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Thursday, November 23, 2017
Oliver Willis
CNN, Trump, Presser

Trump Punishes CNN For Challenging Him, Rewards Breitbart For Sucking Up

The lesson from Trump is that he won’t accept the sort of adversarial journalism CNN has engaged in here, which is necessary and vital for a modern, functioning democracy. But if you suck up like Breitbart did (and has done), you will be perfectly fine.

January 11, 2017
Alex Jones and Donald Trump

Trump’s Fake Popular Vote Claims Came From Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

In covering Trump’s allegation (and often uncritically echoing it), multiple media outlets failed to make the connection between Trump and Jones and the other conspiracy theorists pushing this baseless story.

November 28, 2016
David Duke

Channeling Goebbels: Neo-Nazis Cheer Trump’s ‘Globalist’ Speech

The white nationalist “alt-right” site The Right Stuff praised Trump’s speech, arguing, “somehow Trump manages to channel Goebbels and ‘Detroit Republicanism’ all at the same time.”

October 16, 2016
Wayne Simmons on Fox News

Wayne Simmons, Right Wing Media’s Benghazi Expert, Pleads Guilty To Fraud

In an April 29 press release the Department of Justice noted that Simmons “falsely claimed he spent 27 years working for the Central Intelligence Agency” and had pleaded guilty “to major fraud against the government, wire fraud, and a firearms offense.”

April 30, 2016

The Very Worst Of Fox Business, Host Of Tuesday’s GOP Debate

Meet the host of tonight’s GOP debate — Fox Business. Media Matters has gathered 35 of the network’s absolutely lowest moments…

November 10, 2015