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Sunday, April 22, 2018

41 Responses to Alabama State Rep. Wants To Prosecute Moore’s Accusers

  1. What is this strange and demonic force which has so deranged the minds of Republicans in America? What does it say about child-rearing in the South that those who are now adults are so screwed up in their thought process that all that attendance at church with such regularity would lead one to think that it’s OK to blame the victims for the atrocious behavior of men?
    And what is it with those women in the South—and elsewhere in the country–who feel obliged to condone sexist behavior and to easily dismiss rape? Does the combination of growing up in segregated environments such as in Alabama, and being a Republican, result in a toxic chemistry that strips so many southerners of their sense of decency that they no longer can discern what is appropriate, as clearly outlined in the New Testament, from what is indecent and vile?

    I am beside myself with this scum who wants to prosecute the women for daring to admit that they were sexually abused by a depraved and debased Roy Moore. Christianity is taking a severe beating, its image sullied beyond repair, ever since the South privileged class decided to block efforts to remove Jim Crow with the active complicity of churches throughout the south. Churches which felt it was, and is, a duty to separate the races, and which encouraged parishioners to continue berating and denigrating women in order to appease southern men’s animal instincts.

    And as well, besides the complicity of the church, might part of this disease which Roy Moore, this degenerate Alabama state rep, and those women who still support raping of women, be a result of “ghosts” of Alabama’s demonic past as a result of such atrocities as the bombing of the church in Birmingham in the 60’s which killed 4 innocent little girls?
    Not to mention Selma, and KKK activity throughout Alabama and the rest of the church-going South. Alabama must have a lot of unfinished atonement for its sordid past which may account for the spate of irreligion masquerading as Christian piety which suffuses the South, and the rest of the nation.

    • Alabama is a state with a long history of being ignorant, arrogant and male dominated. My opinion? Seal it off and nuke it.

      • As a lifelong resident of Alabama, I strongly object to your “solution.” I agree that Alabama has a long history of being controlled by ignorant and arrogant chauvinist males, but so do many (if not all) of our other states. If we’re going to seal off and nuke every state that is controlled by ignorant voters and male politicians, will there be any United States left to finish off the nuking? Perhaps your state might be next on the list after Alabama.

        • Living in Alabama, you might not know this, but even though every state has racists, most of them never got by with murder in those states. My state treats people who make racist remarks like they would treat someone farting in church. If you are that ignorant, you keep it to yourself. In my state no one is afraid to defend minorities. Living in Alabama, you wouldn’t know that.

          • I would love you have you in my state. However, if I made it sound like Shangri La, it isn’t really. It is one of the reddest states in the union. We have eight hate groups, but they came here from other places. At one time, we had such a vocal neo nazi group that when I was travelling with my job, people asked me about them. They had located in the great north woods where they built a compound. It was isolated from prying eyes and they were developing a military to drive minorities out and take over the country. We marched against them. They celebrated hitler’s birthday with a parade. No one came. All the businesses closed until the parade was over. A Native American woman, and her young son were driving down one of the forest roads and the aryan people ran their car off the road and beat them up. We were screaming for justice. The Southern Poverty Law Center came and filed suit against the aryan nations and the woman won their compound. They left. The difference from us and Alabama, we can actively fight against these groups and we do. We won’t have our houses burned down if we speak out. I live in Idaho. We are backward, but draw the line at organized hate.

          • WOW! thank you idamag. Your story is so full of hope….keep telling it to those of us who are on the verge of losing hope.

          • Sadly, that was then. The crud, WAR, came into our city and put disgusting racist flyers in windshields years ago. Our city reacted as one. The mayor formed an ad hoc committee to address racism in our community. The committee called for all citizens who were against the flyers to tie a blue ribbon on their door knob. There were blue ribbons everywhere. I knew a member of that committee and since this is something I care about, I asked he to ask if I could join them. Word came back that anyone who felt as strongly as I did would be an asset and come along. We went from a bunch of chair warmers, looking for something to put on their resumes to a proactive committee. We had a float in the parade. We had a heritage day at a park. We started a children’s program Then along came a mayor who said we no longer had a race problem in our community and disbanded the committee. We had incidences lately and there was no committee formed. What made me feel bad is that only three letters to the paper condemned those incidences. I wrote one of them.

          • What a disgusting and cowardly act by a cult of impotent racist men who only feel man enough when they gang up on a woman and child. It is my fervent hope that justice, both secular and Divine, will bring down the hammer on these racist cowards who are a plague, and are friends of Donald Trump and the GOP.

          • You can google “Aryan Nations, Hayden, Idaho.” They were also guilty of drug selling to raise money. They were behind some robberies. They went across the border and beat up a visiting dignitary from another country who was Black. They had a murder on them. Of course, the organization denied the people, committing those crimes, were acting on their behalf. I say God Bless The Southern Poverty Law Center and Morris Dees. Morris Dees has had more than one contract put out on his life, but he continues to fight for justice and against hate. Learn all you can about that organization. I give them all the money I can.

          • We’re all desperately seeking refuge of some kind or another from the madness which Trump, the GOP, and their racist cohorts are raining down on the nation.
            Unfortunately, in America, we can run but can’t escape the tentacles of the octopus of Racism, which extend from coast-to-coast, north to South, down to Puerto Rico, up to Alaska, and over to Hawaii. Even Putin and his Russian trolls are in on the action.

          • I have been pondering the roots of racism and I always seem to hit a dead end. I’m sure you have some insights …can you share? If we want to root it out we have to figure out where those roots are. Maybe I’m just naieve, but I cannot understand it.

          • Not everyone in Alabama is as ignorant and racist as you seem to think we are. I do know enough about other states to know that there are plenty of places outside the Deep South where racists are not only tolerated, but accepted. And I know plenty of lifelong Alabama residents who consider making racist remarks far more intolerable and unacceptable than farting in church. Many of us consider labeling all Alabamians as racist bigots to be just as much a sign of blind bigotry as labeling all blacks as lazy and ignorant. As for getting away with murder, you might check out the history of racial riots in the United States. It seems there were quite a few more racial riots in which whites were rioting against, and killing, blacks, than the other way around, and such riots occurred in many states, including a substantial number outside the Deep South.

          • Be honest. If you were in a group using the N word or harassing a minority, would you dare speak out? Hate and racism exists in all states, but it is how they handle it that makes the difference. If a group of white deplorables had hung a Black man, in public, here, they would have been charged and probably found guilty of murder.

          • You’re right. Not every black person is a tom, nor does racism apply to blacks who have never been in a position in social evolution terms in the West to be racists. And there are plenty of great “Africans” with white skin who I implicitly recognize as my brothers and sisters—even members of the KKK. This is the new way of thinking we need to adopt—what Baha’u’llah refers to when He says that this is the Day which will see the rise of a new “Race” of beings—humans who despite their outer appearance come to automatically connect with the inner humanity and see all as members of the same human family.

            Difficult at first it will be to achieve this [wow! I sound like Yoda of Star Wars], but inevitable is this transformation.

        • good points and I was just being snarky, for the record. I spent 4 years in college at Vanderbilt and believe me, I know it’s not just certain Alabama cultures.

    • Aaron,

      It is indeed rare that you give into the temptations toward violence. Forgiveness for such minor failures is easily obtained.

      I disagree that Moore shows any failure in child rearing in the South. You were raised in the South and you are a man to make any parent proud.

      Rather you are more on point when you suggest that Moore shows the depth to which Republicans will go to defend the “team”. It shows the value that Republicans place on politics. Were Jesus to arrive today, He’d not throw the Money Lenders out of the Temple; He’d throw out those handing out the political tracts.

      • If you disagree with failure in Moore’s child-rearing, that would mean that you agree that he was raised properly. I never advocate violence my friend, so I don’t know how you came to that conclusion. What I describe is a figure of speech to convey my outrage. Outrage isn’t violence—only when it translates to action of physical force does it become violent, or if my speech incites others to commit violence. SO let’s be clear about that important distinction.

        Now, as to the question of Ray’s upbringing, one who understands the dynamics of the interaction of the mother with the child knows the power she has on influencing which direction the child will take later in life. And if the child is physically abused as a child by either parent, this leaves scars on the child’s psyche that will manifest itself later in life at some point. If the child grew up in an environment where the father abused the mother, we have ample evidence that such an abused child grows up to abuse others.

        Therefore, it is a grave error to completely disassociate parental upbringing from my future behavior. Pf course, it is quite possible that my parents may have done their best to raise me but that I might to poor choices countermand that upbringing. After all, I do have free will to do the right thing or the wrong. But it becomes harder to choose the wrong thing if your parents made extra effort to show you the right way to behave and how to speak.

        • I certainly did not mean to offend. Merely that you are rarely violent in thought, much less deed. Everyone is subject to thoughts of anger, and if sin it is,it is one easily forgiven.

          Lots of people were raised in the South. You and Moore among them. Thus I submit, there is no universal failing just because one is raised South of Mason’s & Dixon’s Line. See MamaBear who suggested incinerating the millions living in Alabama. That is not how Mama truly believes. But it shows some of the anger of these times.

          We may debate later if Moore’s failings, actions, sins, are the result of his parent’s teachings or whether they are the choices he makes. I submit that personal responsibility means that we accept the consequences of our choices. I further submit that Moore’s life has been a series of unfortunate choices. His disputing the current allegation while reveling in his other choices only shows the depth of his obliviousness.

          • Entire communities, like Birmingham, Alabama, burned, bombed, lynched and burned crosses on people’s lawns. So there might be good people in the South, but the majority might not be. A woman lied (because her husband told her to) and got a fourteen-year-old beat to death and with overwhelming evidence, of the perp’s guilt,the all white southern jury acquitted the murderers. We found out about it because there used to be journalists honest and brave enough to expose it. Life Magazine did spreads, with pictures of a community standing around like it was a party because they had just lynched a Black Man. They showed Emmett Till’s murderers (after the murder acquittal) in the Baptist Church where one of them was a deacon passing the plate.The recent events where the KKK and the nazi party are marching with swastikas is pretty good proof that the south hasn’t changed. They sunk to the bottom of the swamp and trump freed them.

          • Ms. ida, you hit a key point. I deny that entire communities bombed, burned, and lynched. Because the victims of those bombings, burnings, and lynchings were members of the community as well. We are one community. We are one people. When you accept the division of a community into “them” & “us”; you’ve halfway made the haters case for them. With two groups there might be made an argument for competition. With only “us”; there’s no grounds for hate.

            Bad things have happened and are happening to this day. But the answer to violence is not more violence. The answer to Hate is not more hate.

            How do we fulfill the commandment to love one another? By returning good for evil. By seeking the repentance of the haters. By getting the hands of hate off the levers of Government.

            I know you & Mama Bear are better than the desire to kill millions indiscriminately. The same South that brought us Moore, brought us President Carter and our friends Aaron & Beethoven.

          • I am not advocating violence. I don’t know if you dare speak out against those injustices in Alabama, but you need to admit they are there. I can speak out because I have no children to be harassed because I did. If you are a good person living in a bad community, then why are you trying to say the ugly, the violence and the good are who we, the community are? During the church bombing and house bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, there were a few people (few as in one or two) who associated with Black people and one of them had his house burned. There were good people, in Chicago, during the 30s, but did they say, Al Capone is who we are? We are one. You don’t embrace the nazis, the murderers, and the like, by saying they are your community and you are one. Yes, Our present government validated those horrible excuses for human beings, but you don’t embrace that.

          • Ms. ida,

            It’s an important consideration to me.

            Once we divide our communities in to Black/White, rich/poor, Left/Right, whatever, we’ve made distinctions that can only injure. Once you admit that there is an “us” and “them”, you’ve agreed that there are different “tribes”. Once you admit there are different “tribes” there is a justification for competition between them. That pretty much requires that you try to advantage “us” and disadvantage “them”. That in its turn pretty much requires separation of the groups to insure the peace. But that’s the very definition of the need for apartheid. That’s the argument Malcolm X made on insisting on a Black Homeland. But the reverse of Malcolm’s argument is the segregation proposed by the Klan.

            That’s something I little understand, but what I can figure out of it, I don’t like at all.

          • Clarification: are you saying that this primitive tribal division is a god thing? There are different races and religions in the groups, I associate with, and I don’t think any of us see color. O

          • Violent in thought is OK to me and to any other man sensitive to the abuse of women. Angry thoughts, when channeled properly and without a call for retaliation in kind, are necessary. Any man who would remain silent, or chooses to look at this in a restrained and academic manner is a sign to women—or in the case of racism directed at black people—that men are not willing to express that anger. This sends a signal to women—and to blacks—that one is unable to share the pain the victims have to endure.
            I would hope that all decent men will be as angry as I, and won’t hesitate to express their disgust when it comes to abuse of women. Politeness in the face of sexual abuse is UNACCEPTABLE.
            Western men need to learn to be comfortable with moving beyond just being objective and academic, when it comes to registering the appropriate responses to oppression. This can be done by voicing anger in a resolute and measured manner.

      • Remember Loretta Lynn was fourteen years old when her parents signed consent for her to marry that thirty something Boo. Then there was Jerry Lee Lewis. Put that together with roy moore and it seems a picture is emerging.

    • Isn’t it also strange that millions of women, with no self respect, voted for a habitual sex offender to be POTUS?
      Cream rises to the top in a pot of milk, but scum rises to the top in a swamp. The Repugnant Party is now a swamp.

        • Since the swamp was infested with crocodiles and alligators, POTUS has been left with them after draining it. Look at his multi-billionnaire cabinet.

      • And championed him by wearing t-shirts with an arrow pointing to their southern comfort zones, saying, “Trump can grab mine.”

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      • It is exasperating having to process women-for-Trump’s adoration for him and being robotic in their response to rape and other forms of sexual abuse. Why so many women can be OK with rape and not blink an eye in light of Trump’s debauchery and bragging about it escapes me.
        One would think that such women are only anatomically women, but lack empathy for fellow women. Conservatism and that “Old Time Religion” are a deadly mix which these women have willingly imbibed.

  2. I remarked on one post that roy moore’s behavior would become the new norm for those Bible thumpers in the Bible belt. One person pointed out that teen marriage by older men was done in Biblical times. Now those ameners and praise the Lorders are wanting th victims sued for speaking out.

    • Is it any wonder that SNL did a parody on Roy Moore and made the people of Alabama look like a bunch of hicks.

      From the WaPo:

      SNL’s Roy Moore sketch is one big joke about Alabama being backward

      There is still a very real chance — if not likelihood — that Roy Moore will be elected the next senator from Alabama. This despite The Washington Post reporting Thursday on a detailed account of a woman who says Moore initiated sexual contact with her when she was 14 and he was 32. Members of the state GOP are standing up for Moore, after all, with some even saying they’d support Moore if the allegations were true.

      And for that, “Saturday Night Live” made Alabama the butt of a series of jokes in its cold open this weekend.

      “Voters in Alabama will never elect someone who’s had relations with a minor,” the Vice President Pence character says.

      “You sure about that?” asks SNL’s Roy Moore, dressed in a leather vest and cowboy hat.

      “No,” Pence admits.

      Pence later tells Moore: “It’s hard to convince people that you’re
      not into young girls when you dress like Woody from ‘Toy Story.’”

      After Pence tells Moore he needs to “do the right thing” — a clear suggestion
      that he should drop out of the race — Moore responds, “All right, if
      everyone thinks I did it, I’ll marry her.”

      Attorney General Jeff Sessions, played by Kate McKinnon, then makes an appearance. The man who used to hold the same Senate seat Moore is seeking tells him, “I’m Alabama, but you — you, sir, are too Alabama.”

      By the end, just to drive home the point, Sessions pulls out a stuffed possum that he calls “papa” and seeks its advice.

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