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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Here’s all you need to know about the Miami Dolphins’ outrageous scheme to publicly finance renovations at Sun Life Stadium:

Donald Trump thinks it’s a great idea.

The team features a quote from the ubiquitous gasbag in a big advertisement touting the football stadium makeover.

They’ve also attacked auto tycoon Norman Braman, who fought a fierce fight against the Marlins Park ripoff, and is poised to do the same against Sun Life.

The Dolphins insist their stadium package isn’t nearly as stinky as the one that produced the new baseball park in Little Havana. They say Sun Life needs $199 million in state funds and tourist-tax revenues as part of a $400 million project to upgrade jumbo monitors, reconfigure the seating and construct an open-air canopy.

(In addition to providing shade, a canopy could be slyly designed to block the view of TV cameras in the MetLife blimp. That way, the rest of the country could no longer see the embarrassing acres of empty seats at Dolphins games.)

The team only plays eight times a year at Sun Life, unless it makes the playoffs, but the renovation isn’t being done for local diehard fans. The mission is to attract another Super Bowl.

And, just like the Marlins, the Dolphins will do anything to prevent a public referendum on the stadium project. They know it’s unpopular. They know it would get crushed at the polls.

The team’s only hope is to keep the decision with the politicians, whose judgments can be cosmically affected by lobbyists, campaign donations or VIP treatment in a skybox.

That’s how the Marlins ballpark got built — by strenuously avoiding the voters, while avidly courting city and county commissioners.

Supporting that deal was one reason Carlos Alvarez, then Miami-Dade’s mayor, got recalled from office. He has since taken up bodybuilding, which is one way to discourage former constituents from hassling him about the stadium.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is trying to distance himself from the Marlins debacle in a PR blitz. He proposes using public dollars to finance 49 percent of the football stadium renovations, compared to the 75 percent public funding of the Marlins’ stadium and parking garages.

However, the new baseball facility belongs to the public, at least on paper. Ross privately owns the Dolphins’ stadium.

He wants a $3 million annual subsidy from the state’s general fund (enough to cover the team’s property taxes), and an overall hike in Miami-Dade’s mainland hotel tax to 7 percent from 6 percent.

That extra 1 percent would go toward remodeling the football stadium. Ross says he’d commit $201 million in private funds, although some of that would likely come from the NFL’s brimming coffers.

Despite anemic attendance, the Dolphins are still making a profit. Yet the team also has a heavy debt load, partially left over from a $210 million facelift done in 2007 by then-owner Wayne Huizenga.

Annual debt payments are soon set to jump from about $9 million to $20 million, but Dolphin executives assert that no money from the proposed new project would be used to pay down the old loans.

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80 responses to “Another Boondoggle In The Works”

  1. charleo1 says:

    Probably no where does the culture of corporate welfare stand in such stark relief, as when some
    of the wealthiest people in the Country come hat in hand, asking the public to build their sport franchises a new stadium. Actually, they don’t usually ask the public. They ask city councils, and
    State Congresses for the money. They know what the voters would tell them. Not that handing
    money to billionaires is anything new in Florida. Governor Rick Scott, a wealthy former hospital
    chain owner, who’s company has the dubious honor of having the largest fine ever lodged aganist
    a health provider for Medicare fraud, ran as a T-Party candidate, with the slogan, “Let’s get to
    work.” And did he ever! One of his first acts as Governor was to feign outrage at the stimulus money. And momentarily turn it down. And with his T-Party credentials now established, he
    took the money. He then proceeded to lower corporate taxes by a third, and shell out hundreds
    of millions of dollars in corporate handouts. Creating his own budget deficits, he then used as
    an excuse to lay off thousands of teachers, cut Medicaid payments to nursing homes, and public
    hospitals, and the already bare bones, CPS, Child Protective Services. Plus, he didn’t forget the
    State’s unemployed. Where he made qualifying, and filing for benefits harder, and required
    anyone receiving public aid to first pay for, and then pass a drug test. (The fail rate was .04%)
    And wound up costing the State 110 million dollars in reimbursement costs. He also cracked
    down on the most egregious, to the T-Party anyway, that big Socialist program of free school
    lunches for poor kids. Believing, I guess, that this is where all the dependancy on government starts. And we might as well root it out, right off the bat!

    • Mikey7a says:

      I totally agree with you on your remarks about the Governor, and I think using Donald Trump was a huge gaff, but Linking Sun Life to Rick Scott’s nonsense is just unfair. The truth is, if we host Super Bowls, and NCAA Championship Games, or as in 2014 on, NCAA Playoff Games too, then Dade County stands to make their money back in just a few years. Keeping your NFL Stadium modern, and up to date is a very sound investment for the Greater Miami Area.

      • charleo1 says:

        Yeah Sure. Scott’s cutting, and withholding Medicaid funds from our one public hospital,
        in a County with some of the highest uninsured population rates in the Country. So, the
        County has to pick up the tab, is kind of unfair to lay at Governor Scott’s door, if it wasn’t
        the truth. But the facts are, as a County we are not covering the basics. We just borrowed
        1.5 billion to fix our schools, and our water treatment, and sewer system, built in the 1930’s, needs an overhaul slated to cost 2.1 billion. The real truth is, as the wealthy class
        demands the poor to suck it up, and quit depending on the government, I don’t think it’ll
        do Mr.Ross any harm to take part of his 4 billion dollar fortune, and invest in his own
        hobby. He’s no better than the able bodied slacker that rides the disability system set up
        for the truly disabled. You know there are worse things than missing a Super Bowl.

        • Mikey7a says:

          charleo1, you misunderstood me I think. I was, and never will defend ANYthing Governor Scott does. I cannot wait to vote him out. I was saying don’t put Mr. Ross in the same breath is all. Every NFL team asks for help from the City it lives in. I am a card carrying Democrat, it just so happens on this subject, we tend to disagree.

          • charleo1 says:

            Actually, you are right. All of these teams have received help from their Local, and State
            governments. And in ordinary times, the sports teams, and a big beautiful stadium say
            some very positive things about the communities they are located in. As a kid in Missouri
            watching the Orange Bowl Parade, the 75 degree weather, and palm trees. Well, I made
            up my mind I was someday going to leave those nasty winters behind, and never look
            back. Well, I did look back, but made my career in South Florida. So, I absolutely do get
            where you’re coming from. My thinking is, there are so many other places the County
            needs to be spending our money on right now.

    • Germansmith says:

      Yes, Scott is a corrupted SOB
      But the stadium has to do with the County, not the State.

      like it or not, rich bastards create jobs. What we need are smart politicians to keep them from ripping us off….too much

      • Pam Buzbee says:

        yeah they create minimum wage jobs that then require food stamps in order to survive. check ot the scam for payment most restaurants pull for salaries for their workers.

        • idamag says:

          Pam, and everyone else on this board: Some chain restaurants really rip off thier employees. A waitress is paid much less than minimum wage because she is expected to make up her wages in tips. Some restaurants like Johnny Carinos find ways to dip into her tips. Instead of the restaurant paying the busboys, the waitress has to give them a percentage of her tips. One restaurant expects the waitress to give 1% to the manager. I ask waitresses, when I go out to eat at a new place, who has thier fingers in their tips. In my community the local restaurants keep their greedy fingers out of the waitresses tips. I avoid chain restaurants for that reason.

      • charleo1 says:

        Well, how much the State decides to pay the County for Medicaid, Schools, Law Enforcement, does involve the budget. And since these stadiums tend to use the same
        speciality builders, that travel around the Country doing this work. The local jobs
        turn out to be low wage, part time work, controlled by the vendors who split the proceeds
        with the owners. So there’s your,”fat bastard, jobs.” The real jobs are created by a
        well paid work force, with enough dispensable income to buy a new car, eat out once
        a week, or fill that new home up with furniture. And a multi million dollar stadium
        does very little to improve a communities’ overall financial standing. In fact, these
        “great deals,” are always accompanied by an increase in ticket, and parking prices.
        Now, I love football. But these deals are little more than than asking families to help
        support a very wealthy man’s play toy. When they are more concerned about the
        how they are going to be able to pay the rising costs of tuition. Because the State cut
        college funding. See, it’s all connected. Miami-Dade Country just passed a 1.5 billion
        bond issue to fix the county’s crumbling schools. While the depression era built water
        and sewer system awaits the council’s decision on 2.1 billion dollar overhaul. And,
        Ross the club owner says he’ll pitch in a couple a hundred million. When he’s worth
        4 billion, and it’s his stadium! It really is insane.

      • tobyspeeks says:

        Supply and demand creates jobs. Don’t let the “rich bastards” fool you. Actually, it’s too late for you.

        • Germansmith says:

          I have been in business for many decades and I was born and spend my firts 15 years in a communist country where ALL the economy was the government. Everybody have a creed and a truth…but very few people can offer facts…here are a few for you.
          Socialism obtain equality by making everybody equally POOR. Just government officials are above all and benefit from the system.
          Pure Capitalism is equally as bad, as the powerful exploit the poor and ignorant to acquire more power that it is good for the society.
          Regulated Capitalism is one where we allow the talented and intelligent to do well
          as long as their endeavors benefit and cause no harm to society.
          The poor and ignorant DO NOT create anything.
          The rich and powerful create jobs and wealth. What kinds of jobs they create depends on Supply and Demand (remember this next time you are buying in Wallmart because the stuff is cheap because is made in China).

          I would rather spend 100 millions in an Stadium making sure we get a Good Deal for the money and an adequate number of good paying constructions jobs, OR in education also making sure it translate in a more educated workforce (not a more powerful better pay teachers’ union or more people with a liberal art degree) than 50 millions in welfare, food stamps or undeserved disability payments (the new welfare)

          I do not think this makes me a right winger and we all be better off if we show more respect to other’s people opinions even if they difer from yours

          • tobyspeeks says:

            Why are you lecturing me? I agree with most of what you said except for who creates jobs. In most cases entrepreneurs start companies based on supply and demand. Not the other way around.

          • idamag says:

            There is a whole lot of difference in entrepeneurs and multi-national corporations that swallow up the small business and ship jobs overseas.

          • tobyspeeks says:

            I agree with you too. But multinational corporations didn’t start out as multinational corporations. They saw what was in demand and grew from meager beginnings and hard work.

          • idamag says:

            Toby, there is a little naivette here. It might be a dream that if you work hard you can become Haliburton, but it does not work that way. We used to have anti-trust laws that prevented a rich business from underselling a budding business and causing it to go under. I don’t suppose you have ever heard about hostile takeover. The present oligarchy prevents to budding businessman from getting anywhere. We haven’t had real capitalism for a long time. Every community has watched walmart come in and push the smaller businesses out.

          • idamag says:

            germansmith, I never trade at walmart. Everyone who trades there should thank the girl at the cash register for helping pay for their bargains.

          • Germansmith says:

            I also do not buy in Wallmart if I can help it
            It is surprising a lot of people that are complaining about poverty, low wages and unemployment spend their money there not quite getting the point that Wallmart is one of the main sources of poverty in the US

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Problem is, is that I know more than enough people who make big bucks at one of our local companies here who could very easily shop at other stores.

            Yet at the same time, these same Wallyworld Shoppers are die hard union members who complain the company is loosing business.

            Seems to me these people are pure hypocrites by shopping at a non-union store which is the second largest trading partner of China’s and communist to boot.

            They love waving the Flag but’ll stab you in the back by buying communist.

            I can’t fault Wallyworld for what they are doing – it’s legal. However, the main enemy of this country is probably your own next door neighbor.

      • foot814 says:

        think : “Peter to pay Paul” but remember we are both.

    • jarheadgene says:

      After the last election cycle…anyone who doesn’t realize what a Piece of SHIT Rick Scott is, has their head—-up their ass! But he is a a state official and isn’t this regarding county seats and city council. How greedy can all these billionares get? HYPOCRITES…it is OK for them to ask taxpayers(the shrinking middle class) for more money, to do frivolous things, but not OK to increase their(2%’ers) taxes…..HYPOCRITES. Boy oh boy, HELL just keeps getting more and more reservations per day.

  2. CoolHead says:


  3. JUDITH says:

    Business as usual while the country teeter’s on poverty.

  4. Jim Lou says:

    Corporate welfare.

  5. Germansmith says:

    Miami-Dade does need an improvement to Sun Life stadium if they are going to compete for the important events in professional and College football. This will also create new constructions jobs that are needed. People need to remember our key industry is tourism.
    BUT…What Miami really need are honest capable politicians that are able to negociate good terms for the county.
    Maybe Drew Rosenhaus agent for football players can teach them a few tricks.

    Eliminate poverty by creating jobs, not by handing out money.

  6. Dianna S says:

    Entitlements…….BAD!!!!……………….unless it is for the rich.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Corporate Welfare, unlike government welfare, is a revolving door with no foreseeable stops. With Corporate Welfare, taxpayers get to fund corporate subsidies while Boards of Directors and CEOs plot out their next budget with a huge dollop of federal tax breaks, loopholes and the inevitable subsidies they feel entitled to. This is the most outrageous exploitation and extortion of taxpayers in US history. Last year, we handed over $150 billion of our tax dollars to corporations who craftily hid their profits in covert umbrellas and offshore tax free rigging. These corporate games are bleeding the Middle Class dry. When they get these tax cuts, in any form, the Middle Class must then struggle to fill the gaps left in incoming tax revenues.

    We have become a corporate enabler society. We do not punish this skankology. We fine them. This is where the door begins to revolve endlessly. They pay fines for getting caught with their hands in the tills but there’s zero loss because tah dah…they’ll just increase the cost of their goods and services…on consumers who are already paying for the gaps in tax revenues as taxpayers and on employees these corporate thugs dump the cost of benefits on. And all they have to do is cry poverty and wail like banshees and we jump on the bandwagon to hand them more tax cuts, more tax loopholes and more tax subsidies…all while they figure it into their budgets and voile! A nice chunk of change left for another round of salary increases for these hotchas.

    Does it ever occur to Americans that you can boycott those who would keep you in hardship for another 20 years?

  8. Germansmith says:

    put it in the ballot Carl?

    Obviously you have never learn to never underestimate the stupidity of large groups of people.

  9. old_blu says:

    This is an easy one for me to decide if I like it or not, if Donald Dump likes it, I hate it.

  10. ARNIE says:

    Billionaires need your tax money to make more billions

  11. Bernd says:

    It is time to stop greedy idiots like Donal Trump. This womanizer who must be thinking we are all stupid. America wake up and stop these kind of greedy people on the voting poll once and for all!

  12. Bernd says:

    It is time to stop greedy idiots like Donald Trump to think we are all stupid and ignorent! America wake up and stand up against people like thes womanizer Donald Trump!

  13. ivory69690 says:

    why in the heck (or how )do ppl. with so much money get tax payers to pay for their fields ? and do the tax payers get the money back in any way ? should be something by way of a law that the tax payers get their money back . like the bail -out the banks got and the auto company did pay bach with intrests

  14. ivory69690 says:

    The Dolphins insist their stadium package isn’t nearly as stinky/// so a litter stink is better ? a stinks a stink if it stinks then dont let tax payers pay for if . what is this another form of the GOP ding-dongs feeding the greedy bastard rich more money ?

    • idamag says:

      At least with litter stink, you can empty the box and put in new litter and it doesn’t stink.

      • neeceoooo says:

        Wonderful analogy

        • BDC_57 says:

          good morning friend I was rembering when the twins in mn. wanted a new stadiam and the govener at the time to go stick it there ass he said they made alot of moneyto build ther own,the twins said will move and the govener told to go that his people did not need pay for ther stadium.

  15. Nate says:

    400 million for the dolphins? they stink. I guess when they use tax payer money to benefit themselves it’s all right. but to help the poor home owner whose house was distroyed by super storm sandy they squawk. This is what I call hypocritcal. government help to benefit themselves is all right, but not for the rest of us.

  16. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    Don’t feel too bad Miami.

    Cleveland got stuck building 3 brand new stadiums within a few years of each other.

    All new:

    Football (the Browns haven’t won a Superbowl in many years.
    Baseball (the Indians haven’t won the big one in years).
    Basketball (the Cavilers were going strong when LeBron almost won within one game) but no longer. He got disgusted with the team and left.

    All of these stadiums were built using taxpayer money and a concept called Sin Tax.

    In each case, it was promised it would help the School System, which it never did.

    In each case, within a few blocks of these stadiums, Cleveland still has abject poverty.

    In each case, the team owners and stadium owners took the public for a huge ride.

    The vast majority of Cleveland residents will never see the inside of these stadiums. It’s just too dam expensive. The only people who regularly attend the games are from the suburbs and outlying cities which causes massive traffic jams, horrible amounts of trash, fights, rude behavior and other social problems.

    In each of these cases, it has helped these owners get a lot more richer and the fan a lot more poorer due to high seating prices, high food and beverage costs.

    And, to beat all hell, these teams are still LOOSING TEAMS to this very day.

    We’ll never forget what Art Modell did with the Old Brown either. Funny thing though, when they relocated to Baltimore, they won a Superbowl in a few years. Something stinks.

  17. highpckts says:

    They did something very similar in Cincinnati Ohio!! Now the owner wants to pull the team out and leave an empty stadium!!

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      Remember when Art Modell did that to us in Cleveland, with the Old Browns.

      Yea, we built them a new stadium so the New Browns would play in it. No Superbowl yet, but it’s been at least, what, 10? years.

      Funny though, when they moved to Baltimore, the team won a Superbowl in a few years.

  18. Andrew says:

    There’s something the article doesn’t mention that’s a huge factor in these stadium-building/renovation schemes: the fact that the city of Los Angeles doesn’t have an NFL team. Team owners can essentially hold the cities where their teams are located “hostage” by saying, “if you don’t do this for me, I’ll just move my team to Los Angeles”. If a team or two is moved to Los Angeles, team owners lose that “bargaining chip”. We already know that no teams are moving for the 2013 season, but it’s still another year before we know about the 2014 season. The two most likely possibilities are two teams moving BACK to Los Angeles: the Rams and Chargers (people forget that the Chargers played the first few seasons in LA before moving south to San Diego). And, guess what the ownership of the Rams and Chargers are doing? They’re trying to pry public money from their cities so that they won’t move to Los Angeles…ironic, isn’t it?

  19. Shiz says:

    Coporate welfare at it’s finest. Exxon paid just 13 percent in federal taxes last year, lower than the average American family. Right after Mitt Romney, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is the top recipient of Exxon federal contributions. Exxon and Shell still made a combined $160,000 per minute last quarter, even though the top five oil companies benefit from $2.4 billion federal tax breaks every year. Oh and by the way as a Miami Dolphins fan it’s disgusting that the priorities there are on getting to host another Super Bowl rather than having a team that contends to GO to the super bowl!

  20. rojroj says:

    I expect the Spanos family to try the same thing in San Diego, although I doubt they read this page.

  21. ObozoMustGo says:

    Like all deals politicians make… in the end, the taxpayer gets screwed. But hey, at least the pols get great seats and are treated like royalty at events. That’s what’s really important, isn’t it? And then the stupid taxpayers in these cities just vote the same crooks back into office, of course. Why should the business guys not sucker the pols? Are there any pols with balls enough to say NO? Of course not. If you can get a stupid politician to pay for your business assets, why not?

    Look what the taxpayers did to finance the stadium for the DemonRAT convention in Charlotte last summer. [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.” – H.L. Mencken

  22. Hmmm why would you listen to a deadbeat billionaire who has played the bankruptcy game a number of times. I would run away from this endorsement from that fool with the Red Squirrel on his head holding my nose. The only thing he does is self promote his obnoxious self.

  23. Why would you listen to that deadbeat billionaire who has filed for bankruptcy a number of times and is only interested in promoting himself. He is just a big self absorbed obnoxious windbag with a red squirrel resting on his head. I would as far away from him & his advice holding my nose.

  24. dalnb says:

    I certainly agree these athletic events are great for those who have an interest in them. I enjoy fishing and hunting and I spend what I can afford each year in appreciation for the right given me by my government to do so. The good old days when we could do so without having to pay increasing high fees for licenses and permit just to find more and more restrictions and hunting areas being closed.

    I have never heard of tax payers having to support my hunting and fishing activities – that is (Allegedly) what my fees pay for.

    If these millionaires /billionaires sports owners feel they want bigger and better places to earn their money let them fund it themselves. There is no reason why the Tax Payers should have to pay for it for them. The now common argument that these events bring in tax money then the states and communities should place a higher tax on those who use them so the people who do not directly us them are not paying for those who do.

    Let the idiots like Trump pay their own way – it should not be up to the rest of us to keep making these owners rich while the rest of us struggle !l

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      The concept that any of these sports facilities brings in needed tax revenue to an area that needs it is pure BOGUS.

      As I stated above, Cleveland built 3 new stadiums. The school system is in shambles even with these new stadiums supposedly bringing in revenue earmarked for them.

      The State gets more benefits out of it than the locality where they are located. And, that money don’t trickle down either.

  25. Fubom says:

    Here’s the deal: Miami wins a super bowl, then the people of Florida might think about building a new stadium. Now everyone hold their breath.

  26. Just lovely Ross you are one of the top 1% earners and among the richest in America, build it with your financing just as Joe Robbie did originally.

  27. this article couldn’t be more biased. How about you report the fact that the university of miami also plays in that stadium. How about the fact that they host the orange bowl annually in that stadium. How about the massive concerts (like U2) that are hosted in that stadium. A stadium can be an economic boom, just because the marlins stadium is a failure (which was obvious from the beginning) doesn’t mean that this one will be. These stadiums are completely different in every way, starting with the owners.

  28. Germansmith says:

    OK, Let us play

    The money is the county to be pay with proceeds of hotel tax…nothing to with Medicaid or schools (which has a different taxing mechanism)

    I am equally concern about this deal, because I believe most of our politicians (including B Jordan) are corrupt and incompetent

    You donot think is possible to close a win-win deal for the Stadium? What if we should get a guarantee number of local well paying jobs and a percentage of the stadium and consessions income?
    What would you do with 100 millions instead? Should we help with College tuition for everybody? OR should we help those with abilities, talent and stuying a career we need?

    • idamag says:

      They will probably recruit foreign workers. That is what Louisiana did after Hurricane Katrina. With the population out of work and hurting, they brough in laborers from Mexico and Honduras.

      • Germansmith says:

        They have plenty of skilled unemployed construction workers in Florida
        NOW, if they would much rather receive unemployment and other government benefits that they receive because they have no jobs, than work, that is another story.

        I am sure in Lousiana they hired those willing to work, but they had to bring some hard working brown people willing to do the work( I am hispanic, so this is not racist coming from me) . Like during Andrew in Miami, we did what we could, but a lot of outsiders, mostly from Southern states also got work in the process of recovery.

        There are always ways to make sure the work is NOT done by undocumented aliens and that contractors pay to scale, but this only work under the eye of uncorrupted inspectors and willing and dedicated public servants…those are in short supply since in our system you need lots of money to ge elected

        • idamag says:

          German, one of the myths of the TPs. No one can live on unemployment. It averages out about $400/mo. In this state it is $350/mo.

          • Germansmith says:

            unemployment is not the only program the US offers to help the poor. There is Medicaid, easier to obtain disability payments, food stamps, even free cell phone if you qualify for food stamps.
            Between all these goodies and the possibility to work for cash payments sometimes is better to not work than to be a working poor or low middle class.

            Believe me, as a Financial Advisor, I see plenty of people receiving government help that live in a better house and drive a newer car than I do and do not pay $900 for their health insurance as I do…..they get Medicaid

            I am not against helping the poor, but there are LOTS of people taking adavantage of the system

  29. bchrista says:

    To start with I am a devout Dolphin fan, however, the sport owners that own the Dolpfins, the Marlins and the Heat, everytime their stadiums need renovations they want the people of the State of Florida to pay for the renovations and sooner or later they get their way because they blackmail the people (oh I almost forgot the Jaguars in Jacksonville), with the exception of the Heat the other three are a ripoff the Marlins develop good players and then trade them off, the Dolphins haven’t fielded a good competative team since the undefeated team they pass up good players to select medium type players and if the player turns out to be a real good player they trade him off and claim that they are just trying to improve a good example is the leading receiver for the New England Patriots Welker and he makes the Dolphins pay everytime they play each other also the Dolphins haven’t hired a goog coach since Shula and the worst was Sabin the coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Jax Jaguers claim to be trying to improve, they also have gone through several coaches and the fans suffer and they don’t seem to understand why the low turn outs

  30. You really think he is a GASBAG? All along, I thought it was a CRYOGENIC VACUUM. Life is a journey of humbling illuminations !

  31. agnessue says:

    If Donald Trump thinks the stadium work should be done he should pay for it himself.

  32. usworker3 says:

    Building FREE .. WELFARE … MULTI MILLION $ stadiums for MULTI-Billionaries so they can pay MULTI_MILLIONARIES to play on the artificial grass while they push congress to cut MIDDLE CLASS benefits – The ONLY smart thing about it is they do provide a job – YET THEY complain if the companies pay LIVING WAGES to the workers that are PAYING for the stadium .. FOLKS .. we are NOT to smart ….

  33. bchrista says:

    Like I said earlier the people of Miami are held hostage like you said they threaten to pull out unless they get what they want and the city counsel and the county commision are a bunch of idiots although I believe some of them are on the Steven Ross payroll. The best part is these two parties make decision without putting it to a vote and letting the people make the decision as to whether they want to spent that money or not then when it’s over the two bodies start crying that they don’t have enough money in the budget for other projects and they need to have another bond issue and the people like lambs follow, the only thing the stadium does is it brings revenue to the city and county when it is holding an event they get to share the concession and the parking revenues, plus the hotels fillup and the visitors spend money and the price of everything almost doubles but they don’t recoup any wheres they amount of money they spent to build the stadium and the sad part is that they figure that it will take about 20 years to recoup the monies but before the 20 years passes the stadium needs another renovation so the vicious cycle goes on with the owner making billions and the commission and the counsel not seeing the forest for the trees, it’s a loosing deal but the people are left out they just pay the bills.

  34. fidel says:

    Rich Bastards.Why not ask Karl Rove and his Friends pay for Construction.They ask to the 47 0/0 Pay for That ,Idiots Politicians in Miami ,Ask Fidel Castro for Loan, is in Little Havana.Hypocrites ask the Tea Party. We not Need this construction.

  35. robert says:

    Remember that old movie: Other People’s Money. LOL!

  36. And we are told we can not come up with enough money to provide a safe educational experience in the public school system, but as we all know rich means richer

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      This problem translates to the mindset of the typical Sports Fan. They’d rather see a new stadium than see their kids get a quality education.

      Of course, the team and stadium owners all capitalize on this mindset.

      Putting it bluntly, Sports is very addictive. Education isn’t. All ya got to do is sit in one spot and cheer for your team, spend your money on all the frills and be entertained. Education takes work which most people try to avoid.

      Sports today is really nothing more than the old Roman Empire Gladiator Games, minus the horrors of what it once was and sometimes not.

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