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Friday, October 21, 2016

Attack Ad: ‘Chris Christie’s Got His Sights Set On The Republican Presidential Primary’ [Video]

Barbara Buono, the Democratic candidate for governor of New Jersey, accused Republican incumbent Chris Christie of putting his presidential ambitions ahead of his constituents, in her first ad of the general election campaign.

The ad, titled “Your Governor,” proclaims that Buono is “the only one actually running for governor,” since Christie “wants to be president.”

“Chris Christie’s got his sights set on the Republican presidential primary,” Buono says in the ad. “That’s why he defunded Planned Parenthood, opposes abortion rights, vetoed gay marriage and stands with the gun lobby on background checks.”

“With 400,000 New Jerseyans out of work and our poverty rate at a 50-year high, Christie raised taxes on the working poor, but won’t ask millionaires to pay another dime,” Buono adds. “He wants to be president. I want to be your governor.”

The ad effectively paints Christie as out of step with New Jersey, a liberal state that elected Democrat Cory Booker to the U.S. Senate in a landslide just days ago. But having a conservative Republican as chief executive does not seem to bother New Jersey voters, who support Christie overwhelmingly. Polls of the race find Christie leading Buono by over 20 percent, making a Buono comeback in the two weeks before Election Day virtually impossible.

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  • rhallnj

    How many New Jerseyites intending to vote for Christie realize they’re really voting to put Kim Guigdano in the office?

  • Dominick Vila

    The first time I saw and heard Gov. Christie I thought he did not have a chance to win the GOP presidential primary in 2016, but after seeing what the other GOP “luminaries” just did, I would not be surprised if he is the GOP nominee in 2016. Contrary to what a many Democrats think, the GOP establishment is far from being dumb or obstinate, their priorities and approaches to problem solving may be different from ours, but they know the difference between a train wreck and a Bentley, and at this point Christie is a Cadillac compared to Cruz, Rubio, Lee, and Boehner. One of the most important requirements to win a presidential election is to be perceived as a centrist, capable of appealing to all segments of our population instead of those on the far right and left, and that is an attribute that Christie has demonstrated with great success at a state level.

    • omgamike

      Yes, but I am particularly disgusted with Christie’s pull to the far right on every conceivable issue right now. I know this is a common strategy among politicians running for office, followed (if they get the nomination) by a move more back to the center. But it is a disgusting way to campaign, IMO. Chris Christie is an overweight bully, who has done so much harm to his state that I am astonished at his popularity rating. His public personae belies the true Christie — just look at all the statistics on New Jersey, their rankings on all those issues that affect the quality of life and living in New Jersey, compared to the same qualities in other states. They are way down. Look at their unemployment rate, their tax levels (for the average person), their graduation and drop-out rates, the number of people in the state with no health insurance, the crime rates, the number of homeless people in the state, etc. But because of his beaming smile and his bullying, people get distracted and don’t see these things.

      • Dominick Vila

        I don’t know much about New Jersey, but I suspect the reason for his popularity may have something to do with the fact that most of his political opponents did not have what it takes to be elected. Many politicians are elected, not because of their qualifications, but because of their charisma and ability to appeal to the electorate.
        In any case, the thrust of the opinion I voiced had more to do with his likely opponents, if Christie decides to run, than what is happening in Jersey. Even Sarah may do better than Cruz in a presidential election!

        • omgamike

          As I said above. Plus, his charisma only travels about the depth of his skin — which, as I said, is pretty darned thin. But, as far as potential opponents go, Christie shouldn’t have any problem with Cruz. That man couldn’t get elected dog catcher. He has excellent speaking skills, but as soon as he starts talking, you immediately either class him as a snake oil salesman, or a used car salesman. In either choice, you don’t trust anything that he says, and you darned sure wouldn’t want to buy anything from him, let alone vote for him.

      • Mark Forsyth

        He is one book best not judged by the cover.A snake may shed its skin but it never stops being a snake.

        • omgamike

          And the skin on Christie is terribly thin. It doesn’t take much to get him riled — and then the bully comes out, to try and divert you from the subject you were talking about.

          • Mark Forsyth

            Agreed.We often see examples of that technique from the trolls on this page.When you go after one of them and fight fire with fire they scream bloody murder and claim we are intolerant.Always with bullshit,I say.

    • CrankyToo

      I disagree with your premise that the “GOP establishment is far from being dumb or obstinate” – they’ve demonstrated nothing but dumbness and obstinacy for the past 20 years.

      Be that as it may, if Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy, Christie will be committing political suicide by running in 2016. My guess is, if she runs, he’ll be content to mismanage New Jersey until he’s term-limited out of office – then run in 2024 if the political climate allows and he’s still healthy enough to do it.

  • Harendra Jani

    I will not vote for a bully from out side but chicken from inside,
    spending 16 millions of public state money for special election of senate and refused to support rail tunnel and lost 400 millions of fed. money

  • howa4x

    There 2 reasons for Christie to be so far ahead in the governor’s race. The 1st being a cynically corrupt democratic party ruled by bosses who made a deal with him to keep the legislature . The bosses are not supporting their candidate and put her up as a sacrificial lamb. Democratic mayors and country execs are endorsing Christie. Democrats far out number republicans.
    The second reason is that NJ sees itself as the soprano state and has an undercurrent of tough guy attitude which they see in Christie’s bullying tactics. Average people like that he is beating up on state workers in this over regulated state.

  • RobertCHastings

    Christie is a savvy politician. However, he can make mistakes, by not distancing himself enough from the Tea Party or the conservative agenda.