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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

BOSTON (Reuters) – Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer, who has spent more than $140 million on fighting climate change, said on Tuesday he will spend whatever it takes to fight President-elect Donald Trump’s pro-drilling and anti-regulation agenda.

The former hedge fund manager from California is putting together a strategy that will “engage voters and citizens to fight back” once Trump takes the White House in January, he told Reuters in an interview. However, he stressed he was not planning to fight Trump through the courts.

Instead, he would focus on “trying to present an opposite point of view and trying to get that point of view expressed, and communicated to citizens.”

Steyer’s pledge to fight Trump suggests an intensifying battle for U.S. public opinion on global climate change, an issue that has already divided many Americans, lawmakers, and companies between those who consider it a major global threat and those who doubt its existence.

Other U.S. environmental groups are also preparing to resist Trump’s agenda, with some vowing street protests and more established organizations that helped draft some of President Barack Obama’s environmental regulations preparing to defend them in court.

“We have always been willing to do whatever is necessary,” Steyer said, when asked how much money he was willing to spend to oppose Trump’s agenda.

Trump campaigned on a promise to drastically reduce environmental regulation and ease permitting for infrastructure, moves he said would breathe life into an oil and gas industry ailing from low prices, without harming U.S. air and water quality.

He has also called climate change a hoax and has promised to “cancel” the Paris Climate Accord between nearly 200 nations to slow global warming, a deal he said would cost the U.S. economy trillions of dollars and put it at a disadvantage.

While the approach has cheered the industry, it has sent shockwaves through the environmental movement, which is confronting the prospect of losing all progress it made during the Obama administration.

Steyer, who had endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, called Trump’s policies dangerous.

“Every single one of these things, whether it was getting rid of Paris or cutting back the EPA, we think are extremely dangerous to the security of every American,” Steyer said. “We think it is based on willful ignorance of the facts and flies in the face of the realities facing the world.”


Steyer’s main political vehicle, NextGen Climate, on Tuesday called on the Obama administration to defy Trump’s pro-drilling agenda by issuing an order permanently blocking all new drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump has also promised to ask Canadian oil pipeline company, TransCanada Corp, to resubmit its application to build a pipeline into the United States that would link Alberta’s vast oil sands to American refineries and ports on the Gulf Coast. The project, Keystone XL, had been rejected by the Obama administration after years of mass protests and lobbying by environmental organizations.

Steyer said the project may no longer make sense since a slump in oil prices has reduced the profitability of oil sands production.

Steyer, who four years ago left the hedge fund firm he co-founded to devote himself full-time to environmental activism, said young voter turnout in areas where NextGen focused its mobilization efforts during the 2016 campaign was up more than 20 percent from the last presidential election in 2012.

“Did we get the president we want, absolutely not. Did we get a majority of clean energy supporters in the senate, no,” Steyer said. “But in terms of what we did, and the strategy we took, we wouldn’t do anything differently.”

NextGen poured nearly $69 million into its elections related programs during the presidential campaign, according to federal records compiled by, slightly lower than the $74 million it spent during the mid-term congressional elections in 2014, when only two of the six candidates it supported won.

(Reporting by Richard Valdmanis, editing by Ross Colvin)

IMAGE: Investor, philanthropist and environmentalist Tom Steyer speaks at the Center for American Progress’ 2014 Making Progress Policy Conference in Washington November 19, 2014. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

78 Responses to Billionaire Green Activist Steyer Vows To Battle Trump, Says Money Not An Issue

  1. The GOP’s collective shortsighted mind should be recorded as a crime against humanity, on so many fronts. The denial of climate change and industry’s impact on the environment is just one of their assaults on humanity, and makes Trump and his Party the equivalent of a flat-earthers and may as well believe that the sun revolves around the earth.

    The assault on science in order to line their pockets, and help cronies in the oil industry rape the earth in the process, shows a callous attitude to the well-being of their own grandchildren and other inhabitants on the planet. (Maybe they think the planet extends no further than the boundaries of continental USA, and that the excess pollution will magically evaporate.

    Obviously, the GOP is a danger to humanity the world over, and history will record them as one of the foremost advocates for the destruction of the environment. All for money.

    That’s the Donald/GOP Way. This isn’t meant solely as a polemic, but just an observation based on clear evidence displayed by the Right Wing for decades now.

    Apparently, the supporters of the GOP could care less—as long as they can get a job.
    A flat-earth mind is a a necessary thing to waste.

    • I think what you wrote speaks volumes about your total lack of knowledge. For the record, the flat-earthers BELIEVE in global warming.
      The majority of the earth’s PhD holders, in science related areas, consider global warming or climate change to be a hoax.
      The perpetrators of this hoax claim that CO2 emissions, created by man-made activity will destroy the earth. Try for once and look at that statement for validity. The earth, on its own, creates 159,000 giga-tons of CO2 emissions every year. That is the earth ALONE for activities like volcanic action, etc. No man-made activity is included in than number. This number has been pretty constant going back millions of years.
      All man-made activities create a whopping 5 giga-tons annually. That’s ALL man-made actions for the entire earth.
      I’ll let you do the math as to if man-made activities are really going to alter the equations. Spoiler alert = .00003%.
      You like to spew tons of words that make folks think you’re informed and even intelligent. One only need to peel back the first layer of onion to reveal how little you truly know and understand.
      So now I expect a response that claims my religious believes are tainting my knowledge of FACTS.
      That’s what I love about the low information circles you lefties run in. One of your bright guys says something stupid and you all fall in line chanting “it’s true”.
      The truly good news is that President Trump, having been handed a mandate by the voters, will hopefully reign in the folly.

      • The Hell he got a mandate. He lost the popular vote bigly & some of the states he did win like Pennsylvania & Wisconsin were small enough that if it weren’t for oppressive voter ID laws Secretary Clinton would now be the President Elect. Instead tell me what if anything Trump will do to reduce the very real threat of climate change ? Just ignoring it & making all sorts of excuses that not all of it is manmade doesn’t mean it’s going to go away. And please stop insulting real informed voters & change it to Trump voter. See if that sounds smarter than you really think you are

        • This is what I mean by our democracy being in danger. When the people elect a president millions of votes, for that president, can be thrown out the window so the electoral college and the poorly educated states can send a philanderer, who cheated on two wives, maybe three, took out bankruptcy to avoid paying the contracts he initiated, marries a Hustler Magazine model, pays no taxes, makes his money on gambling and developing, has been accused by 13 women of groping them, has a lawsuit for fraud coming up and could have been involved in a civil suit for raping a 13-year old. The last was reported to the police when it happened. It probably won’t go to trial because she has been threatened. Yes, people who voted for Hillary are angry. She won the popular vote, but because of the outdated electoral college, we get a possible mobster for president.

          • You can believe whatever lies are fed to you by Fox, Breitbart or any other unreliable news source you choose to consume. The facts are Trump won based on unreasonable strict voter ID laws, the crap coming from Comey 11 days before the election, voter harassment at several polling sites & extremely long lines in cities like Cincinnati that was over 3 hours. The election actually was rigged not to help Secretary Clinton but your boy waiting to make America great again. That’s another fairytale he got people like you to believe. Mark my words by the time he leaves office he’ll have to file bankruptcy if he’s not impeached & sent to prison first

        • Mis-informed voter likes to make statements as if they were fact based. Two days ago he claimed that it has been proven that 3 million illegal votes were cast, his source was right wing websites that all had the same original source GreggPhillips@JumpVote. No proof offer my Phillips. He stated that some experts (never named) that the stock market was going up in 2004, he forgot to mention the big drop in 2008 then the consistent climb back up during the Obama administration to record or near record levels.

          • Weep at what. Your 1st link shows nothing about the vote or illegals voting.

            The Breitbart link is an article that states ““The biggest fear I have right now is that people who aren’t U.S. citizens are going to illegally vote in the election,” said von Spakovsky, who has experience working at the Justice Department on election issues. “We know for a fact, from all kinds of different reports we’ve had and cases, that there are non-citizens registered and voting all over the country.” Yet it offers no proof of this statement. Where is their source for the reports and cases they claim show non-citizens voting?

            The 3rd link is a link to a Kellyanne Conway tweet that claims an fabricated final popular vote count. This faux # has been disproved:

            This is the fabricated vote count story. “It also led to false claims that Donald Trump would prove to also be the winner of the popular vote if all the ballots cast were actually counted: “First of all, [Clinton’s] probably not going to win the actual number of votes cast. She may win the number of votes counted, but not the votes cast. States don’t count their absentee ballots unless the number of outstanding absentee ballots is larger than the state margin of difference. If there is a margin of 1,000 votes counted and there are 1,300 absentee ballots outstanding, then the state tabulates those. If the number of outstanding absentee ballots wouldn’t influence the election results, then the absentee ballots aren’t counted.”

            As of this writing, though, the ballots counted so far still show Hillary Clinton winning the national popular vote by a healthy margin of over 630,000 votes:”Moreover, the popular vote margin favoring Hillary Clinton is likely to grow rather than shrink as more of the remaining ballots are counted. A spreadsheet compiled by David Wasserman, an editor at Cook Political Report who is tracking turnout, shows Clinton up by over 700,000 votes as of this writing, and as the Atlantic noted on 12 November 2016, the bulk of remaining uncounted ballots come from states that went heavily for the Democratic candidate. “A majority of [uncounted ballots] are on the coasts, in New York, California, and Washington. She should be able to win those votes, probably 2-1.” By mid-December, when the Electoral College officially casts its ballots, Wasserman estimates that Clinton could be ahead by 2 percentage points in the popular vote.”

            What’s with the delay? Several states, notably California and Washington, have liberal absentee and mail-in voting laws. California, for instance, allows residents to submit ballots up to three days late (although they must be postmarked on or before Election Day). These provisions have made alternative voting pretty popular, and the ballots a bit harder to count. California alone has more than 4 million votes pending; Washington is waiting on another 700,000.

            The notion that states don’t count absentee ballots unless they are sufficient in number to change the outcome has been addressed (and refuted) by

            Are absentee ballots counted? Yes, all votes are counted, whether they’re cast in-person or by absentee ballot. It is a common misconception that absentee ballots are only counted during very tight races. This misconception stems from two things: one, absentee ballots are often counted for days after the election since many are coming from abroad; two, absentee ballots are often a small percentage of all voted ballots. Many elections have a clear winner, so the absentee ballots that are still being counted after election night don’t affect the results as predicted right after the polls close. As absentee voting becomes more popular, however, an increasing number of elections are decided by absentee ballots.
            Try finding some reliable sites that actually have provable facts not the made up crap you provide.

          • 45% of college educated woman voted for President Trump. You gonna call them sexist?
            Here are some links that might open your eyes that President Trump DOES have a mandate. The only reason HilLIARy has the popular vote is that California went Dem big time. Why? Because President Trump never campaigned there because the popular vote means nothing.
            No matter, you’re just in meltdown mode. Before the election you mocked my polls that showed that President Trump was actually ahead. I suspect you choked big time on election day. How was your crow on Thanksgiving? Hope you had some GOP friends over who just sat there and kept smiling and smiling.


          • You tend to be delusional what polls are yours ? Your mandate is in your deluded mind, if you claim his EC vote total is a mandate then what did President Obama have since his EC totals are bigger than Trumps? Actually I had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends including some Republicans, we all get along and allow for differences. You on the other hand like to make up scenarios to try and satisfy you infantile behavior.

          • I guess you are blind to the truth. Anyone, with any amount of brains, looking at the maps, would recognize that President Trump does have a mandate. 306 to 232 IS a mandate. Even on the morning of the election, the MSM awarded HilLIARy 238 electoral votes. Ha, she didn’t even get the “guaranteed” electoral votes! That sure speaks volumes of voters rejecting Obama’s policies and HilLIARy herself.
            You are in meltdown mode with this stinging rebuke. Perhaps you should seek out one of the many wimpy colleges that set up crying rooms to help their students cope with President Trump’s mandate.

          • You can claim anything you want to but so far you have claimed – 1) That 3 million illegal votes were cast but offer no provable facts, not even Fox News has pushed this fabricated story.
            2) What happen to your read it and weep claim that Trump had 69 million votes to Hillary’s 62 million? They only place that existed was in Right Wing bubble world where facts don’t exist.
            3) The popular vote stands at 2,5 million more votes for Hillary than for Trump. Your great one whines like a little toddler about this in his tweets. Some mandate, as I already stated this was the 44th biggest landslide out of 54 elections.
            As for the rest of your comment it just shows what an infantile small minded troll you are. You really need to change your alias to “mis-informed voter”.

          • The map is irrelevant, you are just showing places where there are more acreage and livestock than people. More than half of the population live in or near cities, not out in the empty spaces like the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, etc.

          • You must have been sick the day they taught how are EC is set up. It is done based upon the census! Eleanore didn’t seem to know this either, so don’t feel too bad. Most low information folks like you didn’t know that. So all those rocky spaces represent the same proportioned votes as the urban areas. The Founding Fathers knew and understood what would happen if the president was elected with just popular votes. In fact, if that had been the case, the USA would not have been founded at all as the less populated states would not have joined.
            So the map in RELEVANT just as 306 is > 232! Funny how math works.

          • You really are stupider than you write. The EC is made up of the # of US Senators for each state (2) and the # of each states US Representatives. The census determines the US Representatives to a degree, each state has to get one and the total is set at 435 members. So Einstein the US Representatives # per state isn’t totally based on population so the more populous states don’t get US Representatives totals that are proportional to their population. Actually the Founding Fathers created the EC so they could keep the Southern states who were better off financially at the time (having slave labor helped) in the union. The US needed these states to help with the debt owed by a number of northern states.

            Your map isn’t relevant now the northern blue states are subsidizing the southern states with the Federal money the northern states are taxed Federally. What your map shows is a lot of empty land not people.

          • You can whine all you wish, but HillARy’s popular vote is based upon illegal votes. The electoral and voter maps ARE meaningful and show small pockets for HilLIARy and large areas for President Trump. Hence his mandate!
            And the EC is based upon census figures. All the rest is fixed amounts like number of senators. You and Aaron can sure babble to make folks think you are not low information, but your postings give you away.

            Perhaps the following can help you cope.


          • You do realize this isn’t a right wing bubble world where if you keep repeating a lie it becomes the truth. There is no “real” proof that illegal votes are the reason for Hillary’s winning the popular vote. The maps that you use to show large chunks of Republican/Conservative areas are mainly areas of “lightly” populated areas, farm land, cattle grazing land and desert don’t vote the “small” amount of people there vote.

            The EC makeup is comprised of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators.
            The House of Representatives are apportioned based on state population according to the constitutionally mandated Census. However the size of the U.S. House of Representatives refers to total number of congressional districts (or seats) into which the land area of the United States proper has been divided. The number of voting representatives is currently set at 435. There are an additional five delegates to the House of Representatives. They represent the District of Columbia and the territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, which first elected a representative in 2008,[8] and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico also elects a resident commissioner every four years. Since the House is set at 435 the apportioning of EC votes isn’t strictly on based on the census. Each state is allotted 1 EC vote + 2 for the # of Senators so the least # of EC votes a state can have is 3. As the population increase the larger states don’t get the amount of EC votes in proportion to their population. States like Wyoming, Alaska, N Dakota, S Dakota, Montana get 3 EC votes based on 2 Senators & 1 HoR . while California gets 55 votes base on 2 Senators and 53 HoR . On a comparative basis Ca has a total population of 38.8 million people while the total population the least 12 states of WY, VT, Alaska, N Dakota, S Dakota, DE, Montana, RI, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii and Idaho is 12.3 million that’s less than 1/3 of California population.

          • You’re getting to be as bad as Aaron. You quoted lots of words that have nothing to do with the MANDATE President Trump received from the voters.
            I am fully aware of the history and purpose of the EC. So 306-232 will still show a MANDATE.
            Pictures of the USA DO show how unpopular HilLIARy was. The voters were also rebelling against Obama’s policies of the past 8 years.
            Just look at how many jobs President Trump personally created, and he’s not even in office yet! Obama didn’t personally create one damn job!

          • Once again you trolls confuse population with square acreage, States like Wyoming, Montana, N Dakota, S Dakota and Alaska have a lot of land with very sparse population. What count is how many people cast their vote for a candidate not how many square miles they live in. Hillary received over 65 million votes, 2.7 million more than Trump. So using your logic Trump is more unpopular than Hillary.
            Again Trump lost the popular vote by 2.7 million votes so more voters showed how they favorably viewed the Obama administration. You right wing low information people. Over 40% believe that unemployment increased in the last almost 8 years while 32% believe that the stock market decreased during this same time. Actually facts have a difficult time penetrating the right wing bubble world. Anyone who has investments either in retirement funds or taxable funds has seen large increase in their value, all they have to do is check their statements.
            President-elect Trump hasn’t created a job in this role. If you don’t believe that Obama has personally created a job then no other president personally created jobs. They don’t own or run a private company so they don’t directly create jobs, their policies do. Your arguments are getting seriously deranged. Your alias is showing to be big the biggest oxymoronic alias ever. Misinformed or uninformed voter is the accurate alias.

          • President Trump was PERSONALLY involved in saving 5800 jobs and PERSONALLY involved in the creation for possibly another 50000! Can you make the same claim about Obama? Don’t try the auto bailout that lost $9.2 billion.

            Unemployment has not really shrunk in 8 years. The “Shadow Unemployment” number has remained the same for 9-10 years. We have record numbers on food stamps, record numbers on welfare, record numbers on aid, and a record number of 95 million not working!
            The economy played a big part in HilLIARy’s loss. Even HilLIARy said the “recovery was the weakest, longest, and worst in history”.
            The Dems paid more attention to who uses what restroom and forgot about jobs and the economy. Just ask Bernie, he’s upset that the GOP captured the blue collar, working class votes.
            Preach about the popular vote all you wish. The 2.7 million delta came from CA, a state that President Trump ignored. Had he campaigned there, the delta would have been smaller.
            Regarding the recount which would have shown how many illegals voted in the three states: in MI, in Wayne county, Detroit mostly, half the precincts were excluded from the recount. Why, because the number of votes cast for HilLIARy exceeded the total number of registered voters in the precinct! And when you added in the votes for the others or blank, it became a joke.
            Hence, the reported numbers from election night would have been used. The courts stopped the recount, which would have exposed the Dems stuffing the ballot boxes.

            You are in self-denial about the 5800 jobs President Trump personally was involved in saving. And he hasn’t even taken office yet.

          • Well since Trump will not be sworn in as President of the United States till 1/20/2017 he couldn’t have saved “any” jobs as president. Now you are again changing your comment. While in private business Trump obviously created jobs but until he does the same as the actual president your claim is nonsense. As for the auto-bailout you again show your lack of intelligence and lack of research. Here is what actually happened – “The bailout of GMAC started Dec. 29, 2008, with a $5 billion infusion in the last days of the Bush administration, but that grew to $17.2 billion as the Obama White House moved to save Detroit. By keeping auto finance arm alive, the administration sought to keep car and truck sales moving and auto dealerships open. With this week’s sale, the GMAC investment yielded $2.4 billion in profit. The government no longer owns any part of the auto industry, Treasury officials announced. Although the overall bailout efforts turned a profit, the auto rescue did not. With Friday’s announcement, taxpayers were left with a $9.5 billion loss. Most of that came from General Motors, which paid back about $39 billion of the $49.5 billion invested. But with auto sales booming and the Big Three Detroit automakers recovered, the Obama administration now points to the Detroit rescue as one of its biggest triumphs. “The American auto industry is on track for its strongest year since 2005,” Mr. Obama said. “And we’ve created about half a million new jobs in the auto industry alone.” That’s 500,000 jobs saved but this isn’t real to you.

            You keep going back to the BLS # of people not in the labor force. The U3 and U6 unemployment rates have both decreased from 2/2009 through 11/2016. The not in labor force # includes people aged 15 years and older so you are claiming that 15-17yo’s who are in high school are unemployed. The same goes for people 18-22 who are in college or trade schools, then there are stay at home parents, people with handicaps who can’t work and finally the largest segment those who are retired not unemployed.

            Whether Trump campaigned in CA is irrelevant, he lost the state by over 4 million votes. He did have campaign workers going door to door trying to get votes, didn’t work too well!

            As for the Michigan recount you should have waited till today, check this linked article –
            Please list the 5800 jobs that the current president-elect saved. About 800 jobs were saved at Carrier by giving the company $7 million in tax incentives. With that Carrier is still moving over 1,100 jobs to Mexico.

          • What a dumb thing for you to post! So even though he’s not yet sworn in, President Trump has already PERSONALLY saved more jobs that Obama PERSONALLY saved in 8 years!
            I have NOT changed my comment, this is another of your lies.
            I claimed President Trump saved/created more jobs (55800) in two weeks and he’s not even in office yet.
            I stand by my original statement and you can’t disprove it can you?
            Regarding the bailout, the process lost $9.2 billion even counting last week’s $2 billion sale! There just is NO way you can twist the numbers to produce any other result.
            You can go back to 1903 for all I care.
            You lefties like to boast the bailout made money and it was Obama’s baby. Now that the truth is out there for all to see, namely that it LOST $9.2 billion, you are trying to lay the blame on GW. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. If it’s Obama’s baby, then he gets the blame for costing the taxpayers $9.2 billion to save a few thousand jobs.

          • You keep repeating the same things, in your world maybe that makes them the truth but in the real world they are still wrong. Trump is the president-elect. No your 1st claim was that Trump was PERSONALLY involved in saving 5800 jobs and PERSONALLY involved in the creation for possibly another 50000! Now you claim he saved 55,800, where are those other 50,000 jobs, where is the proof. Of course you don’t believe anything I show you because you are the most deluded person on this site. Here what I actually claimed – ” Although the overall bailout efforts turned a profit, the auto rescue did not. With Friday’s announcement, taxpayers were left with a $9.5 billion loss. Most of that came from General Motors, which paid back about $39 billion of the $49.5 billion invested.” Try to follow the statement – the overall bailout made a $2.4 billion profit but the auto industry repaid $39 billion out of $49.5 billion loaned to it. You also are forgetting that the auto bailout started under GW Bush – “The bailouts began in December 2008 under President George W. Bush with $25 billion in aid to GM, Chrysler and their lending arms.” The bailout didn’t save a few thousand jobs it saved according to Reuters it saved 1.5 million jobs and preserved $105.3 billion in personal and Social Security tax collections.
            Trump used Pence to get the state of Indiana to give Carrier $7,000,000 in tax incentives for 730 saved jobs, that’s $9,589 per job. The auto industry bailout lost $9.2 billion while saving 1.5 million jobs, that’s $6,133 per job. It appears that the auto bailout was a better “deal” than the Carrier bailout.
            Well at least you stopped trying to equate the BLS “not in labor force” with the unemployed.

          • You’re darn right that I keep repeating the truth. I kept repeating the truth that the polls were faked and paid for by HilLIARy and you didn’t believe me.
            I claimed that President Trump PERSONALLY saved 5800 jobs. The 5000 at Ford KTP and 800 at Carrier. I NEVER claimed he saved 55800/ I said he saved/created 55800 jobs. This a also a true statement. Southbank, after PERSONALLY meeting with President Trump made a joint announcement they would create 50000 jobs and invest $50 billion.
            So, once more, you have been found to be the low information dude here.
            Yes, the auto bailout LOST $9.2 billion. Money given to GM and FCA that was NEVER repaid. The total number of jobs saved for that $9.2 billion was a few thousand. The rest of the workers or suppliers would have linked up with Ford and the other surviving automakers to add shifts and provide supplies to build the additional vehicles these companies would have produced.
            Like the above item, once more you have been found to be the low information person.
            This is getting to be so predictable. You make a false statement, I call you out on it, you respond with more lies, and, in the end, you get your “logic” shredded. Ho hum.

          • Let’s get things straight you have never proved that the polls were faked, wrong yes but gee polls are never wrong. See the 2012 Gallup and Rasmussen polls that picked Romney, both polls favored Romney by 2% of more.

            Well Trump’s job saving claim is bogus – Ford never planned on moving its Louisville Ky. 4,700 jobs to Mexico. See link



            You really need to do better research – first of all it’s Softbank not Southbank. Softbank deal was part of a deal done with Saudi Arabia in October, 2016 that’s before the election.



            Once more you make up claims that ignore the truth – ” the auto industry repaid $39 billion out of $49.5 billion loaned to it” You erroneously state that ” Money given to GM and FCA that was NEVER repaid” All the money loaned to the auto industry was repaid less the 9.2 billion Your comment that the workers and suppliers would have kept all of their jobs defies any logic. If GM and Chrysler went bankrupt more than a few thousand jobs would have been lost.
            What is predictable is that you believe the crap shown on fake new sites and don’t research anything that you write.

          • Your links are opinions not proof!
            Ford Motor announced they were relocating 5000 KTP jobs to Mexico. The video in the plant went viral.

            Two days after the election, Bill Ford personally called Trump and told him they changed their minds. They made the announcement at the KTP and the reaction was that of relief.

            So, once more it seems you are incorrect.

            I have provided links that show that HilLIARy paid to have fake polls published by the MSM.

            The pollsters conduct polls in each swing state. These published polls showed HiLIARy with as much as double digit leads. I posted that the polls were faked and provided links to other polls that showed Trump leading.
            You guys just hooted and mocked my links.

            So now you claim the pollsters blew it? Ha, ha, that dog don’t hunt!

          • I guess a link to an article quoting the Ford CEO stating they never planned to move those jobs is an opinion to a true believer like yourself. You mention a video but provide no link to it. Does it exist in the real world or just your closed mind?

            No you never provided any links that proved any of you nonsensical claims about Hillary paid for fake polls on the real world media. That’s just you making up things.

            The polls that predicted Hillary winning have now been proven wrong, that’s all. There is no legitimate proof of any fake polls.

            It’s typical of you when presented with real proof to not even reply. What happened to your Southbank (oops that Softbank) claim? Also what happened to the “the auto bailout LOST $9.2 billion. Money given to GM and FCA that was NEVER repaid.” Prove that the auto industry didn’t repay $39 billion of the money that was lent to it?

          • auto bailout losing $9.2 billion. Easy to verify.

            HilLIARy paid for fake polls thinking it would discourage Trump supporters from voting. She has now admitted she made a mistake with that tactic.

            Are you saying that President Trump didn’t PERSONALLY negotiate the creation of 50000 jobs and $50 billion in investments? Talk about being low information.

          • I never claimed that the Auto bailout didn’t lose $9.2 billion, I disagreed with you when you stated that money given to the auto industry was never paid back. The auto industry was given $49 billion in loans and “paid back” $39.8 billion that resulted in the $9.2 billion lost. The # of auto industry jobs and the ancillary jobs that the auto industry supported in the parts business, tire business, car radio business and the banks that make car loans is estimated to be 1.5 million jobs per the Reuters Business and Financial News organization.

            I can’t stop laughing at your “The Duran” link as proof of anything. The Duran, it’s a Russian propaganda fake news site. Of course you believe them over the NY Times or Washington Post, by the way still waiting for your proof that the NY Times claimed faked polls by Hillary.

            Your last sentence/question was already answered by me but once again here are links that show the Softbank and Saudi Arabia fund was launched in Oct. 2016



            Of course these sources – Wall St Journal, CNBC or techcrunch aren’t as valid as a Russian propaganda fake news site. So yes I’m claiming that Trump had nothing to do with this business endeavor.

          • Yes, you challenged that the auto bailout lost money and asked for “some proof that it did lose money”. So, typical for you, I provide the proof and you backtrack on your post.

            And your message about President Trump’s mandate is so full of drivel. I said, that if the president was elected via national popular vote (instead of 51 individual popular votes), then CA would have too much influence over the rest of the country. And that’s why the founding fathers put in the EC.
            You just can’t seem to understand that concept.
            Regarding the 10 most populous states, President Trump carried 7 = 70%.

            So, even before taking office, President Trump, listening to the MANDATE the voters gave him, has already saved 5800 factory jobs and created 50000 new jobs. And he did this PERSONALLY! Obama, in 8 years didn’t PERSONALLY create any jobs!

            And to show how fake your sources are, the number of jobs “saved” by the bailout was only a few thousand, nothing near 1.5 million you claim. Just use your head, if you are capable of that, and think about where all the cars folks would be buying come from. If GM and FCA did’t make any cars, then Ford and the others would increase production. They would still need parts suppliers,etc to make those cars. And how many additional workers would Ford and the others have to hire to produce the extra cars?
            Very few jobs would actually have been lost.

            You continue to display a very narrow perspective of the truth.

          • You should try reading you prior comments and my replies to them. 15 days ago you brought up the auto bailout and in my reply I agreed that the bailout lost $9.2 billion. Just look at your comment from from 15 days ago and then read my reply. What you later stated (13 days ago) was that money lent to the auto industry wasn’t paid back. This i pointed out was incorrect as $49 billion was lent and $39.8 was was repaid, leaving $9.2 billion unpaid.

            Your claim about the influence that CA would have in a popular vote election is bogus too. CA had about 12 million votes out of 135 million votes castes, that equals a little less than 9%. That doesn’t work out to be much of an influence, gen again you,will ignore a mathematical fact.

            Trump with Pence and the state of Indiana’s $7 million tax incentive saved 730 jobs.

            Ford motor’s CEO in an article in Fortune and on CNN stated that these 5,000 jobs were “never” moving.

            The imaginary 50,000 jobs that Trump created don’t exist. SoftBank (not Southbank) and Saudi Arabia agreed on 10/14/2106, that’s before the election, to fund a hedge fund that would invest $50 billion in some business areas in the US. Trump tried to claim this as his doing but it’s just his usual bullshit. 1st not a single job has been created by the SoftBank deal and they planned to do this deal over 10 years so it would only create 5,000 jobs a year, possibly. Try reading more than the bogus headlines, read what the WSJ and CNBC had about the deal on 10/14/2016.

            Your last paragraph on how Ford would have hired all these GM and FCA is total drivel made up from your delude little brain. There isn’t any concrete proof that this would have ever happened. You can keep,repeating this crap but it doesn’t make it real or true.

          • The more you write, the more BS you write! I NEVER said they didn’t pay anything back, I said the auto bailout lost money to the tune of $9.2 billion. Stop trying to make up for your lies by putting words in writing I never said.

            Talk about rambling drivel, the margin of victory in CA was 4 million votes. and the national popular vote difference (counting all the illegal votes for HiLIARy) is 2.6 million. You can quote your meaningless percentages, but those numbers are worthless. So, I’ve stated that CA would certainly have had too much influence if the election was based solely on the popular vote.

            You also incorrectly wrote about the 50000 jobs and said (again lying) that it was done before President Trump’s MANDATE victory, but the CEO of Softbank made a joint announcement with President Trump (after the election) indicating they JUST worked out the deal. So go ahead and quote your inaccurate sources all you wish, but I’ll take the joint announcement as the truth.

            The same is true for the Ford announcement. Bill Ford, no, he’s not Mark Fields, has publicly stated that Ford Motor CHANGED their mind and decided to keep the jobs in the USA. Fields had a problem with President Trump from before the election. Fields announced that Ford was building a new plant in Mexico and President Trump commented he’d put a yuge tariff on those vehicles. Fields tried, unsuccessfully, to say no jobs were going to be lost, but, as we have found out, yes, there would be.
            Fields is trying to save face by claiming, falsely, that they never intended to move those jobs but then there’s that old problem that Ford made the announcement about moving 5000 jobs to Mexico to the plant personnel. The video of the workforce reaction tells the true story. As does the video of the workforce reaction when Ford announced they weren’t going to move the jobs.
            Regardless of the actual number of jobs saved/created, ALL was done with PERSONAL intervention from President Trump. That’s something that Obama NEVER accomplished in 8 years – and President Trump still has not been sworn in yet!

            OK, you like to lie with numbers, please explain that if both GM and FCA went out of business, who would build the cars that their customers would have purchased? It doesn’t matter if they bought Ford, Toyota, Honda, you name it. Each of the remaining companies would have to increased their production lines to build the cars that GM and FCA would have built. So please explain out those companies would build more cars – added shifts maybe? The same would be true for GM and FCA suppliers.
            It’s so obvious that you understand very little about business. Probably because you read NYT and WP, who make up stories just to sell papers.

            Once more you have been caught lying and have had your statements proven to be false.

          • I’m not the one lying, in a comment from 17 days ago you wrote “Money was given to GM and FCA that was NEVER repaid” go check your own comment before you call anyone a lair or better yet just look in a mirror.
            On several occasions you have stated that CA had unfair influence on either the EC vote or popular vote. CA has 55 EC votes out of the 538 total EC votes that 10.2% of the total EC votes. CA had 13.2 million votes of out 131 million votes cast. That’s 10.1% of the total popular vote. Neither of these numbers show an unfair influence for CA since they have 12.2% of the total US population. You are the one making the totally bogus claims about CA’s influence on the election. You can say what you want the #’s prove you incorrect.
            On 10/14/2016 Softbank (not the Southbank you wrote) and the Saudi Arabian government signed a deal to fund a hedge fund that would invest $50 billion into US business with aim of creating 50,000 jobs. That was weeks before the election. Check the links to the WSJ and CNBC articles written on 10/14 about the deal. The Softbank CEO may have met with Trump after the election but the deal was done prior to the election. Either way not one job has been created yet and the 50K jobs are to be created over 10 years, try reading the details of the deal. I know you would rather believe sites like “the Duran” over the WSJ or CNBC.
            The CEO of Ford is the person who actually runs the company so I will take his word over yours. As for the video you have now mentioned a number of times, where is the link?
            No I didn’t lie about the # of jobs that could have been lost if GM and FCA had gone bankrupt. Read the Reuters link that I gave you, yes I gave you links. You made the claim about Ford would have absorbed these former GM and FCA workers to make cars, that’s a hypothesis not a fact. You can’t prove anything that you claimed.
            Once more you have been shown to be bs’ing and making things up.

          • I stand by my original statement :GM and FCA were loaned money they never repaid. Unless they repaid ALL the money they were loaned, they the never repaid their entire load. Thus, you are the one caught lying by claiming I said they NEVER REPAID ANYTHING. That is something I never said.

            Back to quoting useless numbers about CA influence. If the election was based upon national popular vote, then CA would have an undo influence over the remainder of the nation. That fact that you fail to understand this simple concept demonstrates how low information you are.

            So why would Son, the CEO of Softbank go on national TV and proudly announce he and President Trump had worked out a deal? Even the AP says Son and President Trump worked out a deal within days of the election. The links you provide are speculative and the fact that you believe them speaks volumes about why you are ill-informed.

            And the total of jobs saved is mere opinion by some experts. Probably the same experts who predicted that HilLIARy would win the election. Classic example is the Detroit Free Press, about as liberal a rag as exists, who claim that “many” jobs were saved, but this is the same news source that “printed” their noon edition with the headline that HilLIARy won MI and with those 14 EC votes, almost was guaranteed the presidency.

            Mark Fields had and still has a problem with President Trump, but he’s now backtracking because he realizes that Ford will lose out if they don’t support the free trade plans that President Trump is going to bring in. At least Gm has indicated great optimism about the new policies. Fields has softened his comments to include that President Trump is responsible for changing Ford’s plans. Take that for what it’s worth.

          • You, once again, are wrong on just about all counts. I NEVER said they didn’t repay anything. This is purely in your mind.
            I said they didn’t repay the loans and they didn’t.

            Bill Ford has gone on record to state that Ford DID change their mind after the election. Mark Fields is still feuding with President Trump about jobs moving Mexico. Now, after today’s announcement that Ford is cancelling its plans to invest 1.6B in Mexico and will invest $700M in MI and CREATE 700 new jobs, Fields is saying he spoke with Pence and Bill Ford spoke with President Trump. Once more, Bill Ford has backed Trump by saying Ford’s plans changed because of the election.

            The AP is backing President Trump on the 50000 new jobs. And no, they didn’t do the deal 10 years ago. How dumb a statement is that. So why would Son, the CEO, go on national TV, with Trump and proclaim “we worked out a deal” if it was done 10 years ago.

            And yes, some US manufacturers would have hired the displaced GM and FCA workers. They could not have manufactured the millions of vehicles that GM and FCA manufactured without expanding their work forces. Only a naive person would think that magically the remaining manufacturers would have been able to produce millions of extra vehicles without added capacity and supplies.

            And, YES, allowing the 4 million votes for HilLIARy to determine the outcome of a national election would have given CA undo influence on the rest of the country. Like 30 states (60%) that voted for Trump. Of the top 10 most populous states, 7 voted for Trump.
            Thankfully, the founding fathers saw the opportunity for such a travesty to occur and baked in a counterbalance.

            Yup, no matter how you slice it, President Trump received a MANDATE, and has already saved 5800 jobs and created 50700 new jobs.

            Under Obama’s reign of terror, the Dems have lost over 1000 seats in government. If his policies were so great, they why are they getting tossed out as fast as the next election permits?
            Time for you to find that safe room and go have a good cry.

          • Well either you don’t remember what you wrote, you are too lazy to check your comments, you are lying or all three. I copied this sentence right from your comment of 25 days ago – ” Money given to GM and FCA that was NEVER repaid.”. Your new comment of ” I NEVER said they didn’t repay anything. This is purely in your mind.I said they didn’t repay the loans and they didn’t.” is ridiculous, GM and FCA repaid $39.8 billion of the $49 billion that was “loaned” to them. You can claim whatever you want but you wrote the 1st sentence and this new one lacks any logic.

            Your claim about Bill Ford is as true as the comments you made about the loan repayments made by GM & FCA. Try reading some real news articles about Ford Motor and the 5,000 jobs. Here are a few links that refute what you and your new master wrote –



            I don’t expect you to read these linked articles because they will prove you, to quote your new master, “wrong”. The 700 jobs that Ford is going to create appears to be legitimate, just wonder what kind of deal Michigan is going to give Ford for doing this?

            As for the Softbank deal with the Saudi Arabian government it was created on 10/14/2016 not 10 years ago as you claim I stated. You are again either lying or can read correctly. Here is what I wrote “SoftBank (not Southbank) and Saudi Arabia agreed on 10/14/2106, that’s before the election, to fund a hedge fund that would invest $50 billion in some business areas in the US” and “they planned to do this deal over 10 years so it would only create 5,000 jobs a year, possibly. ” Gee you show take a remedial reading course. Here are some linked articles about the 10/14/2016 deal, including one from Softbank itself.





            What US manufacturers would have hired the GM and FCA employees that would have been laid off? GM had over 200K employees and FCA had about 82K employees. Some car manufacturers would have benefitted from these 2 car companies going bankrupt but companies like Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Hyundai and Kia wouldn’t have hired the former GM and FCA employees in Michigan and wouldn’t be paying them UAW wages. These companies make cars in non-union states, so former GM and FCA workers would have had to move and take a substantial wage decrease.
            I’m not claiming that the popular vote so determine the presidency, I’m disagreeing with your claim that CA has an unfair influence on the presidential election. The total US population is 310 million as of the 2010 Census and 435 House of Representative seats for an average of 1 seat per 712,644 people. Using that average CA should have 54 EC votes for their House seats and 2 for their Senators for a total of 56 EC votes, they have 55 votes. Wyoming has a total population of 584K which means the state deserves less than 1 House seat but has 3 EC votes based on their 2 Senators and 1 House seat that is the least # of House seats a state can have. This means that the more populated states may lose 1 EC vote to accommodate 4 states that have less population than the 712K needed to earn a House seat. CA has 12% of the total US population but has only 10% of the EC votes which means that the lowest populated states have an unearned advantage not CA.
            Show where and what type of jobs have been created by the Softbank deal, not even a penny has been invested so far by this 10/14/2016 Softbank and Saudi Arabia deal.
            Your claim of Obama’s reign of Terror is so beyond belief even for a low information troll like you.
            U3 rate at 4.7% down from 8.3%, U6 rate at 9.2% down from 15.1%, over 14 million private sector jobs created, 6+ years of monthly job growth, DJIA, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000 and Wilshire 5000 indices all at or near record #’s, the value of the US dollar is way up versus the Euro, British Pound, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Russian Ruble along with many other nation’s currencies, housing market doing well, Consumer Confidence level at 98.2% and President Obama approval rating is at 55% or higher. So this doesn’t seem to be a reign of “terror” but more like a period of good improvement.

          • You sure thrive living in your word of fiction. I stand by what I said, I said they didn’t pay the loan back. That statement contains nothing about paying the entire or any of the loan back. You interpretation is total bonkers.

            Even Mark Fields is on record saying he had Bill Ford call Trump and he called Pence. So, once more you are left holding your fake news sources. You know, the same news sources that said HilLIARy was winning.

            I also trust Son, the CEO of Softbank, who, with Trump at his side, gleefully announced they (meaning the two of them) had just reached a monumental agreement. Once more you can trust your fake news sources and I’ll stick to the proven truth tellers.

            Among those polled, Obama is popular, but not even among low information folks like you is he that popular. When Clinton left office, his approval rating was 66%, and Ronny R’s approval rating was 69%! So Obama’s paltry 55%, gathered from polling ONLY those who voted for him at least once is a fake number like HiLIARy leading the polls.

            You love to quote how the EC electors are chose, but CA is entitled to only 55. No matter how you slice it. So the founding fathers once more showed their wisdom when they installed the EC so as to prevent one state or region have undo influence. I’ve said this over and over, but apparently you are so low information that you can’t grasp that President Trump (sounding better and better) received a MANDATE from the majority of voters. Like 60% of the statesl; like 70% of the 10 most populous states; like retaining BOTH the House and Senate.

            By any measure, President Trump won with a MANDATE.

      • So informedvoter – If global warming isn’t real – explain how we have the hottest recorded temps on record? Explain how the icebergs are melting at a very alarming rate. Explain how poking more holes in the Earth and sucking out gas and mineral’s isn’t causing the unprecedented earthquakes we’re experiencing. Have you seen what’s happening in Oklahoma??
        Most of the “facts” you list have been proven to be from people paid by the right. If you have enough money, you can buy whatever results you want. Trump just proved this. He just bought the presidency and the cabinet he is picking is from the same “swamp” he was going to “drain”. Wow how all you on the right were lied to and it’s just the first week! Can’t wait to see what’s next!
        Here’s some facts – the Koch brothers dump hundreds of gallons of waste every year into lakes and rivers and get “fined”. But they continue to do it because their profits by far exceed the “fines”. While the damage from their waste will live on for hundreds of years. They should be in jail but no – just “fine” them and that makes it all better.
        Why don’t you turn off Faux news and go to Alaska and watch the chunks of ice falling from the glaciers.
        There’s some facts that can’t be marginalized, covered up, or paid for. Open your eyes – Mother Nature is trying to communicate and tell us to stop abusing her but obviously making big profits exceeds what’s best for humanity as a whole and for our planet Earth.

        • Sharkbait, you are trying to use facts. You know folks like “informedvoter” never pay attention to facts. They only get in the way of the misinformation they try to spread.

        • The right wing trolls ignore reports by cities and town on the Atlantic Coast from Virginia to Florida who are experiencing flooding in areas that rarely if ever get flooded.

        • My you sure are naive and low information. What a great combination. Record warmth? Not really, It was MUCH hotter during the 1920 and 1930 decades. The NAOO changed the ACTUALLY recorded temps THREE (yes!) times to make their temperature model work to prove that we now have record temps. The only problem is that they can’t erase the records for the entire world. Lest you forget, when the temps in the 1950 decade dropped from the records set in prior decades, the climate change fanatics were claiming we’re entering an ice age and that by 1990, there would not be enough coal to stop mankind from freezing to death. That was because they thought that the entire earth only had 20 years of coal left.
          OK so informed, please explain how the great lakes were formed? It was glaciers moving around and finally melting. OMG, global warming a way back then? And for those yuge (pun intended) glaciers to melt, it was record temps too!
          You have made the simple mistake of confusing climate with weather.
          Sorry, but it’s the left that has been paying big dollars for the faked reports. The global alarmist are getting billions to conduct studies and keep their staff growing and growing. NAOO has admitted that most of their recording stations quit functioning YEARS ago, but they have been using their computer models to keep the hoax alive. These are the same models that predicted that President Trump would lose. Instead he has a mandate to eliminate the EPA, and expose the climate change hoax.
          You low informed lefties are sure great at playing Chicken Little.

          • Wow and I’m the one that’s “low informed” when all of your “facts” are directly from Faux news.
            I’ll repeat myself – just go outside and see with your own eyes what’s going on. Been out of your Mom’s basement long enough to take in some air?

          • It’s comforting to know that you’re so well educated that you can ignore true FACTS and just go outside and tell global warming is happening. What you are observing is weather!
            So you provided NO rebuttal to the true facts other than “just go outside and see ..” You are a real scientist. No wonder HilLIARy’s polls were so inaccurate!

          • Your “facts” and my “facts” are two entirely different things so that’s why I fall back on – go outside and look around – breathe in the air. What does it smell like?
            The “weather” isn’t putting a haze across major cities – it’s carbon emissions and pollution. These man-made problems involve the weather because we are releasing a record amount of pollution into the atmosphere. Which then in turns affects the weather. Wait – was that too much for you? Did I dummy it down enough for you? It’s all connected and if you can’t see that – get out of your mom’s basement and get some fresh air while you can.

          • Oh, I didn’t understand that you have advanced degrees in weather/climate theory!
            Haze is weather and so are today’s temps. So you claim that NOAA is not fudging actual data?
            Read ’em and weep! There are dozens of websites that support information like this. So if the true temps from 1920-30 were REALLY hotter than the past few years, what does that do to your claim about being the hottest years in history? Makes your statements about HilLIARy winning true?



          • I don’t have advanced degrees in weather/climate theory but you sure act like you have them.

            Now you – as you state – read ’em and weep.

            I’ll state this again – if you have enough money you can buy any type of report you want. Since I have eyes I can clearly see that global warming is not a hoax, I don’t need some paid for study/report to tell me otherwise.

            As stated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the largest contributor to global warming is the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) since 1750, particularly from fossil fuel combustion, cement production, and land use changes such as deforestation.The IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) states:

            Human influence has been detected in warming of the atmosphere and the ocean, in changes in the global water cycle, in reductions in snow and ice, in global mean sea level rise, and in changes in some climate extremes. This evidence for human influence has grown since AR4. It is extremely likely (95–100%) that human influence has been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century. — IPCC AR5 WG1 Summary for Policymakers

            The evidence for global warming due to human influence has been recognized by the national science academies of all the major industrialized countries. No scientific body of national or international standing maintains a formal opinion dissenting from the summary conclusions of the IPCC.

            Despite this scientific consensus on climate change, allegations have been made that scientists and institutions involved in global warming research are part of a global scientific conspiracy or engaged in a manipulative hoax. There have been allegations of malpractice, most notably in the Climatic Research Unit email controversy. Eight committees investigated these allegations and published reports, each finding no evidence of fraud or scientific misconduct. The Muir Russell report stated that the scientists’ “rigor and honesty as scientists are not in doubt,” that the investigators “did not find any evidence of behavior that might undermine the conclusions of the IPCC assessments,” but that there had been “a consistent pattern of failing to display the proper degree of openness.” The scientific consensus that global warming is occurring as a result of human activity remained unchanged at the end of the investigations.

          • It is IMPOSSIBLE to see global warming. You show how low information you are when you say something that stupid. As a note, IF global warming were real (it’s not!), then you might be able to see the RESULT of global warming, but not actually see global warming. Here are some sites. I can product many more that shows global warming is a hoax.
            For the record, I have a PhD in a science. I taught graduate level science classes at two universities. I have a brother with a a PhD in another science. He does not believe in global warming either. I have a colleague who used to be on the panel (IPCC). He voted against their conclusions. There is not agreement on the panel. The IPCC says they have agreement, but they list dozens of factors and as long as a member agrees with just one of the 20, they make the claim that they support the findings. It is a hoax and you are naive enough to fall for it. Sucker!


      • Why don’t you and sharkbait4711 start following the money? You’ll find out who’s making the most by winning this battle. I bet it won’t be all those PhD’s in the environmental sciences field.

      • “The majority of the earth’s PhD holders, in science related areas, consider global warming or climate change to be a hoax.”

        I suppose you’ve got a cite for that?

        “having been handed a mandate by” a minority of “voters”

        There. That fixes it.

          • As opposed to reading and believing sites bought and paid for by government agencies that need funding to retain their lofty jobs?
            The point is that the IPCC is more political than scientific. Don’t for one minute think that this is not BIG (yuge!) business. So when the IPCC claims “the science has been proven”, do some research and you will find the it’s not settled. A few years back, there was the IPCC claim that 97% of something like 1100 scientists supported global warming as being proven. In actuality, that 97% number was truly ONLY 12 (not 12% but 12 scientists out of 1100). The remainder of the 97% accepted only parts of their published “findings”. A colleague was one of the 3% that totally rejected their report.
            Those photos of the polar bears stranded on ice, floating around, are photo-shopped. The actual count of polar bears is greater now than when they started counting. The same as the polar ice caps – just as large as they were 75 years ago. Yet the climate trolls would have you believe the polar bears are nearly extinct and all the ice caps are just about gone.
            Since this issue seems to cost us, the population of the USA (just like the United Nations), big money, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth.

          • Mostly following Smithsonian and National Geographic.

            Those Exxon emails, recently released, showing that Exxon is worried about the impact of global warming, as well as the Pentagon studies about the impact of global warming on defense issues, struck me as dispositive.

            The “studies” by “” might best be viewed in light of the false news stories recently revealed. tom’s suggestion that you look to the funding might pay dividends.

    • Not the least of their crimes is violating the Constitution of the United States of America and other laws, such as the Hatch act and the act that forbids interfering with negotiations between our country and a foreign power. Those 47 senators who sent a letter to Iran violated that. And to even be more tacky, they invited a foreign leader to address our government to diss the president. We may be seeing the end of democracy.

  2. 1 yr ago I left my previous job and that decision changed everything for me… I started to work on-line, for a company I found over internet, for a few hours each day, and I earn much more than i did on my previous job… Last check i got was for 9 thousand bucks… Great thing about it is that i have more time with my family…

  3. This guy, at least, is a real billionaire, as opposed to the new fuhrer who is a make-believe billionaire. Of course, with the government check book at his command, Trump will indeed spend lots of our money in order to increase the pocket books of himself and his goons.

    I applaud Mr. Steyer – and will support him and his efforts in any way I am able.

          • There’s an episode of, “The Twilight Zone” on point. A loser wannabe white supremacist starts getting advice from a shadowy character. Suddenly he’s successful in everything he does.

            Watch it. I’ll pay you back if you tell me you didn’t like it.

            Regrettably, Trump’s channeling his inner Fuhrer just fine. People have been saying that he’ll moderate when… They’ve been wrong.

    • These kleptocrats are going to steal from taxpayers and use their positions to increase the money flowing into their private business interests. With Trump a person just needs to look at how he, his family, and friends profited during his campaign. Services were purchased from businesses owned by them. Transportation was purchased from them. Food and lodging was purchased by them. Rent at Trump Towers was purchased by them. The taxpayers and those who financed his campaign paid them. Trump’s daughter Ivanka used their appearance on CBS’ “60 Minutes” to promote her jewelry line. His once illegal immigrant escort wife Melania is also using his campaign and election to promote her business interests. Trump’s hotel in DC which was faltering after opening will now fill up with Trump and his minions with taxpayers paying the rent. Those seeking favors from him and his kleptocrats will be staying in the Trump hotel. Trump, his family, and friends are going to clean up on this scam.

  4. You will need to go head to head with Rupert Murdoch. Fox news did the most damage to the election and is still going at it. The changed the answers to the last debate and gave Trump the questions ahead of time. Take a que Fox is worse than Citizens United

  5. Tell the truth to the millennials and the older folks that:

    1.) Ronald Regan broke Social Security when it was immensely profitable and raided it as the republicans have since.
    2.) Fact, the Republicans have historically put mote into the deficit than democrats. The Republicans have also not paid it down a dine, resulting in compound interest year after year.
    3.) Fox news has convinced most everyone that voted for Trump to listed to lie after lie presented as truth “If you say it loud enough and long enough “ To quote Fox News host Megyn Kelly waited until after the election to reveal that Donald Trump had inside information from Fox News about the question she would ask him at the first Republican primary debate, and to confirm that during the campaign former network chairman Roger Ailes was shilling for more positive coverage of the now president-elect.”
    WE Democrats need to stop screwing around every little thing and fight fire with fire “TELL THE TRUTH”

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