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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh, to be in Afghanistan again, when the poppies are in bloom!

If you need a symbol of how America’s decade-long war is going in this faraway land, look no farther than the beautiful fields of red poppies flowering so bountifully there. Unfortunately, that bounty symbolizes a failure of an ambitious Western initiative against the Taliban forces.

  • kymyah

    Actually under Taliban rule they had the Poppies numbers way down, they wanted to clean it up, and were doing a pretty good job until the U.S. Military Complex Machine, got over there and then by coincident I guess, Afghanistan now produces 90% of the world opium supply.
    The Elite are the ones pocketing the money to buy more weapons to cause more conflict in the world.It’s the same people that stole the gold under the WTC buildings and the same ones that stole the Iraq gold as well.
    Same people that set up a bogus Bond back on Sept. 11, 1991,which was a 10 tear bond, using gold illegally as a backing.Gold at that time that didn’t exist. Follow the paper trail..opps, sorry that information was located in the WTC tower and building 7. The payment anyway was due Sept. 12, 2001. People you need to look around.
    If you buy the crap that a bunch of rag heads living in caves caused 9/11, then we don’t stand a chance. Are those the ones that graduated high school but they can read? Pretty much a bunch of Dumbasses. And they let them vote……

  • LindaTift

    The drug war has been an abysmal failure world wide and continues to be a drain on the american tax payer and our treasury.