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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

You’d think they’d never seen a scandal before.

Like the nerd hero of some R-rated sex comedy who suddenly finds himself alone with a willing girl for the first time, some on the Republican right are giddy, hyperventilating and acting a little goofy at the troubles now plaguing Team Obama. Not that one can’t understand their eagerness. It must feel like Wile E. Coyote finally nailing that bleeping Road Runner after years of Acme product failures. Similarly, after years of trying to manufacture scandals out of Palin mumblings, Limbaugh rantings and pixie dust (see ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, death panels and birthers), the right suddenly finds that it finally has some charges of real substance with which to yoke the White House.

News that the IRS has unfairly targeted conservative groups is, indeed, troubling, outrageous and offensive to our fundamental notions of fairness and freedom. You’d think it would be difficult to overstate the seriousness of these misdeeds. But the modern conservative movement starts out with overstatement and works its way up from there.

So, conflating this disaster and the less-compelling Benghazi story, a chorus of figures on the right — Dick Morris and Allen West among them — has begun raising the dread specter of impeachment.

Then you have Peggy Noonan calling the IRS debacle “the worst” scandal since Watergate.

And Michele Bachmann calling it “far worse than Watergate.”

You even have a few bloggers who’ve dubbed it — you can’t make this stuff up — the worst. Scandal. Ever.

And here, we could use a little course in Scandal 101, dig up the moldering bones of Monica Lewinsky, Valerie Plame, Iran-Contra, Teapot Dome and, yes, Watergate, to provide a little desperately needed context. But perhaps it is more instructive to point out that no less authoritative a personage than GOP chairman Reince Priebus himself has advised his party to take a chill pill.

“We have to be persistent but patient,” Priebus said in an interview with Politico. “I think where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If we present ourselves to the American people as intelligent, we’re going to be in a great place as far as showing that this administration is not transparent, is obsessed with power and hates dissent. But you don’t call for impeachment until you have evidence.”

Well, duh. Ya think?

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47 responses to “Advice For GOP: Chill”

  1. montanabill says:

    Leave it to Leonard Pitts to declare that IRS targeting of individuals and specific groups is not a big deal. (It would be if the targeted were of a liberal bent, however)

    Leave it to Leonard Pitts to decide it doesn’t make any difference that people died in Benghazi because of politics or that a President directly lied to the American people about it.

    Leave it to Leonard Pitts to do the standard finger pointing to irrelevant issues so as not to have to address Eric Holder’s outlandish handling of his job, which to my mind includes perjury.

    • wjca says:

      On the contrary, he does say it is a big deal. He just also says that even a big deal can be over-hyped (as is happening), especially when you charge forward based on belief rather than waiting for evidence first.

      Not to mention that, if you start from the premise that the President is the source of all evil and should be impeached, you are less likely to investigate in a manner which will reveal what actually happened. And that means that you are less likely to find the evidence that does exist (if any) which would actually justify the actions that you want to take. In short, the approach that Congressional Republicans are taking is not just wrong, but stupidly counter-productive.

      • mike says:

        Holder caught red-handed with AP, Rosen. Not a belief.
        IRS caught red-handed with targeting in several locations not just one, told it came from Washington, and a Lerner pleading the 5th. Not a belief.
        Benghazi, not explaining talking points or who authorized them changed and why only one call to Clinton that night, no pictures of Obama in war room(sure had them for Seal 6), etc.. Not a belief.

        More evidence will become more apparent as time goes on. I can’t agree on your statemet: “you are less likely to investigate in a manner which will reveal what actually happened”. Evidence will beget more evidence. This impeachment thing is being overblown by the left. What we want is the truth, the facts will speak for themselves.

        • wjca says:

          Except that this column isn’t addressing the AP situation. Nor Benghazi. It is talking about the IRS. And what exactly happened there is not, that I can see, clear. Certainly nobody in the Cincinatti office, where the problem occurred, has said anything on the public record about who directed them to act as they did.

          And the reason for my skepticism about the investigation comes from the chairs of the various committees which are investigaating. All of whom appear, from their statements, to take as a given that the actions were ordered directly from the President. If you assume your conclusions, you will tend to ignore evidence which points to a different conclusion — not just here but in an investigation, no matter what the field.

          • mike says:

            It makes no difference which scandal, all the same, abuse and tone comes from the top. Interesting to get your take on 157 visits to WH by IRS Shulman, 40 from Sibelius, and about the same from Clinton. 118 of the 157 were in time frame when Conservative were targeted. If it was about Obamacare why wouldn’t have Sibelius not been there. FYI, previous IRS commissioner visited the WH once.

            First in wasn’t just in Cinci, it was in two other IRS offices and Washington, documents show. Washington Post

            Second, in interviews with congressional investigators agents he/she said it came from Washington. Agents claim they are too micromanaged to be able to do it themselves.

            You can send me to videos of congressional chairs saying the President involved, Right???

            I haven’t assumed conclusions, just repeating what is known. If evidence is shown with a different conclusion then they will pay for the lies. I don’t see this happening.

          • wjca says:

            “Interesting to get your take on 157 visits to WH by IRS Shulman”

            Once you pick up on the fact that most of those visits were to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building part of the “White House Complexc” for which the logs apply, rather than to the White House itself, and that Shulman was involved in recurring meetings regarding how Obamacare would be implemented, it becomes an utter non-issue. Of course, if you ignore those details, and prefer to embrace paranoia, reality doesn’t matter.

          • mike says:

            I never said he met with Obama. Obama modus operandi is his underlings do all the work, he just learns about in newspapers. 39 visits on Obamacare.
            No paranoia here, just know this admin. lies better than any other admin., ever.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Another denial? Did you remember to pre-edit your post before denying you said something, liar? Or did you – for once – not really say it? If so, maybe a very very small taste of what you’ve been shoveling.

          • mike says:

            Another denial, more delusion on your part or just can’t comprehend. Just read the the first line: “Interesting to get your take on 157 visits to the WH”. Where does it say Obama? Is your catnip getting stale???
            Shoveling only the truth.

            I see you haven’t challenged the other points.
            Just have the WH release their records. No big thing!!!
            Where’s your litter box? Time to get the crap out of head.

          • sigrid28 says:

            You do not need to be spoon fed the videos, rude Mr. Waiting-on-the-videos. If you are so interested in seeing the hearings for yourself, look them up yourself. Go to, where they may all be viewed intact, just as they occurred. Your insistence on trotting out Republican talking points suggests to me that you have no interest in verifying what you have been told on Fox News, etc. If you could just find direct, word-for-word quotations to prove what you have said, others on this comment thread might take you seriously.

          • mike says:

            Three scandals, Sibelius hitting companies up to pay for implementation of Obamacare(extortion, fraud or massive conflict of interest), private email addresses by Obama appointees to conduct business that are hidden so they will not be part of records required for Freedom of Information requests.
            Just keep that TRANSPARENCY COMING!!!! Now that is funny!!!

          • sigrid28 says:

            Your refusal to look at the videos proves that you do not care about verifying Republican talking points. You believe anything Fox News and Republican spokespersons say. Transparency is there for you to check out for yourself, but you refuse to do so. Then you complain that there is no transparency. Everything else you say until you watch the hearings for yourself is just stringing along Republican talking points, or put another way, a waste of your time and ours.

          • mike says:

            There you go again, making assumptions.

            What is laughable is your lack of response to my last post. Nice try sigrid 28 or is it Sieg Heil.

          • highpckts says:

            PROVE he lies! Tell us how you know so much and the public doesn’t except for the GOP! Bush didn’t LIE about WMD’s ! Please! Every politician lies!

          • mike says:

            Just look at his statements on Obamacare, none were true. It seems every time he opens his mouth another untruth.
            On Sequester he lied, people making less than 250k won’t see their taxes raised, we’ve excluded lobbyist from policy making jobs. You want more I’ve got them.

          • darkagesbegin says:

            first, he is incompetent and should be impeached. Now he is so on top of things that he is the best liar ever and should be impeached. You want him impeached because he is not a Republican or a tbagger. You guys can’t win with failed ideas, so you buy, lie cheat and steal and impeach your way into power. American democracy is dying little by little, due to Rove and Koch and all the wealthy who found out they could manipulate markets and manipulate “facts” to fool the foolish.

            My only hope is that at, 58, I go before Democracy does.

          • mike says:

            I never said I wanted him impeached. I never said he was on top of things, what I said he set the tone for all branches of govt.. Obama appointees, left wing partisans, using private email address outside the purvey of Freedom of Information act to conduct business-AP story. What we are seeing is an admin. out of control. Chris Matthews put it: “ship with the Engine off”, “loves on the road, campaigning, visiting business, doesn’t like dealing with cabinet, members of Congress-either party, doesn’t seem to like being an executive.”.

            Yes, democracy is dying and the republicans are at fault, what a crock of bull.

            Who has added 4000 new regulations, who wants the American people to know what Obama wants them to know and no more, Who has charged more whistleblowers than any other admin.-after saying they were patriots and acts of courage and should be encouraged not stifled, to keep the govt. honest. Candidate Obama 2008

            Yes it is dying and it is not just one party causing it.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Makes no difference to a moron like you, but some people might like to discuss the issue at hand.

          • mike says:

            As to the issue at hand, it will be a short conversation with your raddled head.

          • Lynda Groom says:

            Another problem with your comment is that the White House cleared Shulman for 150 something affairs or meeting. In fact he visited 11 times in four years. Big difference between what Billo Reilly is saying and the facts on the ground.

        • Chredon says:

          Holder caught red-handed getting a warrant to gain access to information that might lead to identifying the person leaking classified information to the press. CHECK!

          IRS caught red-handed putting extra scrutiny on tax-exempt applicants whose applications indicated that they would likely be engaging in activity that violates tax-exemption rules. CHECK!

          Benghazi, releasing the entire chain of E-mail that show how the press release was handled. I don’t know why the lack of a War Room photo matters – you think he’s covering something up because he DIDN’T have a war room photo? Did Bush publish a photo from the War Room the day we invaded Iraq?

          And when Daryl Issa says, in his OPENING STATEMENT, that someone needs to go to prison over this – you know there’s not going to be an open-minded investigation.

          • mike says:

            First paragraph, they already knew who the leaker was. Holder used unprecedented use of a criminal activity against Rosen doing his job, lied to 3 judges to get affidavit. AP tremendous overreach for information, several offices, 100 pus journalists,etc.. CHECK!

            Likely, is the appropriate word. No BOLO sent out with the conservative names, Right! Obama half brother approved in one month, even though he ran an illegal foundation claiming tax exempt for 3 years before applying for determination(must apply with in 27 months), agents saying came from up the chain. Lerner taking the 5th. CHECK!

            Changing of talking points shows deception, lies, and cover up. Anything not to recognize the al Qaeda attack. If this is really the most TRANSPARENT ADMIN. release all from that night, calls, emails, locations of all, and let the public be the judge. Nothing to hire, Right?? Bush, was talking to the American people.

            When all is out and there was illegal activity then, Yes some one should go to jail. If not, then the Republicans will face the consequences.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          And you caught – without your assignment, and trying to cover for the fact that you have nothing by overhyping a lot of hot air. But that’s no surprise.

          • mike says:

            I hear the DRIP, DRIP, DRIP of proof of THE LIES COMING FORTH.
            You only wish it was just hot air. NY Times last Sunday didn’t think so.
            How about the 49 million spent by IRS on meetings and line dancing. Obama admin. out of control.
            Keep trying little Putty Tat.

          • Lynda Groom says:

            Yeah right, before the IRS headed off for their meeting they call the President and asked for permission. What a load of twaddle. Apparently you have no idea how agencies work within government structure…and they have for decades before Obama was ever born. All of this stuff did not just start in Jan of 2009.

          • mike says:

            I know that a few people in Cinci. and other IRS could not have done this on their own. Explain Lerner taking the 5th. Explain agents telling conservative groups that it was coming from Washington. Explain how Washington wanted files sent to them(from agent interviewed by congressional investigators). Just find the truth and tell the American people. Shouldn’t be hard from the most Transparent Admin. ever, Right.

          • highpckts says:

            Not again with the drip, drip, drip!! Boring!

          • plc97477 says:

            I don’t know if he has sinus trouble or incontinence but I wish he would get it looked at.

        • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG says:

          Apparently Issa and the Republicans can not handle the truth.

          Benghazi – the talking points – that is the scandal? Was there an ongoing CIA outpost there and that was what the intelligence community was protecting. Why would the President cover up the talking points, to what end. Republicans lost the election because the Majority rejected their economic “trickle down” policy, their foreign policies, wanting to privatize SS and Medicare, their Social Issues policies, their suppressing the vote and trying to legislate their Religious beliefs on all or us.

          IRS – none of the Tea Party applications were denied. We of course are not discussing the fact that these groups/organizations were in violation of the law as written by Congress in the early 50’s. Also the only applications denied were that of groups that were Democratic. I agree that no side should be targeted, but I also believe that the 501(c)4 status should be removed.

          Holder and the AP, well did they break the law – NO. Should the press be publishing leaked documents that put our men and women in the military in danger, or undercover operations in danger or put or allies in danger = no they should not and the person who leaked it should be held accountable. With the way the Media – tv, radio and print just report opinions as fact, do not check their sources stories, only present half the story etc – they are their own Scandal.

          • mike says:

            Obama lied to the American people as to why and who attacked. For two weeks same old message. Clinton looking at the caskets and the families of those fallen and said it was over a video. Region in turmoil and Obama Admin. unable to protect our citizens. NO 6th fleet, NO MEU’s, they were there in 2011 when F-15 went down in Liyba, Mr. Hick’s said Clinton sent Steven’s to consulate. Why meet Turkish Amb. in Benghazi not in Tripoli? Who order the talking points changed? America deserves answers.

            IRS is to be impartial. Rules and regulations broken. BOLO only mentioned conservative groups. Agents admit orders coming from Washington. Lerner taking the 5th.

            Holder overreached on both AP and Rosen, lied to 3 judges to get affidavits, lied to congress that he knew Nothing, nor would he ever do such a thing. AP held back on story at request of Admin., FBI already knew who the leaker was in Rosen case. Now don’t forget about Stuxnet, Seal 6, Kill list, and drone attacks leaked to the press, all from the WH(only a very very small group knew) and no one arrested to date.

            None of the above are opinions. You wish they were but they are not.

          • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG says:

            Did anyone run
            out during the attack or immediately after the attack and ask the attackers
            what group they were with? Did the intelligence community make assumptions or
            guesses as to who these people were affiliated with? The rest of your comments
            republican accusat5ions – not substantiated. Why did Ambassador Stevens turn
            down additional security – twice? Was there a CIA facility there they were
            trying to protect? President Obama
            called it an Act of Terror – day after in the Rose Garden. Where is the documentation proving that Obama
            told them to change the talking points?
            So far only proof is that the intelligence community changed the Talking
            Points. Opinions are not fact or
            proof. Talk about lying to the American
            People, Reagan and Iran/Contra and Bush/Chaney/Rice and the Iraq war because of
            non-existence of weapons of mass destruction.

            Three Democratic Groups applications denied, NO Conservative Groups denied.
            Agents are covering their ass, who ordered it in Washington? Name –
            documentation – again no proof has been provided. “Washington, DC (June 2, 2013) –Rep. Elijah
            E. Cummings, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government
            Reform, issued the following statement regarding Chairman Issa’s claim on
            national television this morning that interviews with workers in the IRS Cincinnati
            office show targeting of conservative groups was a problem that was coordinated
            out of Washington headquarters:

            “So far, no witnesses who have appeared
            before the Committee have identified any IRS official in Washington DC who
            directed employees in Cincinnati to use ‘tea party’ or similar terms to screen
            applicants for extra scrutiny. Chairman Issa’s reckless statements today
            are inconsistent with the findings of the Inspector General, who spent more
            than a year conducting his investigation. Rather than lobbing unsubstantiated
            conclusions on national television for political reasons, we need to work in a
            bipartisan way to follow the facts where they lead and ensure that the IG’s
            recommendations are fully implemented. We must have a sincere effort to uncover
            the truth so that we can restore the the public’s trust in the IRS.”

            AP – no law was
            broken. Has not been proven that Holder
            lied, and is still being investigated.

          • highpckts says:

            Oh give it up! You keep repeating the same lies over and over ! Trying to make something out of nothing! Lame! The GOP have no agenda except to embarrass the President! Why don’t you just admit the truth! He’s black and you can’t stand it! No scandals, just plain vindictiveness !!

          • mike says:

            Not lies, scandals aren’t going away!!! Too many unanswered questions.

            The lameness is on you to see it as a Black issue, the issue is the corruption of the most Transparent Admin. ever.

            It is going to be a long hot summer for the admin.

            As to talking points, emails show the 11 changes. Go see them on the web.

            As to Benghazi, Libyan President told CIA that night who was responsible.

            Act of terror, he said “no act of terror will shake the resolve”, never did affirmatively state that Stevens died because a terrorist attack. Interviewed by 60 minutes and The View never used the word. Shouldn’t be hard to find those interviews.

            IRS- Lerner took the 5th. Very problematic. Wait till IRS people put under oath, committee already has agents statements.

            More is coming for you to deny.

            Nice try though. Keep trying!!!

          • Lafollette says:

            It’s right to support teachers, but the one that filled you with unwarranted self-esteem deserves to be tarred and feathered.

          • mike says:

            Teachers taught most of us to question and find the truth. You must have missed those years.
            Keep going for the emotion rather accepting the truths or proving them wrong.
            Keep trying. You can do it!!!!

          • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG says:

            They are theories, facts and accusations. Perhaps if Issa and other Republicans would stop trying to make a scandal they would ask the right questions and get the answers. Also when it comes to Issa and his friends if they don’t get the answer they want than it will never be enough.

            Sorry but the lameness is on you if you can not see that race does play a part in this. Listen to the comments made during the primary and the general election.

            11 changes – who made the changes the intelligence community. Where is the proof that it came from the White House? There is none, and lets just say it did, what would be the purpose????

            Okay so the Libyan President told CIA and wasn’t it his responsibility as the President of the Host Country to supply adequate protection for Embassy personnel. Perhaps the US intelligence community wanted to substantiate by our own intel what the Libyan President said.

            So your saying that “no act of terror will shake our resolve” means that we the American people would think that Ambassador Stevens died because of a headache? Again, why isn’t the focus on ensuring we have better security on our Embassies rather than not saying the word Terrorist? What difference would it have made, he did not win the re-election because he did or did not say Terrosists and by who, he won because a Majority of the people rejected the Republican Platform on economics, foreign policy, social issues and their wanting to force their religious beliefs on all.

            Lerner took the 5th – wow and that proves what? Again if you listen to other than Fox News, Beck, Limbaugh a Democratic member or the committee said ” So far, no witnesses who have appeared before the Committee have identified any IRS official in Washington DC who directed employees in Cincinnati to use ‘tea party’ or similar terms to screen applicants for extra scrutiny”

            I am not in denial – I want facts not accusations that have not been substantiated. Oh and by the way why did you ignore my statement “Talk about lying to the American People, Reagan and Iran/Contra and Bush/Chaney/Rice and the Iraq war because of non-existence of weapons of mass destruction.”
            Have a nice weekend and lets stop boring the rest of the posters with our opinions and repetitious statements.

          • mike says:

            There are facts and accusations-fact: IRS admitted targeting conservative groups, fact: agents have already said targeting came from Washington. Fact- Lerner taken the 5th only means there is something more to this story. .Much more to come get your popcorn out. Yes, at this time no officials have been identified but they will.

            Race not a part of the opposition to Obama. Keep drinking the Kool aid.

            I can see you haven’t looked at the emails changes between the WH, State Depart,CIA. Purpose: Obama had said al Qaeda on the run earlier, etc. Wanted to deceive American people in an election. DUH!!!

            Libyan President: who would know better than him what happened that night. Why did it take a month to get FBI in? Go read the NY times 12-12-12 and read about the Libyan forces being “weak, lightly armed” and their ability go against the Militias.

            Email written Sept. 12 to senior State Department officers by Elizabeth Jones, acting secretary of state for Far Eastern Affairs that she had told Libyan Amb. it was Ansar Al-Sharia that attacked and is afflliated with Islamic terrorists. This email read aloud by Trey Gowdy in Congressional Hearings.

            Obama won with the help of a lie. Probably would have won any way but he lied. American People have the right to know.

            The report by Mullen and Pickering have addressed the security needs only.

            As to not responding to past administrations, it is your form of distraction, change the subject when you have a losing hand.

            The topic is this govt. and its corruption.

            Even TY Times on Transparency states the Obama has now lost all CREDIBILITY. Pretty harsh from Obama’s biggest supporter. This even after they “tweaked” it from original editorial posting.

            No, you are in denial

      • montanabill says:

        It would not take two days to have evidence if the Obama administration would quit stonewalling. You need to read my post again, I said nothing about Obama or impeachment. Obviously, you think it will go that way or you wouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Leave it to you to claim people died in Benghazi because of politics, when the only evidence of that which might be true is the slashing of security funding for embassies by your buddies.

          Leave it to you to ignore “targeting” of opposition by previous Republican administrations and ignore the fact that those “targeted” by the IRS as you claim were all approved, while some liberal groups were not, not to mention that this took place under the IRS administrator appointed by Bush.

          Leave it to you to ignore that none of these groups were eligible to receive the status they sought under the statute until it was deliberately misinterpreted by a Republican Administration.
          Leave it to you to whine about your taxes and the waste thereof while your Republican buddies waste millions trying to build a mountain out of anthills, and you ignore or justify every other instance of Republican waste on the grand scale.

          Leave it to you to think that anything “to your mind” is anything more than delusion, greed, selfishness, and hypocrisy.
          It would take two days to collect the evidence necessary to convict half of the upper level personnel in the previous administration (including president and vice president) of crimes against humanity, gross malfeasance in office, and perjury in their oaths of office in a sane country where people considered evidence fairly regardless of politics.

          • montanabill says:

            I will continue to claim that until the people who made the decisions are identified and come forth to testify to the contrary.

            Next, get your facts correct. No budget was cut and the State Dept. admitted money was not a factor.

            The rest of your rant is exactly that, a complete rant. The kind that a child uses when caught with their hand in a cookie jar.

          • highpckts says:

            Oh for God’s sake! It’s like talking to a wall! You have several people tell you the truth and yet you insist on your paranoid versions! Have at it! You don’t want or even care about the truth! So take your paranoia else where!

          • montanabill says:

            I must have missed the sessions where the answers came out. Since you apparently didn’t, maybe you can provide me the answers:
            1. Who (specific name please) denied additional support when it was requested and who (specific name please) actually reduced it?
            2. Who (specific name please) issued the stand-down directive?
            3. Who (specific name please) was behind the idea to tell the video lie on national TV and force the President to repeat it days later?

  2. elw says:

    When I firstheard of the IRS “Scandal” I actually thought there might be a problem. Thanks to the Republicans I am not sure if there is a there in the IRS story. All I know for sure is that there is a group of about 400 applicants that has taken a variety of an unusually long time for acceptance or denial of their applications and that a number of them are considered conservative, but not all. Having helped company’s apply for 501 (C) statuses I know that some applications take longer than others and that some people should never be granted the status. So for me there will not be a “there, there.” until someone shows me the proof that there was misbehavior and how it was directly links to the President’s Administration. If the GOP keeps up it ranting and raving soon no one will be listening or even care about what happened, but a few crazy, radicalize Conservatives on their usually witch hunt against Democratic Presidents.

  3. charleo1 says:

    So, what’s Boehner, and the T-Bags doing over at the House, now that
    the economy is doing a bit too well, for Boehner, to start off every morning
    crowing, where’s the jobs, Mr. President? Cock a Doodle-Do nothings!
    I guess with all the exciting scandals, they figure no one is noticing they
    aren’t doing any better, at actually doing their jobs, this year, than they did,
    last year, or the year before that. Is obstruction to win a Presidential election,
    any less obstruction, when it’s done without any excuse at all? The GOP
    acts more like a feuding couple. When behind closed doors. They are fighting
    like cats, and dogs. And, when, the “couple,” must make a public appearance,
    They titter, and giggle for the cameras. Speaking of nothing but the scandals.
    And flirtatiously hinting to their pie eyed, devotees out in Fox Land. The one
    word that sets their little hearts pumping faster, than any other. Impeachment.
    What a complete bunch of idiots!!

  4. The worst thing that can be said about the initial reaction taken by the administration on the Benghazi tragedy is that they assumed the attack was influenced by the same reactions that took place, simultaneously, throughout the Islamic world as a result of an offensive film made in the USA that defamed their prophet and elicit violent reactions. Most importantly, with the exception of people with close financial and human ties in the area, nobody knows for sure what motivated the attack. The people responsible for the attack have not been identified or arrested, therefore, the only “evidence” we have is speculation. When Republicans claim that we now know the attack was not influenced by the film, their claim is limited to the fact that the administration succumbed under pressure and agreed with the claims being made by the GOP.
    The IRS “scandal” is under investigation and reaching conclusions with knowing its cause and scope is dangerous to say the least. If some civil servants engaged in inappropriate behavior and abuses of power they should be disciplined, but what has emerged thus far does not suggest their actions were the result of a well organized witch hunt. What we know is that some Tea Party organizations lied in the applications for tax exempt status. Did some Democratic political organizations do the same and we allowed to get away with it? I am unaware of any. The larger issue is why are these organizations, regardless of ideology, given tax exempt status?
    The AP reporter incident is a desperate attempt by the Tea Party to find wrongdoing where only progress and, in this case, precautionary steps or vigilance are evident…and required to find those responsible for the attack in Benghazi and limit the probability of more terrorist attacks.

    • plc97477 says:

      The IRS “scandal” may have hurt the gop etal more than it has helped because it brought to the attention of everyone the way the 501cs were being used and it seems a bit shoddy.

  5. Jay293 says:

    Why do all liberal columnists start with an obligatory condemnation of the so called IRS targetting of conservative groups. Everyone knows that “Tea Party groups” are political groups. The IRS was merely doing its job to categorise at least one set of applications. Other groups including liberal ones may not have such consistent keywords to identify. The real scandal to my mind is that these so called tea party groups are not even really political but more like money making wheezes. I feel sorry for the simple conservative voters parting with their hard earned cash to these cons.
    While we are on this, it is mind boggling how no one talks any more about the real voter suppression (not these phony IRS ones) that many Republican states openly and publicly indulged in. To my knowledge these groups are upin arms because these poor dears were harassed and tehir feelings were because the IRS asked them more questions. Many of these groups were themselves involved in voter intimidation and suppression.

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