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Saturday, December 16, 2017

WASHINGTON — Ted Cruz’s faint hopes for a first-ballot Republican convention victory are all but mathematically impossible, thanks to Donald Trump’s big New York win Tuesday. The senator from Texas would now need to win almost every delegate awarded in upcoming primaries to reach the 1,237 needed for nomination at the July convention. Cruz was in…

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz reacts to the primary election results from Florida, Ohio and Illinois during a campaign rally in Houston, Texas March 15, 2016. REUTERS/Trish Badger

9 Responses to Analysis: Cruz Can Forget A First-Ballot Win As Trump Soars

  1. Let’s hope the SOB can forget any future wins and is relegated to the dustbin of history as he so richly deserves.

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    • Sand, we still need him to do well at least a couple more times, otherwise THE DONALD could capture a 1st Ballot victory.

      • I understand your concern, but Cruz scares me more, though perhaps he’s a less-viable national candidate. Trump seems to me a loudmouth blowhard playing a part (i.e., telling the crazies what they want to hear) to bolster his ego with another “accomplishment” to add to his [largely imaginary] list.I think his failings as president would likely be more of the blinkered ugly American lacking awareness and genuine concern: a dangerous and embarrassing president, but not one with the true-believer malevolence of Cruz. I can picture Cruz personally turning the wheel on the rack.
        The other downside to a Trump loss might be the nomination of John Kasich. I believe Kasich to be a sane and fairly rational guy with some common sense and compassion, who might actually have a shot at winning over those sick of the downright sleaziness of the campaign so far. He would likely at least not be an international embarrassment, but the US absolutely cannot afford ANY Republican as president at this point. Kasich is also too much of a believer in too many of the GOP’s economic and social dogmas; his main virtue seems to be a deficiency in the overwhelming malice that characterizes the GOP leadership, but that won’t save us from the disastrous GOP policy positions he is likely to support.

  2. The only person who thought Ted Cruz could capture a 1st Ballot win that wasn’t named Ted Cruz was Heidi Cruz.

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