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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You may have noticed that most of the presidential debates are moderated by men, which gives female journalists like me lots of time to watch and listen.

Land of plenty, that is. So many opportunities to turn to my dog on the couch and say, “Wait. What?”

  • fordneri

    Gingrich the mean spirited Christian hypocrite resonates with mean spirited Christian hypocrites. I think South Carolina demonstrated that pretty well. Gingrich will prevail in the end because of Christian superstition and their belief in manifest destiny. Since Reagan the candidate that wins Iowa loses the GOP nomination and the candidate that wins South Carolina wins the GOP nomination. Romney on the other hand is a very wealthy very ignorant elite who believes and his career proves it, that the way to save middle America is to destroy jobs and communities for short term gains. Interest rates are non existent because of the damage vulture capitalists and crony capitalists like Romney have done. Again the zero interest rates are good for them because it gives them access to free money so they can destroy more jobs and communities, but what about the people who depend on interest rates to increase their wealth, like middle class savers and people living on investments that increase when interest rates are reasonable or evan exist. How well will that resonate with voters?

  • freethinker

    We are still waiting for debate moderators to ask questions that pertain to the job these men are seeking. As was shown by the gigantic yawn response to the second Mrs. Gingrich’s interview, she and questions about her, are totally irrelevant to what each of these men propose to accomplish as President. Last night’s ‘debate’ was another glaring example. There were pertinent questions being flashed on the bottom of the screen from viewers, but the moderator pursued mud slinging. I want to hear their ideas, not ’20 years ago you did…’.
    By the way, show me a political candidate of any stripe, and in particular, President Obama, and the question of ‘How do you respond to charges of hypocrisy?’ is pertinent.

  • Maricia12

    Newt and Mitt, two clowns that make President Obama look like a Saint. If this is the best the high moral, family values Republican party can come up with, they are indeed in sorry shape. True, they have/had some better candadates but these people have not gotten many votes. So it is between two hypocrites with much to hide in their personal lives and finances. What does that tell us? It tells me their party is not as moral as they profess to be and their majority would prefer to watch the “cock fights” to the bloody finish than be the party of respect and decency. When did the Democrats change places with them?

  • teeohpee

    Mr. Gingrich, are you saying that you are one of those candidates who isn’t decent enough to run for President?