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Monday, September 25, 2017
Steven Rosenfeld
Sanders, Political Analysis, Trump

Why California Is Bernie Sanders’ And Progressives’ Big Battleground For Universal Health Care

The country and California must move toward guaranteed health care for all, regardless of what happens next week when Senate Republicans vote on their final bill of 2017 to dismantle Obamacare and Medicaid, both Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT. and California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said in separate San Francisco rallies on Friday.

September 24, 2017

Senate Republicans Aren’t Just Aiming To Destroy Obamacare And Medicaid; They Want To Provide A Death Blow To Any Future Health Care Reform

The Senate Republicans’ latest anti-Obamacare bill has bigger goals than destroying the Affordable Care Act and dismantling Medicaid. This bill aims to blow up the very foundation upon which a national health care system could be built—even if it roils private insurance markets via massive premium hikes for 2018.

September 22, 2017
stephen miller

Xenophobic Trump Aide Kills Report On Budget Benefits From Refugees

The Trump administration is suppressing an internal executive branch report that found refugees admitted into the U.S. add billions to federal revenues, a conclusion that runs counter to White House chief policy adviser Stephen Miller’s anti-refugee narrative.

September 20, 2017
Immigration, Terrorism

GOP’s Audacious Scheme To Hijack Voting And Rig Elections Moving Forward

First came Kris Kobach’s willfully incorrect—but headline-grabbing—accusation on that more than 5,000 people illegally voted last fall in New Hampshire, delivering an Electoral College majority to Hillary Clinton and a U.S. senate seat to a Democrat. Kobach, an attorney whose anti-immigrant activism launched his career, is the Kansas secretary of state, a current gubernatorial candidate, and co-chair of President Trump’s Orwellian-titled “election integrity” commission.

September 17, 2017
Executive Orders, Trump, Immigrant

New CBO Report: Trump’s Refusal To Pay Obamacare Subsidies Will Raise 2018 Premiums By 15 Percent

President Trump is poised to punish 12 million Americans getting health care through Obamacare’s non-group policies by raising their premiums 15 percent in 2018. That’s the conclusion of a report released Thursday by the Congressional Budget Office/Joint Committee on Taxation on the impact of Trump’s refusal to say if the federal government will pay the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies in 2018.

September 15, 2017

America’s Racial Wealth Divide Is Worse Than Thought, Undermining The Middle Class And Deepening Under Trump

That is the takeaway from a dramatic new report, “The Road to Zero Wealth,” co-authored by the Institute for Policy Studies and Prosperity Now. It finds America’s racial wealth gap is larger than thought and deepening. Ironically, the report comes as working-class whites who feel economically adrift helped elect a president and Congress to prioritize their community—as opposed to reviving everyone in a sinking middle class.

September 15, 2017
Sanders, Political Analysis, Trump

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All Bill Has Set the Bar For Democrats In 2018 And Beyond

With 16 Democratic senators beside him, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, introduced Medicare-for-All legislation on Wednesday, sending a message to Congress that ongoing GOP efforts to cut healthcare safety nets is unacceptable and setting a high visionary bar for 2018’s candidates and national elections.

September 14, 2017

Is Vote Suppression Bannon’s Latest Media Ploy?

Why did Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the national voice of the Republican’s toxic effort to hijack elections by rigging the voting process, spread out a pathetic and immediately debunked big lie about thousands of illegal voters in New Hampshire last November—an allegation that was debunked last winter by none other than Donald Trump’s first campaign manager Corey Lewandoski?

September 12, 2017
Hillary Clinton concedes to Donald Trump

Complaining About Hillary’s Campaign Book Is A Huge Waste Of The Progressive Movement’s Time

Hillary Clinton’s book tour for What Happened officially starts next week, but already it has prompted mounting coverage fanning the Democratic Party’s unhealed Hillary-Bernie split from 2016. There is a larger takeaway, however, that should rattle Democrats as they look ahead. Their party remains leaderless—or at the very least, its leaders are not doing much to heal the cause of those splits, so they could easily be provoked today.

September 10, 2017
Immigration, Deportations

Despite Trashing By Right-Wingers, DACA Kids Are What Most Parents Want Their Children To Be

Within hours of President Trump announcing he would end the DACA program, some right-wingers took to the airwaves saying were fed up with being told to have sympathy for these youths and families that the federal government was poised to break up. That was the case on CNN, when host Don Lemon had to cut off John Fredericks, a right-wing talk show host, who said that most Americans struggling to get through their days were tired of hearing about the 800,000 young people who didn’t have visas to be here.

September 8, 2017
Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) waves at the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation's 2015 Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference in Washington, April 13, 2015. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas/File Photo

Elizabeth Warren Joins Kamala Harris In Co-Sponsoring Bernie’s Landmark ‘Medicare-For-All’ Bill

Warren is the second Democratic senator to co-sponsor Sanders’ as-yet-unseen bill, following California’s junior senator, Kamala Harris. Warren’s letter describes many well-known steps long suggested by progressives that could be taken to reduce health care costs and increase access. But it does not offer any new details on what’s being labeled, in bumper-sticker fashion, “Medicare for All.”

September 8, 2017

Trump’s Repeal Of DACA May Become GOP’s Worst Nightmare

Latinos have been mobilizing against Donald Trump since he launched his presidential campaign by smearing Mexicans with racist attacks. But his about-face on DACA, the program allowing 790,000 visa-less youths to attend school and work here, “cuts to the bone” and may push Latinos to reject the Republican Party for years to come.

September 7, 2017

So Now John McCain Flip-Flops, Says He’ll Vote To Destroy Obamacare And Medicaid?

Sen. John McCain, whose vote stopped the Senate’s effort to gut Obamacare and dismantle state-run Medicaid programs for the poor, is now poised to vote yes on an equally destructive bill, according to reports circulating among health policy analysts. “McCain says he supports Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill. Would vote for it,” tweeted Pete Sullivan, staff writer for The Hill, on Wednesday.

September 7, 2017

Poll: Trump Finds Approval Only In His Hardcore Republican Base

Voters who are standing by Donald Trump, led by three-quarters of Republicans, are a defiant but shrinking minority of a national electorate that increasingly sees Trump as a failing political and moral leader, and an untrustworthy and unstable individual. That’s the takeaway from a national poll of 1,514 people by Quinnipiac University taken after Trump’s embrace of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville.

August 26, 2017
Trump, ethics

The Spread Of White Nationalism Is Taking Our Nation Into Uncharted Territory

America’s culture wars are back. Only this time it’s white identity politics supplanting the religious right. This is a step beyond the GOP’s formula of turning elections into a battle over faith and family, with non-Christian non-traditional values under threat, and the enemy identified as anyone embracing diversity and tolerance.

August 24, 2017
Trump, Pence, Alternative Facts, Lies

Will The Nightmare Of President Trump Become The Nightmare Of President Pence?

Will this time be different? Has Trump finally crossed a line that’s the beginning of the unraveling of his presidency? Last week he threatened nuclear war with North Korea. This week he doubled down on defending white supremacists even as his allies, corporate executives and military and intelligence chiefs, backed away.

August 22, 2017
Trump sued 34 times

Trump Could Personally Cost Americans Thousands In Bigger Health Care Bills

Nearly 8 million Obamacare policyholders who now receive federal subsidies to help defray the cost of their health insurance could lose that support and see premiums rise by 20 percent starting next January if the Trump administration stops those “cost sharing reductions” in 2018, two congressional fiscal agencies reported Tuesday.

August 17, 2017
Trump voters

Trump’s North Korea Statements A Boon To His Base

President Trump’s pledge to rain “fire and fury” on North Korea has raised alarm across Asia, been condemned by Democrats as weak and clueless, forced White House aides to counter that he didn’t mean it, and even led a GOP consultant to compare Trump to movie villain Dr. Strangelove and urge U.S. generals to stop him.

August 11, 2017
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a campaign rally in Santa Cruz, California May 31, 2016. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Despite Trump’s Unpopularity, Democrats Face Long Road Back Into Power

Nate Silver says Trump’s base has maxed out, lifting blue hopes. The Cook Report’s congressional editor David Wasserman counters that the GOP has locks on states, the House and the Senate, deflating the prognosis.

August 9, 2017

Trump Is On A Mission To Convert White Resentment Into A Federal Agency

Trump appointees with white power leanings are not just scaling back federal civil rights protections. They are elevating the defense of white Americans across the government as the nation’s demographics become increasingly diverse.

August 5, 2017
Senate Health Bill

Republicans Who Tried To Repeal Obamacare Will Be Haunted By Their Votes For Years To Come

The healthcare votes Friday morning in the Senate and weeks before in the House were the most consequential votes affecting most American households in years. A string of Republican bills and amendments threatened to take away coverage from tens of millions.

July 30, 2017
Steve Bannon, head of the news website Breitbart News, was named to the new position of campaign chief executive officer. Bannon, a conservative flamethrower was referred to by ousted Corey Lewandowski as "a street fighter" like himself. The campaign statement announcing the changes touted a Bloomberg Politics article that branded Bannon "the most dangerous political operative in America." REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

How Breitbart Media Created The Paranoid, Fact-Averse Nation That Elected Trump

Right-wing media evolved into a hall of mirrors in 2016, when Breitbart displaced Fox News as the key agenda-setting and attack-leading epicenter of a disinformation-filled, paranoid ecosystem promoting Donald Trump and his pro-white America agenda.

July 22, 2017

Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Is Who’s Who Of GOP Voter Suppressors

“It is hard to imagine a list of people less credible on the issue of the extent of voter fraud in the United States, and who have done more to raise the scourge of voter fraud as a means to advocate for laws to make it harder for people to register and to vote,” wrote Rick Hasen on on July 10.

July 20, 2017
swing state

Poll: Swing-State Voters Sour On Trump

If these polls are anywhere near correct, it shows Trump is still ahead in reliably red counties—reliably red in that a majority voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 2012. However, a majority of voters in crossover counties, who previously supported Obama, have abandoned Trump.

July 18, 2017
The media devoted more time to Clinton's emails

New Details Emerge Proving Trump Campaign And Russia Both Went After Online Clinton Supporters

Donald Trump’s campaign was working in parallel with Russian anti-Hillary Clinton propaganda efforts, although the specific nature of their cooperation has yet to emerge, according to new analyses connecting the dots between Russia’s theft of Democratic Party and Clinton campaign emails and Trump campaign social media messaging.

July 18, 2017