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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Last week, GOP operatives gloated over the defection of Artur Davis, a former Democratic member of Congress and one-time Obama supporter who announced that he had become a Republican. The GOP had every right to cheer. In making his announcement, Davis posted an online spiel that came right out of the Republican playbook.

It was more sophisticated than the late-career rants of one-time Democrat Zell Miller, who spent his last years in the U.S. Senate lambasting Democratic pols whom he had previously praised. But Davis’ charges were nevertheless familiar: Democrats play “identity politics,” would “punish businesses and job creators,” and have violated religious freedoms. He imitates the GOP lingo perfectly.

I wish Davis well, but I doubt he’ll find the redemption and acceptance he seeks in his new political home. If the Republican Party has tossed aside the likes of former senators Bob Bennett and Dick Lugar and former S.C. Congressman Bob Inglis — all sturdy conservatives who were defeated in primaries or caucuses because they weren’t conservative enough — it’s unlikely the party will have much use for a pol who admits he’s a middle-of-the-roader.

Don’t be fooled by the cliched announcement. Davis defected for all the wrong reasons. He left the Democrats out of personal pique — a feeling of rejection left by his humiliating loss in the Alabama Democratic primary for governor.

For seven years, Davis was a rising star in Democratic circles, a bright and promising member of Congress, a well-educated representative of the post-civil-rights era of black leadership. Elected to Congress in 2002, he defeated 10-year incumbent Earl Hilliard, whose many ethical lapses and support of Middle Eastern tyrants had made him an embarrassment.

But Davis — who is nothing if not ambitious — made a serious misjudgment in 2010, forfeiting his secure post as representative of Alabama’s 7th Congressional District to run for governor of that state. As a black Democrat, he would never have been elected to the helm of one of the most conservative states in the union, but he was widely expected to win the nomination.

That was before Davis fell prey to an unfortunate fallacy about moderation and bucked President Obama’s health care plan. Though Alabama, my home state, has one of the nation’s highest rates of uninsured, Davis refused to support the health care plan.

He insisted that his opposition was principled, but it always smacked of political considerations. He seemed to believe that his opposition to health care reform would cement his stature as a moderate and win him the general election. He forgot that he had to win the primary first.

  • bud2011

    There will be more defections from the NDC to the GOP.

    • ExPAVIC

      Defections will come

      Yes, agreed that there will still be defections since the fact that this country is no longer controlled by rich, old, overly religious, sexist, anti-union, bigoted white guys will die hard in some states where the educational level is only slightly above that of a mole.

  • Kansan

    Davis is disappointing. I’ve listened to him grilling witnesses in committee testimony and he’s obviously a very bright and competent guy. He did have a lot of experience as a prosecutor, of course, but I thought he was exceptional.

    Some of his votes made me wonder. He also seemed to have close wins in what should have been a safe district, which also made me wonder where the lack of constituent enthusiasm originated.

  • I wonder what it feels like to be a tool.

    • EdC

      People who sell their souls seldom find out until its too late, usually, sometimes never,

  • William Deutschlander

    It looks like he evaluated the 2010 election and thinks that it will translate to a win for him in 2012 and beyond. He is neither a Democrat or a Republican he is a personal OPPORTUNIST!

  • Jj

    The Republicans are reveling in new strategies how to defeat Obama/Democrats in 2012. Offer the democratic senators a buy-out to defect using the super-pac monies, which cannot be traced.
    This is a tactic in their arsenals. Cast the Obama in a negative light, block any of his plans and continue being the obstructionist – the party of NO. Use negative ads and the media to assimilate
    their message to scare the public, and they, too, will defect to their side. Fill the polling stations with the voting machines manufactured by the Karl Rove companies which will be tweaked in Romneys favor as there will be no paper trail to do any auditing.

    This is democracy at its worst-use the super-pac monies to buy the presidency. Repubs, cannot
    defeat Obama at the polls, so they will use the super-pac funds to buy the democratic senators
    vote, probably at one million dollars a pop in bribes. Artur Davis would not be the last defector, watch for others jumping ship with lucrative offers from the Republicans.
    People wake up and be wise to all these negative tactics-it’s our future, and which party will be
    the compassionate party who believes that freedom and liberty is for all Americans.
    Obama 2012.

    • ObozoMustGo

      jj… I’m surprised you could get away from your bong long enough to type that much! It’s clear that your drug induced haze has made you see things or hear voices in your head. Don’t forget your tin foil hat before your next post.


      Have a nice day!

      • SaneJane

        Are you the same ObozoMustGo that just responded to Ed in an almost sensible manner? What happened? Which reply is the real Obozo?

        • ObozoMustGo

          You are correct, InsaneJane. 🙂 Point taken. I have been trying to be nicer around here, but sometimes, I just don’t suffer fools too easily. I need to work on that.

          Have a nice day, Jane!

        • EdC

          Thank you


    The Mission

    Democrats should be champing at the bit to show the American Taliban Republicans that rich, old, overly religious, anti-union, sexist, bigoted white guys no longer run this country.
    Vote Democrat on November 6th to prove this fact

    • EdC

      Hey ex, while I agree about them claiming religion, I have to wonder what religon they belong to, Actually I have a suspecion it’s the Religion of Power and Greed. The Christain Bible, and the ten commandments, in particular the nineth commandment state thou shall not bare false witness, yet you keep hearing about how Obama can’t be a Christain, but a CARD carrying Muslim, but why do they do this, well they not only want his job, but they want to to rule the country with no computition, they covet it. Then Tenth Commandment says thou shall not Covet, they also covet all the oil in the world, but this drive puts the first commandment into play thou shall not put any other God before me. which I believe is the God of Power and Greed. I an’t say that these people arn’t christains, thats between God and them selves, but I can say It’s an example that if my friends though I was following, they would tell me. However My favorite Scripture in this case is James 2:8-9 …Love thy neightbor as they self, but if you favor some over others , you are committing a sin. … Does anyone see the Health care situation in this, give to the insurance companies and let the poor die.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Ed… you really are a genuinely nice fellow. I mean that. In our exchanges, I have come to respect you and like you. But you are DEAD WRONG about conservatives, my friend. All that stuff in your mind is the old cliches that have no basis in reality or fact, but which you have wrapped up into almost a fever pitch of false belief that appears real after all these years.

        Part of the problem we have with our political discussions is that you guys on the left actually believe that we on the right are evil. You infer bad intent upon us. And many on the right believe that you all on the left are actually stupid and dumb. Well OK, many of you are, but not all. (psssst……. that was a joke for you leftists that have no sense of humor). This is no basis for understanding or compromise.

        If we citizens want to prevent American politics from becoming more and more polarized, then we have to stop infering bad intent on one another. It’s simply not true.

        Have a nice day, Ed, my lefty friend!

        • EdC

          If we are not trying to polorize issues, how come The mantra for Republican leadership has been No, and dead on arrival, and make Obama a one term president from day one. This even when he bent to the origional Republican will to mandate health issurance, to cut back on Social Programs, to keep Gitmo open, etc, etc The whole problem is that you people feel that as long as, no if we give up the very freedoms that made America for the people instead of for the privedledged few, then everything will be alright. The has been absolutely no compromise from the right. Obama offered ten dollars in cuts to one dollar in taxes to those that make over one million dollars a year, only on the amount over that million, and the Republicans said NO. The Paul plan, and please bozo goto the library and read it, proposes that now people who have over a million dollars will only have to 12 % taxes, those just under $50,000 will now pay ten percent more. Please go read it. It also cuts veterans benefits by twenty percent, while giving the Pentagon three times what they say they want, or even need. Yet Mr, Canter on tape has said they don’t know what they are talking about. It is a very bad policy to give to the rich who already have and take from the rest of us. descressionary money is what makes the economy turn, yet every move from the right has been to curtail it. Substies for Oil Companies, who gloat every six months on the record profits they made over the last six month, and that has been going out since the beginning of the wars to correct 9/11. I know I will never change your view, but these are really undesputable.

          • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

            Obozo needs to have his head examined. I wonder what he will say when the wheels fall off the “wagon” and the US is cast into a real depression that would make the 1930’s seem like a cake walk? It could very well happen with the situation in Europe.

            He is just trying to get us riled up by spewing such crap on this blog. No matter what you tell him he will not change his mind…don’t even waste you internet time.

      • ExPAVIC

        You have the idea

        Look at it again. That is why I refer to them as the American Taliban, mainly because they bend and screw things up just like the Far Eastern variety of Taliban who us their own philosophy to view things as they wish.

        I am wondering how long it will take the American Taliban to take shots at Jefferson’s statue for him saying “all men are created equal,” shots at Lincoln’s statue for him freeing the slaves, and shots at Martin Luther King’s statue for him opposing segregation.

        The thought of the American Taliban in control is just too plain scary.

        • EdC

          A big double Amen, now I gotta look a Bozo, you got to hand it to him he’s like a pit bull can’t realise his jaw until he dies.

  • Ed

    For too many years democrats have run on the “me too” lines mimicing whatever their GOP opponent runs on. So we have a large percentage of DINO’S. (Democrats in Name Only)! But this guy is just a plain opportunist. Looking for a government job. But not one that requires a lot of work.

  • ObozoMustGo

    So let me get this straight, Tucker……. “Democrats play “identity politics,” would “punish businesses and job creators,” and have violated religious freedoms. He imitates the GOP lingo perfectly.”………… this is called just parotting the party line? This is just the same old boring junk we always hear? This is just the same old trite garbage???????


    this is called TELLING THE TRUTH!!!! [in my best Sam Kinason impersonation]

    1) DemocRATS do, in fact, play identity politics. It’s the Holy Trinity of the left: Race, Gender, and Class.

    2) DemocRATS do, in fact, punish businesses and job creators with excessive taxes and regulations.

    3) DemocRATS do, in fact, violate religious freedoms by forcing religious organizations to go against their freedom on conscience and provide abortions and birth control. Never before has our government gone this far against religious institutions.

    Davis could not have been against Obozocare because it was a BAD IDEA, could he? He has to vote in lock step with all the rest of you socialists in the DemocRATic party, doesnt he? Especially because he’s black, right? Doesnt that mean to you leftist nutjobs that he’s not allowed to think independently? Of course it does. He must think the way the left tells him to think. Hey, look at it this way… you’ve gotten rid of one of those renegades that was out of control. Yeah…. right….. sure, sure!

    Artur, all I can say is welcome to the world of the sane and rational. My best to you in the Republican party. Tell others on the other side who are smothered by the leftist nutjobs and radical socialists that it’s OK to come on over. Leave the party of the radicals to the radicals.

    Have a nice day!

    • AdamMos

      Galoshes please?

      You really are a Bozo!

      • ObozoMustGo

        You are probably expecting government provided galoshes, right Adam?

        You really are a useful idiot! 🙂

        Have a nice day!

        • AdamMos

          I personally do not need anything from the govt. However there are many others that are not as fortunate as I so I respect them and am happy to pay my taxes and provide some social safety net for the more vulnerable. I believe we all deserve affordable health care and should have a reasonable standard of income in retirement especially since we paid into it. After that I think we are all on our own. As for you I will respect your positions and hope that you will stand by your positions and not except any social security payments or medicare when you become eligible. Otherwise you are a total hypocrite and a Bozo.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Adam, I am 20 some odd years away from the days when I could collect SS, in theory. I’m not so foolish to believe that I will even see a dime of that money. In fact, it’s scheduled to go belly up a year or 2 before I would be eligible. Don’t worry about that. I’ts going belly up long before that, my friend. Believe me.

            Have nice day!

          • AdamMos

            As I figured you have no idea what you are talking about. The trust fund does run out in about 20 years meaning that ss payments will only be 75% of what is forecasted. The payments will always continue as long as people pay social security taxes.The payments can still be at 100% of forecast by either raising the earnings cap or backing up the retirement age by a few years which I am totally in agreement with. My guess is that you will be first in line to collect your govt benefits. Fortunately they are not enough people like yourself (other Bozos) that will vote against their own economic interests. It will be there even for Bozos like you.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Adam, you can put your head back in the sand now. I know exactly what I am talking about, and which you leftist nutjobs like to ignore…. simple math! SS is set to be insolvent by 2032. While I agree with your position that the age needs to be raised, I also think that for SS to survive, it must be means tested. No reason for people with considerable assets to take SS. Third, allow young people entering the workforce the option to keep their own SS contributions private, or government run. Just like Chile did in 1980. We’ll have to ween America from this Ponzi scheme addiction slowly.

            Have a nice day in fantasy land!

          • dtgraham

            Did you actually read anything AdamMos said? I mean, for comprehension. If nothing is done, payments equalling 75% of present is not insolvency. 100% of forecast in payments can still be easily achieved via raising the earnings cap, or backing up the retirement age by a few years, or increasing SS payroll taxes, or some type of means testing.

            Having your whole retirement savings (no gov’t SS) in Wall Street’s hands would have been lovely in 2008 wouldn’t it have? One of the reasons for TARP was that too many Americans had their 401k lifetime retirement earnings about to be wiped out.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Hi dt… I hope you are well today.

            Yes, I did read it. I’m not disputing the fact that changes need to be made to the system. We cant leave seniors or those soon to be on SS without nothing. But the system cannot remain in its present form. All of the prescriptions you mentioned must be taken together to insure the program for those who need it. And means testing must also be done. The gig is up on these ponzi schemes. They must change and people must learn to accept it.

            The reason I say that we should have an optional system for the younger generations is precisely so we can eventually remove our retirements from the hands of politicians that will rob it for their own current political gains. You guys on the left keep clamoring for more of the same exact solutions that created the very problems we are in. You dont have to go far to see how effective this works. Read the thread on this topic again. You will see where I cite the math about how a private retirement account that invests in US Treasuries pays way more than a SS account that invests in the exact same thing.

            You guys on the left MUST give up on your religious attachment to government run programs. Why you guys have the faith in the government when you have DECADES of evidence of failure and wild inefficiency right in front of your faces is completely beyond me. Why you guys on the left think that a man working for government is somehow NOT subject to the same human weaknesses as private citizens is beyond me. It’s like you attribute some angelic, master of the universe quality to these leftist politicians that know so much more about what is better for all of us than we know for ourselves. It really is mind boggling. I dont get it.

            Can you enlighten me, dt, on why you guys on the left think like this?

            Thank you for your thoughts.

            Have a nice evening!

    • And remember Republicans neve, I repeat NEVER play those kinds of politics. Why they are all just such wonderful little angels especially little obozo mustgo. Of course Davis is going to parrot the “new” party line as he tries to prove himself worthy of being accepted into the reguritation club. Davis will fit right in since he is ready to say whatever comes from Faux News or Grover or perhaps little rovie. what a bunch of d-bags.

  • Davis is nothing more than one of those deluded Blacks who is filled with self hatred and yearns to be loved by his masters, poor slave.

    • ObozoMustGo

      You’re a racist bigot, Adolf! Just because of the man’s skin color, you judge that he should think in lock step with you and the leftists…. that a person’s political identity MUST be shaped by their skin color, not their own character or thinking. Right? That’s the definition of racism – judging on skin color or heritage, not on the individual’s character. And you are a racist! By definition.

      • daffodilly

        A person’s skin color should not define them as individuals, but, what people of color experience because of their racial heritage will contribute to shaping their beliefs. Just as your experiences have contributed to your views of society and your political thought. We cannot deem someone a racist because they recognize the impact of society on an individual.

        • ObozoMustGo

          While I agree with you dafffo, that does not change the fact that when a black person is so pissed off at another black person becuase they have different political views than “they should have”, the presumption is that “because you are black, you must agree with me”. How much more friggin racist can it get? He might as well call Artur the “N” word for crying out loud. That sort of crap disgusts me. And it is massively prevalent amongst blacks in America.

          Have a nice day, daffo!

  • rbtemsn

    Well, this is America. We are going to have all kinds of voices, and some we disagree with. I would much rather live in a country with rational discord than in a oligarchy or a plutocracy. Both of those, unfortunately, are also on the radar screen if we are not careful. So, let him go his way and be lost in the shuffle. I am much sadder to lose long-time Republican moderates like Senator Luger and Olympia Snow. I say, let the Republican teaparty dig their own grave. Eventually maybe they will get back to a reasonable Eisenhower kind of party, and then Democrats and Republicans can actually work together to improve the country.

    • One of our least celebrated Republican presidents is Eisenhower. He is owed much more than he’s received.
      But, in all I’ve read about him, I’m not sure he’d have it any other way. A Twentieth Century “Cincinnatus.”

      • ObozoMustGo

        Dave… having the phrase “I’m rather conservative” in your name on this site is like saying “hey darts, over here, I’m a bullseye”! They don’t like common sense thinking in this sea of leftist insanity. You’ll see.

        Have a great day!

        • ExPAVIC


          • ObozoMustGo

            the fact that you actually thought Gore or Kerry were better choices indicates what kind of a useful idiot you are. Both of them were comoplete disasters, but not even as bad of a disaster as Obozo. And Obozo will get thumped this Nov. You heard it here first.

            Have a nice day!

          • ExPAVIC

            GET REAL MR. TALIBAN

            Oh you didn’t like Gore or Kerry? That means you do like crooked bankers, non-complaint investment capital managers, dishonest oil company executives, persecution of Jews in Gaza and West Bank, having Osama running around free, Al Qaeda hiding in Pakistan, Al Qaeda bombers in Yemen, non-existent WMDs in Iraq, Cheney and Halliburton stealing billions in Iraqi Restoration Money, and pro-Gadhafi supporters. Should I go on?

            And you claim yourself to be a good American? Yes, an American Taliban. I thought you said you weren’t screwed up.

          • ObozoMustGo

            blah blah blah…. you truly are the epitome of the useful idiot! Nothing you write is true. Just the same old cliches we’ve all heard from the morons on the left that cant think for themselves.

            Wipe the drool from your chin, you slack-jawed retard! How you get through a day without wandering out into traffic is truly amazing!

            Have a nice day!

          • EdC

            Name calling again, i know they started it this time, but, history is very much on our side, and if we live through another Republican onslot, it will be proven again, I retireing back out now

          • ObozoMustGo

            Sorry Ed but I don’t suffer fools easily and that guy is a fool!

            I hope you are well.

            Have nice evening!

      • EdC

        Dave I can’t even figure out what Bozo is saying in the next post to you, but you are Right about Eisenhower, He gave us the Interstated Highway system, and told us to look out, and he was a general, for commercial military system, not to mention he profoundly dis like Nixon, whom I give the credit for being the father of the problems we are experiencing now.

    • EdC

      The problem is that the misnamed TEA PARTY is digging the grave for allof us. Compair them to the origional tea party, and as one of my bosses said they aren’t the pimple on a workings fanny. It’s kinda like red necks, to day’s red neck has no comparison to the origional red neck, in fact it’s as far out as Conservative being conservative, and tea party is to tea party 1774

  • AdamMos

    The simple math shows us that 75% of social security payments will be made in 2032 and beyond. We need to fix the other 25% and means testting is one of many solutions. Telling people that the system goes belly up in 20 years is blatantly ignorant. Our bigger problem is health care, specifically medicaid which is why health care reform is a much more important problem. Privatizing social security will only add to more government reliance since most people have a horrible track record when investing their own money.


    Ha Ha

    Have Romney contact me and describe how it felt to be beaten so badly by a BLACK DUDE. Eat it WHITEY…

    • ObozoMustGo

      You are a racist piece of crap Ex!

      • ExPAVIC

        We will see who will be partying on November 7 and I’ll assure you it won’t be the American Taliban Republicans.

        Me racist? This from one of the Taliban Republicans, the guys who voted to keep female wages lower than that of males.

        Keep it up and all the Taliban will have left is old white guys and not even their wives.

        Let’s play the Louie XVI thing again. Want to be first?