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Sunday, December 17, 2017

5 Responses to Americans Flocking To Obamacare Sign-Up Site

  1. Trump keep attacking the ACA, a popular program, and celebrating every time it looks like it will hurt people. Just over half the senate supports it but because it was passed under Obama it must go so Trump can feel great. Amazing just how selfish and uncaring one man can be.

    • As citizens see all the efforts to eliminate the ACA, it has become even more popular. And look at the alternatives presented by Congress, which included tens of millions losing coverage! Now that they see the original criticisms from GOP when it was first passed are untruths, they support it.

  2. Because the sign-up period has been shortened and less publicity is being given to enrollment, Jimmy Kimmel has been publicizing it on his show; however, he has called the program Trumpcare. Apparently, some of his viewers have not understood his ironic approach to the issue and have criticized him for deserting Obama’s program and instead pushing Trump’s. They must think that he is encouraging them to sign up for one of the horrible programs which did not pass Congress. Of course, those programs would not be eligible for enrollment as they did not become law. With the health issues of his son, he has become a major proponent of health care coverage for everyone so he has kept on encouraging enrollment in “Trumpcare” despite the criticism.

  3. tRump has not been successful, so far, in publishing, tweeting or otherwise communicating any truthful statements to the American people.

    So sad. So sad.

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