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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Both Donald Trump’s organization and Macy’s issued statements this week reaffirming that are unmoved by the nearly 600,000 people who have signed a petition asking the retail giant to drop its association with the reality star.

“Macy’s marketing and merchandise offerings are not representative of any political position,” Macy’s spokesman Jim Sluzewski told BusinessWeek. “Many of the individuals associated with products sold at Macy’s—or at any retailer, for that matter—express personal opinions that are not related to the merchandise we sell or to the philosophies of our company.”

Macy’s also rejects the interpretation of its hallmark Christmas ad that is clearly a reference to Trump’s birtherism.

The response from Team Trump was, predictably, more pointed.

“What I find incredulous is that the creator of the petition is protecting his First Amendment right to free speech while simultaneously trying to impede upon Mr. Trump’s,” Michael Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Trump, told Celebuzz. “It’s ironic.”

Of course, the First Amendment prohibits the Congress from make any law prohibiting free expression. Nowhere in the Constitution is an individual protected from the consequences of expressing offensive opinions.

Angelo Carusone, who started the petition, believes this movement is all about consequences.

“Trump’s brand is consequence-free bullying,” he said. “That doesn’t reflect well on Macy’s. People expect more from Macy’s.”

Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren defended the partnership with Trump in an email to Carusone Wednesday, saying that they provide a broad array of products to provide customers with choices.

“Please understand and appreciate that Macy’s marketing and merchandising offerings are not representative of any political position. Ours is a free society compromised of a wide range of viewpoints,” he wrote.

Since the middle of 2011, Trump has been the country’s most famous “birther.” A week before the election he was still demanding the president release his passport records, implying that his citizenship is still an unsettled matter. In this accusation is the charge that the president is committing both fraud and treason. That’s some “personal opinion.”

Some believe that the best way to punish Trump is to ignore him—this has resulted in his experiencing no consequences for his outbursts. Apparently he is so popular that Macy’s is willing to suffer any negative associations—even as it begins its crucial holiday shopping season and its Facebook page is being overrun with negative comments about the reality TV star.

If there’s ever been someone who believes that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, it’s Donald Trump. And for now, it appears Macy’s agrees.

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91 responses to “Macy’s Is Defiant As Petition To Dump Trump Nears 600,000 Signatures”

  1. Lynda says:

    Why anyone would buy Trumps’ junk is beyond me. Are up and coming junior executives so impressed by labels? Perhaps they should look at the made in China labels on those expensive ties. Pathetic my friends.

  2. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    Best way to get Trump out of Macy’s.

    Go into the store and ask if Trump is still in partnership with Macy’s. If said YES, walk out immediately. If they say they don’t know, still walk out reminding them to find out.

    Nothing worse than a store/salesman loosing a sale.

    • Canadiangirl57 says:

      Totally agree

    • jonathan wilson says:

      But you weren’t going there to purchase anything in the first place…

      • Hillbilly says:

        I did a lot of my shopping at Macy’s last year and this but no more if they want to the ———–Trump. Keep him but they won’t be getting any more of my money or the money of my many relatives that live all over the US

    • commserver says:

      Unfortunately you are just 1 person. Too many people buy at Macy’s. You would have to convince all of the other customers.

      • Joseph Hemphill says:

        every avalanche begins with a snowflake…..

      • phantomoftheopera says:

        we are responsible for our own moral choices. if the election is any indication, we don’t believe in the hate espoused by trump. therefore, it is up to ME to make a stand. if everyone did this, we could effect change.

        and if i don’t make a stand, if i cop out because i’m “only one person”, then i am silently assenting to the hatred.

    • foolsdance says:

      I agree with not shopping there, but abusing a sales clerk (who probably had a much better job before bush destroyed the economy) is wrong. It’s like screaming at the ticket agent when your flight is cancelled for bad weather – it’s just wrong. The sales clerk doesn’t make store policy, and just needs and wants to keep his/her job.

      • Hillbilly says:

        Michael didn’t say to be nasty to the sales clerk, just ask if Macy is still Trump’s partner and if the answer is yes to walk out or if they don’t know walk out reminding them to find out. Personally I would ask to talk to the manager if I got either answer. Since he is the person whose billfold with be hurt the most at first when sales go down, tell him so long as Trump’ clothing is part of the Macy’s merchandise and Trump is a spokesman for Macy no one in my family across the US will buy anything from Macy’s again. I would also add that I was one of the 600,oo0 that signed a petition, and reason I signed it. I signed it because to me he and some of the things he has said and done amounts to treason or at least planning to commit treason also his businesses deals can not be separated from his politics because that is how he does his politics. Wonder if the CEO of Macy’s is Republican?

    • Better to ask for the store mgr.

    • jason says:

      Perhaps the better alternative is to request the store manager and tell him politely that because they still partner with Trump, you will go elsewhere to shop, and be spreading the word to everyone you know. Let them know to tell their higher ups, if and when they sever ties with the idiot, you will return.

    • ralphkr says:

      No, Michael, if you really want to get Macy’s attention you should pick out a few expensive items and, while the multi-thousand dollar sale is being rung up, suddenly notice a Trump ad and THEN cancel the purchase while making sure Macy’s knows that Trump was the reason they lost the sale.

  3. Tony Kruegler says:

    Trump spends his life shouting “fire” in crowded movie theaters. He’s a racist who appears to suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. Yes I’m saying that he’s mentally ill. Macy’s is showing a blatant disregard for those points. Trump needs to suffer the penalties for his behavior and so does Macy’s. I won’t ever be shopping there again.

    • commserver says:

      You need to convince all of your relatives and acquantices to do the same.

    • esabines says:

      You believe both donald trump and Macy’s should be punished because they say things you don’t agree with.

      • gazzzzzz says:

        It is a matter of intentionally spreading lies, racism and promoting an agenda that is harmful to the country. Mr Trump and the GOP,” the food stamp party” encourage poverty and ignorance among the masses by preying on the fears of their followers. Good leaders choose self sacrifice rather than intentionally hampering followers for the sake of increasing their wealth and power. I read an article that said the top ten revenue producing states are blue states and eight of the worse revenue producing states are red states. The reason given was that the blue states invested more in education and other general needs of the people. The article went on to say that these people were better educated, healthier and higher wage earners. I would never trust a leader who asks me to sacrifice but was unwilling to make any of his own.

  4. Maggie says:

    Trump has right to make verbal ass of himself. But his ire has bordered on treason. His show is stupid. His products are drek.

  5. susanai says:

    Don’t shop at Macy’s. Who does anyway?

  6. Canadiangirl57 says:

    There’s a way for the Donald Duck to pay for his stupidity, don’t spend your money buying anything he endorses or has his name on it.

  7. Macy’s and Trump’s brand have much in common: both are tired, old, out of the mainstream and heading downhill–both have to create attention to keep their brand on the public mind.

  8. Fuck You Trump. Fuck You Macy’s. Anti-American slimeballs.

  9. Bill Wilson says:

    Macy’s is defiant–that’s fine. Macy’s has every right to choose with whom it will associate.

    We also have every right to take our dollars elsewhere.

  10. nobsartist says:

    Macy’s will continue to shrink.

  11. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    Macy’s has always been known as a Premiere Big-Box Store and one only located in the biggest cities, such as New York.

    When they expanded into the smaller towns, they basically trashed their Store Brand Name and Reputation.

    I live in Canton Ohio, a declining former Steel Town. We even had a Macy’s. And, I add, “had” one. The only lasted a few years. It Flabbergasted me when they opened up one here. I knew it wasn’t going to last.

    We have 5 Wallyworlds though:(

    I think Trump was was brought in with his money to help fund all that expansion. Glad to see it’s not working, for Trump, that is.

    But, it’s sad to see Macy’s go down in flames, if this is going to happen.

  12. commserver says:

    Macy’s isn’t going to do anything unless its pocket book is hurting. Look at IMUS. Nothing was done until CBS was hurting.

    Just have 600,000 signers of a petition is meaningless. How many of those people are really not buying anything from Macy’s?

    Remember that Macy’s is popular in NYC because it is a tourist attraction, especially the 34th Street store. It is always crowded.

    It is important to educate people about the issue of Macy’s and Trump. This isn’t being done. It is imp0rtant to raise the issue to a more national and international level. Start going to the stock owner meetings. Macy’s is owned by Federated, which should be the target.

  13. fredamae says:

    I wouldn’t buy so much as a cardboard cat litter box from them at this juncture-I’m Only buying Made In America from “mom & pop” local businesses or homemade this year-Done w/Corporatations. They simpy use the profit I share with them to screw all of us…

  14. nosedigger says:

    Trump has the right to his opinion. Macy’s has the right to decide how to conduct business. My family has the right to not step one foot into a Macy’s as long as they are supporting that fucking retarded asshole Trump.

  15. eifeldude says:

    Trump is a disgusting blowhard. He is everything that is wrong with our country. Greedy, racist, unethical, cheating, overzealous pompous asshole


    • Hillbilly says:

      It is important to 600,000 people and it is important to this Country. Trump is one of those people that spouts hate and keeps this Country divided. If he doesn’t have a platform to spout hate and diversion and can’t keep on making money to do the hate and diversion then this Country has a better chance of working together and getting our economic situation in better shape.


  18. Buckeye44 says:

    It is time to treat “Donald Duck” as the person he has become, an irrelevant parody of himself yelling about firing people and calling for a march on Washington becasue his candidate lost (was not hired) to become president. Ignore this idiot.

  19. I don’t think what Trump has been doing to Obama is a matter of free speech. It is clearly harassment. If by chance people are upset enough to spend their holiday dollars at other retailers, Macy’s may then rethink their position, I imagine. Ironically, if by some miracle their sales DO drop due to customers being turned off by Trump, Trump and Macy’s both will likely blame Obama and the economy.
    I find conservatives rather a strange, sad group. They all boycotted JCP becuase JCP had Ellen as a spokesperson, solely out of fear and hatred. Macy’s hires the guy spewing hatred….Hmmm. Quite a difference there don’t you think??? I am spending my money elsewhere. I have no room for morons like Trump in my life. My Macy’s card is cut up and in the trash. The insanity has to stop.

    • Hillbilly says:

      If people that have Macy’s credit cards cut them up and sent them back to the company explaining that Trump was the reason, that wake them unless all the stockholders and soon are Republicans.

  20. don27 says:

    Dump Trump. Macy’s needs to learn that providing a platform for Trump’s inanities is like providing him a platform to cry fire in a crowded theater. Macy’s needs to learn this is the wrong way to go. Shop elsewhere.

  21. I wonder if they would be interested in selling John Wayne Cacy’s clown re-prints? No politics involved…..he didn’t care what his victim’s political views were.

  22. vonlmo says:

    It’s a choice :Trump or Truth.

  23. temidire says:

    Yes I also hate trump |I do not like him, he is also ugly and nasty by disrespecting individual. He worth nothing but a shit thing, Lack of morale and bad example to the society. Macy is also a racist none of my friend like to shop there anymore because the are supporting a mentally ill person with no morale.

  24. howa4x says:

    I think we all sould go further and organize a bouycott of every advertiser of Fox news and Rush Limbaugh. The gays were successful in their bouycott of Florida orange juice when Anita Bryant their national spokesperson issued anti gay remarks. That forced the orange juice assoc to cancel her in the 70’s. When companies are fighting over market share in a tight economy, bad press can hurt. Think of the millions that voted against what Fox ,and Limbaugh stand for. If we all targeted one company that sponsors both we can force change. Even the evil Ruppert Murdoch understands profits. Besides the blue states have far more money per capita than the red ones. Our economic clout is greater. Imagine if Fox or Jabba the Rush was closed out of the blue state market, and only had a revenue base in the poorer Red states? That 50 milllion a yr that Rush makes would vanish. Think of this, we blue staters are subsidizing Fox and Rush to appeal to the republican base with a message that is racist, sexist, homophobic,xenophibic, anti enviornment anti union and wants them to be lap dogs of the 1%
    We should all follow the lead of the Gays. Chick a filet’s owner is dreadfully sorry for the remarks he made. We have to wake up and take the energy of the election and really do something with it. Lets not wait for DC we can do something now!

    • Hillbilly says:

      Rush Limbaugh doesn’t deserve 50 cent a year let along 50 million a year. Does he pay taxes on the undeserved 50 million a year? Limbaugh still hasn’t left the US like he said he was going to do if President Obama was reelected same thing Trump said. So shall all of us remind them they have some packing to do and to be sure take Murdock and all the Fox not News anchors with them?

      • howa4x says:

        I just found out that Home depot is a supporter of Rush Limbaugh and advertises on his program. I just posted on their website that I won’t use them anymore because of their values and will buy everything at Loews. More people have to tell these advertisers that we won’t support them to funnel money to that windbag

  25. mbethind says:

    Trump is no more than a giant ego that I refuse to feed.

  26. Steve says:

    Trump should learn what irony really means because this isn’t it-and his fake outrage over his ‘free speech rights’ NOT being infringed upon is as laughable as his ridiculous post election tweets. So Macy’s is happy to prop up the hatred this man spews even though its “not related to the merchandise we sell or to the philosophies of our company.”

    Pretty simple solution-that’s the last dime I will ever spend with your companies. Any one who would be seen to willingly do business with this obviously mentally unbalanced man need to get their head checked.

  27. dtondelayo says:

    I totally agree with the comments made by Tony Kruegler. I could not have said it better.

  28. adriancrutch says:

    It’s a business contract and Macy’s has to stick to it for the time being. At least long enough to run sales evaluations and to make decisions about how to proceed.

  29. “incredulous?” Should have been “incredible.” Not only are they culturally illiterate, they are pathetically stupid when using the English language as well. I would have flunked them in MY English class.

  30. jarheadgene says:

    HEY TRUMP….I hear ROMNEY knows how to give haircuts…since you are in such desperate NEED of one! Trump you are an overbloated, overpaid, unimportant, irrelevant, dufus, A$$ Hole. REPENT….of your greedy ways….while you still breath.

    • jstsyn says:

      Think Trump might read your post? LOL.

      • jarheadgene says:

        I know E.J. Dionne and Connie Shultz not only write some of the articles, they read the commentary as well, as I have seen evidence when they are doing guest spots on MSNBC. But to answer you question I can’t see “Birds Nest Head” poking his head out beyond FOX news and his own stupid TV show… date, I have not watched ONE complete episode and proud of it. He may not, but he has many minions and one of them might cruise the Memo to see what people are saying about him…..”The whole world revolves around him.”

  31. Yes we have a choice…to hell with Macy’s

  32. Dol5 says:

    You are known by the company you keep! Just one more reason not to shop at Macy’s.

  33. jstsyn says:

    I could contact Macy’s, cancel my card and tell them why. I don’t think they’d miss me though.

    • Hillbilly says:

      They would , the mighty have fallen before because it started with one person and end in a landslide that had millions working for the same effect. Remember it only takes one rock moving to start a major landslide all it takes is one person to help fell the mighty. Remember David and Goliath, a giant killed by one stone by one person that landed in the right spot and that could be you jstsyn.

  34. If people really want to get Trump where it hurts; get him in the wallet! If people would stop going to Trump casinos, hotels, towers, and/or anything that has affiliation with Trump’s bad toupee wearing ass for one day; he would lose alot of money! In addition, he needed to keep his bad toupee hair wearing nose out of politics! Every time he opens his mouth, he sounds as stuid as he looks with that bad toupee on his head! HPHLMAO! We all know he’s a racist! He couldn’t stand that a man of color is his Commander In Chief! That’s his hangup!

  35. mkzp says:

    Yes we all agree free speech is important and necessary however, in Trump’s case he misuses it as a tool to incite negative, hateful feelings rather than arouse intelligent, fact based conversations.

  36. MrsBettyBowers says:

    “What I find incredulous is that the creator of the petition is protecting his First Amendment right to free speech while simultaneously trying to impede upon Mr. Trump’s,” Michael Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Trump, told Celebuzz. “It’s ironic.”

    What I find ironic is a lawyer with so little grasp of the purpose of the First Amendment. It only stops the government from restricting speech, not other citizens. Furthermore, nobody is silencing that loudmouth, but there are consequences for all speech, especially someone selling merchandise to the public.

  37. PB Wolf says:

    So Macy’s is doing real crass now, keeping on the short-fingered one? It’s not like their sales associates are polite, either. Tsk, tsk. How the mighty fall.

  38. Dorothy says:

    All of my family isn’t going to shop at Macy’s again, we have cut-up our charge cards. We can shop some place else. We Have a family website and I have already spreaded to my family what to do. They are responding to my request.

  39. I was walking in my mall, went through the Macy’s store, virtually next to no one in it. I will not be buying anything from Macy’s. Vote with your pocketbook.

  40. Jeremy says:

    Trump was born in russia

  41. I would like to see his passport. transcript ect.

  42. Ed says:

    This calls for a Boycott!

  43. If Macy’s refusal to break ties from Donald Trump continues, this shows their views are the same as his. The difference is, they won’t admit it. Show Macy’s that their connection with Donald Trump is unacceptable. Dump the Trump or bottom line will be in the slumps…Happy Holidays.

  44. MechaVelma says:

    Macy’s gets no business on Black Friday

  45. I’ve started a boycott list…..The strongest protests come from those that silently take their purchasing dollars elsewhere. Macy’s won’t hear from me verbally but I won’t frequent them during the holiday season. Also considering boycotting the stores that insist on opening on Thanksgiving. Time to stop the insanity now! (Trump is toxicity at it’s worst….never liked him…..bad move Macy’s.)

  46. harryh51 says:

    I am a MACYS credit card holder since 1997, I am cutting it in half and mailing it back to them.

  47. E.W says:

    I’m cancelling my account with Macy’s/

  48. bertye brown says:

    I am not a fan and have never been of Trump. This is the same man that uses bankruptcies (4 corporates) as his tool of choice when his companies get into financial difficulties. Yet his fortune remains in tact. So I have no trouble in not buying his brand in Macy’s and don’t intend watching his show on NBC. In dealing with him and his nonsense, my advice is to skip the buying and flip the channel.

  49. Frank Neal says:

    Macy needs to realize that their customers are the very middle class that elected our President. Please don’t spit in their faces by supporting a bigoted egotistical person that stands against everything they believe in !

  50. frogger says:

    I for one wouldn’t step inside a Macy’s store or purchase online if it were the only place on earth I could purchase a product (which it isn’t). I will, therefore, continue to give my business to more deserving outlets who not only have better product (Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Dillards, etc, etc) but better reputations. The only thing Macy’s has going for it is that it has been around nearly since time began (as the quality of their product and their advertising show) and everyone knows their name. Big whoop, I know the names of a lot of schlock businesses that I would never consider purchasing from, and Macy’s has just elevated itself to the top. If everyone just refused to go into, purchase from or acknowledge Macy’s for a two week period, I do believe we’d get their attention. What do you think?

  51. Dump Macy’s and Trump’s products. Hows that for “Freedom of Choice?”

  52. gargray says:

    Don’t show Trump on TV any more, let Fox and Russ Dumbo show him on TV, he was never a star, he got rich from selling condos that the government had to buy back.

  53. Faye Ward says:

    Mr Trump and the GOP sick mfrs

  54. I’d like to msee Trump’s birth certificate. Isn’t he from Mexico!!!!!!LOL

  55. JORAM says:

    wow dont know that that loud fool has a women.

  56. Katstiles says:

    Fine, Macy’s will not see one cent of my money!

  57. Let’s take it to the next level – DUMP MACY’S!! Do not shop at Macy’s this holiday season or the next! There are definitely other alternatives in the “free market.” DUMP TRUMP! DUMP MACY’S!!

  58. Anna J says:

    We need to teach people like Trump that they need our business to survive. If Macy’s does not listen to our petitions, then we need to show them that they are nothing without us. I will definately not be shopping at Macy’s as long as they are conducting business with Trump. He is very rude and disrespectful. He is get what he deserves We can put them out of business, if we take our money to other establishments. We need to stand with Ms. Carusone.

  59. Willnieto57 says:

    No one is above an ass-whooping and this racist is in dire need of it. Shame on you Macy’s. I push for a complete boycott. Touch their money and it’s all ears. Just look at the 180 the GOP is doing on immigration reform. It’s how things get done. Why buy one item at Macy’s when you can get two or three somewhere else and better quality. This is a government of the people, for the people, by the people.

  60. JEM12 says:

    Not buying, not using, not listening to things that he is involved with use to work.

  61. Michael Cohen, no one is trying to prevent Mr. Trump’s ‘free speech’. He can say whatever crazy thing he wants to say. The public can boycott him and Macy’s for it. That is OUR expression of free speech. Get it?

  62. Skyfall says:

    I don’t agree with Trump but he has quality items at Macy’s. You can’t agree with anyone all the time. If you knew how Wal-Mart treated employees you wouldn’t want to shop there either.

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