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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

53 Responses to Al Franken Shouldn’t Resign

  1. Only Democrats realize it was all in fun. The Republicans don’t have a sense of humor. I am sure this wasn’t the worst prank that been done to her.

    • I agree.
      Did someone at FAUX talk her into making it more than what it was.
      Did she get embarrassed when Franken didn’t deny that the incident happened, but only said he didn’t remember the incident as she did, but if he harmed or offended her, he apologized.
      Which begs the question, are any actresses (or actors) who have a love scene or kissing scene with another person, going to cry foul when they have to retake a scene. and they belong to different political parties.
      Will it become another call of ‘sexual’ something.

      • I agree.
        Did someone at FAUX talk her into making it more than what it was.
        Did she get embarrassed when Franken didn’t deny that the incident happened, but only said he didn’t remember the incident as she did, but if he harmed or offended her, he apologized.
        Which begs the question, are any actresses (or actors) who have a love scene or kissing scene with another person, going to cry foul when they have to retake a scene. and they belong to different political parties.
        Will it become another call of ‘sexual’ something.

        //// and just say this . what if she was in love with AL and she was the one that did the tongue trick her self what would be known about it today ? not many men at all would complain about a women doing that to them . if thy did others might say are you gay or something like that . again who knows ?

      • Roger Stone, king of sleazy right wing smearmeisters,knew about her accusations in advance. Anyone connected to him should not be believed without a lot of corroborating evidence. Tweeden is a frequent guest on Hannity and a Trump supporter. She has made her living by portraying herself as a sex object, first as a Hooters waitress and calendar girl, a Fredericks of Hollywood model, doing a nude layout for Playboy so forgive me if I doubt that she was offended by doing a skit which required her to be kissed, or to rehearse it. (You have to take her word for it about the tongue part, which given the Roger Stone connection I am not willing to do.) The stupid picture seems to be a take off on a dumb Steve Martin Saturday Night Live skit.
        USO tours have always played on women as sex objects for horny guys, going back to Bob Hope. That was why she – and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders – were on the tour. So color me skeptical that Tweeden was really offended. And her coming forward can only help her career. Funny how after Franken said he wanted an investigation she said she accepts his apology, he should not resign, etc. I would bet she does not welcome an investigation because it may well show that she protests too much.

    • Only Democrats realize it was all in fun. The Republicans don’t have a sense of humor. I am sure this wasn’t the worst prank that been done to her /// sure the gang of pinheads=GOP have a sense of humor a very sick and sad one thy STAND BESIDE DUMP 45 the sadist JOKE OF ALL TIME and if she was excited at all about the tongue trick (which so would been maybe not admitting it ) you would never known about this . one thing I can see and understand ( still not being morally right ) she very well could said this for who knows just free advertisement for her radio show . who knows ?

    • All in fun? That’s a valid defense?

      Then Hitler must be absolved of guilt, because he was having fun when he began persecuting Jews, Gypsies and anyone else who offended his perverted sense of humor.

  2. I said it elsewhere, what he did was typical of the time, the nonsense behavior, overt comedy sexual things. It doesn’t make it right or acceptable.
    He did the correct followup.
    This is way more than can be said about Trump, Moore and others in the GOP.
    He should stay, and as long as the GOP continues to condone behavior like Trump’s and Moore’s and others that have done similar stuff – groping in the dark, overt sexual approaches – people like Franken should stay.

    • As I have said, context is everything.
      Franken was being comical.
      Even a pie in the face in the proper context is acceptable.
      What Moore, Weinstein, even comedian Louis CK was about was male empowerment.
      The thing I don’t get is why was it necessary.
      In Moore’s case, I can’t help but think this guy was caught into that finding a virgin thing.
      I don’t know what was Weinstein’s motive, letting someone know that he could make their career or break their career thing?
      If that’s the case, then this guy, with all of his fame was one very insecure puppy.
      Louis CK….was it a spur of the moment thing to see where his actions would go?
      Women aren’t turned on by looking a a guys penis nor touching or feeling it unless in the thrones of passion.
      As the truism goes, it’s not the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean.
      There has been guys in my life that were yachts, but if I had been a virgin, i would still be one. The only thing they succeeded in doing was making me mad.
      I just don’t get it.

    • So Franken was “typical of his time” and that absolves him of blame, according to the liberals? Once again, liberals prove themselves to be immoral pigs who will excuse any disgusting behavior by liberals.

      Face it liberals, Franken is a piece of garbage,

      • OK constipad, can you read. I said it was not right or acceptable. Doesn’t absolve him of blame.
        You people are showing your ignorance left and right.

        • Richard, this idiot is probably another Russian bot out there trying to stir up trouble! Personally, what Al Franken wasn’t right, but I certainly don’t think he was considering it as sexual in nature when he did it…..after all, he was a comedian on SNL and many comedians on SNL and during that period were oftimes telling jokes that were not appropriate. I’m sure there are many other comedians of that time that did much the same thing and just have not been called out on it. I respect that he’s admitted his wrongs, sincerely apologized to both women, and has said he would work with the Ethics Committee if necessary. This, unlike our current president and his buddy, Moore, both of which have vehemently denied what is blatantly the truth!
          Yes, Senator Franken should be penalized in some way, but to ask a very good senator for his state to step down is ridiculous in this particular case. He could be censured by the Congress or fined…..and I’m sure he’s definitely learned much from this and has said so!

          • Oh, I was aware when I replied. The reply was more to start a new descriptive word for these people…
            — constipad
            They lo e calling anyone who has common sense and can read and can apply logic and can see that someone (Trump) is lying most of the time.
            – conservative constipated between the ears –
            All feel free to use it.

        • Prescott:
          You’re an ignorant liberal who cannot communicate adequately in English, so you invent idiot words.
          You and dumb “dpaano” make a good pair.

          • First, you are an assumptive ass. And since you constipated between the ears conservatives love calling everyone who disagrees with you a “libtard” or just everyone with a differing opinion a liberal just who is the inadequate one here.
            Then, since you constipads love making your own words up, just what is your problem with someone else doing it?
            You modern day so-called “conservatives” are not even close to what the real conservatives were.
            And, nice try with the pseudo name change. When you grow up come back.

          • I don’t fabricate anything. I don’t need silly non-words to express my thoughts.

            The English language is sufficiently flexible to accommodate the feelings that I want to convey.

  3. The former Fox reporter says he kissed her during a 2006 USO skit but went too far, tongue inserted where it wasn’t wanted. (Note to men–and women, too–unless you’re in the throes of hot passion, grinding face to face–both of you–don’t try to stick your tongue down someone’s throat. Coming as it does, unexpected and/or unwelcome, the recipient will gag on what feels like a cold, slimy slab of liver. You must know that by their reactions. Just don’t do it.) /// this said one has to also look at the other side . many may call this all the nasty things thy want BUT believe it or not there are people that would like something like this to happen to them could and im sure might very well excite so men & women for something like this to happen (where do you think kinky comes from ?) weather one admits it or not its still to each their own . not saying that she liked it or wanted it to happen . BUT AGAIN different strokes for different folks . would something like this tend to excite some one else man or women ? im sure it would . BUT one has to know that the kiss was talked about and it was an OK answer on it weather the tongue was or not still the kiss it self was OKED by her . As for the pic well again AL FRANKEN’s is a comedian weather it was funny or not at the time it was taken it was meant to be funny a joke . so may say a bad joke . but back when it was taken in 2006 the pic im sure a lot more people would of laughed at it then today . from just the comedian doing it . heck I laugh today . as for the groping part that I didn’t see pretending yes groping NOPE NOT AT ALL . im sure if ity was a groping then she would of woke up and either hugged AL or slapped him . the same thing should of happen with the ok kiss that turned into a tongue trick also . then she could of slapped AL . and she could of been just in doing so . what DUMP 45 is or did try to do ,(I remember years ago there was this kind of toy snake like thing you lite it up and it grew real big and long ) that was the DUMP45 hoping for his ill comment of AL’s picture . like that perverted , rapist ,women beater , women sexual assaulted of at least 12 (im sure that list could grow into triple figures 100 and then some ) and not even the part of DUMP 45 being a racist , bigot , pathological liar . that’s just the plus or minus to the POS character. for the DUMP 45 pee for brains head thinking he could over blow AL’s issue to over look his own pile of B/S miles high and wide . just shows how much a stupid MORON HE IS

  4. The Al Franken sensation can be a teachable moment. He can be a powerful voice against sexual harassment if he tells his story over and over again, just like the teens who drive drunk and kill someone have to tell what they did and how their actions hurt others. I believe in restorative justice. I hope that Franken will be allowed to make a difference in the lives of the abused giving comfort and a voice, and and the possibility of change to the abuser.

      • Please go back to your basement in Russia and try to find something else to complain about because this isn’t working for you! Both Moore and this illegitimate president have done worse things to women than Senator Franken, and they refuse to admit it and take the blame and apologize like REAL men! They’ve also done it to MORE women than Senator Franken! When they decide to man up and admit their actions and apologize as sincerely as he has….then I might have respect for them. Until then, I have MORE respect for Al Franken for standing up and taking the blame and sincerely apologizing for his actions.

        • Franken is a pervert who got himself into a compromising situation and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

          Stay tuned. As this situation goes on, more and more of Judge Moore clones will crawl out of the woodwork.

          • )))) (more laughter).
            Every post you’ve made here is untrue, probably including your claim to have voted for Ms Clinton. Who with any intelligence would give your malicious and ignorant assertions the slightest serious consideration?

  5. Look closely at the pict (download and zoom in using a photo viewer) you can see a shawdow under each of F’s fingers. So he wasn’t grabbing and prob not even touching – at least at the instant the photo was taken. If the Repubs don’t believe Moore’s multiple accuser then no reason why they should believed F’s single accuser, a Fox commentator at that.

    So, sure, let’s have a full investigation of F contingent upon a parallel full investigation of the molester in chief in the white house.

  6. If repentance can lead to forgiveness and especially if divine forgiveness can hold open the pearly gates then lowly humans that we are—and some of us claiming to emulate Jesus should know this lesson— can forgive Mr Franken since he is sincere and thus worthy of the forgiveness of his peers. That said I have no doubt that the worst among men: those whose nature is to lie and deceive—will deny forgiveness even if repentance is sincere. They will reveal their true nature in this matter by the severity of their judgement and for them there shall be NO mercy in the end

  7. Al Franken is one of the finest Senators now holding office. His past, as everyone knows, was full of pranks — some funny, some not. He left that past several years ago when he became a senator, and has fought for the rights of every single person in this country ever since. To even encourage his departure is an indication that the encourager has no feeling at all for the needs and wishes of the American electorate.
    Al Franken should be kept in office — as long as he wishes, as long as he continues in the exemplary manner which has shined throughout his tenure.

    • What is nauseating paean to a piece of filth. You liberal jerks would vote for Adolf Hitler if he were to return from the dead and pass himself off as a liberal.

      • Unfortunately CPANY, your ilk already voted for Hitler when you cast your vote for Trump. Democracy as we know it is fading fast under his administration. You’re just probably too uninformed to realize this!

        • I voted for Hillary, not because I like her but because she was the lesser of two evils.

          You assumed that I voted for trump, but evidently you forgot the adage: “When you ASSume, you make an ASS out of yourself.

  8. I certainly don’t condone what Al Franken did, but I firmly believe that he sincerely apologized and realizes the error of his ways. He was a comedian….many of them have probably done something along the same line…..but none of them are Senators. However, Al Franken has been an excellent senator for his state….one of the finest senators in our Congress, and I would hate for him to resign or be asked to leave. Republicans are clamoring to have him thrown out, but they have totally disregarded the big elephant in the room….Donald J. Trump, our pseudo president! He has totally denied his actions, called the women involved liars, and has done NOTHING to show that he’s aware of what he did and has learned from it. Al Franken has learned, and I feel positively that this is a wake-up call for him that he will never forget or repeat. Please do NOT resign, Al…..this country needs you (and even needs MORE like you)!

    • I can understand that this could of happen but your talking what 11 + years ago . at a younger time as for me id of found this I little funny maybe . condone it today ? more likely not . then there’s a lot to go with this as I posted one can look at this first it was ok’ed by her the kiss part 2 the pic blow it up and I don’t see AL touching her . a joke yes meant to be I believe weather one see’s it as a joke or not to each their own ones choose . this all comes down to the casting of the first stone ones with out sin ! as you stated lovely lady as to how many of these ones that are judging have done thing like this in their life ? and how far back would it have to go for it doesn’t matter ? example maybe walking anywhere with a lady or girl or what ever and friends behind you then one pretends for a laugh to take their hand and touch the females butt . as for how I see Al Franken’s as a senator when I first seen him running it was kind of like a joke I guess . just knowing Al from SNL then I said well look at what’s in office now all comedians just the ones in there are BAD COMEDIANS sad joke to represent the USA and thought AL couldn’t do no worse then the CLOWNS in office now . it was an ok thing for me . then I was surprised by him . he is a very intelligent guy knows a lot and I feel he is a great one to be in office . as for DUMP 45 the GOP are so sad closing their eyes to a real life and a full time women abuser and sexual assaulter in DUMP 45 party over country sick their moral thrown out the window into THE DUMPSTER

    • Baloney! If that disgusting moron Franken hadn’t been so horny for adolescents, he would still be in Congress. Kick the bum out.

      • Apparently, you didn’t read the article….neither of the TWO women who came forward were adolescents. Both were adults. He did NOT sexual assault them, rape them, or whatever. What he did was, at the time, probably considered comedic in nature. Senator Franken has admitted to the improprieties and has sincerely apologized. He has also said he would meet with the Ethics Committee if necessary. What you don’t seem to understand is that what Senator Franken did was NOT on the same level as Moore or even our illustrious psueo president! The only difference is that Senator Franken admitted the wrongdoing, apologized, and is willing to do whatever it takes to clear it up…..unlike either Moore or Trump! Both of which, by the way, have NUMEROUS women coming forth in lieu of only the 2 that have come forth regarding Senator Franken! Maybe you want to talk about your president’s sexual assault problems…..after he gets out of office, he has several suits pending by several women!

          • Your note is just pathetic projection from a REAL buffoon. No facts, just your idiotic claims, none of them supported by facts. Dpaano outclasses you in brains and in every other way by a wide margin, and you can’t face it or even make a coherent defense for yourself, so she’s a “buffoon.” You’d probably vote for Hitler if he ran on the GOP ticket. After all, you likely voted – if you voted at all – for an ignorant, malicious, dishonest, and mentally-ill Trump when he did.

      • If morons like you knew what they were writing about – or did someone write this for you – they would know Al Franken is still in the Senate, not to mentionyour idiotic claim his victims were adolescents a la Moore and Trump (walking in on undressed Miss Teenage America contestants).

  9. Glad to see things haven’t changed here at NM as the standards remain the same. If not for the double standards there would be none at all

  10. Al is basically a good guy, but after the second accuser he’s gotta go, if only to set a standard for Mr. Moore and others.

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