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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden delivered the latest in a series of speeches intended to frame the fall campaign against Mitt Romney with a foreign policy address at New York University Thursday, slamming the presumptive Republican presidential nominee as a “CEO” out of his depth.

Touting the Obama administration’s successful mission to assassinate 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden and the relatively smooth withdrawal of combat forces from Iraq, Biden repeated what will likely be his signature refrain of the campaign.

“If you’re looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how President Obama has handled what we inherited, it’s pretty simple: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive,” he said to the audience of 500 law students and national security experts. “You have to ask yourself, if Gov. Romney had been president, could he have used the same slogan…in reverse?”

Arguing that Romney would bring a return to the “go it alone” strategy of George W. Bush, who began the Iraq War with few allies less than two years after invading Afghanistan as part of a NATO coalition, Biden said Romney’s years as a business executive delegating tasks to subordinates was no fit for the nuanced foreign policy challenges facing America’s next president.

“He starts with a profound misunderstanding of the responsibilities of a President and the Commander-in-Chief,” Biden said. “Here’s what he said, and I want to quote him exactly. And I quote: ‘If we want someone who has a lot of experience in foreign policy, we can simply go to the State Department.’ He went on to say, and I quote, ‘But that’s not how we choose a President. A President is not a foreign policy expert.'”

“In my view,” Biden continued, “the last thing we need is a President who believes that he can subcontract our foreign policy to experts at the State Department, or for that matter, any other department or agency.”

Holding a conference call with reporters to rebut the charges, one of which was that Romney is stuck in Cold War-era thinking, Republican foreign policy experts seemed to buttress the Vice President’s case, using archaic terminology on more than one occasion. Former Reagan Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman said that the “Soviets” were taking advantage of a weaker U.S. military, and a Bush-era ambassador cited scuttled plans to place missile defense sites in “Czechoslovakia,” which has been called the Czech Republic for two decades.

Biden drew laughs when he cited the example of President Theodore Roosevelt as an inspiration for Obama.

“Now is the time to heed the timeless advice from Teddy Roosevelt: ‘speak softly and carry a big stick.’  I promise you the President has a big stick.  I promise you.”

Whereas George W. Bush and his father both got the better of Democrats on national security issues, Barack Obama effectively neutralized them in 2008. To be sure, the financial collapse that fall did draw attention away from foreign affairs and focus it on the failure of the Republican Party’s economic policies, but Obama appears to have won the debate over the Iraq War and split the votes of those concerned about another attack on the country evenly with John McCain, quite the accomplishment for a first-term senator with no military background going up against a war hero and Senate veteran.

It will be interesting to see how and when the Obama campaign attempts to insert national security issues into his re-election bid, an issue they know is a sure winner for them this time around. The elder Bush tried — and failed — to get Americans frightened about Bill Clinton’s weak foreign policy chops and lack of military record. It didn’t work, Clinton riding economic frustration to an easy win in the 1992 presidential race.


Check out the video of the “Big Stick” moment:

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  • ObozoMustGo

    Joe “Gaffe Machine” Biden is singlehandedly the most stone cold stupid moron to ever occupy an executive office in America.

    Have a nice day!

    • hubydoll166

      I guess some people like to be told what to think and when to think it..Progressives are forward thinkers that dont want or need their elected officials ruling over them. A great deal of time and effort was put into getting conservatives minds under complete and utter control…how else could a person have givin up on themselves? I pitty the republicturd fools for allowing themselves to be braindead and brainwashed into self destruction and having no self esteem to get a better life..thats just disgusting on so many levels when we are taught to think at such a young age..

      • I find a great name for many of these Republicans is, “Never Born Christians” they were born with no God or religion, and were conjured into church by this silly party. If they were true Christians they wouldnt say or do the things they do,and for sure they would not be RACIST.

      • GodofPainfulTruth

        I agree. More and more often these days the “right-lending masses’ are not even following their elected political leaders but instead are being told what to think by “right-wing” talk heads (Rush, sean H, Glenn Beck, etc) who have no real background, experience or education about most anything they say but instead are just “moth-pieces for who ever is paying them –for their own enrichment. The problem is these guys make up stuff — repeat it several times on TV or radio and then say it must be true because it was baroadcast on TV and radio! –I just can not understand why their follers can not see thru theit game — the are NOT the “average working American (do you get paid well to just talk BS for a couple of hours a week?) Don’t they see that they are making money off providing “mis-information to the masses — and then trying to aviod paying their fair-shar of taxrs on their income — Wake up America – Rush does not love you –he is just using you to feed his own fat ass!

    • hubydoll166

      I guess some people like to be told what to think and when to think it..Progressives are forward thinkers that dont want or need their elected officials ruling over them. A great deal of time and effort was put into getting conservatives minds under complete and utter control…how else could a person have givin up on themselves? I pitty the republicturd fools for allowing themselves to be braindead and brainwashed into self destruction and having no self esteem to get a better life..thats just disgusting on so many levels when we are taught to think at such a young age..

    • joyscarbo

      Ohh, BOZO, that truth must sting alittle..huh? Makes Mittens look stupid and uninformed again, huh? Awww…it’ll all be over come fall. Then you can go back to focusing all your time on your doomsday prepping again. That undergound shelter could use some more guns, ammo and food supplies.

      Our country wants to go back to GW Bush’s cowboy foreign policies and rushing into a war with Iran. We’re going to be paying for Iraq courtesy of W for generations to come.

      Mitt sure doesn’t know how to win people over or even identify with them! You can’t even get Santorum to actually say the words, “I will endorse Mitt Romney.” In fact, conservatives are kinda acting like they’re being forced to chew aspirin when talking about Romney!

      • But remember, the Bush administration through the real head(cheney) promised us that the Iraq war was going to pay for itself.

        • joyscarbo

          Like Colin Powell warned the W and his band of cowboys…you break Iraq, you pay for Iraq.

    • 1AmericanHoney27

      Once again today you show everyone that you’re the north end of a south bound jackass… You aren’t worth the paper it takes for President Obama to wipe his rear-end with. As for ( Joe “Garde Machine ” Biden) ( which is your ignorant A$$ opinion ) is correctly Vice President Joe Biden by the way has more intelligence in his little finger than you have in your whole body… You have got to be the most obnoxious person in the world. I bet at birth your mom took one look at you & said… “OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE”. You would make a perfect poster person for ” birth control” I bet your village is looking for you…..

      Now ……. You Have A Good Day!!!!!!

    • 101strac

      have all of your many friend( no typo) given you the nickname “sour-grapes”?

    • viewfromtheleftcoast

      No that would be GW, Warren Harding, and quite a few more, google Presidential I.Q.’s

    • Two Words: Dan Quayle

      • GodofPainfulTruth

        Ding! Ding! We have a knock0ut! And the winner is “Geno!!

    • BOZO — have you forgotten GWB so soon? And Dick Cheney? My what a short memory you have my friend.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Bigblunder…… mirror mirror on the wall, Joe “Gaffe Machine” Biteme is the dumbest of them all.

  • Vice President Joe Biden, the best V.P. ever,

  • BudC43055


  • joyscarbo

    Ahhh, some sane words from the Veep…..and he’s quoting the wingnut repubes. Mitt is just over his little awkward, bright, shiney, smiling head.

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    Sounds to me like BudS43055 & Oh No Zo live in the same village & must be on another LSD trip… Between the 2 of them they may possess half a brain..

  • One of the RARE campaign speeches that is actually CREDIBLE.

    • GodofPainfulTruth

      The right just hate when Joe speaks the truth…

  • I am sorry, Obama did not INHERIT anything..he asked for it, campaigned for it and even spent a lot of money to make sure he got it…so this whole “he inherited all of these problems” is BS…I think it is time OUR President starts doing a little more for his own citizens…There is no ‘I” in TEAM…but Obama makes it sound as if he is personally responsible for Bin Laden’s death and that he single handedly saved GM….He should really get over himself and his ego and do what he was “Hired” to do….look out for the best interest of the Citizens of the United States of America

    • viewfromtheleftcoast

      You can’t really believe what you just said…….It’s too, too irrational…..or you have just been OTL for the last decade or more

    • GodofPainfulTruth

      You can not have it both way… You are saying when Bush was President he wa not responsible for any damage done over his 8 years in office — But Obama is in fact personal accountable for every little thing that has happend since before he was elected? — Putting aside that the GOP Congress has been fighting him at every turn as was their only real goal for the last 3 1/2 years –You don’t like the fact the Obama was elected fair -and square in 2008- OK , we get that ..but , please, this selective memory is just too much!

  • GodofPainfulTruth

    I will admit that the Vice President has a “track record” of verbal gaffes. But he is not stupid by any measurement –He knows waht he is talking about –just sometimes his wording is less than ideal. Still, much better he is VP then someone like Sarah Palin –who has no real idea what she is talking about –but does not allow that t stop her from saying all kinds of nonsense.

  • Caribatlantic2

    Well said Mr. Vice President, Bin Laden Dead and GM Alive!

  • geovth

    Hi: Joe Sorry i don,t have to much faith in your promise .If i remember right you promised not to be the V.P. and you did not keep that promises Is promises just a word to you ?????????????????

  • Caribatlantic2

    Well said Mr. Vice President, Bin Laden dead and GM alive. Thanks to the President who got this country in a messy mess. I guess some people forgot when the President took this country we were in the deepest hole and he tried to saved us but we are still in the hole and it’s gonn take time to get back on top.

    • Are you realy that ignorant? to say President Obama got america in a mess is one of the many dumb things a repukin could say adding to their list of lies.

      • Colorado15

        I think what he was saying is Obama inherited a mess and he’s doing his best to get us out of it, but it will take time.

        • I was going to say………… I believe that’s a no brainer…’s really what has and what will happen. America has a “fast food”mentality. I believe we need to get out there and re-elect Obama in 2012!

  • I’ll be glad when November gets here and we can re-elect Obama and clear out congress of jackbooted neo-nazis. By the way. I’m sure we all know what Pro’s and Con’s mean. Well, there’s progress and then there’s congress. Need I say more. This present right-winged congress has done their job of stalemating progress.

  • HELL NO TO 4 MO OF O! You have got to be kidding! Bin Laden is dead? Bin Laden was dead long ago! How can a man with a serious health condition that required dialysis everyday live in caves and in hiding for years? And his burial? LMAO! What the hell is the matter with you people? Not to mention the untimely death of all the seals that were operative in that alleged death!
    General motors is NOT alive and well! This is merely another hope and a weak promise that will not come to fruition as long as King Obama lives in the oval office. He does not even salute our flag! Have you people all got dementia? Moochie named her daughters as chief of staffs to get her last luxury vacation paid for, Obummer is campaigning on MY tax dollar and yours! WAKE UP! Check the background of his marxist czars he has in his cabinet! YOu are all being deluded by a slick talking, charismatic, muslim loving commie that will ruin this nation for your children and grandchildren
    ! For God’s sake read his books! You want a man that will take the side of the muslim political/religious philosophy if push ever comes to shove in this country as he tells us? This is a Christian nation, God lives, NOT allah!

    • jnap

      Unlike the guy above, you are completely nuts!

    • If you actually believe any of what you wrote here, you might as well call it a day. Plus you need to go inside now. Recess is over.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Bigblunder…. you need some new material.

        • You forgot your condescending, “have a nice day!”

          • ObozoMustGo

            Nothing condescending about it, Sid.

            Have a nice weekend!

        • And the clown makes his debut. Hello BOZO! Where’s the condescending, “have a nice day!”

        • BOZO you need a brain transplant that your head won’t reject.

    • Wow Regina the time for your thorozine is way overdue. Obama in 2912!

  • You go Vice President Biden. Somebody had to say it who better. You rock

  • CSW

    So few people even today have missed the facts,that this President has spend 5 Trillion dollars and added that to this nations bill. Most Americans still listen to Mainstream Media and they would have you thinking this guy is what we’ve all been waiting for. What is sad is all the Lie’s they’ve told the American people. Hear are a few facts about your President they don’t want you to know. Forged Birth Certificate by White House. Multiple SS#. Surrendered License to practice Law. Missing Birth Records in Hawaii. Sealed Selective Service Records. Sealed College Records.Obama uses Foreign Passport. Association with well known Communists and Subversives. Sworn testimonies proving Obama was not born in America. Obama Mother said her son Barry Santoro { Barack Hussein Obama} Received Foreign aid to pay for College. Obama has Publicly stated he was not born in America. The list go’s on and on. Need I say more???? Is this the Manchurian President they’ve warned us all about???? What really opened my eye’s was Fast and Furious,Obama claiming he knew nothing right along with Eric Holder head of the Justice Dept. When a police officers is killed and nearly 200 Mexican citizens killed are wounded. Along with guns leaving AZ to Mexico,In turn drugs shipped from Mexico to the USA. Mainstream Media had very little coverage of this. The corruption in is government and all of it’s dept have to make you wonder what they have planned for the rest of the American citizens. Vote for Obama and get ready to watch all your Freedoms and Civil Rights go down to toilet along with this nation.

    • jnap

      Your nuts!

    • Seriously CSW. How can you be so stupid?

    • ObozoMustGo

      CSW… you are talking WAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much sense for this board. Obozo has gotten a free pass in our media for a long time. And the nutjobs that write on this site are nothing more than useful idiots that carrry Obozo’s water. The leftist nutjobs that proliferate this place are like flies on sheet. You can shoo them away for a second but they keep coming back for more.

      Have a nice day!

      • BOZO! (You know you are) and try to project that image onto the President….the image you have of yourself really should be kept to yourself rather than come here and publicly parade your ignorance around like it was a Medal. And take your little condescending, “Have a nice day!” and shove it in the same place your head is. There’s room I’m sure.

  • Romney doesn’t deny that he’s personally clueless when it comes to foreign policy. Why worry so long as he has people like Dick Cheney or Karl Rove to ask what he should do were he to become POTUS. If you have any question as to just how clueless Romney is, just recall his recent statement where he called Russia our No. 1 geopolitical foe. Hard to get more stupid than that if you’re not Sarah Palin.

  • Emmanduka

    Every one agrees with me that Biden, Obama’s v.p, is Bible’s Thamos, who only believed JESUS CHRIST after dipping his finger into CHRIST’S wound. Joe Biden is the best person to preach President Obama’s re-election because, having worked closely with the president, Biden knows Obama better.
    Let’s wait and see what happens next.


  • howa4x

    The cold war was the bread and butter of republican politics. If you want to scare the crap out of the voters raise the specter or a nuclear, or biological attack, or Warsaw Pact tanks rolling across Europe. It always worked but then there was over reach. Attacking Afganistan was understandable as we held them accountable for the 9-11 attacks, but Iraq wasn’t. As the lie unfolded about their weapons of mass destruction, people became more and more against the war. They are also tiring of the drawn out Afganistan war too. Wasn’t the victory that Bush 1 had in Iraq. Quick and surgical. Americans don’t like a long protracted war with no sign of victory(see Viet Nam)
    Mitt taking the page out of the Republican playbook, calls Obama soft and says he would double down on Afganistan, and restart the cold war with Russia, cause you never can trust those Ruskies. Problem is no one wants to do that. Lower middle class families don’t want to send their sons anymore to wars that are only started to enrich the arms industries and the 1%. People want to see a president that dosen’t have his hand on the trigger but can negotiate. They don’t want another cowboy in the White House with his I want him dead or alive slogans. So Mitt Rip up that old playbook or your’e going to look really stupid!

    • I served proudly and honorably in Vietnam, but the war was too long and costly, in terms of American soldiers lost. I don’t believe we were allowed to fight it like who should have. But learning to negociate is the direction our foreign policy should go and am glad Obama is leading us. An idea whose time has come. It’s not pre-historic Republican rethoric!
      Obama in 2012!

      • jlelandthomas

        AMEN Sidney I turn 60 years old this year and am glad that I made it through that long drought of a Republican Designed war I still see a lot of crippled guy’s around that did not get the treatment they deserved .I am glad we have a president that goes after the one that did the damage to us with out making a mockery of the USA. and V President that is going in with him to solve the problems they have made us a part of

  • He and Obama are trying to use him as a problem. Every president receives prior presidents crap. Obama helped that problem by his votes. Have we seen jobs here in wa. state Seems to me that more people lose jobs but they are not on tv. I see our people come back from the war after promised jobs that are not there.

  • This may not be the place, but JB is more qualified to be president than Rip Momney will ever be! Mit has never had an oridginal idea in his life. He was told what schools to go to, and he did. He was told where to go to work and he did. He was told what kind of business to start,and how to run it, (Bill Bain), and he did. His daddy told him to make as much money so he would not have to depend on anyone, then go into politics and he is trying. But never has he started any business on his own with his own idea! He is a follower, but never a Leader.

  • Joe B is more qualified to be president than Rip Momney will ever be! Mit has never done anything by himself in his intire life. He went to the schools he was told to. he was told where to go as a missionary. He was told where to go to work. And he was told what kind of business to start and how to run it.(Bill Bain). And his daddy told to make as much money as he could so he would not have to depend on anyone else, and he is trying. He compains on what every one is, says what every one says. He has no reason to get any one to vote for him, so he can not say what his platform is. He has never had an original thought of his own. He can not, as they say in Texas, “pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel!

  • joyscarbo

    I can’t believe Romney actually said that Russia was our country’s “greatest geopolitial foe.” What? So does he want to invade Russia AND Iran?!


  • ord

    VP Biden is one smart man. he has a brain and knows how to use it. He thinks before he rushes to judgement as the Pres. does. You just cannot continue to rush into other countries killing our soldiers for no other reason than to flux our muscles. Be ready for the 30 call on the red phone and do the right thing. DO NOT RUSH !

  • morgandog2012

    Wow he has a point. Mittens is dead in the water. How come nobody said OBAMA the killer of Osama Bin Laden. The man who resurected General Motors. The big job creator? Now lets the mittens try to destroy this? I think not.

  • Truthseeker562

    This election is so important we are making a clear choice in which path we want to take as we evolve. Putting all religion aside lets delve to our very soul. What is our Soul’s purpose. This election is A clear snap shot of our very soul. Romney is serving his purpose as so is President Obama. Both these men were clearly hand chosen by the Almighty himself. Whose path are we going to choose. I personally will choose a path that makes me look deep within my Soul. I need to question myself am I a racist would I vote against myself because President Obama is black and I haven’t cleansed that part of my soul. Am I so greedy that I cannot see that everyone doing their fair share will benefit everyone. Am I so ignorant that I would vote against myself by voting blindly or even keeping myself ignorant as an excuse not to look deep inside. I believe there is an awakening coming there is a sharp contrast here this didn’t happen by chance it is Gods way of putting out the question of where your Soul is. Romney is not a bad man he is there for a purpose he is doing God’s will also we need to see both sides to a clear choice. Everyone is playing their role here. God Loves everyone in this World no matter who you are where you come from. Wake up people.

  • morgandog2012

    Well we know the truth out here. We know the truth only problem is that nobody knows it.
    Now what do we do? I guess vote for Obama what else do I have to do?

  • morgandog2012

    You know why this war discusts me because nobody im Amereica was supposed to support it. Rich people kept their sons in USC. Never made a difference to them . But you know what all the people that fought in this war had nothing left. All the people in the middle states so consumed with crystal meth had nothing.
    Now make it better. now make it better soldiers are killing themselves in the field. Now I have to ask you America what have you done to youre people? Youre people are killing themselves? Becausde eventually they saw this war was wrong. And eventually realising this was just a war for oil.
    And the realisation they did. not care for us.. Wanna burn some cars?

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