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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Better To Lose With Grace Than To Win With Deceit

Better To Lose With Grace Than To Win With Deceit

One guy was among the greatest losers in the history of politics, the other, one of the biggest winners in all of sports.

They were unalike men who shared little except recent headlines. But there was, in that brief juxtaposition, an object lesson for those who cared to see it.

The loser — George McGovern — made headlines by dying at age 90. He is famous for having been on the rump end of one of the most thorough election shellackings in history, cobbling together a measly 17 electoral votes in 1972 to Richard Nixon’s 520. But there was more to him than that epic loss.

McGovern, a decorated World War II fighter pilot before he became a Democratic senator from South Dakota, was an icon of liberal idealism long before both liberalism and idealism fell out of fashion. He famously came out against the Vietnam War when people were being called traitors and Communist sympathizers for so doing. Both in the Senate and after voters turned him out in 1980, he was a champion for humanitarian causes, sought to end hunger, expand civil rights, decriminalize marijuana.

Yet, though he took controversial stances and paid for it politically, McGovern is remembered today as a man of uncommon decency and principle, a man who was true to himself. When he died, former GOP Sen. Robert Dole saluted him, writing in the Washington Post of how McGovern attended the funeral of Pat Nixon, wife of the man who handed him that bruising defeat. Asked why he would want to be there, McGovern replied, “You can’t keep on campaigning forever.” The remark, wrote Dole, was typical of his former political foe, “a true gentleman who was one of the finest public servants I had the privilege to know.”

If you’ve got to be a loser, there are worse ways to be remembered.

And that brings us to the winner — Lance Armstrong — who made headlines by cheating, allegedly. Armstrong, seven-time winner of cycling’s Tour de France, has been dogged by allegations of doping for years. His steadfast defense has been that he never failed a drug test. But a few days ago, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency issued a damning report describing Armstrong as the ringleader of “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.” The report, said to be based on sworn testimony from 26 people, including 11 former teammates, depicts him as threatening anyone who might rat him out and pressing other cyclists to join him in using banned substances.

    Will he replay Bush years?
    Recall—Surplus–CBO showed how a continuance of 2000 fiscal policies ended 2010 with $10,000B surplus—Bush let us into fiscal disaster–$6100B add on to debt—surplus to $1400B Deficit—tax cuts dded $2000B—Wars added $2000B—Part D added $1000B–
    Romney scares me with Bush type talk—Tax Cuts for rich plus military interventionism.

    • In addition to that, billions of dollars earmarked for the Iraq never got there and …
      disappeared. $218 Billions have not been accounted for, you think Bush and Cheney know what happened to the money, you betcha!!!

  • frank l. bennett

    Bush will be remembered as the worst President in history or one of the first runner up. I just can’t believe Romney wants in that category. When he has the same tax team that did GWB tax cuts and the results from them was never as state, it makes me wonder. If a person was trying to sell you a car an said it was good and he would tell you why after you bought it, would you by it just to find out most of it was new because the lemon kept breaking down.

    • Frank, what a difference had Gore won!
      No Tax Cuts that lost 200oB of revenue over ten years
      No Wars that cost 2000B over ten years
      No PartD that cost 1000B over ten years
      We borrowed 6100 Billion in Bush 8 horrid years for all but rich and ultra rich
      Lowest job creation since Hoover.
      Bush increased spending by 90% or more than Reagan 80%, increased Debt by 112% or less than Reagan 189%. cut Clinton job creation from 237,000 per month to 31,000 or far far worse than Reagan 175,000 to Carter 218,000 per month.
      Great Recession–Housing Explosion from a bubble–Financial System turned into Casino Derivative Of America with one on one gambling instead of investing in industries and jobs.

      • northroader1775

        Gore did win…and yeah we alllllll need to vote and take others with us to vote…it’s very important that we bury these guys in the popular and electoral vote…they can and will find a way to steal a close election.

  • William Deutschlander

    Tricky Dicky Nixon won that election but look what he did to our country and to himself, forcing his resignation from office!
    When Nixon sought the Presidency my late Father said he was a crook, I have a feeling he would say that Romney is the epidemy of deceit! By the way Dad was a Republican.

    • 1bythebrooks2

      I am of an age that I was not able to vote for Tricky. And because I grew up in a Repub. family, I said I still would have for a few years. Then I went to college, left home to get married, and my mindset has been solidly Dem. for YEARS! My parents(god bless them) are looking down at the party of $for them first and turning Dem. themselves!! This is NOT the Repub. party of their day!!

  • Obama created Efficient Government Plan for each Dept to reduce costs.
    Much success but he is a xxx fool for not promo successes. Crazy.
    His Record of SPENDING CONTROL
    Reagan increased spending 80%–Bush 90%
    Is anyone interted in Obama record LOW?? Ever hear him say it.
    Ever see his omb Director on Tv proclaiming a Record.
    He hogs TV appearnces.
    His RECORD—Spending to increase 8.3% over 4 budgets.
    Read it once more—-8.3%—–vs 80 and 90%
    Bush last budget spent 3510B
    Obama last projects 3800B
    290B increase 8.3% 8.3% in 4 years of cost control in departments.

    • Ed

      Not clear what you are trying to say.

      • northroader1775

        He is trying to point out that Obama has the best record on spending of any president ever…and he is flabbergasted that the OBAMA camp doesn’t make a bigger deal out of it. While small gov’t RONNY REAGAN increased spending %80 AND sucked money from the Social security budget to cover his under the table stuff…Obama has only increasesd spending by %8.3 THE LOWEST IN HISTORY…but notice the dumbass below “onelongwrong” completely misses the point and goes straight to the faux noise bullshit that has eaten his brain. BTW for any of you who still think Obama is liberal look up the definition of pragmatic centerist….he is nowhere near liberal.

        AND as “onedongforbrains” so glibly shows us it wouldn’t matter what he did Obama is horrible because..he spends to much??? no… he is horrrible at forign policy???? no…he has screwed up the stock market???? no…what is it…what is soooooo different about this particular president??? Just can’t quite put my finger on it…

  • brothergene

    if we vote in Romney we deserve what we get

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Mitt Romney says he will repeal President Obama’s national health care law if he is elected, and most voters continue to believe that’s a good idea.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters favor repeal of the health care law, while just 39% are opposed. This includes 43% who Strongly Favor repeal, and 30% who are Strongly Opposed to it. That’s exactly the same level of support for repeal that was found a week after the law was passed.

    This is one reason why Obama will lose.

    • As I recalled First Romney love the Obama plan . He even said He had the same plan in Massachusseete. 2nd He will replace some of it. Now he said he will repeat it. Can you tell me with one is true. Confuse.

      • northroader1775

        Nancy the first thing you must know is that the president is the head of the Executive branch and as such he is charged with enforcing laws… he has no power to repeal a law, that’s just another form of MITTWITTISM…congress makes and repeals laws…they are the legislative branch. All a president can do is push for something or against something….there is no power to repeal a law that is given to the executive branch….

        They do have the power to allocate resources towards enforcing a law or letting it slide, as in the amnesty for young illegals case. However if someone is demanding their legal right to coverage they will get it…nobody was demanding their legal right to deportation so they didn’t get it…see the difference.

        Oh and BTW Old North….the electoral college is pretty much locked up for Obama…no matter what the polls say it is nearly impossible for mitwitt to win. so figure out your story for how Obama cheated so you can live in this horrible country that reelected the worst pres ever….You know you are gonna need it when Mitt loses in a landslide of biblical proportion.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        This is because the matter is a State issue not a Federal Issue. The government that governs best is the one nearest the citizen. This is why the American public does not support this law.

      • No confusion here, Nancy. Mr RMONEY never knows which way the wind is blowing so his opinions are always shifting. If he had courage and a conscience, perhaps he would have used it to physically support the war in Viet Nam,which he so vigoursly supported vocally but chose to ride out the conflict doing missionary work in France. He was kind of arrogant to believe that the French needed to be converted, considering that after years of preaching he had zero converts. A coward, a liar and a failure then and now.

  • charlesbosworth

    Dwight Eisenhower summed it up in one sentence, “beware the military – industrial complex.” Question: Why would politicians want to increase military spending when the military doesn’t want it and when our military spending is equal to that of the rest of the world put together”? Maybe, just maybe, it’s because the factories that produce the armaments that the military doesn’t want are located in a congress person’s district or state and if we don’t keep on with military spending a factory might close or at least reduce the hours of workers there. This is notwithstanding the fact that military spending comes out of the governments pocketbook and will increase the deficit. So much for the hypocrisy of the republicans that want smaller government unless it’s for military spending that might keep them in office.

  • onedonewong

    Yep a typical liberal. Always willing to spend other people’s $$ never his own

    • northroader1775

      Here we have the little know though widely spread faux parrot…note the lovely red state plumage and the complete lack of ability to read. These parrots are widly regaurded as the most annoying birds due mostly to the fact that they are unable to process facts at all, but continuously spout the opinions they have been told to have.

      In response to a comment (factual BTW it’s public record…look it up) touting Obama’s spending being at a historic LOW, the Faux Parrot says “Yep typical….blah blah blah…” to stupid to even read the entire comment before spouting the only thing he “knows” (loosly used word) about liberals and spending…just had to get all that knowledge out it was eating up his pea sized brain having all that knowledge stuffed in there.

      • onedonewong

        Spending at historic lows????? Are you for real??? Spending of his OWN $$$ maybe at historic lows since the taxpayers are forced to foot the bills, but govt spending has been at record highs for the past 4 years.
        PS the word is spelled regarded not regaurded…wonder who has the pea brain??

    • You sick pr**k. I’ve told you before to get your ass off this site and spout your bile on a site favorable to RMONEY (sic) and Lyin’ Ryan. You have no life. Do us all a favor and end it.

      • onedonewong

        Not until the card carrying socialist is removed from the WH

  • bpai99

    Mr. Pitts, the title and the sentiment of your column are breathtaking naive when applied to politics (sports is different). In politics, losing pretty is not better than winning ugly. I’m not saying that winning justifies anything, but being fastidious when engaged in a bare-knuckle brawl is ridiculous and a sure route to defeat. And surprise! – the winner has far more ability to enact his agenda, regardless of how he won. Grow up.

    “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.” – Adolf Hitler

    • daniel bostdorf

      Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Foxnes, Limbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:
      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
      or as Adolph Hitler stated:
      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
The 1930’s had the Brown Shirts.
The 1950’s had Joseph McCarthy
The 1980’s had Ronald Reagan
The late 1990’s had George Bush JR…
Today we have The Teaparty and the “red shirts.”
The American Right invented it’s imaginary Obama to try and get us to by into their fascism.
It didn’t work.
Obama is going to win.
      Electoral College alone will assure that.

  • We were republicans while I was growing up, my parents weren’t wealthy or highly educated, but when a crook was highly evident(agreeing with William D.)they were smart enough to know it. I am much more educated than they were & anyone that can’t admit that George W. Bush destroyed this country is just plain stupid, even Romney finally admitted it on National T.V.. He claims he is so different, he is George W., just a little younger & better looking. I can’t even look at him on T.V. anymore, he makes me sick! If you research his comments & explanations of why this country is in such bad shape, you will find out that when his mouth opens, you know that he is lying.
    Yes billions of dollars earmarked for Iraq were never rec’d & never accounted for. How strange!,But since it was a republican it was swept under the rug & let go. Isn’t it funny though, that now that Obama is President all we here about is how much debt he has incurred. The debt is to pay back Bush’s failures, such as the war that shouldn’t have been, he lied to get it started(which he also finally said he was given false info.)and used that as the reason to start the war. The Pres. of the US couldn’t waste his time to check out the facts. Then we have the financial industry, loan money to anyone & everyone, no qualifications necessary. It looks good when our country is thriving.(He wasn’t worried about the outcome, he knew he wouldn’t be the Pres. then & someone else would be blamed & have to try & fix it.) Basically the same thing with the auto industry & Obama was able to fix it & fix a large portion of the financial industry. Bush also spent alot of money behind closed doors, personally & never was held accountable for it. He started the laws of raising the age for social security & medicare, he would be taken care of for the rest of his life, so why would he care? I could go on & on, but all of the people that have educated themselves(not by commercials & fake speeches)already know that this country will not be the same for approximately 50 to 75 years due to George W. & Romney has the same values & ideas. The hell with the poor, middle class, elderly, disabled & the young. Let’s take the little bit they get away & give the wealthy & super wealthy more tax breaks & tax cuts & find a way to take that money from those that really need it. As he said in a speech today, the disaster relief that is needed from the last several, horrible days should come from the private sector & residents, NOT from the states where the disasters occurred & certainly NOT from the Federal Gvt. The man is a lying, self centered, one way, take care of me & mine idiot & the hell with everyone else. He even keeps stealing the ideas & proposals that Obama has been trying to get passed for years(and of course he was against them)& saying that they are his ideas & will save the country. He has NO idea of what it is like to be a normal family living on a fixed income. He has never had to do that & neither has his wife. Obama came from nothing & worked his butt off to get where he is & so did his wife. They know what real families have to go through & that’s why Obama keeps pushing for laws to help the elderly, the poor & the middle class. Tax breaks for us, social security when we deserve it & medicare. With Romney everyone in the “normal” world will be out of luck!!! I just can’t believe the stupidity of people!! I don’t vote for a party, I vote for the person that will work their butt’s off for our country & consider us all united and as one. There isn’t even a question between Romney & Obama! Do your research(not on fact check on your computer, it is rated as giving incorrect “facts” over 50% of the time. Go to a library, read books, the newspaper, watch the political channels on T.V. that are not biased either way. Research bills that have been written & proposed & check out who was for & against them & what impact they made on our country. There are hundreds of ways to find out the real truth. Don’t just blindly vote by campaign speeches, debates & the news, you are only hurting our country. Remember the old phrase “BECAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR,IT MIGHT COME TRUE”!!!
    A vote for OBAMA is for truth, the very best he can do for the country & that means all people, not just the rich, someone who has been in really tough spots, someone that will keep on killing himself trying to repair the damage caused by George W., someone who really cares, has kids & wants the best for them, too. A very intelligent man that is trying to work with the republicans & find some common ground. With all of the natural disasters, terrorist attacks, plane crashes, bombings, etc. that have happened during his Presidency, this country is still better off than the day that he was sworn in as our President.
    Think about who is really to blame for the condition of our country, when George W took office this country was totally in the black, look what it was when he left office. Let’s be truthful now & I hope some people will actually read this, do their research & change their minds & vote for the right man on November 6th,2012. THAT MAN WILL BE BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!