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Sunday, May 28, 2017
Steven Rosenfeld
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GOP Obamacare Repeal Would Kick 23 Million Off Health Insurance And Give Trillion-Dollar Tax Cut To People Who Don’t Need It

The American Health Care Act is even worse than Democrats warned from the floor of the House last month when they fell one vote short of blocking Paul Ryan’s bill that was marketed as Obamacare-repeal legislation but was mostly a tax cut for the rich.

May 26, 2017
Trump confronts press

Trump Would Sell Off America’s Energy Resources For A Pittance, Like Russia Did To Create Its Oligarchs

When looking at his budget for the Department of Energy and Department of the Interior—which oversee leases for oil, gas and mining, and own interstate electric transmission lines—Trump would set the stage for a return of the robber barons.

May 25, 2017
Trump, Executive Orders

The 15 Heartless Proposals In Trump’s Budget

Longtime federal budget experts quickly slammed the White House’s proposed 2018 budget on Tuesday. Its $1.4 trillion in cuts over the next decade would endanger tens of millions of households…

May 24, 2017

SCOTUS Ruling On North Carolina’s Illegal Political Maps Exposes GOP’s Extreme Partisan Gerrymandering Based On Race

The Supreme Court’s ruling Monday that North Carolina Republicans had illegally segregated voters by race to create two U.S. House seats after 2010’s redistricting is a snapshot into the Republican dynamics of power-hungry partisanship and institutional racism.

May 23, 2017
Trump, American First

50 Terrible Ideas That Could Become Law If Trump Is Impeached And Pence Becomes President

Vice-President Pence, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are cut from the same far-right cloth of every other Republican presidential candidate in 2016.

May 21, 2017

Have Trump’s Former Aides Already Negotiated Deals With Prosecutors?

Are President Trump’s former top campaign aides already cooperating with federal investigators looking into collusion with Russia in the 2016 election, and possibly, Trump’s private business deals with wealthy Russians?

May 19, 2017
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Survey Shows Depression, Trauma Among Voters Who Chose Trump

These are some of the characteristics of white working-class voters who were three times more likely to support Donald Trump in the 2016 election, according to an expanded analysis of more than 3,000 people surveyed before and after the election by PRRI/The Atlantic of white Americans who are marked by “cultural dislocation.”

May 17, 2017
Trump, Twistifications, Lies

Dutch Documentary Part II: Blood On Trump And Kushner’s Hands From Deals With Africa War Zone Diamond Mines

That’s the premise in Part Two of a documentary series by the Dutch TV network Zembla, The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: King of Diamonds. It shows how the U.S. president and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, have apparent partnerships with an Israeli billionaire…

May 16, 2017
Trump, Executive Orders

Trump Orders Lawyers To Dispel Concerns About His Russian Business Connections

The timing of Trump’s letter may also be related to something journalists are beginning to suspect, as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow raised late this week: that some of Trump’s former top campaign aides are cooperating with the FBI to save their own skins.

May 14, 2017

Donald Trump’s Financial Ties To Russian Oligarchs And Mobsters Detailed In Explosive New Documentary From The Netherlands

Donald Trump’s business partners have included Russian oligarchs and convicted mobsters, which could make the president guilty of criminal racketeering charges. That’s one of the eyebrow-raising takeaways from a 45-minute Dutch documentary that aired last week, titled The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump, Part 1: The Russians.

May 13, 2017

Why The GOP’s Vote To Repeal Obamacare Could Send A Democratic Majority To Washington In 2018

Moments before the House’s Thursday vote to destroy Obamacare and its protections affecting all private health insurance policies, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned Republicans that voting for the draconian bill would imperil their careers. “You have walked the plank from moderate to radical,” she said. “And you’re walking the plank for what—a bill that will not be accepted by the United States Senate? Why are you doing this? … You have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead. You will glow in the dark on this one.”

May 6, 2017

House Revives Zombie Trumpcare — Which Senate Is Likely To Kill

Hidden in the Trumpcare bill s a provision allowing insurers to reduce benefits in insurance policies provided by employers. The employee beneficiaries are not covered under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, at all, but were protected by the ACA’s required coverage provisions.

May 4, 2017

The New GOP Plan To Repeal Obamacare Would Actually Create Real ‘Death Panels’

House Republican leaders are scrambling to paper over their repeal of Obamacare’s pre-existing condition provision. The latest analyses, from those who ran Medicaid and Medicare under President Obama, is that every congressional district will see tens of thousands of people losing coverage, with those remaining facing premium hikes of 15 to 20 percent and deductible increases of 60 percent.

May 4, 2017
GOP, Right-Wing, Trump 2016

House GOP Close To Failure In Second Obamacare Repeal Attempt

It’s looking like House Republicans haven’t learned anything from their late-March failure to repeal Obamacare, which would have caused upwards of 24 million people to lose coverage over the next decade while cutting nearly a trillion in federal spending on health programs serving the poor and the most vulnerable seniors.

May 2, 2017
Russians, Trump,

GOP Establishment Shrugs As Democracy Crumbles Under Trump

America has become a new dystopia. People see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear, believe what they want to believe. The latest spin from Establishment Republicans—who abhor Trump—is he is a bumbling but harmless fool. They believe they have his number—he’s easily provoked, pushed, manipulated. In the end, all bark and no bite.

May 1, 2017
Charter School

How Charter School Operators Enrich Themselves In Real Estate

Nationwide, 43 states and the District of Columbia have 6,800 charters serving 2.9 million students. They comprise 6 percent of K-12 public school enrollment, which has increased six-fold in the last 15 years. When states approved the first charters in the 1990s, the idea was to nurture locally accountable experimental schools. However, since then a K-12 privatization industry has emerged that is dominated by companies seeking to create regional or national brands, akin to any other corporate franchise.

April 30, 2017
Trump sued 34 times

6 Reasons Trump and Sessions Are Constitutional Idiots When It Comes To Threatening and Punishing Sanctuary Cities

While the White House ridiculed that order—Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said, “It’s the 9th Circuit going bananas”—that’s exactly the opposite of what U.S. District Court Judge William H. Orrick wrote in his 49-page ruling. Trump and his White House team have gone off the rails, Orrick wrote, ignoring the Constitution, offering arguments that make no legal sense and making repeated threats that show a lack of control.

April 27, 2017

Largest Charter School Chain In L.A. Raises Millions In Dark Money To Fight Union Drive, State Auditor Finds

The efforts by Alliance College-Ready Public Schools to stop the union drive that began in March 2015, when 67 teachers and counselors said they wanted to join United Teachers Los Angeles, also included $2.2 million in donated legal fees, hiring an array of campaign consultants routinely seen in political fights and coordinating with the California Charter School Association (CCSA), which used the private alumni files to recruit former students to their side.

April 21, 2017

16 Big Lessons From Trump And The GOP’s First Attempt To Destroy Our Health Care System—Here They Go Again

The White House and Republican congressional leaders are eyeing even more draconian measures to destroy the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, according to news accounts this week. Their first attempt failed after the far-right House Freedom Caucus did not think $1.2 trillion in cuts over the next decade to the ACA and Medicaid was sufficient.

April 14, 2017
Guns, Shootings, Schools, Teachers, Sandy Hook, Second Amendment Rights, Politics, Unions

Shocking Education Report Shows Taxpayers Paying Hundreds Of Millions For Unneeded And Inferior Charter Schools

A blockbuster report detailing how California’s charter school industry has wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars by opening and building schools in communities that don’t need them and often end up doing worse than nearby public schools, is a nationwide warning about how education privateers hijack public funds and harm K-12 public schools.

April 13, 2017
An American flag flutters in the wind next to signage for a U.S. Social Security Administration office in Burbank

Trump’s Got A Devious Project Going To Gouge Social Security

According to an April 9 report by the Associated Press, The Trump administration and House Republicans are looking at repealing the payroll tax as a way to put several thousand dollars a year more into the checkbooks of working- and lower-middle-class households.

April 12, 2017
Democrats struggling to stem the tide

A Harsh Dose Of Electoral Reality: Democrats Have Uphill Battle In ’18 And Need To Elect Governors To Fight Gerrymandered GOP Monopoly

“If the Democrats luck out and they draw the inside straight that it takes to take back the House of Representatives, they will gain an emergency brake on Trump that is valuable,” Daley said. “But it will do nothing, zero, as far as redistricting in 2020, because Congress does not make these lines. State legislatures make these lines.

April 11, 2017

Stunning: Many Doctors Prefer Single-Payer Health Care Because Of Demands By Insurance Companies

A new poll of 500 physicians by the business networking website LinkedIn found that nearly half, 48 percent, were in favor of a single-payer system, with 32 percent opposed and 21 percent undecided.

April 9, 2017
By Ginger Gibson and Emily Stephenson CLEVELAND (Reuters) - Donald Trump's wife, Melania, in her first major political speech on Monday, portrayed her husband as a talented, compassionate and unrelenting leader who would unify rather than divide the country if elected to the White House. The Slovenian-born jewelry designer and former model spoke to a cheering crowd at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland after a one-minute introduction from Trump. The presumptive Republican nominee made a dramatic entrance, silhouetted in a white background and to the accompaniment of Queen's 1977 rock anthem "We Are the Champions." "I have been with Donald for 18 years and I have been aware of his love for this country since we first met," the aspiring first lady told the convention. "He’s tough when he has to be, but he's also kind and fair and caring." "Donald wants prosperity for all Americans," she said, reading from a teleprompter, as people applauded. Her comments were an attempt to soften the image of the New York businessman-turned-politician, who has been accused of bigotry and callousness for his calls to suspend Muslim immigration and deport millions of undocumented immigrants if elected. He has also been criticized for insults directed at women, political opponents and journalists. Trump's Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, accuses Trump, 70, of lacking the experience and temperament needed to work in the Oval Office. On Monday, Clinton, 68, used an address to a largely black audience to cast Trump as someone who would divide the country along racial, ethnic and religious lines. The convention's opening night featured a string of emotional speakers attacking Clinton's record as secretary of state under President Barack Obama, many arguing she had made Americans vulnerable to Islamist militancy. "I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son," said Pat Smith, the mother of an information management officer who was among the four Americans killed in an attack on a U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose administration has been credited with sharply reducing crime in the city during the 1990s and who oversaw the city's response to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center and killed almost 3,000 people, gave a highly charged speech slamming Clinton and making the case for Trump. "What I did for New York, Donald Trump will do for America!" he said. REBELLION QUASHED The convention erupted in chaos earlier in the day when Trump opponents inside his party stormed out of the room and others chanted in a failed attempt to force a vote opposing his candidacy. The turmoil threatened efforts by the Trump campaign to show the party had united behind him and distracted from the day's theme of "Make America Safe Again". The anti-Trump forces wanted to change the party's nominating rules to allow delegates to support alternative Republican candidates over Trump. Party leaders held a voice vote, then declared the opponents lacked enough support, triggering pandemonium on the floor of the Cleveland basketball arena where Trump is due to be formally nominated this week for the Nov. 8 election. "This entire system is rigged to force the vote for Donald Trump," said Kendal Unruh, a delegate from Colorado. Trump's son and adviser, Donald Trump Jr., threatened the leaders of the attempted revolt, saying: "Your careers are finished" in a message posted on Twitter. While delivering a jolt to the highly scripted program, the rebellion by the anti-Trump forces was quashed. But the furor, an embarrassment to Trump, put a spotlight on the deep divisions within the party that have emerged over his candidacy. A string of senior Republicans, worried about Trump's temperament and policies, were already avoiding the convention. KILLINGS OVERSHADOW CONVENTION The gathering opened on Monday afternoon in the shadow of racially tinged killings of police officers and black men, and as protesters for and against Trump faced off in a plaza a few blocks from the convention, shouting slogans at each other, separated by a wall of police. The protests were largely peaceful, with law enforcement officers outnumbering demonstrators. Sunday's shooting of three policemen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - a targeted attack that may have been in retaliation for a series of police killings of black Americans - hung over the gathering. Trump lashed out at Obama early on Monday over the shootings, saying the Democratic president "doesn't have a clue." The Baton Rouge shootings happened nearly two weeks after police fatally shot a black man there, and after another such death near St. Paul, Minnesota, both of which sparked nationwide protests. Five policemen were also killed in an ambush in Dallas this month. Trump has sought to position himself as the law-and-order candidate in an echo of Republican Richard Nixon's successful presidential campaign of 1968. (Additional reporting by Amy Tennery, Michelle Conlin, Scott Malone, Daniel Trotta and Jonathan Allen; Writing by Richard Valdmanis; Editing by Howard Goller and Peter Cooney)

Republicans Have Just Handed America An Extreme Right-Wing Supreme Court That Will Divide the Country More Than Ever

Senate Republicans pushed the country further down the rabbit hole of political extremism Thursday by changing the voting rules to put a far-right justice in a hijacked Supreme Court seat, cementing a conservative high court majority for years. The final formal vote is expected Friday.

April 8, 2017
Supreme Court

Republicans Stealing Supreme Court Seat By Revoking Filibuster Does Not Quite Blow Up The Senate—Yet

“What is so upsetting is that it is a stolen seat,” Levinson said. “But it’s impossible to take with a straight face any strong protestations ostensibly based on high principle because we [Democrats] do the same thing. We did it in 2013. And there’s been steady escalation by each side—though I think Republicans are worse—but it’s still mutual escalation. And this is just the next stage in that.”

April 5, 2017