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Sunday, October 21, 2018

New York City (AFP) – If box office takings have stagnated in recent years, one U.S. cinema is wooing back film lovers with big, fat, leather recliners… reminiscent of well, beds.

Deep and luxuriously comfortable, the plush reddy-brown chairs with movable foot rest are creating a buzz at one tarted-up New York cinema on the Upper West Side.

Similar to first-class airline seats, the movier goer can at the touch of a button maneuver the foot rest until they are sprawled out, sun-lounger style.

No longer is your view of the silver screen blocked by a hefty man sitting in front. Long gone are battles of the elbow to control the arm rests.

The guy chomping on popcorn may still make a racket, but you can slip off your shoes and snuggle down on a chair infinitely nicer than the chewed-up sofa at home.

“I feel so great. It’s better than going to a spa,” said Jay Smith, after watching rom-com “Don Jon” at the AMC movie theater on Broadway and 84th Street.

“You really feel relaxed. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to an old theater,” he enthused.

Out of the 688 cinemas run by AMC in the greater New York area, 60 have now been equipped with the oversized leather recliners.

There are another 17 in Washington DC and its suburbs, 12 in California and a total of 271 across the States.

The goal is roll out 1,582 in the next five years — around a third of the 4,940 cinemas managed or owned by AMC in the United States, according to a document submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

There is no need to arrive early as all seats are assigned when you book online.