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Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • ObozoMustGo

    And now…. The REAL Cartoon Of The Day!

    Now we know what Obozo meant by “PERIOD!”

    Have a nice day!

    “If you like your health plan, you can keep it. PERIOD!” — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo telling a bald-faced LIE to America over and over and over for his own political purposes

    • infadelicious

      i think he meant to say ASTERISK. LOL

      • ObozoMustGo

        “If you like your asterisk, you can keep your asterisk. *” Baroke Obozo
        * Subject to change at any time according to my dictatorial opinion.

        • infadelicious

          Bad donkey! .bad!.. bad donkey! bad! bad!…..BANG!….

      • awakenaustin

        Both of you accuse others of being stalkers. Coincidence?
        Inflagrante are you sure you and over matched guy aren’t opposite sides of the same coin?
        With the two of you congratulating each other on your common posts, you can at least count on one thumbs up.
        With you laughing at your own jokes, you can count on one laugh.

        • infadelicious

          stalking me again are you? you aren’t very clever are you? overmatched guy and i are the same coin? let’s assume so for a moment, because it seems to be so important to you? why is that? what is the point? And the upvotes are unimportant to me, or I wouldn’t be here would I dullard?. You intolerant people on here downvote me for thanking a veteran. You are the one who needs the upvotes for what I dont know. What does it get you? So if you reply to me with an insult no matter how lame, and they really are lame, you are guaranteed one. So have at it, call me an overmatched guy (as if) and tell me to ESAD (haven’t heard that since grade 4) and you’re buddies will upvote ya. ok? there ya go. That’s my charity work/pity reply to you cause I know the upvotes are all ya have until the mailman comes with your obama $$$. Then you can go get a pop tart and chew it into the shape of your favourite animal, probably a sheep. As for your post, i won’t even bother to downvote it. zzzzzz Shalom.

          • awakenaustin

            Same pathetic attempts to insult and same “poor-me’ whine.

          • infadelicious

            Shalom. 😉

    • Justin Napolitano

      You can keep your health insurance if you don’t have a diseased mind. Sorry obozo but you are exempt. Go buy some insurance blood sucker and tell other members of your family to do the same. We are tired of paying your way, mooch.

      • ObozoMustGo

        dirtnappy…. are you stalking me again? I always know when your mommy lets you out of her basement…. you come running to me like a little dog who want’s to play fetch the stick. Too bad, loser, I don’t play fetch the stick with a moron like you.

        Now go stalk someone else, you little snot nosed idiot!

        • jnap

          Stacking you? Don’t flatter yourself. What I wont do is let you post your crap unchallenged. We know you are paid to post but your stuff is boring. The pay must be really crappy.
          Tell your kid to get some insurance and not be a mooch, like his dad.
          You mommy says hello, she was in the basement with me.
          Have a nice day.

      • BillP

        Justin I just read Bozo’s reply to you. He can’t come up with anything original. The your mommy letting you out of the basement is a comment I have used on him numerous times. It’s just like the little boy to copy something and pretend it’s his own. Bozo can only do his little cartoon and quote.

  • terrorsaurus

    Obozo and Infidel, your conversations read like a disturbed sociopath’s internal dialogue. I would enjoy hearing some constructive comments from you, perhaps even engage in some lively dialogue, but this tripe barely passes as English.

  • howa4x

    Boz the plans were cancelled because they were Junk and some didn’t; even cover hospital stays. If you think this was a major lie, what did you think about WMD’s in Iraq? The president has a lot going on and if someone hands him a piece of paper he repeats it. He meant that no one who has employer based insurance will loose it.
    Have a wonderful day

  • joanne prives

    I look forward to the day – may it not be too far in the future – when the National Memo will have a favorable report on Israel. How come no mention on the most recent terroist attack by a “poor” Palestinian who stabbed to deaht an Israeli soldier of 19 years of age because he was angry his relatives were in jail in Israel. No mention of the murders and attempted murders et al perpetrated by said relatives