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Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Even as he conceded defeat in his “fight” against the Affordable Care Act — a “fight” that shut down the nation’s government and nearly forced a default on America’s debt — in a statement issued late Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner appeared poised to continue his battle against affordable healthcare.

“Our drive to stop the train wreck that is the president’s health care law will continue,” he said. “We will rely on…targeted strikes that split the legislative coalition the president has relied upon to force his health care law on the American people.”

The latest survey by Democracy Corps and Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund makes clear that the “American people” for whom Boehner purports to speak and pledges to fight are a diminishing minority. Just 38 percent of American voters now oppose the Affordable Care Act. Let us be very clear: As much as he may want it to be, this is not 2010.

We want to be clear because so much of the punditry — and most of the Republicans in Congress — assume that Obamacare is “unpopular.” Even the law’s backers assume that support will only come once the benefits take effect in January. Neither of these assumptions is true. Support has shifted dramatically since 2010, when reforms were unpopular and supporters paid a high political price.

Today, we find that the biggest shifts on favorability are coming from those who are already seeing positive benefits from the law, especially unmarried women, Baby Boomers, and seniors. And the more Republicans make this a debate about implementation, the more voters trust Democrats. When that is the choice, voters trust the Democrats by 17 points (49 to 32 percent) to do a better job. The more Republicans make the period ahead about blocking implementation, the more voters will trust Democrats to do a better job in government.

To be sure, voters have concerns about potential negative effects of the ACA — especially employers cutting jobs or reducing hours. But more important, voters are fed up with insurance companies. As they told us in focus groups, they feel they’re at insurers’ mercy. Too many Americans have been dropped from insurance, hit a lifetime limit, or been denied due to a pre-exisiting condition. The more they hear about the ACA’s protections for consumers, the more favorable they feel towards the law.

Read more about our new findings at Democracy Corps.

5 Responses to Another Losing Battle: Boehner Won’t Win The Fight Against Obamacare

    • ….perhaps Boehner should have a little chat with the folks in Arkansas…I can hear them now….”Gubmint! keep your hands off my Obamacare!” sorry – too funny

  1. When I hear the Tea Party guys and certain Republicans doubling down on their nonsense, and saying it is for ‘the American people!’ I shake my fist at the TV and say, I am an American, one of many that thinks you are an idiot! Don’t try to speak for me!

    • Since 50 million people are uninsured today mainly because insurance is so expensive, WHY is it better to make coverage MORE expensive??? That’s what Ocare does!! It wasn’t designed to help healthy people with average incomes get health insurance- It was designed to FORCE those people to pay more for coverage in order to subsidize insurance for people with incomes near the poverty line and those with chronic or costly medical conditions. Obama LIED to all Americans, he said we could keep our Drs.–we can’t. He said it would cost us less- it’s going to cost us 100’s times more. OHitler has killed the middle class. Heil OHitler!!!!

      • President Personally Performs First Obamacare Euthanization

        WASHINGTON—In a symbolic ceremony celebrating the signature legislative achievement of his administration, President Barack Obama personally euthanized terminal cancer patient Shirley Hunnicutt, 73, at George Washington Memorial Hospital Tuesday in what he promised will be the “first of many” physician-assisted suicides performed under the Affordable Care Act as promised. “Okay, that should about do it,” said the president as he injected Hunnicutt with a barbiturate followed by a heart-stopping muscle relaxant, holding the woman’s hand as she drifted toward a peaceful end. “Shirley is resting easy now, and I’m sure the American people will rest easy knowing my health care reforms will encourage thousands of ill or disabled patients just like Ms. Hunnicutt here to choose death instead of burdening our system with protracted hospice care or rehabilitation. Today was great. I enjoyed this.” Obama later confirmed to reporters that, as clearly indicated in section 1233 of his health care reform bill, he hopes to personally kill thousands of senior citizens in the next three years of his presidency.

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