedoms our military families gave their lives to protect….and sure as I’m sitting here….the gun-grabbers pissed on the faces of our veterans we hold so dear to us!

  20. This artcle has nothing to do with gun control, so quit trying to distract readers.

    this has to do with Romney’s meltdown and the cause of the uprising.

    Hillary Clinton doesn’t care how offensive the film is….she believes that it simply cannot be utilized as an excuse for Al Queda/Iran/whomever violence. Whther Egypt, where a mob breached the U.S. Embassy in Cairo or Yemen, where protestors storm the embassy.

    Quoting Hillary:

    “There is no justification, none at all, for responding to this video with violence. We condemn the violence that has resulted in the strongest terms. It is especially wrong for violence to be directed against diplomatic missions. These are places whose very purpose is peaceful: to promote better understanding across countries and cultures.”

    130 Obsever and emadis41….What are your real names and your affiliation to any politcal group?

    Until you state your real name, we cannot trust you to be nothing more than an Republican operation.

    This article is about Romney’s meltdown, not Obama or Hillary.

  21. This has to do with one man, his floundering campaign and his appalling lack of knowledge concerning the responsibilities entailed in the office he thankfully doesn’t stand a chance in hell of occupying. His choice of the male equivalent of Sarah Palin only serves to punctuate this fact. I am fairly certain that each of them can see Russia clearly from their front doors. Romney from Massachusetts and Ryin from Wisconsin. What a pair of douchebags. The saddest part? The film would have been destined to oblivion had this event never happened. It was a horribly written, horribly produced and horribly acted waste of time and whatever passes for celluloid nowadays. To think that teabaggers are now going to flock to cinemas to see this garbage angers me almost as much as dumb and dumber pretending to be candidates. Again, what a pair of douchebags.

  22. Obama refuses to meet with Netanyahu.

    Instead, Obama the apologist does Letterman, fundraiser, campaign speeches, and blows off a security briefing (he has only attended 48% of them).

    Obama White House and others have enough knowledge of embassy invasion to beef up security.

    Obama and Mrs Clinton can not determine if Egypt is a US ally or if the US is a NATO allied with Egypt.

    Apologizes for U-Tube video as it is not from the government. Has the audacity not to defend our free speech. Obama continues to be enervated, weak and uncertain.

    Takes Obama 19 hours to request apprehension of the killers of our four Americans. Does not receive an apology from the head of state. Jay Carney continues to mumble and fumble his no policy Obama excuses.

    Has not cut Egypt’s funding or proposal of what next to do. Truly is a blank slate. Over a dozen of our embassies are on fire or under sudden incapacitation. Is this guy asleep?

    In defiance to White House internal economists, Fed pumps billions of Monopoly money to prop up home loans and keep US government afloat for another six months. Debt is more unsustainable and depression inminent without a correction.

    Second downgrade in credit rating with AA-.indefensible

    Is not this fun? Covered only last 4 days. Bet you can’t wait until the next Obama moment. All of you limp-minded, blame it on Bush. Or the slick Willy excuse, “missed task, problems to big to handle, gonna take another four years. Whimp.

    Romney looks like a hero. Obama’s debates extremely vulnerable. This administrations 3.75 years is indicative of the ride on the destiny of the Titanic.

    Defend it-Jump on it-Stay on point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. It is sad that alot of folks think their Second Amenment rights are not under attack however, everyone I have asked to google “United Nations Small Arms Treaty”, “Fast & Furious” or “United Nations Against Small Arms Programme” have never again challenged me on the facts that Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and others in Obama’s administration are trying to persuade the American public and the World that more gun laws or the ELIMINATION of gun rights alltogether are needed to DISARM AMERICA! To let a foreign body like the United Nations rule on United States Constitutional Rights is “TREASON”! So tell Hillary we are on to Obama’s “back door attempt” to DISARM AMERICA through the State Department won’t work!

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