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Saturday, March 23, 2019

One way you can tell that a bank is in trouble is that it suddenly starts buying full-page ads in newspapers across the country that tell us what great shape it’s in and what a fine job it’s doing for our communities.

Such a PR push is now being made by Bank of America, which — despite its happy-face ads — is in a heap of hurt. How big of a heap? So big that it’s trying to share the hurt with you and me.

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3 responses to “Bank Of America: Always Thinking Of You”

  1. Woodstock22 says:

    Wow…what a safety net these corporations have…And to think that conservatives want even less regulation.

    Republicans gained a lot of seats in Washington using the slogan “Less Government”. Tea baggers clammered hysterically in the ears of the voters, creating a frenzy at the polls, and they got their way. Less government is NOT the answer! SMARTER government IS the answer. Blame them there tea baggers for this one, ya sure you betcha.

    Here in Wisconsin we lost one of the most bipartisan senators in Washington (Russ Feingold) to this hysteria. Some millionaire guy named Ron Johnson took his spot…haven’t heard anything of him since the election. We also elected a new governor, you may have heard of him, Scott Walker? A puppet of the Koch brothers? Anyway, he is in the process of turning welfare upside-down in this state. The ‘alter-Robin Hood’ if you will. He takes from the poor and gives it to the rich. A novel idea, he says it’s working. (And likewise, the voters in this state are feeding the hand that bites them.)

    A problem I see with less government is; In this age of globalization and corporate giantism, our government is our only true representation at the bargaining table. When we reduce the government’s power, we are essentially weakening our own hand. We then allow other ‘too big to fail’ entities to determine our standard of living. Rather than trying to dismantle our government, we should be focusing on how to make it more efficient and effective, not less.

  2. dpaano says:

    I have to agree with Woodstock above….we don’t need LESS government, we need SMARTER government. Dumbing down and getting rid of various departments; i.e., Education, EPA, and (er, what’s the other one???) is the WRONG way to handle government. We need these departments, but we need them to strengthen regulations to prevent banks like BofA from doing things that will end up costing us money!

  3. Dianrib says:

    Goldman Bank of America Chase Wells Fargo Citi group all recipients of our TARP scam / Corp welfare went on to screw us even more. We must NOT do business with any of them. Use local smaller unions. Show them and the Kochs we can NOT be pushed around any longer. BUY American as much as possible Shop locally
    No more WalMart who uses slave labor & pay so little most employees must go on medicaid..public assistance. Wall mart is biggest Co in USA Postal service is # 2 but US post office is unionized..that’s why GOP wants to push them out and privatize them. In 2006 GOP passed a bill that forced Postal service to fund pensions 75 years in advance ..all in next 10 years ! If not for that USPS would be profitable !! Its all a well planned scam.

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