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Friday, March 22, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Democracy Corps.

About nine months into his presidency, Donald Trump has settled into a historically weak job approval of 41 percent, well below his presidential vote, with the strong disapproval of over 45 percent of voters. He remains an unrepentant divider which pervades all political discourse.

Yet the most hated politicians are the Republicans in Congress, and perhaps they ought to be more of the focus, as they are on the ballot in 2018. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the least popular congressional leader in Democracy Corps’ polling, followed by Speaker Paul Ryan. Voters know that the Republicans are in charge in Congress and these are the poster children. So why do the Democrats
not enjoy a stronger lead in the generic ballot?



National phone survey of 1,000 registered voters conducted by Democracy Corps and Greenberg Research from September 30 – October 6, 2017. The survey was matched to voter file and 67 percent of respondents were reached by cell phones. Of these registered voters, 667 are “likely voters” in 2018. Greenberg Research maintains its own survey and weighting methods, independent of surveys released by GQRR.

The Democrats are ahead by just eight points among registered voters, and five points among likely 2018 voters in Democracy Corps’ most recent national survey. That is marginally down from the 10-point and 7-point advantages (among registered and likely voters, respectively) Democrats held in our June polling on behalf of Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund. (We will release new findings on behalf of WVWVAF next week.)

The focus should be more on the GOP Congress, but contributing is the Democratic Party brand, which is unimpressive in this poll. They are viewed more favorably by just net four points. There has been no growth in identification with the Democratic Party, as there was going into 2016. This dynamic is producing a situation where self-identified Democrats, generic Democratic voters, and Hillary Clinton supporters hold their preferences with great certainty, but they are no more likely to turnout for Democrats in the off-year election, according to this poll.

A remarkable 81 percent of Democrats strongly disapprove of Donald Trump, while just 55 percent of Republicans strongly approve of his job performance. Those voting Democratic for Congress are more certain of their choice by 62 to 38 percent, while those voting Republican are
split in their certainty (52 very certain to 48 percent somewhat certain).

Yet when it comes to the measures used to gauge interest and intention to vote, Democrats and Republicans are showing equal engagement. That will not produce the landslide election Democrats are hoping to achieve.

Maybe Steve Bannon is right that stoking the flames of identify politics creates an environment where Democrats calling for big economic change don’t get heard. We saw in the polling we recently released with Public Citizen that Donald Trump has high approval marks when it comes to ‘keeping jobs in the US’ (+27) and ‘putting American workers before the interests of big corporations’ (+7).

But two things catch our eye in this poll to suggest the election could take shape in very different ways by next year.

First, watch the seniors and Baby-Boomers. With acute sensitivity to the impact of health care changes, seniors and Boomers are giving particularly high negative marks to Trump and Republicans. The Democrats even hold a 2-point lead in the generic ballot among
seniors, breaking the age pattern that has shaped our recent elections.

Second, in our first poll testing a 2020 presidential contest between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Senator wins by 12-points (54 to 42 percent). In coming polls, we will test other potential nominees, but that result is some measure of the real structure of the partisan balance.


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53 responses to “Why Aren’t Democrats Far Ahead Of Hated GOP Congress?”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    Because our party does not have to fight for its values, because it is afraid to confront or challenge Trump, and because The Donald is a master of deceit and fear mongering.

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    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      That’s not true. What you have are Bernie Bots out there trying to create their OWN party. When a banana like Sanders has to run against Hillary and not Bush ’43, Clinton or Obama, because balls to balls, Sanders knew he didn’t have a chance, you see why Sanderistas are pushing out all manner of anti Dem BS.

      The problem with Sanders is he is too old to be president. He’s had 44 years to run and waited until a woman was his opponent? No balls?

      • Dominick Vila says:

        I agree that Bernie is too old to run, and he will definitely be too old to run 3 years from now. However, we will be well advised to embrace some of his talking points, which have a lot more appeal to most middle class people than complex solutions that nobody bothers to analyze, regardless of how effective they would be to them, if implemented. We live in the era of reality shows, simplistic promises, and alternative facts. The sooner we accept the realities and challenges we are facing, the better off we will be in 2018 and beyond.

        • dtgraham says:

          They’re not just talking points Dom. I watched Bernie give the smack down to Ted Cruz last week on CNN during the Republican tax proposal debate. I had fears on that one, as tax policy can be complex and nuanced. I thought Hillary would have been a better debate opponent for Cruz on Tax policy.

          Bernie knows what he wants to see done and why, and knows how to get there generally speaking, but he’s not always big on detail. Cruz may be a lying slimeball, but he’s also a real intellect and brilliant debater.

          I was surprised at Bernie’s command of the facts and how he seemed to dominate that debate philosophically. The audience was there for Bernie. Now, if only he had applied himself in the same way before that NY Daily News interview last year.

          I get your bigger point though. The establishment centrist-moderate wing of the Democratic party and it’s progressive-left wing, have got to find a way for both to co-exist and prosper within the same party. It’s got to be done.

      • idamag says:

        One thing that destroyed the real Republican Party was dividing it up. If you chose not to support Bernie that does not mean those, who did, had anything to do with Hillary losing. From before Bill Clinton became president, there was an evil faction out there trying to destroy the Clintons. One thing was that Bill Clinton signed Civil Rights Legislation in Arkansas. A big thing was that both Clintons, in college, were actively out there against the Viet Nam War. This led to the phony Whitewater investigation. It came to nothing, but the seed was planted. Then the fascist like Ken Star did his thing. As president, Bill Clinton should have known better than to fall into that trap. Hilliary stood by her husband and those awful people blew that out of proportion. All the while she was in the senate and cabinet, she was investigated for one thing or another. They said “crooked Hilliary until it sunk in. Comey’s 11th hour cheesy crap about more e-mails did a lot of damage. Hilliary should sue Comey. And It would come as no surprise if there isn’t some real hanky panky that took place at the polls.

      • mjw9 says:

        berniebots? banana? balls to balls? Sandernistas? no balls? Who ARE you trying to imitate?

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          I don’t need to imitate anyone. That you don’t like what I post is reward enough. Nothing makes me more thrilled than to call your bluff and make you look like what you are…a fool.

          Yes. Bernie Bots. You know? Men like you who are too goddamn pushy for your own good? Men like you who are too bone idle to be of much use to society or our country?

          I’m a published author of two novels, over 6,000 ghost written online articles and all you have to your credit is a big mouth you think will intimidate. Think again. Bernie Bot.

  2. FireBaron says:

    Here are the two reasons why my party cannot get a break: Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.
    Debby Wasserman-Schultz’ effective locking out of all other candidates from the nomination left us with the single most reviled candidate in the party’s history since Andrew Jackson.
    As for Pelosi, when she lost the speaker’s job, she should have offered her resignation so we would be done with her.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Hillary Clinton? Nancy Pelosi? I see FB. So ovaries and a uterus disqualify them from being elected? Well, why did you tell us.

      And now what about Kamala Harris? Elizabeth Warren? Maxine Waters? Too many ovaries for you?

      • FireBaron says:

        No problem at all with them. But consider this – there were people who admitted to voting for Teflon Donnie just because they couldn’t stand the thought of Hillary being in the White House. Over the course of the past 25 years she has been the single most divisive person on the Democratic side of the house.
        Regarding Pelosi, she has her chance and lost it. When the party tanked in the 2010 elections, she should have done what Denny Hastert did in 2008 – he resigned his seat. When she didn’t is sort of forced Steny Hoyer back from House Majority Leader to House Minority Whip. It forced others to step back as well, to make room for the same tired old leadership with their same lack of ideas.
        I would welcome Harris, Warren or Waters as nominees for President, and would support them. There are many other women I would also support seeking higher office. Just those two should let the country move on.

        • plc97477 says:

          Maybe you could just stop following the russian bots.

        • dbtheonly says:


          Suggest the “negatives” for each was the direct result of a concerted effort by the RWMO to paint them in a negative light. It had nothing to do with them being women. It had to do with them being Democrats in a highly visible position. Anyone in a similar position would be subject to similar attacks.

          The point being that Harris, Waters, or Warren will have an equivalent series of attacks launched when any start to take precedence.

          Equally these attacks are not limited to women. President Obama was attacked. Teddy Kennedy was the recipient of an earlier version. As was Presidents Carter and Clinton.

      • dpaano says:

        I would vote for Kamala Harris…..maybe even Elizabeth Warren.

    • idamag says:

      I think you are being too hard on Hilliary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. They are victims. Maybe they are victims of a method that does not work. When 44 senators violated the law to write a letter to a country leader that the president was negotiating with, why wasn’t it taken to court? When, as per Article II of the Constitution of the United States of America, a president tries to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, why wasn’t that taken to court? And, now, when the fascists try to destroy a law that has been judged legal by the Supreme Court, and they take it to a vote over and over and the law remains, why can a “president” decide to take away the law with an executive order? Why isn’t that being taken to the Supreme Court?

    • plc97477 says:

      You seem to hate women. Why?

  3. mjw9 says:

    The power-addicted traditional Democrats are making the same….even worse…mistakes that we did in 2016. At first they acted like they would try to embrace progressives and Bernie supporters……but now they are systematically removing us from positions of power or authority and going back to the Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, Wasserman-Shultz type of power grabs. They are seemingly doing their best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Oh contraire mon chere. Who has defied President Obama’s every action for 8 years belligerently and brazenly.

      You can get off that Bad Dems BS. No one is buying it anymore. The Democrats can’t be ahead of the Republicans. The GOP has gerrymandered and redistricted maps in their states so they hold a 17 state majority. Time for you bully boys to get off the bully addiction.

      The reality of your Republican white males is that they ARE going to be outnumbered in all future elections.

      Your boys won’t get the chance to make government a for profit corporation on OUR tax dollars. This is a government. Not a business you crooks can rip off using our tax dollars to do it.

      • mjw9 says:

        HUH. I am a lifelong dem and local party leader. Yeah…. I know….an old white guy who is a liberal? There ARE some of us. I worked for Bernie, and then I worked for Hillary….. opening a local office to support her and other dems. My point, however, is that the highest energy created on the Dem side in 2016 was provided by the Progressives…….and the “old school” party leaders systematically cut the legs out from under that powerful force. For a few months the DNC looked like it was going to embrace the whole party but recently they are going right back to the purge of progressives from the power structure of the party. That spells disaster. Eleanor… I will put my dem credentials up against yours any time. Your unwarranted attack on me is indicative of the cancer in the party.

        • The lucky one says:


          • dpaano says:

            My opinion is that we need to find young, intelligent men and women to run for Democratic offices….not so much the same group of politicians. We need young ideas from young politicians in order to change this country back to where it needs to be. We need Joaquin Castro or even his brother…..both young, both politically astute, both great speakers (like President Obama)….people like the Castro’s need to run. That’s just my opinion, but we need new ideas, new ways of doing things, and people who understand that we have to move ahead…not fall back!

          • plc97477 says:

            Unfortunately, young people haven’t had the time and exposure to show the country what they can do. They have to have name recognition to be seen as a viable candidate.

        • sharkbait4711 says:

          So mr dem credentials – what’s the answer? What’s the answer to a country that is now so grossly and negatively stacked so far right – its alt right? What’s the answer to the right dismantling every law to protect the common man. What’s the answer to regulations being waved off like shewing a fly away?
          What’s the answer to the right side owning a majority of the media – thus controlling the messages to the people?
          What’s the answer to Wall Street and the banks holding the nations fortunes and being able to fiddle faddle them away without consequence? What’s the answer to the corporations and those same right wing nuts steering this country into communism?
          What’s the answer since you have all of these credentials??
          For the record – I find your comparison of Eleanore’s comments to cancer disgusting. The GOP is the cancer. Eleanore was pointing out that while Bernie has had some interesting ideas – he has no balls and chose to run against a woman which is exactly why we are in the mess we are currently in. He should have united the party and help the Dems secure a win instead of dividing it when it was clear he wouldn’t win.
          Now before you post that I’m attacking you – please just answer the questions – lay out your plan – and then we can move to discuss fighting one another if we truly have an interest in democracy and saving this great country from the raping of of the GOP and their orange demigod.

          • mjw9 says:

            WOW……you’re looking to me for ALL the answers? You must think that I think I am Drumpf!
            For starters, however, the party NEEDS TO WIN ELECTIONS. We cannot effectively address any of the issues you mention unless/until we do so. If we don’t….well….then we are toast. To win elections the party needs to be OPEN and FAIR and listen to all voices. A group of our party leaders should NOT, repeat…should NOT decide who THEY think is their favorite candidate and then tilt the candidate selection process to favor that chosen person. That IS what happened and that process alienated a significant number or good progressive democrats. The majority of us DID come back and choose to work FOR HILLARY against Drumpf, but i fear that some didn’t…or at least lost much of their enthusiasm. OK. Election over. The party then looked like it was going to understand that it needed to be INCLUSIVE of those who are more progressive and build the party back up to include ALL dems in the power structure so that our tent has the biggest possible base and appeal. GREAT. But lately the party has again looked like it is purging progressives from its leadership ranks. WHY?
            No, I don’t have all the answers to the country’s problems, but i DO have a firm desire to see Dems win elections so that our better ideas can at least have a chance at being implemented. And that will not likely be done if the old school leadership insists on making only their voices important or influential. That didn’t work. Would the result have been better if Bernie had been the candidate? I don’t know…and you don’t know, but it couldn’t have been much worse. Hey…in Nevada where I am active we went from 1 of 4 congresspersons to 3 of 4 in 2016. And we replaced Reid with the first Latina in the US Senate and took control of the State Senate and the State assembly.

        • idamag says:

          The thing that is wrong with ideologues is “my party right or wrong.” We cannot fix what we can’t acknowledge.

          • dbtheonly says:

            Ms. ida, politics is s team sport. We are Democrats and the Democratic positions are, by definition, the right ones. You don’t shoot the puck into your own goal, do you? Feel free to insert your own metaphor. But we win or lose as a team.

            And right now, the other team “wants” it more than we do. I know this sounds silly, our friends here are devoted, energized, and determined. So how do we insure that every single Hillary voter gets to the polls each and every election?

          • mjw9 says:

            I didn’t like that my team’s coaches didn’t treat Bernie fairly…..but I still went out on the field and worked my ass off to help the team win!

          • JPHALL says:

            But too many others on the left wasted their votes or did not vote at all. One over looked factor in the 2016 loss was wishful thinking, The polls said victory was ours and people stayed home.

          • mjw9 says:

            I know….and i mentioned that. I think the ending estimate was that 92% of Bernie supporters voted for Hillary. That 8% could have made the difference. That is one of the reasons that I urge the DNC and other dem organizations to NOT play favorites and alienate pthers who we should be trying to fully engage. By and Large Bernie progressives certainly want what all dems want, but if we make them feel like they have no voice and no home in the dem party and that the dems will not treat them fairly….then we stand a chance of losing them, and we can’t afford to be split. We saw what happens if we are.

          • JPHALL says:

            But those disaffected left wing types must remember that no one is going to just give them power. They need to invest time and energy into the party before they can take control.

          • plc97477 says:

            Investing time and energy into the party includes voting in each and every election and voting Dems. down ticket.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            JP, Until we have the full numbers on just how the Russian election rigging affected the 2016 election, NO ONE can say for sure that Dems didn’t vote.

            Take a look at what happened in TX, VA, NC and WI. 34,000 Dem votes were deleted in WI. When these people went to the polls, they were told they weren’t registered. Now the FBI and FED has discovered those deleted voter registrations occurred in several other midwestern states like OK, KS and IA. Why these states? Because these are the states that bleed bloody reddest and “someone” in the RNC and the Russian hacking farms knew they had to up the ante for the GOP in these states.

            People didn’t stay home. How can that be a fact when Hillary Clinton had 2.8 million more popular votes thanks to people not staying home?

            The Electoral College is the easiest to rig and the real reason that the Republicans get a president ever and at all in the White House. State legislators appoint the electors and the number of electors is easy enough to rig by simply deleting voter registrations, voting districts and overlapping Dem districts into Republican districts.

            Watch the Gill vs. Whitlock Supreme Court Case on “extreme gerrymandering.” Already Obama and former AG Eric Holder are working on stopping this virulent GOP practice.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Sanders is a lying SOB. He came here to NJ and blasted hell out of a Dem candidate and then just this past week did the same in VA. Who the hell does Sanders think he is?

            I realize he wanted to be the first Jewish male president. But, he is the WRONGEST Jewish male. Schumer is the ideal candidate you should have considered. Not a relic hippie college slouch like Sanders whose wife got herself canned from Burlington College in VT for selling college property to a Catholic diocese without bothering to check with the college executive board. There is also a newbie from MD, Jamie Raskin who has a lot of potential.

            And let’s stop your BS about Sanders. We in NJ knew him when he was a young mouthy upstart from the Hasidim in Crown Heights Brooklyn NY. Trump’s territory or should I say his daddy’s real estate empire?

            As for Sanders ever being president, please stop the damn day dreaming for something that will never happen. Sanders is as much a camera hog as the idiot Kardashian trash.

            Facts you can’t admit is that Hillary Clinton won not just the vote against Sanders by a margin of 2 million plus to Sanders measly 400,00 plus votes but she also beat Trump by 2.8 million popular votes.

            FACTS you can’t admit. Sanders is now and always has been a double agent for the GOP. By his own admission, he stated he has been in government for over 4 decades. Why the hell wait until Hillary Clinton ran for president and not put himself out there when Bush ’43, Clinton or Obama would be HIS opponents? You know why not. Sanders was running against Hillary for the Republicans to reduce the popular vote. Too bad he managed to get a measly 400,000 plus to her 2 plus million.

            Sanders is not to be trusted. He has now bashed 2 Dem candidates for governor in 2 different states and that won’t get him any more weight with Dems.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          I think you are so far out of your league, your butt droops from trying so hard to be Mr. Knows All.

          If I am nothing, I am excelled at calling men’s bluff. I know most of you guys are lifelong BS pros. Look at who you helped put in the White House. The biggest BS artist of world class fame. And all because balls and a penis are the only qualifications you white bossy males think makes a president.

          Sorry but I was a lifelong Republican woman. Don’t you dare try to tell me what I saw and heard out of the mouths of men just like you. Party BS first and foremost before common sense resolutions to what PEOPLE consider the most important.

          My choice to become a Democrat came as a result of the precursor to your White House moron, Cheney. I saw and heard from the GOP Party boys that same line of BS I heard from both Dem and GOP CEOs over my lifetime career.

          When I decided I had enough, I changed parties ONLY to be able to vote and clear my conscience for remaining a WHITE MALE DOMINATED Party of men who hadn’t grown up and whose only thoughts were money, business, greed and games.

          Sorry if my entire life has been outnumbered by men who taught me just how you boys play your games

          My point is that right now, for the first bidder of the highest amount of money, a man can be bought like a dockside harlot. Don’t bother to deny that when you already see how easy it was for a 4 star general to be sucked into Trump Mania.

          You boys stick together right or wrong like gum on your shoe on the hottest day in summer when you want your way. And God help the woman who speaks her mind or dares, heaven forbid, to be more intelligent. Out come the little boy smear games.

          Time for you boys to retire to the Old Geezer home and let the ladies clean up the mess you’ve made of this government and this country.

          I stand by what I posted. I’m not an ideologue other than to believe that the Founding Fathers were geniuses who created the only world class pattern of democracy others have yet to even enjoy.

          As I stated, in order to vote in NJ, you have to declare a party to register. In the past, I voted for more independents and Dems when I believed another Republican tyrant was about to become the GOP front man. Don’t you boys ever give up that front man BS?

          • mjw9 says:

            Methinks maybe you belong back in the GOP Eleanor. MY dem party does not condone sexism and bigotry toward anyone….including old white guys. Blind, unmitigated hatred of 50% of the population won’t solve a damn thing.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Methinks you need to crawl out of Sanders lard butt MJ. Your Dem party is mine too. You old white guys have no party affiliation when it comes to playing the bossy little creeps you are.

            I love my country. I also know Russian trolls and what they pulled off. Over 2 million hits on a “I Love Bernie” site that Putin paid for. Dems? Wrong. Rabid Sanders BS pros who are desperate to be as tyrannical as the GOP.

            You and the GOP belong together. Bullies of a breed, always stick together.

      • idamag says:

        The thing the Democrats did wrong, was being honest people, they tended to believe everyone was honest and no American would do anything to destroy their democracy. The t-party attracted the rude and the crude and the poorly educated. They were merely a branch of the John Birch society. The John Birch Society thrives because it is so good at building a fear of the bogey man. All those john bircher victims open their cabinet doors and a communists runs out. They jump on a chair and screech. I doubt that anyone on these boards has ever known a real communist. It is a bogey man in this country. Prior to 1941 we had a very active nazi party in this country. They were vocal about fighting communism. Note: Hitler’s first attacks were on the communists as the communists were fighting hitler. The U.S. nazi party went underground and resurfaced as communist fighters. They cost people their jobs by just insinuating that person was a consymp or pinko. McCarthy labeled every organization communist. I was an active member of the PTA and he said the PTA was communist so another parent teacher organization sprung up the PTO. When I say “Poorly educated” I am not referring to what college degree they hold. I am referring to those who never study anything that does not agree with their preconceived backward notions.

    • plc97477 says:

      The American electorate consists of about a quarter con. about a quarter lib and the rest moderates. How can we win elections if we turn away from the moderates?

      • mjw9 says:

        I DO NOT and NEVER HAVE advocated “turning away” moderates. What I DO advocate is the moderates embracing the progressives as PART of the TEAM instead of purging them. The moderate dems also cannot win an election without the liberals. If the moderates insist on only embracing moderates and only allowing their voices and influence to be included…well. then….. they will have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Remember……big tent…inclusive……equality….fairness…..the principles that the Dems should stand by. Not just in words, but in actions. The acknowledged and proven unfairness to the Bernie movement was not what I believe the party should embrace. I had hoped they had learned that and moved past it, but their purge this last week make me fear for the future.

        • JPHALL says:

          Another misconception. Did you bother to read the Democratic platform? The moderates did not kick aside the progressives. Many so called progressives got mad that they could not take over the party.

      • dbtheonly says:

        But that’s the very issue. The Tea Parties, both Right and Left, assert there’s a large group of conservatives/liberals who are “turned off” by the failure of the Parties to nominate a true whichever. These people won’t come out for milquetoast versions the Parties nominate.

        The theory’s been around at least 50 years.

        And there’s no way to disprove it as the Candidate who fails to reach those voters is, by definition, insufficiently whichever.

        Though I will say that Trump seems to have tapped into a Radical Right which I did not know existed.

        • dtgraham says:

          He also tapped into two-time Obama rust belt voters who were turned off by the Democrats nominating a compromised stand-for-nothing milquetoast who wasn’t a “true” anything.

          • dbtheonly says:

            The Obama/Trump voters. Those who bought into the RWMO/Russian attacks. Or, as Ms. E would call them the misogynists. However you call them it goes to my point, however “liberal” any Candidate, in this case Hillary, is, there are those saying she is insufficiently “liberal”. No Candidate is sufficiently whichever if they lose. You want to talk Bernie’s love of guns?

            The question is how many Obama/Trump voters are there. There have been some articles. But if you’re inclined to quote Shakespeare:

            “Enough to do our Country harm”.

          • dtgraham says:

            From what I’ve read and heard, apparently there were two-time Obama voters from 2008 and 2012 who turned to Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

            Sorry db, but I’ve just always rooted like heck for the Democrats and I would have expected to see some mea culpas, soul searching, and humble pie from the Hillary primary fanatics amongst other Democrats within the party. Instead of that, I continue to see arrogance.

            Trump was the most ridiculous, disliked, incompetent, Presidential nominee in history. I thought the race was over in August of 2016. As if he didn’t have enough problems at the time, this was the Hollywood Access bus guy 3 weeks before the election. She couldn’t beat that?

            I don’t blame that all on the right wing media and the Russians. I get a little cheesed-off from time to time on this. You’d think that a certain wing of the Democratic party would now acknowledge some second thoughts to the kind of candidates and politics that they’re putting forth. I don’t see it though.

            For the record, I do think that she would have been a fine President, so don’t get me too wrong.

  4. idamag says:

    First, those, who will gain by disseminating fear, are extremely busy. People, who are afraid look to the person who appears not to be afraid to save them. The republicans, who have manufactured the fear, seem to be loud and brave and assertive. If the Democrats do not come up with a solution, they will be history. We can’t have a democracy with fascists and enablers.

  5. johninPCFL says:

    “Maybe Steve Bannon is right that stoking the flames of identify politics creates an environment where Democrats calling for big economic change don’t get heard.” – I’ve not heard any specific policy proposals from either side. The Dems seem too timid to propose anything (give away the game?) and the GOP can’t find the handle on the football. Now that they own the government, the only real accomplishment is that Agent Orange has named a preposterous number of post offices after himself.

    • JPHALL says:

      I totally agree. I was surprised at the way the Democrats just expected a huge Black and Latino vote. Very little was done to encourage these groups to come out and vote at all. And that lack of effort probably cost Dems Pennsylvania and Michigan.

      • Eisai says:

        Sure bout that, or is that the line fed by the vanilla autopsy … ’44 repeatedly said it’s SCOTUS, and the affordable healthcare act…Read: It’s about the Senate. Women it’s about SCOTUS, Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights via health insurance, health insurance for your baby and children, quality of water and equal pay… Uhhh white women chose to enshrine their white privilege. However, black women heard the call. HRC echoed all of the above and gave speeches on implicit racial bias in the juris prudence system…Black men and men of color sorely under-performed in the booth. Now if you wait for social media to spoon-feed your news as you gaze down at your navel … Perhaps you are right. However, if you possess(ed) intellectual curiosity and know how to do more than boo in a 420 haze …. Don’t believe every vanilla memo you read. I learned in civics, Democracy is under-siege from within and without: Reading is truly fundamental.

        • JPHALL says:

          HA, HA HA! Your screed sounds so nice until you actually talk to the people involved. Many Black and Latina men did not vote for Clinton simply because she was a woman. If you had spent some time in the churches,bars and barbershops it was obvious. Also, Clinton spent too much time chasing the women vote and forgot the men (Black, White and whatever) and their issues. So many did not vote.

  6. 1standlastword says:

    The Democrats are too old, too rich and too addicted to the trappings and benefits of power and influence.

    Modern Democrats don’t inspire lower end of the voter spectrum; including and especially their own constituents– which gives the republicans an advantage with the “uneducated” people who work hard with their bare hands to scratch out a meager living.

    Obama’s big advantage was his youth, energy, intelligence and strategic creativity (it certainly wasn’t his race)

    It’s apparent now that without those necessary attributes the Democratic party is literally and now virtually…dead!

    If I had to win a battle, I’d want Republicans. On the other hand; if I had to decorate a birthday party I’d want Democrats.

    The Democrats–without youth, energy, and “strategic creativity” –are too enfeebled to match the republican war machine: all they do is go along…cowered in the trappings of wealth, empty slogans, and lofty ideas which is why they don’t succeed at rough and tumble politics.

    Solution: Mentor bright young talent and then retire….

  7. This is an academic question—one that doesn’t submit to nice and simple answers. The reasons are complex, but center around a divisiveness that will never be bridged by urging people to vote. By removing the bad elements in office, the cancer in society goes in remission, smoldering resentment remaining in the hearts of the defeated.
    The defeated, because of the big elephant in the room called racial, religious bigotry(see Trump’s “pastor” ‘s recent comments), class bigotry, and disregard for spiritual virtues. The defeated will bide their time, undermine the efforts to rehabilitate themselves and those they despise, and quite likely turn the tide in their favor next Election Cycle.

    Why do we insist on playing the Zero-Sum Game of Partisan Politics and its associate—Uncertainty about what is moral and what isn’t?

    What light is there at the end of the tunnel in such an environment where divisiveness is more the norm and expectation than ever before?

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