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Monday, October 24, 2016

When adjectives like “xenophobic” and “racist” keep getting attached to your state, the last thing you want is a radio host in Arizona comparing Obama to a monkey, and then making no apologies for it. Barbara Espinosa, host of a radio show called “Hair on Fire”, described her sentiment this way:

“I don’t believe in calling him the first black president. I voted for the white guy myself. I call him a monkey.”

It is hard to believe, but unfortunately it is true. Normally in these cases, when the public erupts in anger, the typical response is a retraction, or an apology, or anything that might make your remarks seem less terrible. Not so for Barbara Espinosa. What better way to defend against allegations of racism than by claiming that, “With a last name of Espinosa I’m anything but racist”?

A version of this defense is often common with closeted racists, who like to argue that because they have a black friend, they could not possibly be racist. The argument is the same, and equally idiotic.

To make matters worse, Espinosa gleefully upheld her views in a blog post, titled “YES! I did Use the Word Monkey and Obama in Same Sentence,” in which she calls upon her First Amendment right to say whatever is on her mind.

“Yes I did say I voted for the white guy,” she writes.” Unless there has been a takeover of America and free speech is no longer allowed and I can be put to death for making a remark, I refuse to take the fifth.”

She then goes on to copy paste a paragraph on evolution from Wikipedia, and two on monkeys, from the same source. Interestingly, she highlights the part that says “Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent.”

It seems like she’s suggesting that by calling Obama a monkey, what she was really doing was complimenting him.

Did somebody say something about a “post-racial” era?

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  • William Deutschlander

    You can tell from her looks she is demented!

    • frivolous01

      She definitely does have the crazy eyes.

      • Honestly She is no different from a monkey as well. You wouldn’t say she is among the average beautiful ladies. Just ignore her!!

    • The eyes will give you an idea of her dementia. Yes, she’s got a problem with Pres. Obama because of his race regardless of her being a little brown herself. Hitler hated jews and he was part jewish himself. I feel sorry for people who still have a racist heart. Black and brown people are here to stay and we’re growing very fast. If Pres. Obama were a mean spirited man and trying to hurt the country I could see it, but anyone with a grain of intelligence can see that he is trying to heal this country and help those who need it the most. If you’re doing pretty good and not on food stamps, God bless you, but have some compassion. It’s really not going to hurt you and if you’re a Christian with these feelings, you’re already in trouble.

    • That my friend is so true!

    • nobowtie

      and don’t forget the republican accent.

  • What is this old woman smoking? This is not normal!

    • anitapope

      Medical marijuana is legal in AZ. It must of been prescribed because of an irrational fear of monkeys

  • shadow30

    So you can tell by the way she looks that she’s demented, who’s the racicst now?

    • frivolous01

      Um last time I checked ‘dementia’ was not a race.

    • kerry1962

      That isn’t racist. Judgmental maybe, but not racist. Look up the word racist. She is one.

  • kerry1962

    Yes, Barbara, you have the right to free speech, and to be the disgusting, bigoted human being (not monkey) that you are. Bravo! What a legacy.

    • phantomoftheopera

      and her free speech does NOT mean others can’t criticize her and call her on her words! somehow the right just doesn’t get that!

    • nobowtie

      Future generations will back and say what a horrible person, how did she ever get elected.

  • RichardPatrock

    She really lacks the courage of her convictions, and I hope she gets one soon. Her backpedaling led her to say: YES! I did Use the Word Monkey and Obama in Same Sentence,”. If I say, “Barbara Espinosa is an idiot” or in Yoda speech, Idiot is Barbara Espinosa” then the two words take on the same meaning and not just because they are in the same sentence. But she is distancing the two words in her explanation so the implication is they are not equivalent. Something like, “Obama was watching a monkey at the zoo.” She refuses to say it again outside of her show. That is cowardice.

  • Her eyes look kind of crazy. I knew someone with the same look. Handsome fellow, but it turned out he was nuts. But it’s not the eyes which prove it. The eyes are a clue. What she says, though: ah, there’s the proof. It’s the conduct which demonstrates the character. I think that Martin Luther King would approve of judging by conduct. She has the look of a feral cat. And I don’t mean that as a compliment.

    • marlane

      No offense, but please, don’t insult cats.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    If you know anything about racists, you know their entrenchment into denial is the earth’s deepest chasm in which they hide. It takes unlimited cowardice to continue to deny their vehement hatred for this president and to admit it’s part of a confederate legacy of white superiority bred in their bones. So, rather than take full responsibility for their rage at everything this president does and come to terms with why they are so hateful and divisive, they’d rather look around and blame everyone but themselves. That works in the short-term until people smarter than they are decide to turn their backs on racists.

    • Eloquent and to the point. Thank you.

      • This is a prime example of how treasonous the REPUBLICAN PARTY has become. This shows that to what length they would go to destroy AMERICA, to not negotiate with the President on issues dealing with the AMERICAN PEOPLE! I would like to thank her for speaking the feelings of a whole political party. THANK YOU!!!

        • ObozoMustGo

          Hey Mikey…… 3 words……. FAST AND FURIOUS!!!!

          Have a nice day!

          • highpckts

            For Heavans sake! What Bush did to this country pales next to to “FAST AND FURIOUS”!!

          • ObozoMustGo

            stoned… I mean high….. irrelevant…… FAST AND FURIOUS!!! Look out Eric “The Criminal” Holder… here’ comes the cops to arrest you!!


            Have a nice day!

          • Fast and Furious was actually started under Bush.

          • nobowtie

            W’s administration began fast and furious, Obama didnt stop it. That is his only involvment.

          • Hey Obozo……..3 words……….Katrina, Iraq, and Guantanamo!!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Frankie……. irrelevant…… FAST AND FURIOUS!!! Look out Eric “The Criminal” Holder… here’ comes the cops to arrest you!!


            Have a nice day!

          • metrognome3830

            He’s “Fast and Furious.” They’ll never catch him. As you can see, here in Arizona, we have “Slow and Stupid.”

          • ObozoMustGo

            How true it is metro. How true it is!

          • Kenneth Bailey

            Bozo the contempt charge from Congress holds no force at all. Get on with your life and face the facts. This President has another term to go and I would postulate Hillary will be next in line.

          • ObozoMustGo

            KB… Theres something about that kool aide, isn’t there?

          • nobowtie

            The coolaid is fabulous compared to the tea you baggers are drinking.

          • trying to smoke out the drug cartels,boy that’s almost as bad as invading a country based on false intelligence.Bring it on idiot!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Yeah right! Sure, sure. Your boys been caught with his hand in the cookie jar fool. Admit it!

          • nobowtie

            Hey O must go, read the above posts, W actually started fast and furious. It’s a FACT! But then you repubbaggers no rely on facts.

          • DukeDacat

            Obozo. you must be very proud of your Mother……….
            She is well suited for Arizona………
            Just saying………have a nice day. Idiot!!!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Ha ha ha! Mother jokes! You’re so smart….. Not!

          • nobowtie

            He learned about mother jokes at recess in 5th grade.

          • Ibsyboy

            A patriotic American law enforcement agency sells an idea to the Attorney General on how to stem crime, it does not work out, like everything ever does, and now the GOP wants to bring down a man’s career, because they hate his boss and he is a Negro as well, is endemic of the sadness the Right and the GOP has wrought on the American psyche, an Era of Hate, Anger, Contempt,Negativity, Low Self Esteem. They have wasted time on this BS while millions of Americans need Jobs. Juvenile behavior and a waste of tax payers money. Daryl Issa is a felon, a car thief. If this activity appears to be a good use of time and money, well you are perfect for the future of this country. Because this is what you can expect of the GOP wins. No legislation to help you and other Americans, nothing but trials and hearings, to distract you and yours from the real problems that face this country. This is a modern version of the Coliseum. What the Emperors used, to get the citizens of Rome to forget about their miserable lives. Gun walking is no different than the drug stings of the DEA. They let the drugs run through the system to get the big dealers. Doesn’t always work , but it did enough, to have it be a practice stilled used by the DEA. Issa is screwing with Law enforcement, instead of supporting these brave men and women who fight this fight for us. Shame on the GOP. The illegal IRAQ war cots thousands of lives of young Americans, but that was okay. It didn’t work out either where are the congressional hearings for Bush and Cheney. Why so quiet when they killed thousands of America’s young with their foolishness.

          • nobowtie

            If yoy teabaggers check it out, W started the whole guns to mexico thing to help track gun trafficking, Obama simply let it continue. Go ahead and blame Obama, he is only guilty of not stopping one more of W’s bad ideas.

          • ObozoMustGo

            boy… Eric “The Incompetent” made bold-faced lies to Congress in testimony AND in writing, which he then “withdrew” (whatever that means) and has stonewalled any requests for real information. If the FNF program was so innocent as you state, then why lie about it? It’s the lies that cause suspicion.

            Ohh.. and one other thing… guess Officer Terry was just an expendable piece of crap who’s now getting in the way of Obozo’s reelection campaign, huh? How dare he! Doesn’t his wife know that Obozo is much too important to be captured? Dying for the Leftist Messiah should be an honor, dont you think?

            Have a nice day!

          • Ibsyboy

            Your a discontented slave to right wing propaganda. Issa, has pursued a course of action that undermines the work of diligent law enforcement officers, he has tied them in to a witch hunt with no concern for the effect this going to have on the morale of the people who created and designed this plan and risked their lives working it, to be suddenly told they are the bad guys. because they thought they had a good idea. Well, how noble is that, throw the ATF and ICE agents under the bus to get the President and embarrass him for a Policy designed and initiated by the previous administration. Where is the Attn General whose office approved this plan, why is he not being interviewed and asked for files? Why have you been so clever to jump over that to go after the POTUS, and call the POTUS buy a funny name exposes your lack of respect of the Office of the Presidency of the United States, and if this comes under your lame interpretation of the 1st Amendment , then let me exercise the same right. You’re an arrogant, stupid, led by the nose fool, who knows nothing about very much. This Issa thing is going to blow up in his face. It’s a witch hunt that other GOPers asked him not to go on. It furthers the countries impression of the GOP as an obstructionist Party. We are in the middle of an economic melt down and this is how the GOP spends the tax payers money on a witch hunt. Shame on them and shame on you finding joy in this waste of money and time. Your on the losing side of this and that’s is where losers belong. Go back to school get a proper education then maybe we will let you hang with the adults. By the way, do you think you can get Bush to apologize to the thousands of families whose loved ones died in IRAQ? Officer Terry was serving his country. Does it really matter where the weapon came form, if not FNF then the guy would have been armed with a weapon from another source. I spent my weekend with young people who had cases of guns, including a 50 caliber sniper rifle they bought at an arms show. No ID required, just put down the money. Now why does a 19 year old need a 50 caliber sniper gun? Plus an Uzi, MAC 10, AR 15, Glocks, These are not hunting weapons these are weapons of war. Got a clever snappy ill informed answer for this, Ducky

          • ObozoMustGo

            boy…. Eric “The Incompetent” Holder has broken the law by lying to Congress, providing false information, hiding documents, and running the Justice Department as a campaign arm of the Obozo admin. He’s refusing to comply with information requests. WHY? Why, if the program was a legitimate attempt to catch bad guys, do they lie and hide information? Why?

            Keep it simple in your response. I know, I know. That’s the only way a leftist nutjob and useful idiot like you can keep it.

            Have a nice day!

          • Ibsyboy

            The is no crime here other than Issa the felon/car thief is creating out of whole clothe. You’re so ignorant your blinded by your own stupidity and racism you can’t see through this charade. It’s all going to amount to nothing. What is in those files that make them so important. You don’t know nor does Issa, he is assuming as you are, that if they won’t give them up, they must be hiding something. Well it very well could be the reputation of loyal Americans who served their country trying to make this Bush designed plan work. You so frigging stupid, I don’t know where to begin. How do you get the energy to get up in the morning, I would think you would be exhausted trying to think about what you don’t understand. you’re exhausting me, I have never encountered a so narrow minded racist idiot in my entire life. Keep it simple. How simple do you need it to see this is all about nothing there is nothing here other than Issa’s supposition that there is. Nothing here other than a grand standing Car Thief who got away with insurance fraud. He’s a crook and his is judging the POTUS, what a joke, a waste of tax payers money on a witch hunt. You and Issa are peas in an idiotic pod. Such a waste of tax payers money, by the GOP who is always complaining about Go0vernment waste. My God, what a bunch of A**holes on your side of the aisle and the people who vote for them share the blame. A failed Party, not one Jobs Bill, oh yeah lets spends millions on FNF, because it’s an other distraction for our feeble minded constituents. Like you.
            This apparently the most important issue during a depression and high unemployment , I see how much you emulate your don nothing GOP who rather waste money than try to help the people of the USA. Very patriotic. That’s what I call not doing the job you were sent to DC to do. Issa is a boob, And your one of his stooges. Nice job concerning yourself with the economic problems of the USA. You should be proud of yourself. I see, the economy is to beyond your comprehension. But FNF is right in your wheel house not much effort to grasp a lame waste of money and a pack of lies to support it. Nice going, Ducky. Great use of brain matter. You Putz.

          • ObozoMustGo

            boy…. What did Obozo know, and when did he know it? That is the question about FNF. Why hide the documents? I know why… Because they supported illegal gun running right up to and including Obozo’s approval, and the documents will demonstrate this. This was all part of a leftist nutjob strategy to justify more gun control laws, and it backfired, literally, resulting in the death of Officer Terry. Obozo has his blood on his hands, and the documents will show this to be true.

            You’re such a blinded moron that you cannot see how America should have an interest in getting to the truth. This has nothing to do with hiding the names of loyal Americans. If that was the case, Obozo would not have deliberately released classified national security information designed to make him look like he’s a “tough guy” president. He is not. He is a coward and a piece of crap. And he must be thrown out like the garbage that he is. Obozo doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about anyone but his own narcissistic self, and you know it.

            As far as focus, don’t you worry. We can multitask. Besides, if you’re bitching about why we are “wasting” money investigating crimes committed by Obozo instead of focusing on the economy, I suppose you’re admitting that the economy sucks. Well, you’re right, the economy does suck. And that’s Obozo’s fault also. But to hear Obozo and his minions of useful idiots like y0u tell it, the economy is fine. So which one is it, you dope?

            Have a nice day, boy!

          • Ibsyboy

            Is it any more illegal than the IRAQ War? Guns to the Contras in Nicaragua? Torture? Weapons to Saddam Hussein. The intelligence Committee should be investigated for all the covert info they have concerning the CIA and FBI. Has the Intelligence Committee entered this fiasco. If not, why. They are more than likely in on it too. It had to be funded. What is really weird. The tough talk of the GOP on crime. The ATF and ICE in an attempt to catch bad guys propose an idea, that Bush and his Attorney General sign off on, then Obama inherits it, got briefed and went along with the people whose job it is to fight the Drug Cartels. Where’s the crime. You have not shown me the crime, no more than Issa can. This is all political BS. And you should stop spreading it around. You’re coming off as an ass. Issa is floundering, GOPers are losing interest. He is not getting the pound for our buck he was hoping for, he is trolling. But the waters are empty of fish. There are law enforcement people who put theirs lives on the line to execute this plan , now Issa is telling them they broke the law. Bush gave them the go ahead, Obama saw the positive effect the ATF promised. So now lets drag those brave ATF agents through the mud so you and you crowd can stick it to Obama. Shame on you.

          • ObozoMustGo

            boy…. the truth is that the contempt charge that Holder is going to be convicted of is because HE LIED to Congress. He sent a purposely intentionally misleading and false letter to Congress in Feb 2011. The contents of that letter and how that letter was written are the issue in the contempt charge. The Congress has EVERY RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to investigate why false documents and false testimony were filed with the committee by the Attorney General of the US. In case you dont know, it is THE CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY of the Congress to have oversight of the Administration and their shady dealings. While I will admit that we DONT know what will be revealed by the documents, neither do you. The only way to get to the truth is to have the entire mess exposes and then we can see what the truth is. That is all. America AND Brian Terry’s wife deserve the truth!

            Further, Bush did not authorize gun running. He did authorize covert operations to uncover the drug cartels. The Obozo Admin used that authority to devise the TACTIC of gun running by sending over 2000 military style assault weapons to the cartels, only 2 of which had tracking devices in them. This has resulted in HUNDREDS of deaths. Obozo and Holder have those persons blood on their hands and now they dont want to be caught.

            By the way, political motivations ARE the way it goes and it works BOTH WAYS, pal. It’s perfectly legitimate that such motivations be used within the context of the law to uncover corruption by the other side. BOTH SIDES use it equally. And you know it!

            Have a nice day, boy!

          • Ibsyboy

            Much ado about nothing! A political scam by a Car Thief who knows how scams work. An Insurance fraud scammer. If this ends up ion court it will be trown out. There is mischief behind this investigation. Bush lied us into War and the Pu**ies in the GOP could not pull the trigger on an issue crying to be investigated. Obama came in, there was still an out cry, and due to his respect for the Government did not want to drag the country down by indicting a President and Vice President. Talk about lying and criminal behavior. You GOPers are all Pu**ies. The ultimate victims and blamers of all time. Criticize you, you cry. Catch you doing wrong, you blame. This is a shameless charade, that is wasting money that you cry babies are always complaining about. We need jobs and the GOPers are in contempt of Congress by obstructing legislation for political reasons. A secret meeting on Inauguration day. Held to agree to not pass any legislation presented by Obama. Sedition: Organized opposition intended to change or overthrow existing authority. You guys are so full of s**t its shameful. You represent yourself as state rights, yet the SCOTUS elects Bush by over ruling a sovereign state’s Supreme Court. Montana, with tons of experience of corruption by money, gets overruled on Citizens United. A law on Montana’s books for over 100 years is just cavalierly tossed out because it runs counter to SCOTUS’s ruling.

            You should clean up your BS, before going off on Witch Hunts to get rid of the Negro. You are a bunch of racists bastards, with so much s**t coming out of your mouths your stinking the place up. Grown the f**k up, get a pair and join the Patriotic Americans who believe in the power of the People. It’s all Horse S**t and you know it.

          • ObozoMustGo

            boy… bottom line: Holder lied to Congress multiple times. He sent a false letter to Congress and he knew it as evidenced by his “withdrawal” (whatever that means) of the letter 11 months later after the committee relied upon it for decisions. Now he seeks to hide the truth behind it. He is a criminal. Plain and simple. He will be held in contempt of Congress. Can’t wait to see him do the perp-walk! hehehehehehe

            Re: Montana. States are not permitted to enact laws that limit free speech. Very simple. The ruling was consistent with the Constitution and established case law. Sorry!

            You’re just another useful idiot of the left throwing around the race card. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…. It’s so old and foolish that it doesnt mean anything anymore.

            Have a nice day!

          • Ibsyboy

            What does any of this have to do with the first order of business: Jobs. How can you delight in a silly waste of time, when my friends and maybe your’s as well, are struggling to make ends meet. How does Issa justify spending money on this charade, when people are losing their homes, children are gong hungry. How in God’s name can you put this political witch hunt above the real concerns of the daily lives of struggling Americans. Have you and Issa no shame. Silly question, the GOP lost their pride on inauguration day, when they conspired to unseat this president by all means possible. Mitch McConnell so delightfully proclaimed as much. Issa’s BS investigation is just part of that sad seditious plan. Obstruction of the function of Government is seditious. And you my friend, and all viewers of FOX wake up every day worrying about an issue that has no relevance to solving the major concerns of most Ameicans; paying their bills. How does that make sense? Really, putting Issa’s Folly before the the needs of this Nations. The GOP has shown their true colors by putting their ideology before Country and you are happy to let them do it. Personally I don;t give a rat’s butt about this. It will all go away without any resolution. But you and Issa will try to drag it out to election day to get to what the real reason behind this, unseat a duly elected President of the United States of America. Deny that, and you deserve to choke on the denial, and wake up in hell, for supporting an obvious political witch hunt while America suffers an economic crisis. Shame on you!

          • ObozoMustGo

            boy… How is Issa ignoring coverups, purgury, and possible crimes committed by the Attorney General of the US going to get you or anyone else a job? IT’S NOT YOU MORON!!!!

            This is exactly the problem with all of you idiots on the left. You sit around waiting for the government to do something for you…. like your a helpless retard waiting for someone to spoon feed you. Tell your friend to get up off his lazy ass and go do something… anything… and quit waiting for some politician to tell you that he’ll solve your problems by taking money from someone else. You leftist nutjobs are mostly a bunch of useless consumers of oxygen!

            And I don’t give a damn whether you care about it or not. Corruption MUST be investigated. If it was a Republican hiding 13000 documents on an illegal scheme to run guns to drug cartels and hundreds were murdered by those guns, you would be screaming your little head off, and it would be the lead story on every news program in America. But since it’s your boy, Obozo, you dont care, and other than Fox, the rest of the news media is saying………. crickets………… crickets………. crickets ………… crickets…….

            You know I am 100% correct.

            Have a nice day, boy!

          • Ibsyboy

            Well you don’t seem to have a problem with Government trying to embarrass, and destroy a President you obviously don’t like, for you. And for that matter, you were okay with the Job Creator BS to justly the Governmental tax cuts, for you. Or the Government going to war for you. Or the Government rousting OCCUPY for you. Or the Government fighting a war in Afghanistan for you. Or building highways for you. Or imprisoning terrorists for you. If the Government has failed, actually the GOP has failed, attempting to create jobs via tax cuts, (we should be drowning in jobs) why is it not okay for the Government to fix the infrastructure which will create jobs. Where does government begin and end. Townships, cities, states, federal. Around your kitchen table. You’re talking Anarchy, you’re a closet leftist. Has it ever occurred to you that if all of this power back to the states were to happen, no ones life would change one bit. Where is the state going to get the money to run an educational system, a highway system, an electrical power system? I’ll tell you where, they will reduce taxes on the rich and increase the sales tax, property taxes, they will need to grow their bureaucracies, increase gasoline taxes. Phone companies will want to be paid on a state by state contract. There will be disputes between states re; Tariffs, highways, speed limits. It’s idiotic to think that 50 separate governments could cooperate with each other in an effective way to keep the USA intact as a Sovereign nation. Will there be a Wall Street in every state compelled to abide by the laws of each individual state. The Euro Zone suffers from no central government. It’s one for all and every man for himself. That’s what you are suggesting we do here. Can you get any dumber than that. Oh, wasn’t it nice of SCOTUS to tell Montana to get rid of an, over 100 year old, very effective bill for Montana. So much for states rights. And, you are one cold heart MF when it comes to your priorities. More important to chase your tail with Issa than help your fellow Americans. Next time you hit a pot hole, be a man, go to home depot, get a bag of driveway asphalt, and fix that hole yourself. Why should the Government do that? Don’t you guys preach personal responsibility. Maybe you can offer your doctor a couple of chickens to cover your next visit. We are great because we have a representative government responsible not just to commerce but to the people. If your are not quite 65, then wait until Medicare kicks in, with out it my mom, my wife’s mom, and many Moms and Dads would be in a heap of trouble.
            Oh, I’m sorry, Ducky. Back to FNF. Don’t want to tamper with your conscience.

          • ObozoMustGo

            UPDATE: HOUSE VOTES TO HOLD HOLDER IN COMTEMPT OF CONGRESS 255 – 67. That was a hell of lot of Democrats that are just as concerned as Republicans and ALL Americans should be.

            boy… you have wasted your time typing almost every single cliche on the left in one email. No time to hit them all, but here’s the highlights:

            1) Obozo embarasses himself. He needs no help from Issa, me, or anyone else.
            2) This may come as a surprise to you, but THE PRIMARY JOB of the Federal Government IS THE MILITARY. It’s the reason the whole kit and kaboodle was created. So any of your rantings about war blah blah blah blah blah are stupid.
            3) The Federal government cannot give away ANY money that it does not first take from the private sector, secondly issue debt instruments bought by the private sector, or print money. So you misguided and youthfully ignorant question of where are states going to get money for education is a fool’s ponderance. Education is financed by mostly property taxes in each locality and state. I pay over $7,000 per year on my home in PA. THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM! Dont be so stupid, dude, to believe that all money starts with the government. It doesnt. This is NOT Monopoly, boy. Real life doesn’t work like that.
            4) Roads and infrastructure are typically state and local responsibilities. All the Feds do is the interstate system, and even then, most of that falls on the responsibility of the states the highways run through. Same with Ambulances, fire, police, local services, etc. etc. etc. They are used and consumed locally and should be paid for locally.
            5) Your idiotic scenario of anarchy between the states is so stupid, I dont know where to begin. The Constitution IS the document that stopped the anarchy that existed under the Articles. It’s a non issue. Besides, the 10th Amendment says the states OR THE PEOPLE should do everything the Fed’s not authorized to do.
            6) boy…. Montana had a law on their books that was unconstitutional. Clearly, it limited speech and had to be struck down. Get over it. It applies to all evenly, even unions. Relax. Loosen your panties up a bit.
            7) The way the Fed keeps printing money and Obozo is destroying our economy with borrow and spend economic strategies, it is highly likely that I will be paying my doctor with chickens in the coming years. I suggest you get some chickens, also.
            8) Medicare and entitlements…. they need to go away. But gradually over a generation, they must be phased out. They are fiscal disasters and they will go away whether you like it or not. It can be orderly, or it can be by financial collapse. Your choice. I choose the orderly transition. My parents are hooked on the same heroine of government dependecy.

            Gotta run. Good night. Thanks for the discussion. And dont take things personally. Think of it like arguing with your buddy when you call him a dope! 🙂

            Have a nice night!

          • Ibsyboy

            First off: GOP makes history. First Attn .Gen. that’s the end of this farce. And this weak attempt on your part to make this anything other than it is. An effort on Issa’s part to go ofter the President in an election year. You’re embarrassing yourself with the constant BS calling the witch hunt a legal issue. It’s all you have to defend this frivolous anti-Obama stunt. You can’t stand the fact that you can not admit the real motive behind this and the joy you get in any thing that is negative concerning the President of the United State of America. Your struggling to deny that.

            2. So George Bush got it right at least twice with his 2 failed wars. 10th Amendment:
            Article I, Section 8 – Congress, ( Legislative Branch), has power to: collect taxes, pay debts, borrow money, regulate commerce with foreign nations, establish rule of naturalization, coin money, provide punishment for counterfeiting, establish Post Offices, promote Science, constitute tribunals, punish piracy on the seas, declare war, raise and support armies and Navy and have exclusive legislative authority over the District of Columbia.
            Article II, Section 2 – The President, ( Executive Branch), Commander in Chief of the military, power to make treaties, nominate and appoint Ambassadors, public Ministers, Judges and all other offices, grant reprieves and pardons, recommend to Congress Measures necessary and expedient, convene or adjourn Congress, receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers, Commission all Officers of The United States and see that laws are faithfully executed.
            Article III, Section 2 – The Courts, (Judicial Branch), power to extend to all cases of law arising under the Constitution and treaties, the trial of crimes and treason.

            Couldn’t find “The Primary Job of Government is the Military. That’s your limited right wing knowledge showing. Sorry, Ducky. You’re wrong again.

            3. And I am sure at one point your taxes were lower. By the way the Federal Government provides about 8% towards education nationally. How is that going to be made up?. Let’s say your 7K becomes 8K.

            4. The federal government sets roadway specifications and funds the interstates (sometimes fully, sometimes partially, depending on the particular highway). The states are responsible for managing the roadways themselves, for identifying problems, and for ensuring the safety of the roadway. AND FUNDS. Where are the states going to get that money. Sales taxes. Higher fees for Drivers Licenses, Etc.

            5. The anarchy remark was a joke, I asked where government started and stopped.
            Townships, cities, States, Federal. Or around your kitchen table. Then I said your a closet Leftie. It was a joke!! But I now realize how important and seriously you take Issa’s fraud investigation, I didn’t connect that with you not having a sense of humor.

            6. I don’t believe the Montana Anti Corruption Act was ever deemed unconstitutional.
            A hundred years ago, the state legislature of Montana elected a copper baron by the name of William Clark to the United States Senate. The Senate refused to seat Mr. Clark, on the grounds that he had basically purchased the Montana State Legislature.
            A hundred years ago, it was patently obvious to anyone with more than a handful of brain cells to rub together that a nefarious individual with unlimited personal wealth could easily use their vast financial resources to influence legislators, and that doing so would undermine our democracy. For seventy years, Congress and the courts agreed again and again and again: money wasn’t speech and corporations weren’t people. Until the right wing activist SCOTUS judges bent to the Koch Brothers and Corporate influence, and gave us Citizens United. A disaster waiting to happen , if it hasn’t already.

            7. I beg you to give me an example of this borrow and spend. He has not been able to get one piece of legislation since ACA that needs funding. You’re a dyed in the wool Wing Nut. Such hackneyed talking points.

            8. Man you are one cold hearted SOB. A New Deal hater. Why don’t you live well enough alone and wait for death, and leave the caring people tend to their brothers and sisters. No one should every get anything for nothing. No hand outs. Except tax breaks for those who don;’t need them. The issue of your super heroes (The Wealthy), the Job Creators, and why they should contribute to the economy recovery. The Senators and Congressman were elected by the votes of the people, they were sent there to represent the people who put them there. Those very representatives passed favorable legislation for the Wealthy in the form of tax cuts, deductions, deregulation. As I see it, we the people sent them there are they were our representatives, so there fore we the people have helped the Wealthy acquire their well through the largesse of our elected representatives, so quid pro quo, don’t ya think? And don’t give me that; “they worked for it,” yeah they worked our representatives. Our representative. And now the Oligarchs want lower taxes, less regulation, no softy nets for the under class and elderly. Some thing they have been diligently lobbying for over the last 35 years. You don’t think the GOP comes up with that stuff by themselves. Nah! Their puppet masters do the thinking and provide the GOP with the slogans and talking points. They even email them to FOX now.

            That’s it dope! God Bless. Sounds like Delaware County taxes, that bastion of Right Wing thought.

        • 55441944

          Just a small correction Michael, on the length the Republicans will go to destroy America! They already have destroyed American, they can’t do any more harm. The morans are illiterate and brainless what else can they destroy?

          • Ibsyboy

            They are old and scared. They have always related a white face with the Presidency. To them this is a sacrilege. They were not raised to accept this inevitable possibilit.
            Negroes are the root of all evil in their small minds. We can only hope that as this generations goes to its grave it takes this fear and loathing with them.

          • Sad to say that there children will grow up as ignorant as the parents they learn what they are taught hatered!!!!!!

          • You are by fat the sickest person I have responded and my only comment to you is that you are sick in the head . Check yourself into a mental clinic to get rid of some of your racial feelings.

          • Ibsyboy

            It takes effort to get out of the box of common thought, thought and ideas supplied by ideology. When confronted with a different point of view and a more intensely interested point of view it confounds the simple minded. I am aware of that, and I have been learning how to write down to folks such as your self. People who have lead lives being lead by their noses throughout life, being fed , simple slogans and talking points that guard them against a broader world view. The ideal mind for a GOPer. Simplified, to the point, non essential, easy to handle view of life. Well God bless you.
            Sorry about that reading disability. Like I said I have been trying to write down to you folks. It was sarcasm, an attempt to point out the racism which has arisen since the election of a Negro to the Presidency of the USA. But, in typical fashion for a White person, you couldn;t look in the mirror, so you tried to turn it around on me. Sorry, Ducky didn’t work. If we continue to comment I will try to keep it simple and less elusive. I prefer the word Negro over Black because racists have begun using Black too frequently in their subtle racists remarks. And I know damn well they will never touch the word Negro, too close to their favorite, but repressed big N word.

          • Ibsyboy

            If, heaven forbid, Dough($) Boy wins. The dumbing down of America will go int high gear. Dept. of Education. Gone. States will be handed that responsibility. Where will the states get the money? Privatize the education system. Make educating our children a profit making business. Kiss medicare, social security and medicaid good-bye. Repeal don’t ask don’t tell.
            Reinstate DOMA. Lower taxes on those who don;t really need it. How the hell are we going to pay for anything? Joblessness is of no interest for the GOP_, why would that change if they are in the drivers seat. It cost money, and there will be no money. Except for the military and the domestic Armies of Police. They are going to deconstruct our Democracy and replace it with and Oligarchy. Mitt’s billionaires will be calling more of the shots than they are now. By the time their followers catch on, it will be way too late. Sorry folks, Democracy. All Gone.

    • I’d agree. Racists, even the repressed ones, are hateful and divisive. They will often accuse others of that very same thing, since they are so familiar with it. They can feel the bias of others most acutely. They just are in denial, just like you say. But it is not just the “confederate legacy of white superiority bred in their bones” that we need to worry about. It is the others, not so easily categorized and labeled honestly for their bias, that are even a greater threat. Their bias is often unchallenged, and therefore often accepted. But it is hateful bias just as much, and just as damaging.

    • TangSooDo

      This reply should be streamed on the internet, heard on the radio, read on TV by Bill Clinton with video playing behind, big billboards along freeways, in schools, police stations, any municipal office, and as mailers. Excellent.

    • Ibsyboy

      She is from another time in America. The leaders of this country have always had White faces, this is too much for her and her ilk to handle. It is a massive cultural adjustment for many Americans. I am not an apologist for them, just pointing out the the cause and sad effect it has had on older peoples lives. It’s hopefully a generational thing, which I pray dies with this older generation who propagate this sad mind set.

      • nobowtie

        Lets hope they dont stick around too long, they’re waisting precious time

    • Ibsyboy

      Eleanore, I am jealous at how succinctly you summed up this lack of decency and the over flow of hate being thrown at a sitting President of the United States of America. The greatest and most successful democracy in history. They have no shame. This behavior is a virus. We need a vaccine, and common decency is it. But, you have to persuade them to be inoculated. God help us! The demons are running loose.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    I’d bet anything she’s well paid to do her hateful Obama bashing. Yet, if you said a single anti-Hispanic word like how Latina are all fiery women, she’d go coconuts and bananas trying to censor YOUR free speech. It’s only free when she’s the one owning it.

  • howa4x

    Arizona has always been a place that conjures up the far right. Anyone Remember Barry Goldwater? Or Sherriff Arppio? This host is probably just saying what she hears around town.

    Luckily for us all this is a state that will be one of the 1st to run out of drinking water. The Colorado river is drying up, and this is the major water source for the state. Luckily for us again is the fact that they don’t believe in climate change, so they won’t admit it’s happening and won’t plan for it. They think this is all left wing dogma. They are way too busy hunting down illegal immigrants anyway, so why plan for something really important when you can spend all your time and funds doing that.

  • nomaster

    This shows the upbringing of this lady if you can call here a lady. It is a totally pathetic moment. Maybe she should look at herself before pointing fingers at someone else and calling them names. At least by her on statements she has declared herself a racist. She is what she is and maybe she is even lower than a monkey.

  • She sure looks out there what that look on her face. People who are crazy have eyes like hers!!!!

  • lamont41

    She should be very ashame of herself, but! she would not know what for anyways because she does look very demented, and to even compare the President of the United States, with any type of animal shows how she was brought up and that says it all, need to stop taking potluck shot’s at our President. She is very ignorant.

  • This is just another tragic example of some Americans inability to move forward. I have watched the govenor of this state make speeches , I have watched a representative get gunned down and I have watche a pink haired moron leave her child on top of her car and drive away. What more can I say ?

  • Arizona and Texas are the worst racist societies in the USA! It is not surprising that this rhetoric continues!

    The current GOP, tea baggers and tea evangelists are those who continue to push this concept.

    Sieg Heil!

  • BDD1951

    And I’ll bet no republican will call her out for it. What a racist pig.

  • Being from AZ….this is the mentality of the our elderly in this state…I use elderly as everyone on the welfare programs (social security and medicare)…It appears in AZ that once you get on the welfare you become that welfare mentality no different then those on welfare. It is unfortunate but true here in AZ

    • pattijo2

      Social Security and Medicare are NOT welfare. People worked and paid into the system. This woman’s comments, or the opinions of “elderly” have nothing to do with the fact that they are retired and receiving SS or Medicare. Being on welfare does not automatically make you a racist or a bigot. You are being as irrationally judgmental as Ms. Espinosa.

      • anitapope

        SS and medicare are entitlement programs. Yes, people did contribute into these programs. If you collect for 3.5 years you’ve drawn out everything you ever contributed. 90% of a person’s health care dollars are spent during the last 12 weeks of their life. Medicare has become an entitlement for the medical field.
        unscrupulous doctors order evasive tests and procedures to extend life.
        America, as a Christian nation, needs to come to grips with dying. We should peacefully embrace the eternal life promised by our Lord, Jesus, instead of bankrupting our nation.

        • pattijo2

          America is not a Christian nation. We are a nation with a secular government that respects all religions. Most of the “founding fathers” were not Christians, they were deists.

          Entitlement?? that is a word used by persons who oppose SS and Medicare to make you think that everyone getting SS and Medicare is getting something for nothing. You do know that everyone on Medicare pays a premium every month.

          You can stop all unnecessary tests and means to keep you alive with a living will.

        • Justin Napolitano

          Sorry, Anitapope but you are wrong. I presume you are not aware that all of the money we pay into Social Security and Medicare is invested in special issue treasuries that earn and pay interest back into the fund. Therefore money invested over all of those years is what people draw out when they retire and is perhaps 4 to 5 times what they contributed. Also millions of people receive no benefits if they die before their retirement age and a large group receives only a small amount because they die early.
          I is important to remember that SS and Medicare are insurance plans where many pay into the plans but fewer take out.
          These plans may need a little help in staying solvent in future years but for the most part are providing the vital retirement money many need to survive in old age. SS is said to be able to provide full benefits until 2037 and Medicare for at least the next 6 years. Adjustments will need to be made but they will only have to be minimal.
          Never call these programs welfare, it makes you appear uninformed.

    • Landsende

      I usually agree with your comments but you seem to have a blind spot about social security and Medicare by calling them welfare programs. My husband paid into SS for 40 years but died before he could collect. I was able to receive a portion of his benefits when I turned 62 but if I had died before then all that money he paid in would have been lost. As for Medicare for years I paid $700 a month for health insurance but very seldom went for medical care because the deductible and co-pays were so high. Now I pay a monthly premium for Medicare and also have a supplemental plan and am able to practice preventative care now. Welfare is where you receive benefits without paying anything for it. SS is taken out of your paycheck and you have Medicare deducted from your SS benefits each month. Apparently you have a job where you don’t pay into SS and Medicare which I would assume you have a government job where you have a generous government pension

  • BigE1941

    Barbara Espinosa’s remark about President Obama being a monkey makes her a poster child for birth control. Racist remarks like those she made have no business going out over any media, and I thought to get a license stations were to be responsible and not be allowed to put that type of trash out over the air waves. If someone wants to make ignorant remarks to their friends showing their stupidy then yes it’s free speech, but when using commerical means it’s what fuels that type of mentality amoung other stupid people. I think you need to check it’s a fact that white people are a minarty on the earth and nobody is more seperior than another. If we are to end racists these type of remarks need to be stopped.

  • RobGinChicago

    J Street, meet Barbara Espinosa.

  • dgabe

    Epinosa is right on. Obama needs to go

  • Eleanor is right on. I was born and raised in New York State and have lived in the south in some three states now for 20 years. There is definitely an undertone and sometimes just outright disgust for both Blacks and Hispanics, but only in quiet circles. I am not sure the south will ever get over their views, but I am encouraged by the younger generation.

  • anitapope

    Arizona is a state of confusion. I recently retired to this state and I am continually embarrassed and irate about the hate speech that comes out of the Arizona politicians, political pundits and populace.These people play to the uneducated white trash who live in trailors and fear of losing their unlimited access to guns, pickups and Budweiser, all the while waving the American flag and praising the Lord.
    Barry Goldwater would be ashamed of the national joke that his beautiful state has become.

  • She looks more like a monkey than he does

  • ObozoMustGo

    The last 3.5 years summed up in one photo…. unfortunately! ;-(

    Have a nice day!

  • Fred Helstone

    Oh and I’m quite sure this Neandertal blabbing head, would love to be called a PIG, which she very much resembles!!!

  • Fred Helstone

    Oh, and I’m quite sure this Neandertal blabbing head, this Arizona Radio ‘Gal’, would love to be called an old PIG, which she very much ressembles.

  • anitapope

    When typing the word politician, the word polite comes up on my spell check.
    When will the politicians change the temperament of the dialogue in this Nation.
    The media helps to promote this fire, which is spreading throughout the land.
    “Can’t we all just get along”.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    You want an apology? When is the last time a liberal apologized for anything?????

  • I am praying for her, praying that she be removed from her position as a radio host, and be escorted back accross the border. Just think, I served several years in the armed forces, in order to protect ungrateful idiots like her.

  • I am a liberal and I am a decent lawabiding older female who is a voter just like you, middleclasstaxpayer. Conservatives have a way of generalizing everything to the negative, just about everything, and your comment about liberals is right in that vein. Actually, I am voting as an Independent now so the pollsters can’t quite figure out what my voting plans are. But I am liberal in the sense that I am respectful and thoughtful and look at all sides of issues without having to resort to what I am told to “believe” or do or think by someone in the media.

  • Barbara Espinosa (is that your married name–which means it has nothing to do with how you think) is a racist. She just can’t put those six letter together in her mind and identify with them.

  • These are the kind of comments that we don’t need in democracy let’s argue our beliefs without using race. Barbara Espinosa is a racist and she know that she is.

  • BettyBenson

    I lived in Arizona for 3 years in the 1960’s and came back here in 2009. It was a very racist state then and in almost 40 years nothing has changed. It is such a beautiful state that God has given us but it is horribly stained by the character and ignorance of most of the human beings that rule it and inhabit it. I would hope that the intelligent and empathetic people of Arizona wake up and start changing the political climate of this beautiful state.

  • When is the last time you heard a liberal use the race card ? Give me proof not talking points!!!

  • When is the last time you heard a liberal use the race card ? Give me proof not talking points!!!

  • You know, if you are going to call her racist, (and I am not saying that she is not) you need to look in the mirror. If you say anything against a person for not being a member of a recognized ethnic group, or make comments about American Indians, or any other backhanded remarks that are “reverse racism” (which is saying something like the best athletes are black and going on to say that it is *because* they are black, i.e. non-blacks are not as athletically inclined) you need to understand that “positive” racism is psychologically the same as expressing negative racism, and the negative racism exists in an often repressed form. You may also be a racist, but just as unable as she seems to be to admit it. She does have a bias. She is also correct that there is protection under the first amendment to what she says. Think about it just a bit. She is in radio. Howard Stern, the notorious shock jock, would do something like this, and frankly, she is probably enjoying the publicity. It is purely selfish on her part, but no worse than a lot of other celebrities that I can think of. And Obama himself has expressed bias. Remember the whole thing about Cambridge Police and his good buddy Gates? Obama, not knowing the facts, and acting on bias obviously, said “that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home.”

    That is a direct quote, and Obama previously stated that he did not know all the facts and that Skip Gates was a friend of his. The fact was that Skip decided he did not need to identify himself. Now I understand where Skip’s orientation is on this. He is after all, a notorious activist for African American rights. Not rights for everyone, mind you, but for Black people. He expected the police to automatically recognize him. So he felt justified in *refusing* to show ID. Sorry to say, but I would not recognize Skip Gates if I met him on the streets. Some of you might, but I’ll bet that a fair number of you would not. You can argue that the police should have known who he was, but you stretch it too far to insist that they must know who he was.

    Obama was speaking about something he admitted he knew little about, but nonetheless felt free to interject his own personal bias. I am not saying what Barbara Espinosa has great merit, but I’d dare say that her responsibility is no greater than that of the President of the United States. If you hold her to a standard, you need to hold him to a higher standard. Most folks see that she implied that Obama is Stupid. Obama did not just imply that the Cambridge Police were stupid, he outright made that accusation. Think about it. It’s called hypocrisy.

  • futebolao

    I’m hispanic and have noted over the years that the most bigoted (against African-Americans) of all hispanics are those whose heritage originates from countries without a history of African slavery. Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, for example. Shame on her parents. This sort of hate originates there.

  • futebolao

    And yes, I know it isn’t everyone from these countries.. I just have seen more haters from these non-African-heritage countries than others.

    And shame on Barbara too. Own up to your despicable nature. Covarde aborrenta.

  • This crazy person living in the craziest state in America is like Marco Rubio who believes that if Latino people’s immigration problem is solved, what will Rubio use to survive politically. Obama loves Latino people and ordinary Americans, that’s why he continues to fight for them. Latino people must begin to realize that they have some Latino Republicans who use their immigration problems for their political career. They and Marco Rubio are betrayers of their own Latino people.

  • This woman is demented.

  • Charles Ray

    It would be insulting monkeys to compare this woman with them.

  • She is correct – she has the right to say completely racist and assinine things, but the public also has the right to express their opinion that she is in fact a big fat racist – and apparently very proud of that fact.

  • She, in my opinion, is pathetic – but, what is hard to believe is that she probably has a following….shame on her and any who buy into her prejudiced rantings….no more than a volcano spewing hatred….

  • anitapope

    I referred to these programs as entitlements, not welfare.
    I retired with a teaching pension from IL. Believe me, my
    pension is perceived as an entitlement by the tax payers of IL
    who would love to see it taken away.
    The Republican party, fueled by the “voices of corporate influence”
    have successfully pitted the private and public sectors of the middle class in the hopes of securing the oval office next fall.

  • Her hair on fire fried her brain? This a racist centric female ashamed of having a Hispanic last name and continuously drawing attention to the fact that she considers herself a second class citizen but not as bad as those “other” third class citizens. The psychology mirrors the racism inherent in the white trash in Southern States that felt superior to the Harvard graduated African American.
    Eventually when they eveolve they realize as most of us already have, that there is no race and there is not reason to hate people for what they are or to hate oneself for what we are. She needs therapy, anger management and a swift kick in the butt.

  • So is she saying it would be OK for me to call her an uneducated wetback? It must be because I have a Latino yardman so I couldn’t possibly be racist. And it’s a free country and I can say
    what’s on my mind. Interesting way to interpret freedom, isn’t it? Maybe someone can have Sarah Palin feature a picture of her with a surveyor’s visual aid ahead and suggest that she be
    taken out. That worked pretty well last time.

  • anitapope

    My understanding is that our country was founded on Christian values, which, of its self ,is a good thing. The religious right has bent these values to promote a personal agenda which would strip the rights of all minorities.
    Entitlements are not welfare.

  • howell310

    It would be interesting to find out if her surname came from marriage. Because she does not appear by her looks as someone who would be randomly stopped by Arizona’s laws.

  • In this day and age, and in the most open-minded nation in the world, this remark by Barbara Espinosa is unconscionable. President Obama is everyone’s president, whether you voted for him or not, and deserves the respect that this august office carries. What she said was slanderous and defamation of character, not protected by the fifth amendment. I think she should be sanctioned and even fired.

  • Unfortunately some of the GOP’s stuanchest supporters are these looney right and teabagger types. Oh, and let’s not forget the birthers. Do you think if Obama was white and his father had been an Australian there would be such a controversy? But don’t wait for any responsible Republican to call them out over their racist remarks(although maybe responsible Republican is an oxymoron) because they can’t afford to offend them. As Mitt said, “it’s all about getting to 51%”

  • I almost did not even want to get involved with this ignorance, however if you do not present your point of view, then you do not show the racists of the world that they are the minority! I only have a few words, because usually the more I go on the more I get angered, I just have to say that this, the “lady” that expressed this is no more a human being than the monkey she calls the President. If you are a true American, regardless of how you feel politically you still treat your President of the United States of America with RESPECT! This is why the other countries are looking to us as weak lately! Europe laughs at our prejudice amongst eachother and in this era it should be so much more advanced, when will this disgusting racism and ignorance be OVER?

    • CAThinker

      I agree – what is equally reprehensible is that “journalist” that heckled the POTUS during a press conference in the Rose Garden… Whether you respect the man or not, you have to respect the position. I’m happy to respect and admire both (the man and the position)…

  • davidfishman2001

    I think the comment that she thinks that with the last name of Espinosa, she can’t be a racist. I know of a few African American and Hispanic people who even admits there racist. She is just like them even though she doesn’t admit it.

  • At one time in my career I taught classes that at the time were called “cultural sensitivity” classes. I taught many of the classes to many people of different background, culture, races, and intelligence. Teaching those classes were one of the most eye opening experiences in my life. Here is what I learned:
    1. There is not much difference between a person who is a racist and one who is just full of hate. The biggest difference is the haters apply their feelings to anyone of any race as long as they are different than themselves while the racist tends to focus on one group.
    2. It has nothing to do with IQ , where a person was born or which political party them as associated with.
    3. Most of them will tell you they are not prejudice, do not hate the person it is what but what the person stands for , did or believes that is the problem.
    4. The biggest surprise to me was the people who applied those feelings to people of the same cultural, racial or religious background as themselves.
    5. Most importantly was that there are some people are so entrenched in their beliefs and feelings they will never change. They like where they are at. Hating someone else makes them feel better about themselves
    6. People who are prejudice and/or haters are easy to manipulate.
    7. It is a waste of time to bother with them and they need to be watched so they do not harm other people.

    • Good insight and very sad ! Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer ?

  • The comment was barbaric to many sins in USA God will make sure you dance to his tune whether you believe in him or not.

  • zzyz86

    It is certanly not only southerners that are racist. I was talking to a friend who is a Lutheran and I was amazed at what came from his mouth. He is succesful and well educated and I dont believe he would concider himself a racist but he was following what he thought was his churches line. His remarks were, well the White house is too dark for my taste or in talking to my daughter in law, I would not let my children go to that swimming pool as the water is a bit dark. This was about a pool on the outskirts of Detroit in a Metro Park which he also would not visit for the same reason. This was at his daughters wedding and the service kept on reiterating that marrage is between one man and one woman and the purpose is to procreate I would not have noticed initially but they must have mentioned it at least six times they really flogged it to death

  • She didn’t VOTE for the Republican she voted for the WHITE GUY!!! That’s not RACIST then what is?!!! Where is the state of Arizona listed on the intellectual meter?!!!

    • CAThinker

      Probably somewhere below Wisconsin and Florida… I’ll say it again – if the people of those states don’t want to manage their own by appropriate amounts of vilification, we boycott them – they don’t need our tourist dollars. (Can’t imagine spending any time in Arizona or Wisconsin… and being from California – Florida has nothing to offer me…)

      • nobowtie

        Read your labels when you buy things , and put things made in red states back on the shelves. Its the only way they will learn some manners. Just ask Coors beer about the gay boycott a few years back.

  • asIseeitnow

    It’s the stage of awareness that she is in that allows her to speak this way. When you are so ignorant and I do mean IGNORANT that you are not aware that you are a racist, a bigot, and a pawn in the grand scheme of things un American then it is hard to admit it. Perhaps in her evolution this will become apparent to her. In the meantime let’s get her off the air and out of a job and perhaps the evolution will move in the right direction a little faster.

  • You’re going to have to use the Internets wayback machine to see that blog post, because it has been taken down.

  • The woman should be ashamed of herself. She’s not and that is disgusting. Obviously this poor soul is not playing with a full deck and apparently those paying her salary are not much better. Unfortunate, but a sign of the continued racial problem in the country. The stain of slavery, the aftermath of the Civil War, Jim Crow and today’s racism continues to shame America still.

  • Denial is not a river in Egypt.

  • Is baggage all of the luggage, or is luggage all of the baggage? Make your own inferences. If the shoe fits, etc.

  • THESE WHITE RACISTS are alive and allowed to spue their poison without consequences in Arizona! Her conduct is shameless and disgusting as well as unAmerican!

  • This woman’s intelligence is somewhere near that of flat worms (platyhelminthes).

  • ObozoMustGo


    Only one issue is actually of interest and import to the American people today……….

    FAST AND FURIOUS —-> Why, Mr. President Obozo, invoke executive privilege? What did you know about illegal gun running to Mexican drug cartels, and when did you know it?

    Please answer the questions.

    Have a nice day!

  • 55441944

    How desperate these Evangelicals mormons are, They have no compassion for humanity.
    Here you have a fat bitch calling the president a monkey! Americans must stand beside the president just for that only. They should be exiled to somewhere in Africa! a little sex might give them a different perspective of racism.

  • I cant write what i think of this jack-azz callingPres.Obama a monkey . One thing i can say that ever since it been a black family in the white house some white people have lost their mind.

    • charliebrown737

      And money, and civil rights, and freedoms, and country

  • stsintl

    This one again confirms my description of Republican Party membership. There are three categories. Paliniots- their IQs are equal to or less than Sarah Palins’; Newtwits- their IQs range between Sarah Palin’s and Newt Gringrinch’s; Murdochites- they directly or indirectly work for Rupert Murdoch and his ilks and manipulate the other two. This lady may belong to the Murdochite group since she has her own radio program.

    By the way, with every Right there comes a Responsibility. Those who commit murders of others with guns can also claim that they are exercising their Constitutional Right. However, in doing so, they take away the Rights of their victims to live. So, when Rights are not exercised with Responsibility, the society has to set up Rules of Law to protect the Rights of individuals when they are infringed upon by the irresponsible elements of the society. The fourth “R” of civilized societies is “Respect for the Rights of others”. Rupert Murdoch and his ilks who have taken over the Republican Party don’t seem to meet these four “Rs” of civilized behavior.

    • charliebrown737

      with every Right there comes a Responsibility. Those who commit murders of others with guns can also claim that they are exercising their Constitutional Right. However, in doing so, they take away the Rights of their victims to live.

      with every Right there comes a Responsibility. Those who commit murders of others with ABORTIONS can also claim that they are exercising their Constitutional Right. However, in doing so, they take away the Rights of their BABY to live.

      Oh right, we are being liberal here. 🙁

      • stsintl

        Attached is my essay on 4 Rs of civilized societies in response to Charliebrown 737 comment referring to abortion.

      • stsintl

        Attached is my essay on 4 Rs of civilized societies in response to Charliebrown 737 comment referring to abortion.

  • she is a rasit how would she like it if we call her a monkey

  • When Hitler first was noticed, everyone in Germany laughed at him. Later most of them scorned his group. Later still, they panicked and he took over.
    The Tea Party is no different.

    Look at this woman’s smile; is she quite sane? Are we all still sane? I mean, are enough of us still sane?

    • Is she in the Tea Party ?

  • rustacus21

    Ok, ok!!! Lets not get bent out of shape over this. After all, we ALL know that if 1 remains exposed to too much sun, especially over significant lengths of time, it diminishes their COMPLETE mental capacity. Couple that w/this ‘person’ being a conservative & U understand why there wasn’t much mental capacity there to begin with!!! So please, cut Ms. Espinosa some slack, as she’s an embarrassment to herself, her profession & her humanity. Ignorance like this is completely accidental… But still no xcuse…

  • marialupe

    Why will it surprise anyone. Arizona has some of the most ignorant people I have ever met. And it does not matter what ethnic group you belong to (the exception being Native Americans) the level of hatred and insecurity is dangerous and to be feared. These folks still think in terms of a “white superior race.”

    Albeit, a very ignorant race that needs to wake up because the world is getting too big and they are getting very small. If you are an intelligent person I would get a passport to leave for Mexico or someother progressive state in the US.

    • DurdyDawg

      Your blaming Arizona citizens for the actions of their leaders? Look at you, you have a choice of either candidate that some other goof ball chose for you and you have no say as to what they do once their elected until next election.. This is no different in Arizona, or Texas or Wyoming.. We are presented with candidates that we didn’t choose, fed lies of their sincerities and patriotism then once “in” they choose to run the State (country) according to their agenda and the people have no say in the matter until next election where more lies are spewed, further confusing the masses.. To call all Arizonians ignorant is a gross assumption and highly bigoted. It’s no different than viewing all Kentuckians as back water hillbillies. As far as public performers, their unimportant except to those fanatics that lean toward THEIR stupidity and the way to squash their biasness is to stop tuning them in.. Within weeks they will get their walking papers but if you continue to watch or hear their crap, be that you hate or love them, it gives them enough super ego to continue to spew and as the stations operates on profits, they’ll keep them on the air.

    • charliebrown737

      Arizona, you need to take a trip to Calif.

  • marialupe

    Sorry for any intelligent people liv ing in Arizona.

  • whothejew

    narrow supject are the nazi in arizona

    • What are you implying ?

  • marialupe


  • I can’t believe what I’m hearing and reading. I’ve also dreamed some evil folks like this person, not worthy to name, has called the President a “monkey.” What treason! They are so frustrated that hording money has not done the job they wanted it to do, they don’t know what to say or do. Do you know she would be the first to sit in a pew on Sunday morning or whenever her church door opens? You will be judged, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth–you just will be a monkey when you die–on the day of judgment.

  • That’s crazy to call Obama a monkey. They don’t even have monkeys in Kenya.

    • Are you Dem. , Repub., or Independent ? Would you share that information ?

  • Screw racism, how about blatant disrespect for the man who runs our country. Next time she runs out of something or wants to blame the government, we can say, “Hey, what do you expect, a monkey runs the country.” As Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  • 2Gospel_Sngr2

    It takes a lot of hard work to be as ignorant as Barbara Espinosa is. Clearly she has been working very hard putting in a lot of overtime for quite some time to remain ignorant.

  • onedonewong

    And this is some how different that Barak’s many racist rants, or Donna Brazile racist comments or Michelle’s??? When you live in a glass house you ought not to throw rocks

    • What are you talking about ? Example please.

      • onedonewong

        “you know how those old white women are”

  • Ibsyboy

    Now when people on the Right attempt to say race has nothing to do with it. Listen to this, this is exactly what is behind the hatred and contempt for Obama. The emotion of Race is a strong one, and a dangerous one. But, all you have to do is look at her age and complexion. She is from a generation who were encouraged to make judgements through superficial reasons. When this that generation passes along, I hope the following will not drag that barrage with them through life,. Enough is enough. This women has a classic case of low self esteem. I feel pity for her, to be that unhappy and feel inclined to share her unhappiness to unsuspecting fellow human beings is a sin, and answerable to the Big Guy, there are no excuses allowed at the Pearly Gates. Ignorance is not a get out of Jail Free card.

  • Who insult the President, insult the fellow Americans.

    George Tong

  • Who insult the President, insult the fellow Americans.

  • I had never heard of this person until today. I guess I have not missed much. I remember a few years back when the Republicans bought up a bunch of radio stations in Arizona just to keep Ed Shultz off the air. Apparently this is their idea of what we should be listening too.

  • It’s funny how we always focus on the foolish and unimportant, while the really important and really necessary issues are pushed aside, swept under a bed or bush, pushed away from the eyes of the public. We all defend her right to say what she wants to say, because in this country we all, have those rights. Just because what she says is offensive to us is not a reason for us to give up the right we are all enjoying. Use your common senses, consider the source of the statements, elvaluate and decide how you can destory this type of thought process. Consider the fact that this woman came from the era we are leaving behind us. I am more concerned with the condition of God being taken out of our schools and our minds. I praise God, not Allah. My God and my country are strong enough to allow me, to allow you! in my country to praise the God of your choice. Let the Gods fight out the endings the strongest will pervail. People of God, remeber our Father has had this fight before. As I recalled He won. Belief is a inner path we each walk alone. We should each have the right to choose what tugs most on our heart strings.

  • 4jerry1945

    This women is more racist than most people think. She must be a republican who doesn’t give a damn about the middle class or the poor. She clearly forgot that this great country was built on the backs of the blue collar worker who struggled to make ends meet and raise their families. These are the type of people that go to church on Sunday to aspire to love Jesus Christ and are nothing more than hypocrits. The Bible clearly states to love your neighbor as yourself but this woman has lost track of reality. Like Jesus stated “the poor will be with you until the end of the world”. A woman of her caliber should have compassion for those that are less fortunate. But, she has no idea what compassion really means. She must be a KKK card carrying member.


    I love it! I absolutley love it. I wish more Whites would cease the bulls*it of “apologies” everytime they caught spewing what they have alwaays really think and feel.


    I didn’t get to finish…

    I love it! I absolutely love it. I wish more Whites would cease the bulls*it of “apologies” every time they caught spewing what 99% of them truly feel and think based on deep ignorant upbringings of holding a rifle in one hand and the Bible in the other. I like my low-IQ’d Klansmen up front, un-sheeted, un-apologetic straight up–no chaser. This Arizona White idiot is just that—-real and representative of what most Whites really really really want feel. If all Whites took off the sheets and self-identified like this Arizona Neanderthal, the country would be much better because we’d know who to discount IMMEDIATELY from clear, intelligent positions.


    Ms. Espinosa, if you’re reading, THANK YOU for not concealing the true low-brow, uneducated, trailer park trash you truly are. THANK you.

  • she calls him a monkey . well lady even a monkey would bang ur sorry ulgy butt . big mouth hole . she needs a zimmerrickhead shot

  • she said she voted for the white guy ? what his white half . but when the lights go out she,d want the black to come out and bang her

  • an zimmerrickhead wasnt racist when he murdered trayvon . she the hole should be ashamed of herself


    I love it! I absolutely love it.

    I wish more Whites would cease the bulls*it of “apologies” every time they caught spewing what 99% of them truly feel and think based on deep ignorant upbringings of a rifle in one hand and the Bible in the other.

    I like my low-IQ’d Klansmen up front, un-sheeted, un-apologetic straight up–no chaser. This Arizona White idiot is just that—-real and representative of what most Whites really really really feel and wish they had the courage to say unapologetically.

    If all Whites took off their concealing bed sheets and self-identified like this Arizona Neanderthal, the country would be much better off because we’d know who to discount IMMEDIATELY from clear, intelligent positions.

    Ms. Espinosa, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU for not concealing your raw, low-browed, uneducated, trailer park trashed nature. Yer kinda cool 🙂

  • Espinosa gleefully upheld her views in a blog post, titled “YES! I did Use the Word Monkey and Obama in Same Sentence,” ESPINOSA CAN YOU OR WE USE THE WORDS SPPINOSA AND JACK BUTT PIN HEAD HOLE IN THE SAME SENTENCE. WELL BUT THEM TOGETHER AND ITS YOU FITS LIKE A GLOVE YOU HATEING IDIOT

  • She then goes on to copy paste a paragraph on evolution from Wikipedia, and two on monkeys, from the same source. Interestingly, she highlights the part that says “Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent.” /// MORE SO THEN YOU ON BEING INTELLIGENT. A STONE HAS MORE BRAINS AND PERSONALTY THEN YOU DO

  • Hey,

    Isn’t there a federal law “Hate Speech Law” against vilification and disparagement against a ‘protected individual or group of people”? I think there is ! And, it should be enforced by the attorney general against all enemies including the AZ lady with the ‘monkey comment’ against the president! That type of speech & those type of words are referred to as “fighting words” and are not protected under the 1st amendment!!!


  • eastcoastjonny

    monkey see, monkey do…

  • michaeljenkins1950

    In a related matter, primates consistently test higher in intelligence than Arizona radio hosts… (Sadly, advertisers who support such unconscionable stuff know they will have an audience.)
    But there are many people, a full rainbow spectrum, who live in Arizona who deplore this.
    Gabrielle Giffords was the most recent, best example that intelligent voters do exist in our state.

  • CEMQ


    Why are you trying to pass for an Anglo (non Latino) white woman? Do you hate yourself that much? Yes I know about the Espanoles in the Southwest. The descendants of Spaniards that have only European (from Spain) “blood”. Yes I understand that you are blancos, but the point is that Anglos (non Latino whites) do not consider you “white” You are not one of them.

    Apart from the fact that racism is based on fear of the “other” and you want to be accepted by the majority Anglo (non Latino white) population they just consider you a light skinned mestizo. You are demeaning yourself bi*ch. I pity you.

    You are the Latino version of Justice Thomas.

  • Racism is insanity. To argue wirh it or debate it, one will find him/herself arguing and debating with ten different peronalities. Just take a close look into the eyes of a racist and you would actually see insanity creating its own reality. The worse thing we can do is give it credibility by responding or reacting to. Anything that thinks it is more superior than another is living an illusion. When they speak, they are seeking attention and confirmation, like a person groping in the darkness for something tangible, or like “Dirty Harry” used to say: “Go ahead, punk, make my day!” They are seeking attention, attempting to make sense of the surreality they exist in. To respond to it would only pull us into their nsanity. President Obama clearly understands that, and refuse to be pulled into it.

  • Irishlad57

    I was a Police Officer for 30 Years and I find this woman’s comments to be totally rediculous..I chalenge anyone to tell me she is not a racist..By the way, I am white.
    J Brennan

  • Irishlad57

    I feel that Barbara Espinosa’s comments leave alot to be desired. If I owned the radio station I would have fired her on the spot. She should hide her head in shame for calling our President a Monkey…By the way I am a white Police Officer.
    J Brennan

  • If you’re a racist at heart, it doesn’t matter to you if people see for that. Dire economic times from out not just the guns, religion, but also the hate that comes sometimes from the incidences of beatings towards some easy targets on the Anglo/White community by Blacks or minority people, who feel that they have been pushed around for toot long by the majority in the USA and the day-to-day harassment that happened between Anglo/White people by Black or the minority people.

  • The solution isn’t that difficult because we all know we are not going to be pushed anymore by a majority, even if that majority holds the power and can create through legislation situations that would continue to erode the many gains by minority people in America…the Land of mnority people to start with.

  • I would call her a White monkey too, but monkeys are too cute.

  • Never in the history of the United States of America a president have been insulted like President Obama. That Barbara something comes from nowhere, look like alien, she can not see far then her nooze, speacks in an unkwon radio, have to apologize in public. Even there is a freedom of speech in the US but that is too much. America doesn’t belong to white people only, that why Mr. Obama is the President because He is an American.

  • ClydeMcWhorter

    I live in Arizona, and have never heard of her. I would not listen to her any way.There are a lot of Idiots in az, but there is also a lot of good people.But, the repubs in Az are not the only racist repubs! I am starting to believe that all repubs are racists. I have never heard of any other president of the USA being Disrespected as the repubs have disrespected President Obama. I do not think they would be doing the same things to a White President, or would they disrespect AG Holder if he was a white man. The repuds in congress have said that they would do what ever it takes to keep a black man from serving a second term.And now they have tanked the US economy and are going to try to blame the black guy.

  • Ignorance has no bounds in Airzona! Your racist remark about the president only showed the world how ignorant and stupid you really are even if your name is Espinoza I’m surprized Arpio hasn’t arrested you as an illegal alien even if you talk like a hill billy!!!!!!!


  • her mother is a monkey

  • She has a tall mountain to climb.

    You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
    Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
    Of people whose skin is a different shade,
    You”ve got to be carefully taught.
    You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
    Before you are six or seven or eight,
    To hate all the people your relatives hate.
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

    from South Pacific

    Old habits die hard.

  • What is really needed is an intelligent discussion of the issues facing the American people. The ironic thing about the vicious attacks on Obama by the GOP opposition is the fact that if the Republicans were to challenge Obama to an intelligent debate on economic policy, they could probably hold their own and maybe on some issues come out ahead. But since the Republicans by and large have decided to mount a hate campaign against Obama, that makes it real hard to conduct an intelligent debate, and by comparison they are making Obama look better than the Republican alternative.

  • She is entitled to her opinion. This is still a free country and we can say what we feel and believe. I voted for Obama and will again, but I put 4 yrs. in the Marines so we stay free and not be silenced when we want to speak.

  • Hey folks now we know what happened to Eva Braun. She is there in arizona and by the way she talks she sits on her brain to much.