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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

“You inspire me.”

Those tender words were spoken to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on the Senate floor last week, the same Ted Cruz who jabbered for more than 21 straight hours, infuriating leaders of his own party and edifying his national image as an egomaniacal crackpot.

Nobody outside of Texas likes Cruz except the Tea Party troglodytes to whom he panders.

“You inspire me,” the buffoon cooed to Rubio, a future foe in the 2016 race for the White House.

At which moment Democratic campaign strategists surely fell to their knees whispering, “Thank you, God. This is too good to be true.”

The Cruz-Rubio bromance played out on C-SPAN in the wee morning hours last Wednesday during Cruz’s marathon tirade against Obamacare. Florida’s junior senator popped up like a blow-dried gopher to speak for almost an hour and give Cruz a break.

Rubio’s appearance was another calculated suck-up to the right-wingers who scorned him during the immigration debate. Days earlier he had backstabbed Miami-Dade Circuit Judge William Thomas, a gay African-American, by abruptly withdrawing his support for Thomas’ nomination to the federal bench.

Rubio claimed he’d changed his mind about Thomas’ “fitness” because of concerns about the handling of a DUI case and a rape case — though even the prosecutor in the rape case said the judge had followed the rules. (Rubio’s vast credentials in criminal trial procedure consist of an unused law degree).

By aligning himself with Cruz, whose self-styled filibuster epitomizes the partisan paralysis in Washington, Rubio further diminished himself in the eyes of moderate Republicans who yearn for a fresh and principled voice.

Ironically, the potential rival who benefits most from Rubio’s naked groveling is his mentor, Jeb Bush. Although he hasn’t announced whether or not he’s running in 2016, Bush is smart enough to watch the unfolding Republican train wreck and know that none of the current lightweights has a chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

The batty Cruz is being seriously discussed as a frontrunner based on his hijacking the Senate floor and saying, among other things, that accepting Obamacare — a law passed by Congress — is tantamount to placating the Nazis in Germany.

In another burst of bloated vanity, Cruz compared his mission to defund healthcare reform with John F. Kennedy’s vow to put a man on the moon. Having plenty of time to kill, Cruz also read to his kids from a Dr. Seuss book.

It was the only memorable thing to come out of his mouth in 1,279 minutes.

  • John Pigg

    I remain a conservative who believes in fiscal responsibility. That being said, what the House is doing is absolutely and unequivocally absurd. Only 20% of the ACA is discretionary spending anyway. This law was passed, and in front of the Supreme Court of the United States it was authorized. I do not like the ACA, but unless you can figure out what you want to replace it with, how about you don’t shut down the government.

    The President does not have to negotiate with lower House Party leaders over an issue that is finalized. The American people are not with you on this, you want to destroy the GOP, go for it, but don’t whine about how I didn’t vote for you in 2014, and 2012.

    • johninPCFL

      They have simply played out the strategy that was planned during the 2010 election, as verified by several available online video clips. This has been the direction and intent for years, and they finally pushed Boehner into a corner and got their way. Congratulations.

  • docb

    Have been seeing this for months…the lies from the right have had the scabs ripped off the wounds and they are bleeding profusely! NO ONE BELIEVES A WORD THE RIGHT IS SAYING BUT THE IGNORANT OF THEIR OLD DWINDLING BASE!

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Here is a typical week in the House:

    9 AM – Call to Order.
    10 AM – Hold a vote on defunding the ACA
    11 AM – Break for lunch
    2 PM – Return from lunch
    3 PM – Hold a vote on defunding the ACA
    4 PM – Adjourn until Thursday

    9 AM – Call to Order
    10 AM – Hold a vote on defunding the ACA
    11 AM – Adjourn until Monday, unless this is the last day in July in which case they adjourn until after Labor Day, or if this is the Thursday before Easter in which case they adjourn until June.

  • midway54

    Carl Hiaasen knows the Florida scene well. As to the infernal Rubio, an opportunistic tool of the Plutocracy’s teabagger and redneck ignorant pawns who voted him into the Senate, millions of Floridians can hardly wait to vote him out just as they will Rick Scott, the hairless cipher holding the title of governor.

  • midway54