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Thursday, October 27, 2016

While much of the coverage in Wisconsin’s recall election has focused on Gov. Scott Walker’s role in cutting bargaining rights for public workers, few have a clear picture of the brewing corruption and campaign finance scandal involving missing charity funds and secret negotiations with Walker staffers. We’ve made a user’s guide. 

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    A Common Failure

    Isn’t that interesting. Wisconsin has a crook in the governors mansion just like we have here in Florida. Yours is taking money under the table while Rick Scott here in Florida just beat a prison sentence by paying back $1 billion in defrauded Medicare funds.

    What is it about the American Taliban Republicans that they think they are above the law. This is so typical of rich, old, sexist, elitist, anti-union, overly religious, overweight, bigoted white guys who still think they run the country as they deem fit.

    Hard to believe there are any Republicans left at all while true Republican Reagan is spinning in his grave.

    • It’s all about” THOSE FAT CHECKS….as” Buddy Roamer would say..This is why they did not want him in “Washington….

      • obama solyndra scandal-AIG scandal-ear mark-etc. obama has now one billion dollars plus re-election money-omg hes into money -hell uy the white house again. crisi 8;5 unemployment.

        • William Deutschlander

          My God what are you rambling about, no sense what so ever!

        • Dear Priscela: He doesn’t have billionaires behind him——like Mittens Romney. I don’t feel sorry for Wall Street and its executives, I don’t feel sorry for the “poor independent minded jackasses” who’ll vote for Romney–Prosperity for American is aonly about Prosperity for Millionaires/Billionaires” whcih doesn’t necessarily equate job growth here–except for underpaid slave labor.

        • pisscela – do you speak english? Or any other recognizable languages?

    • William Deutschlander

      Tricky Dicky Nixon opened the flood gates and Reaganism increased the flow, G W Bush removed the flood gates entirely so the flow was wide open, then came the Republican Great Recession of 2008.

      Now that the Republican Machine has the majority homeless, broke and starving they are ready to convert from Democracy to Autocracy. Their brain dead serfs just keep on drinking the Repubaid and following the script!

      Good by Democracy, good by collective bargaining, good by human rights, good by religious freedom, good by health care, good by public education, good by the United states of America and the Constitution, Hello Republiconia where one half of one percent rule and control 90% of the Wealth!

      If you have not figured out the outcome, you have no one to blame but yourself!

      • ExPAVIC

        Ask Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette how their 5% had 95% of the wealth. At last count the number was 25,000 heads.

    • CPANY

      Good question, ExPAVIC.

      Despots, such as the present Republican Party, have historically been caught completely unaware by social revolutions. The two most famous examples of this phenomenon occurred in France and Russia.

      Just before the country fell apart completely, France was wracked by a famine that left poor people dying because they couldn’t afford the price of bread. Despite the sufferings of the poor, almost none of the burden of taxation fell on the aristocracy. They got off with paying very little in taxes. The poor paid the taxes. Civil protest was met with hangings. In 1789, the place exploded.

      InRussia, after centuries of repression, World War I and the emergence of a charismatic leader combined to topple the monarchy.

      One of the interesting aspects of these revolutions was that when they came and the regimes fell, most in the aristocracy were taken by surprise. They actually thought that the intolerable conditions would continue forever.

      The present attempt of the upper classes in America to press down on the poor and the middle class may well spark a social revolution. If it does, I predict that our “aristocrats” will be unprepared.

      What causes this attitude? I believe that our “aristocrats” are so full of themselves that they believe they are above the law. This is not a new attitude in America. In the late nineteenth century, upon being told that he couldn’t do something because it was illegal, one of the Vanderbilts responded: “Law. What do I care about the law? Hain’t I got the power?” More recently, a famous real estate mogul in New York told one of her subordinates that “Only little people pay taxes.”

  • aquinus

    voters made their choice, let them live with it.

    • They are not going to like what they have to live with….Or maybe They are just too Damn Stupid to realize ..That they just brought The Koach Brothers in to run the State..This will effect the “Democratic base…in the worse way..Maybe Walker will be convicted and they will get lucky..”who Knows’.

      • nope-nope dont be negative; obma kenya born- solyndra scandal-aig scandal and etc. ;impeach ot try for treason.

    • yea and it sure didn’t hurt Walker when people on his side made robo-calls to those who signed the recall petition and told them no need to go to the polls as long as they signed the petition..Barrett’s people then had to call all them to tell them they were not told the truth…as this happened later in the day, probably not all voices were heard….


    Regarding the headline: What “other states”? Something’s missing here.

    • Landsende

      Click on the headline.


    • Spoken like the true bigot you are!!

    • WRONG!!!! They voted for the “Koach Brothers…They are just to stupid to realize it!!!

    • gee, Jearroll, do you have a swastika up in your home? dang!

    • William Deutschlander

      The MAJORITY of VOTERS in Wisconcin are not smart or inteligent, they are serfs who can easily be purchased with deceit and lies!
      Welcome to Republiconia the Autocracy that replaced the U S A!

    • I wouldn’t say the voters who chose Walker were smart–They’re so smart the erradicated an economic base for you Nazified” righties in the business community. Who will buy your goods and services in your local cities and towns now? The whole country knows that Walker was bought and paid for by the Rich Bitch Billionaire who didn’t pay taxes last year and the Koch Brothers (or as I like to call them–Frick and Frack).

  • Scotty..You sucked all of the juice from the “koach Brothers…and their Buddies !! If you get caught with your.. hand in this cookie jar..Maybe” you will be good at it in PRISON…You crossed eyed asswipe….

  • TZToronto

    Wisconsin is in a race to the bottom.

  • evon23

    It appears that the Supreme Court has created a monster by allowing corporations to give unlimited funds in political situations! Democracy is unimportant! The almighty dollar is taking over!

  • seems like little impack regardign scott walker at least he dint put it in his pocket. obama has i billion dolars re-election where did he get this money -his govt. his people no jobs crisi in america-third world country now.-HE GETS MONEY FORM THE GAYS OMG MORE MONEY FOR HIM TODAY HES IN CLAIFONRIA AGAIN FUNDRAISING MORE MONEY?JESUS CHRSIT WANT TO BUY THE WHITE HOUSE?

    • Landsende

      Instead of quoting Faux News do a little research and get your facts straight and learn how to spell. You might be taken more seriously.

    • Dear Priscela: I hope you’re not the product of Wisconsin public schools. I always used to have high regard for them.

  • Walker has pulled the wool over so many eyes….wait till his ideas about hunters come out…they waited till after the election, of course, before talking about it..just wait….so much of his money coming from out of state and those miserable Koch ( I like to pronounce their name with a soft “o”)Bros…..yes, I do believe there are alot of ignorant people in WI…

  • ObozoMustGo

    What is it with all of you leftist nutjobs that have this cockamamey idea that “wealth is swirling upward, draining all of us, until we are all helpless subjects of the rich” kind of crap? What is it with you morons? All of you fear a world that does not exist except in the absolute twisted mind of Karl Marx and his useful idiot followers. More of the same proletariat vs. the bourgeois garbage. You all are simply just NOT rational, my friends. You’re fighting a war that does not exist in reality. Don’t be so stupid, please.

    Yeah, yeah, I know… many of you will come back at me with more of the same old garbabe about how I’m snowed by the rich guy, and how I’m really a slave to them and dont know it, and how it’s all Bush’s fault, and how Obozo is helpless but vote for him anyway…. blah blah blah blah blah blah……… Spare me, please.

    Now, the choice is that you can go back to your fantasy world of Marxist visions of oppression, or you can wake up to reality and begin to see the world for what it is, an open field of simultaneous opportunity and peril, through which the navigation is solely and exclusively your responsibility, regardless of how much you wish to shove that over onto other people. Get over it, and grow up!

    Have a nice day!

  • irnet31

    all we can do now is grin and BARET!

  • jazznj


  • maynard4122

    Government corruption is an oxy-moron. It does not matter if it is right or left wing, Dem or Repub. We should be concerned about issues and solving them…..not a political party.
    We need to get back to being Americans not party complainers. Every new politician promises to do something about waste, fraud and abuse……now isn’t that funny?????? or not!

    • CPANY

      It’s not an oxymoron. it’s a redundancy.

  • The public union employees whould now start pushing for an impeachment of the guv in light of his using his public office for his campaign activities. Also, please re-run the tape of him talking to the Miss “Rich Bitch” who gave him $500,000 towards his election–you know–“divide and conquer”……I understand she didn’t pay taxes this last year–Imagine that. I guess she doesn’t use the same roads to get to work the rest of you do–probably flies or helicopters in—also doesn’t use the same water services either. If she gave $500,000 away I bet she uses Perrier to flush her toilets (the bubbles tickle?). Ah, the plight of the poor working billionaire……

  • We will get the gangster, money won’t keep him out of court and I believe a convicted felon is ineligible to serve as governor. It could be a good thing that he won in the recall as it will keep the spotlight on the republican gangster through out the process. Helps to let those who are blind see the liars and gangsters in action. They bought this recall stuff with $$ from outside the state. It is sad that the Democrates chose not to vote and let the scum bag win but like I said it will be good to watch him slide into the jail cell on the national news channels. Even fox joke news will not be able to nullify what will happen…….

  • Anybody with $$ is above the Law, especially where political money is involved. The only way out, if it’s not alreay too late, is to CHANGE THE WAY ELECTIONS ARE FINANCED IN THE UNITED STATES! If the voting public is too ignorant, delusional, or just plain stupid (after all, 50% of Americans have an IQ of less than 100 which is the average IQ in the population at large. Ot to put it another way, every other person you meet in the street is dull normal or worse) we are doomed to continue on as the biggest Banana Republic in the Western Hemisphere–and it can only get worse.
    Have a nice day.

    • Unfortuantely I agree with you–and quite frankly there are the backers of Walker and other nazified candidates in this country who’d like to see nothing better.

  • Wisconsin had the chance to save face by dumping a crook before indictments are issued. But instead they blew it. Nice going Wisconsin.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Please realize the real intent. When you remove the ability for the common man to compete for fair wages, make sure you pull all the funding for public education (which is the great equalizer) make laws that allow you to invade citizens right to privacy and control 97% of all the wealth YOU HAVE CONTROL! Isn’t that what all politicians and big biz. want?
    I am sooooo fed up with all the bull, I think we should, as an entire country fire all politicians and not allow them to run for office or receive government benefits, ever! If our newly elected officials accept one thin dime from special interest groups, we bring back public hanging. (:
    We could always repeat what the French did when they suffered from an overbearing government—-(:

  • howa4x

    If Walker dosen’t survive the criminal probe and gets indited he may try to toss up a big donor to save himself. I would be worried right now if I was the Koch brothers, or any other big donor to the recall election, especially if any favors were discussed. If I was an investigating official I would wait till the election is over and the dust settles. This way it won’;t be seen as an election ploy, and whatever laws he broke would stand out.
    Maybe there is some justice in this world!

  • Were the Wisconsin voters aware of this? If so, what is wrong with them? In fact, what is wrong with anybody who votes republican. They have tried to paint President Obama in every bad light, talking about Chicago Politics and blah, blah, blah. The republicans are not shy about their agenda, they wanted President Obama out of office before he even started. They want the rich not to be “harmed” with increased taxes. They want to get rid of medicare, medicaid and Social Security. They have blatantly put it out there, why do people vote against their own interest?????????????????