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Sunday, August 20, 2017

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced that he will support President Barack Obama’s call for U.S. military intervention in Syria, following a Tuesday morning meeting with the president and other congressional leaders at the White House.

“The use of these weapons has to be responded to, and only the United States has the capability and capacity to stop Assad, and to warn others around the world that this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated,” Speaker Boehner told reporters.

“This is something that the United States as a country needs to do,” Boehner said. “I am going to support the president’s call for action. I believe that my colleagues should support this call for action.”

“We have enemies around the world that need to understand that we’re not going to tolerate this type of behavior,” Boehner added. “We also have allies arounnd the world and allies in the region who also need to know that America will be there and stand up when it’s necessary.”

Boehner’s top deputy in the House of Representatives, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), has also signaled his intention to support an authorization bill.

“I intend to vote to provide the President of the United States the option to use military force in Syria,” Cantor said in a statement released Tuesday morning. “While the authorizing language will likely change, the underlying reality will not. America has a compelling national security interest to prevent and respond to the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially by a terrorist state such as Syria, and to prevent further instability in a region of vital interest to the United States.”

Boehner and Cantor’s support could prove critical to President Obama’s efforts to pass a bill authorizing the use of force in Syria through the House of Representatives. Congressional Republicans appear deeply divided over whether to support the president’s call to action; the vocal endorsement of the party’s highest-ranking leaders could provide political cover to those who wish to support military action without appearing to be too close to President Obama. That said, Boehner’s caucus has been known to ignore his directives in the past.

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143 Responses to Boehner: ‘I Am Going To Support The President’s Call For Action’ [Video]

    • STFU! Since the Civil War a Republican has got the U.S. into 2 wars, as opposed to 4 for a Democrat. And that’s not counting LBJ who insanely escalated the Vietnam War. 60 thousand Americans & 1.5 million Vietnamese died there including 3 of my H.S. buddies! RIP

      • You are correct in pointing out that most of our major wars were declared by Democrats. The GOP is more inclined to get us involved in small wars that resemble police actions more than wars, such as Grenada, Nicaragua, El Salvador and, more recently, Iraq and Afghanistan. The sad truth is that money dominates our political process to the point of influencing intervention in the internal affairs of other nations, ostensibly, to benefit the arms industry, “rebuilding” corporations, security companies, and to accomplish economic and geopolitical goals. More often than not, our children are used as pawns in a high stakes game that seldom has anything to do with morality or real threats against our security, and are designed instead to increase our sphere of power and the economic goals of those who pull the strings behind the scenes.

        • The Republicans are famous for doing the really stupid stuff that causes unnecessary wars (and generates enormous wealth for them and their rich supporters) and then leaving office either by losing or by resignation (sometimes in disgrace) and leaving their messes for the Democrats to clean up.

        • Democrats & Republicans are flip sides of the same coin! Power does something to people. Even Hitler started out doing great things for his people until he contracted the power bug.

  1. Of Course….
    When it comes to raining death to people in other lands, Americans all join together in brotherhood !!!
    I suggest Obama use the money he is so willing to spend attacking Syria and add to the budget of the Department Of Interior to fight the growing numbers of fires raging in the West. Next time keep your mouth shut whenever you have the temptation to draw another “red line”
    Let the Syrians kill each other (both sides have no love for us) with chemicals, bullets or sticks, dead is dead no matter which way…and by the way, is a cluster or a phosphorus bomb any more humane to kill than a chemical agent?

    And by the way brother…return your Nobel Award for Peace !!!!

    • German… not all Americans. This is a civil war between 2 bad sides: Assad the dictator, and the Al Qaeda/Muzzy Bro’hood terrorist rebels. I agree with you on who cares how they kill each other. In fact, do they want more WMD to do the job quicker and kill more of each other? I’d support that.

      Here are some legitimate questions I think need to be pursued in the media:

      1) WHY is Obozo siding with the Al Qaeda/Muzzy Bro’hood terror groups in Syria?

      2) Why did he do it in Egypt and Libya?

      3) Why is he so anxious to have Sharia Law loving terror groups to take over in countries that have dictators, albethey bad guys in stable situations? WHY?

      4) Why does he support the radicals in every case?

      Some legitimate answers to those questions should be sought out.

      Have a nice day!

      “You are absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith…” – Barack Hussein Obozo in an interview with George Snuffelupagos
      on ABC’s ‘This Week”, October 2008

        • That’s what he said… you can watch him say it straight from his own fetid pie hole right on YouTube. Of course Boat Head Snuffelupagos jumped in real quick to cover his ass like a good little sycophant would. But that’s what the idiot said. I’ll stand by my quote of the idiot Obozo.

          Have a nice day!

          “It is just wonderful to be back in Oregon. And over the last 15 months we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve
          now been in 57 states; I think one left to go.” – Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo May 9, 2008, demonstrating yet again what an idiot he is.

          • I’m sure some folks really want to believe the You Tube video. But it is still a fake, any research will show that.
            “A YouTube video edits Obama’s words to create a false impression.”
            “A widely viewed video seems to show President Obama stating that he is a Muslim. It is false, and the product of dishonest editing.”

            I feel confident that nothing will convince those that want to believe it.

          • Rick… don’t believe me. Go to ABC News archive. I’m not talking about a YouTube movie. My quote is from an interview with Boat Head Snuffelupagos on ABC. Go find it.

          • Here is the Full Quote — Obama: You’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith and you’re absolutely right that that has not …

            Stephanopoulos (interrupting): Your Christian faith.

            Obama: My Christian faith. Well, what I’m saying …

            Stephanopoulos (interrupting): Connections, right.

            Obama (continuing) is that he hasn’t suggested that I’m a Muslim, and I think that his campaign upper echelons have not either. What I think is fair to say is that coming out of the Republican camp, there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I’m not what who I say I am when it comes to my faith,
            something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time.

            It sounds like Stephanopoulos made the gaffe worse by interrupting, twice. Since the words that some call evidence are there, some will read into it and believe whatever they want. We can therefore agree to disagree on this particular issue.

      • You still haven’t learned, have you? He is not supporting al Qaeda, nor is he supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Morsi was democratically elected, without our assistance or interference, and he has been deposed NOT by al Qaeda, but by the people of Egypt to whom he lied. In Syria, we are making a statement against a dictator, and ALL dictators, who use such weapons on their own people. If you want honest, legitimate answers for the questions you ask, be willing to search for honest, legitimate answers. Your questions are valid. Apparently, though, the premise from which you ask them is not.

        • Robert
          The opposition to the government are factions of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda among many.
          Be careful of what you wish for??

          • I have learned thru experience that there are people that would support any stupidity as long as it is their faction/tribe/gang putting it forward.
            You will find some people that were totally against the stupid war in Iraq bending over backwards to justify our (even more stupid) intervention in Syria as the right thing to do.
            Lets see, A dictator, who happens to be a Russian and Iran ally is fighting Sunni Muslim rebels, that if they win, probably go on a rampage to kill Christians, Shia, Kurds and Alawites.
            My money is on Assad

          • You’ve got that exactly correct, Jackoooo… It’s very hard for leftists to see past the emotion of their actions into the likely aftermath and consequences of their “good intentions” gone bad. They NEVER do.
            In this case, I can see well intended people like Hasty and some others here concerned for the gassing of children. Stopping that is certainly well intended. But who really did it? Assad who was winning the war, or the opposition terrorists that need our help to level the playing field? Secondly, what the heck are we going to do about it? Shoot a couple of missiles and blow up a baby milk factory so we can say how tough Obozo is? How are we going to do anything when Russia is standing there at Assad’s side? How do we deal with it whem missiles start raining down on Israel? Do they defend themselves and become involved? How long before the rest of the ME is involved because Jews will be killing muzzies? My God, Obozo may be starting WW3 just so he can look like a tough guy that backs up his idle threats made without thinking of the consequense (SHOCKER!!!) of what the hell he says… and all because someone in a civil war used chemical weapons instead of bullets and bombs to accomplish the same old thing… killing people.

            Have a nice day!

            “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” – Milton Friedman in an interview with Richard Heffner

          • As in Libya, and as in most of the North African and Middle Eastern nations affected (and yet to be affected) by the evolving Arab Spring Movement, sure al Qaeda and other radicals are involved in the mix. We have a few of our own radicals in Congress who should not be there. The Founders were radicals, in case you have forgotten that little piece of history. However, there are many others than just those in this battle who want their country back from the fundamentalists.

          • you’re comparing the “radicals” in Congress with al qaeda?? wow!!!..put the crack pipe down yo. i havent’ seen any film on radical members of congress stoning people or cutting their heads off.. and I think the George Washington story was about chopping down a cherry tree, not lopping off someones noggin.

          • Oh, you have such a penchant for exaggeration! It is so becoming. Did I mention George Washington in my post? Ben Franklin made perhaps the most succinct statement regarding the situation into which the Founders had placed themselves when he said, “gentlemen, we must stand together or, surely, we shall hang together.” Sounds to me like someone who realizes he is about to embark on something very radical, something he fears he could be hanged for. And I guess you don’t feel there are any radicals in Congress? It seems reasonable, considering your comment, that is a close approximation of how you feel.

          • “sure al Qaeda and other radicals are involved in the mix. We have a few of our own radicals in Congress who should not be there.” that was part of your post RCH, kind of implies that the radicals in congress, which we all know are there, are akin to al Qaeda, does it not? and you did mention “founding fathers” I believe George W was one of them. But, go ahead and cherry pick away for you posts. btw, I don’t believe Ben Franklin’s statement meant they intended to strap a bomb on themselves and kill innocents to appease Allah. If you can’t remember what you posted reread it before you reply to someone.. have an Infadelicious day Robert,;-)

          • I don’t generally engage in implications. What I say is generally what I intend to say, with no innuendo, and no assumptions required. Sounds like you are the doing the “cherry picking”. Get your rocks off on quoting out of text, don’t you? We know who your believe in, and Limbaugh just is not used to speaking to truth.

          • you are too far gone to even stay focused on what the heck youre talking you go Robert , –look at the pretty picture..

          • Hey Infa! I hope you are well. FYI…. here’s a better “Forward” pic for you.

            Have a nice day!

            “Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under a McCain…administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change.” –Amman, Jordan, July 22, 2008 — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo showing the world yet again what an idiot he is.

        • Afternoon Hasty! Looking over Jackooo’s reply below, I’d have to say that you need to look into who the opposition is, my friend. They are the same radical forces that took down Mubarek and Khadafi, and the Muzzy Bro’hood (the father organization of Al Qaeda) are right there in the mix in Syria as well. You can go on YouTube and watch video of the terrorist rebel leader cutting our a Syrian soldier’s heart and eating it. These are NOT good people. I don’t care who set off gaseous weapons in Syria. It’s NOT our business, except to save Obozo face for making a threat that he cannot follow through on AND do the right thing for America simultaneously. And that’s what this is about….. HIM! Obozo. Our media is always worried with how it’s going to make Obozo look. Well, he already looks like a paper tiger of his own making.

          Have a nice day, Hasty!

          “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.” — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo showing the world yet again what an idiot he is.

          • As you say, the radicals are “in the mix”; but they are not the only ones that have a horse in the race.

          • Actually Hasty…. I’d say the radicals are the ones cutting out dead Syrian soldiers’ organs and eating them. They also happen to be known Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Don’t get me wrong. Assad is a piece of garbage. But so are the radicals. I read earlier today that what is going on in Syria is NOT a civil war, but is a nation, Syria, defending itself against radical terror groups that seek to take the government down. I tend to agree with that view.

            Have a nice day, Hasty!

            “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.” — Mark Twain

          • Where do you get this stuff? No, no don’t answer that. I think you already know my response to that.

          • Hasty…. the videos of this are readily available all over the internet. In fact, it was a month ago in a speech Putin gave where he suggested that America was on the wrong side of things in Syria and we were backing the side of people that eat the organs of dead soldiers. I’m NOT making this up. BING it yourself. How can you guys not know this stuff that’s going on over there? Maybe this is why you support our involvement in a war that we should have nothing to do with.
            Have a nice day, Hasty!

          • And what has been the latest response of Putin to the Obama push for intervention? My, how quickly things change.

        • Big deal & so what!! Obama is an extremely educated person, he has a heritage that he’s connected to through his father, & he is able to share that knowledge with the world.

          The video, as is sooooo obvious, is edited to cut out parts to make people only believe one side without hearing the full description. I also have many friends of the Muslim faith, & they are a beautiful caring people. They don’t believe in the views of the extremists, like Al Qaeda.

          As President Obama stated, the Muslims have contributed many arts & wonderful tools to societies around the globe, just like so many other nations have contributed to societies as well. We don’t lump all Germans in with Hitler, & we shouldn’t do it with the Middle Eastern people either.

          • You do know Obama’s mother and father were Muslims?
            You do know Obama’s middle name is Hussein?
            Give me a break.

          • Like I said, SO WHAT! BIG EFFING DEAL!!! Read it again, “I also have many friends of the Muslim faith, & they are a beautiful caring people. They don’t believe in the views of the extremists, like Al Qaeda.” You hateful peabrain nitwit.

            Take your tiny hateful mind & don’t respond again as I do not converse with individuals who are always accusing, labeling, painting all with a broad brush, assigning blame & pointing fingers. No open minded views, only limiting beliefs is what you have. Every time you point your finger, you got 3 pointing back at you, so just go stand in front of the mirror & look who’s really to blame for casting suspicion, doubt, & hatred in our world. You’re no better than the extremists.

          • You must be Muslim yourself. Go get your 72 virgins.
            I never hear then bad mouthing anything the Muslims have done to us. Waste of people.

          • You ignorant despicable jagoff. My heritage goes back thousands of years thanks to me being Native American, part & parcel of the Lenni Lenape [Unami] tribe. You’re the waste of all human excrement! DONE, you hateful prick.

          • Gee thanks. Remind you this happen 60 years ago
            But being educated does not make you smart and being raised in a Catholic family still makes me a Catholic even if I have not gone to a church in years.
            Let me remind you the US DID lump all Germans with Hitler and lump all the Japs with Toyo. Many women and children were burned and kill in Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, how about that for lumping.
            Oh, the good old days when we did not praise the people we were looking to kill.
            Being now more enlighten, we try to acknowledge the accomplishments of the Muslims, even thought that happened in the Middle Ages when we Christians were the ones bend in mayhem . Not much have been accomplished since them in that area of the world.
            Maybe we should also praise the Mongols for the progress they also brought (with much mayhem as well)
            But them, the Mongols are now pretty nice people, not causing any problem…maybe waiting for Genghis Khan to return to them.

      • Dead children mean nothing to you obozo because you don’t care about anything but posting garbage followed by a quote you got on the internet.

        • Nappy…. I usually don’t give you any time because you don’t deserve it, but in this case I’ll throw down with you just once…
          Should we go to war everywhere children are being killed? How about Rwanda, Darfur, and other hell holes on earth? What about those muzzy countries where the parents of a boy sell him into sex slavery for older men? Should we go to war there, also, to save the children? What about the child sex trade in Asia? Should we go to war there? How many injustices against children go on every day in this world? Should we be in all of them?

          The fact is that we don’t even really know WHO set off the gas bombs. The only ones with anthing to gain by it are the terrorist rebels seeking to gain US help in fighting Assad. The whole thing is a set up.

          BTW… don’t go pretending that you give a damn about children in Syria being killed. You don’t! The only thing you care about is giving your boy Obozo a chance to save face after his idle threat of the red line in the sand. Now he looks foolish. That is the only thing you leftist freaks actually give a damn about.

          Have a nice day, Nappy!

          “The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.” –Tampa, Fla., Jan. 28, 2010 — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo showing the world yet again what an idiot he is.

          • You are GD right we should get involved because the US is the only country that has the will to do so. When you accept atrocities without response you are an equal partner in the crime. If the US is to stand for anything it is that we will not stand silently by while innocent women and children and civilians are killed; especially by poison gas.
            You are a coward and a fool and need to be confronted before you garbage spreads.

          • OMG is a coward and a fool and needs to be confronted ?? I know… have obozo send a cruise missile his way………….or take him out with a drone…………..bwaaaa haaa haaaaa –who’s a good little fool?… you are! and there are lots of atrocities being committed against christians right now thanx to obozo ushering in muslim bro’hood “democracy” over there… what about them”? yeah, crickets and tumbleweeds…………

          • dirtnappy is just another one of those unemployed 20 somethings that’s bought the socialist brainwashing of his public school “education” and has no clue how the real world works. If he’s not responding to your posts, that’s because he’s playing Call of Duty on his X-Box in his mommy’s basement.

            Have a nice day, infa!

            “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.” — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo showing the world yet again what an idiot he is.

          • You know nothing about me and it will stay that way. However I can assure you that my education exceeds yours by a mile.
            Further, caring about the rest of the world is a sign of intelligence as apposed to your stupid and crass responses to anything that has substance. Please go back to your home in the sewer.

    • Did you have any issues with the buildup tot the war in Iraq, or were you absolutely against it, too? Even the Republicans who pushed us into Iraq had trouble with the concept of the “just” war, although they wanted us to believe that was one. Can war ever be “just? Are there ever circumstances in which we MUST use deadly force against an enemy who is doing terrible things? Obama has laid out much more convincing evidence than was presented for the Iraq invasion, and his game plan is much more contained and narrower. Russian surveillance ships are rushing to the area, so we ought to give them a show for their money.

      • For the record. I was absolutely against the war in Iraq and thought back them Bush Jr. was the worst President this country would ever have….., BUT, he is looking better all the time

        Saddam did terrible things, but the US unleashed even worst problems for the people of that country. Even the people in Afghanistan under Russian control were better off commies, than after the Taliban took over.

        But the dangers here is far worst than Iraq, because we know that the rebels are mostly fundamentalist Muslims and Assad is a very strong ally of Putin’s Russia, who is eager for an opportunity to make us eat crow. On top of that, even the Brits wants nothing to do with this mess, so we would not have their support.

        This in Syria is a civil war between 2 bad sides, let them kill each other and spend our resources in places where we can really make a difference. Let Obama remember Libya and what a “limited involvement” there got us. This is NOT a place we want to get involved with.

        There are just wars. WWI , WWII and Korea are examples of Just Wars. Can not think of anywhere else (maybe the Spanish- American war and Serbia) where our involvement did any good for the people there.

        • Suggesting that limited intervention may be worse than the occupation and destruction of Iraq is hyperbole on steroids. You are correct in saying that Al Qaeda elements have infiltrated some of the rebel groups. Guess what, Bashar al-Assad – and his Daddy – have been supporting Hezbollah since that organization was created! Worst case scenario would be to replace a thug with another thug, but I am convinced that is unlikely. Voices of reason, and most rebels, are likely to transform Syria into a country that reflects the best of its long history.
          Regarding Putin, he can shove his old KGB training and manipulations where the Sun never shines.

          • What is the objective of a limited raid? Teach Assad a lesson ? Please get real, you are smarter than that.
            The goal is to remove Assad from power and have the rebels win, them expect the many minorities in Syria (who are supporting Assad because they know what would happen to them if the rebels win) being massacre in the same level we saw in old Yugoslavia…remember?
            You are naïve at best or deluded. Is Iraq a better country because a dictator was removed? How about Egypt? or Libya?
            How about Iran when the Shah became history?
            Unless Saladin comes back to life, the chances of Syria becoming an enlighten society and government without a dictator are next to nil.

          • Well the US could knock out his air force along with airbases and rocket launch facilities. We could also destroy military communication facilities and military headquarters along with weapon storage facilities and fuel depots.
            There is a lot we can do.

          • HAAAAA HAAAAAA HAA! negotiate a settlement? hahaha you’re killing us……..hahahaha…….. you’re as delusional as Obozo thinking he can negotiate with Aquavelvadad in Iran too… sure sure, then we’ll all sing kumbaya….get real

          • Doing this is taking sides in the conflict, and I don’t believe there is a side that is better for American interests. Furthermore, there is news coming out of Europe that the insurgents also have and may have used Chemical weapons. Initially this is coming from Russia, so it has to be taken with some grains of salt, but if this is confirmed in the British or German press, we may have a real problem deciding what to do about crossing Globally agreed red lines.

          • The only concerns I have is that our goals have not been defined, that what constitutes victory remains unknown, and that there is no exit strategy in place.
            I am convinced that we have no intention to remove al-Assad from power, although there is no question that a direct attack against some of his military/police installations would weaken his position.
            There is, obviously, a probability that whomever replaces him – whenever that happens – may be as bad as al-Assad. Let’s not forget that Syria has supported and financed Hezbollah for years, that they contributed to the de-stabilization and destruction of Lebanon, that they threatened Israel, that they are a close ally of Iran and has served as their proxy, and that they have been a de-stabilizing nation in a volatile part of the world.
            What will happen if al-Assad falls and is replaced by an unknown leader is anyone’s guess, but it can’t be worse than the incumbent.

          • Same question
            Is Egypt now better after Mubarak?
            Is Libya now better after Gadhafi? at least with Gadhafi there nobody was killing our ambassadors?
            How about Yemen?
            Yes, it can get far worse….How about a religious Sunni Muslim fundamentalist government set into spreading their influence in Lebanon and recovering the Golan Heights?
            Or maybe just set to get even with the Alawites, Kurds and Christians that supported Assad?

          • What you are advocating no longer works. This business
            where we engineer a coup, install a strongman dictator,
            supply him an army, and he brutalizes the people for years,
            It’s one of the reasons we are not the darlings of the Mid East
            today. Or Central, or South America either. For some reason
            these people just haven’t liked the dictators we have carefully
            chosen to keep them under control. They didn’t like Chiang
            in China, Macros in the Philippines, Batista in Cuba, The Shah in Iran, or Murbarak in Egypt. What you display, is what the vast majority of these people see as an arrogant American attitude, steeped in hypocrisy. They see a Country that talks of freedom, and justice, But imposes upon them, and their Country, tyranny, and oppression, at the business end of a gun. Your proud proclamation of contempt for all
            the Syrian people, is where your opinion of solutions runs
            aground. But it’s nor far from the solutions we actually did
            impose on many of the people around the world. It was for
            our own convenience. Is it any wonder they support the
            first Mullah that stands up, and opposes the status quo? We,
            that’s us, create the situations, and fertilize the ground for radicals like Bin Laden, or Castro. Do we really believe the Cuban people would have chosen a Communist system,
            if they had gotten a little freedom, and something to call their
            own, after a lifetime in the cane fields? This is it. The lesson
            bullies like yourself need to learn. Too often it has been men
            just like yourself, that have been in charge. And created the
            mess for America we have before us today. The one that
            has us pouring a trillion dollars a year in the military, that now
            must protect us from the half of the world we have spent a
            good part of the 20th century screwing.

          • It is NOT our job to promote dictators (but we do when it is in our interest)
            It is NOT our job to depose them (but we also do when it is in our interest)
            Precisely, because most of the countries we try to get involve in turn out to crap, there is another reason to stay away from Syria
            We have no interest in Syria, Syria has NOT attacked the US. The best we can do in Syria is “hands off”
            Do not bring Cuba in this conversation, Democrats have no rights to talk about Cuba.
            Cuban Freedom fighters trained by the CIA with full knowledge of Kennedy were send to Cuba with the assurance of air and naval support of the US Navy once they landed.
            At the end Kennedy withheld the promised support and they were slaughter on the swamps of Playa Giron. The golden hair, adulterous, achieved nothing president chicken out while people died trusting his words.
            But Cuba was of interest to the US…as it was proven 2 years later with the missile crisis

          • How about it’s not in our interest to promote dictators?
            Never was, and now all that crap is coming down. And
            there is chaos. And, the old order set up 70 years ago
            is changing. That’s what’s happening. You ought to
            drag out your Kennedy story with the old exiles in Miami.
            They’d love it. But it’s really a lotta crap about freedom
            fighters. Hell, they probably have more freedom under
            Castro than they did Batista. You know a rotten deal is
            a rotten deal. No matter under who’s dictator you’re
            living. The evil Soviet Union’s or the mighty United States.

          • You know nothing about Cuba and your ignorance is glaring.
            “It is a great place with great freedom, that is why 1 million Cubans migrated to the US and many thousands more are all over the world”
            Is kind of ironic that Castro is directly responsible for Bush winning Florida in 2000 and the presidency of the US.
            Why don’t you go and move to Cuba and enjoy the “workers paradise”. I am sure an old lefty like you would be welcome there
            Be aware, you would have to work to survive. Like the Comandante said “Aqui, el que no trabaja, No come”

          • You got your tail on Cuba, and you can sit on it.
            I noticed you would rather try and tell mine.
            You’re not so slick as you think. The irony of Bush
            not lost on Miami-Dade. Obama won it twice!

          • Suggesting that limited intervention…is hyberbole on steriods, may or may not be true, but Germansmith’s point is accurate.

            One of the worse things you can do in the process of nation building (I know people will object to that term but if that’s not what we’re doing, what are we doing?). Destablizing Syria may not be in our best interests. If I were Assad, I would consider letting some of the ex-Iraqi CW “slip” into the hands of the trans-national actors. Doing so would endear the regime to the trans-national actors and he will claim that his ironclad control over the weapons was disrupted by the US attack.

            The proper response to Syrian actions should be quarantine and removal of the CBW but we have failed to build the international coalition to do this.

        • I guess that also means kill as many innocent children as they like. Gas them all should be your personal anthem since they are just Syrians and have no worth, right.

          • Justin, you are a DICK and sadly probably always will be. I do not approve or condone the killing of ANY civilians no matter what race or creed, but I do not approve of our involvement in Syria because no matter what we do there the outcome will not be pretty.
            I know you will not understand, but
            Thousand of women and children are being killed in many countries
            Do you feel Syrians are worth our effort because the Democrat President says so?
            How about Muslims in Chechnya ? Or Buddhists in Tibet? Or Coptic in Egypt? or as a fellow Democrat above mentioned, how about Rwanda or Sudan when Clinton looked the other way?
            Are we to be involved in every cruel act any government commits on their people?
            WE ARE NOT the world policeman and we should only intervene in conflicts affecting our national interest.

          • Poison gas was used, what part of that do you not understand?. The entire world says that using gas is wrong and a war crime. Do you not understand?
            I would guess that based on your attitude you would have done nothing when the Germans killed the Jews with poison gas.
            Just to be clear I would support any President that says using gas is a red line, including Bush.
            Ignoring a problem like this will only encourage more of the same.

          • Justin…you are already a dick, now you are earning idiocy level.
            The US did not get involved in WWII to save Jews (and by the way Roosevelt knew about the concentration/death camps since 1941). Hitler declared war on the US and Japan gave us Pearl Harbor. Whatever Jews survived, we took land from the Arabs and gave to them and there goes the Middle East until now.
            Gas is illegal….gee hard to know since we used to have the gas chamber until 2010
            Napalm is also illegal…but we use it with gusto
            Or..maybe you prefer to be pulverized or maybe slow death from burns and cancer from a nuclear device. Go ask the Japanese how they feel about that.
            maybe a cluster bomb is more to your liking? How about land mines. The US is the prime manufacturer of those.
            What part of NONE OF OUR BUSINESS you do not understand?
            Are u one of those arrogant assholes that think the US should be the judge and executioner and overall arbiter of what happens in the universe?

          • So, we should never learn from the past, right. We should not get involved with any illegal use of poison gas because we used nuclear weapons in WWII?
            Your stupidity is only exceeded by your arrogance. Your arguments are sophomoric at best and ignorant at worst.
            Poison gas use is illegal and condemned by the entire world, what part of that do you not understand?

          • Just how dense are you? maybe bullet points will make it more clear
            -Syria civil war is NONE of our business, specially when both sides are our enemies.
            -US is NOT the world policeman. That is why we have the UN and the Security Council.
            – Mines, Napalm, phosphorus bombs are all condemned internationally as way of killing people same as chemicals , but we have used all 3 to kill, including civilians. What moral rights do we have to tell anybody what can be used OR not to kill enemies? I am sure if we gave them cluster bombs to Assad he would not have to use chemicals.
            And by the way…if we bomb them as you so eagerly want, we would probably also kill more civilians as well, just as we have done in Iraq and in Afghanistan.
            What is anti-Semitic about my statement when it is a FACT?.
            Did we not turn Palestine into Israel causing an immediate war between Jews and Arabs?
            How would you feel if foreign powers take your property away and give it back to the Native Americans because it used to be their land less than 200 years ago?
            People have been killing each other in the middle east even before Yahweh commanded the Jews to exterminate the Canaanites and people will be exterminating each other there after idiots like you long rot in the earth and it does not matter what bleeding heart stupid people would say.
            Go ahead Obama, use bombs to promote peace and understanding

          • It is NEVER justified to target non-combatants, aka civilians with gas or anything else, but civilians ALWAYS get kill, rape, dismembered in every little dirt war that ever was.
            Somebody used Sarin against somebody else in Syria.
            That is ALL we know for sure. Was it the rebels? Or Hezbollah, or a renegade general , we do not know.
            Why would Kerry and Obama want us to bomb anybody before even having all the results from the UN investigation is a puzzle to me. These are the same 2 guys that argued against the Viet Nam and Iraq war respectively.
            Getting ourselves involved in this war is a no-win situation and we can do far more good helping the refugees with humanitarian supplies than attacking a foreign country government which may probably be a better potential partner in peace that the hop patch groups of rebels that are already involved in ethnic executions of Syria’s many minorities.

          • You don’t know, that is evident but the CIA knows and the President knows so your lack of knowledge is irrelevant.

          • It is obvious you are an Obama’s partisan OR you already made up your mind you do not like my opinions or the way I express them….well I’m not losing any sleep over it…you are…inconsequential.
            The facts remains that when you have a majority of the US population, including the Syrian diaspora in the US , enemies of Assad, Fareed Zacaria, the Pope, Valdimir Putin and myself agreeing that any attack on Syria OR doing anything to help the rebels is a really bad idea…..I’ll go along with that before accepting another hare schemed idea from Obama and Kerry.
            And if you trust the CIA so much, please go to Iraq and continue to look for the WMD, They must be there somewhere !!!!

        • We do NOT know that those opposed to the Assad regime are fundamentalist Muslims. Russia is a has-been world power that is greatly weakened since Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear this wall down.” Russia is not the USSR, by any stretch of the imagination. As for the Brits, their Labor Party has already sent out feelers for another try for a vote (remember, the Labor Party is the ones who voted against it last time). The limited involvement in Libya got us pretty much what we expected, a weak central government that was unable to protect our diplomats in Benghazi. Since you think you are an expert, please explain your term “just war”. I think you might have to rethink it. Afghanistan was a necessary war, payback for a direct attack on the US. Iraq was an unnecessary war that served no other purpose than to get George W Bush re-elected. Libya could very easily be seen as a just war because Ghadaffi was killing his own people, as is Assad. However, there are just wars that we have seen fit NOT to wage, such as Rwanda and Sudan, in which hundreds of thousands of civilians were eradicated by their governments. I sincerely question your terming any three wars that you mentioned as “just” wars.

          • And now in Libya we are committing the same error that we committed in Afghanistan whenever they kicked the Soviets away
            Nature abhors a vacuum, we left them alone and the Taliban took control.
            Who do you think eventually take control in Libya without our direct and personal involvement?
            Once we depose Assad in Syria, What are we willing to do to make sure the fundamentalist do not take control of that country?

          • And did you support the “nation building” of George W Bush? We cannot build a nation in our image. In case you have forgotten, for the first decade of the existence of our country, we did not have the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, but were living as a loose Confederation of individual states, with a weak central government, much like Libya and other Arab countries. A strong central government based upon sound principles of democracy does not crop up overnight, and in countries that are unaccustomed to such governance, it is a scary process. Look at Russia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party was outlawed- briefly. Putin himself was head of their internal security. At one time, under Boris Yeltsin, Russia was democratic. However, look at them now. In Egypt we basically installed Hosni Mubarak and supported him and his harsh regime for years. The EGYPTIANS removed him from office and had a free, democratic election which, by international standards, was legitimate. However, their election installed an individual and a party that lied about their intentions (imagine that), and the EGYPTIANS want their country back. Democracy and freedom are messy projects. Germany after WWI had a democratically elected government, and we all know what happened there.
            We do not have the authority to tell the Syrians what their country will look like once Assad and his party are removed. And the removal of the Assad regime is NOT in our agenda, just in case you have not been listening. If the Syrian people wish to remove him and his party, that is their business. We seem to have failed in nation building in Iraq AND Afghanistan, but only time will tell if that is the case truly. I feel it is our duty under international law to stop the abuses being perpetrated upon the Syrian people by their government. It is NOT our duty to punish or replace that government.

          • Stay out of Syria, no bombing, no boots, no nation building.
            Condemn Assad and his treatments of civilians, try to achieve a power sharing peace between the sides, and pray the rebels do not win.
            Nation building worked after WWII,(Japan and Germany) but now a day with all the media scrutiny criticizing your every step and also in an Arab nation with long memories of Anglos coming over telling them what to do, WILL NOT WORK. It will be money wasted.
            Need to review your history. We did not install Mubarak in Egypt or his predecessors Sadat or Nasser (who was actually a Soviet ally). We worked with Sadat and Mubarak for the sake of peace in the middle east and Egypt was a better place when those dictators rein supreme.
            Democracy is not for everybody. Our own democracy grew from the British struggle with enlighten government since Magna Carta. It will take decades and a bundle of enlighten quasi dictators to have these people ready for the responsibility of self government.
            Our own system needs a review when people are more concerned of what government can do for them, that what they can do for the common good of the country.

    • Whatever your opinion, I think for an American to say, the President of their
      Country needs to, “keep his mouth shut,” is in extremely poor taste. He was
      after all, speaking on the side of upholding human rights, and protecting the
      powerless aganist the use of inhuman weapons. I think we sell ourselves
      very short when we succumb to our most primitive of inclinations. “Let
      the Syrians kill the Syrians,” chemicals, who cares? We could be Somalian
      Jihadis, no better, no worse, if we expect so little of ourselves.

      • Smart leaders do not corner themselves being a demagogue. Somalian pirates probably know better than that.
        Since Obama is not a Republican, of course I would expect you to side with him …no matter what.
        Nobody gave the US the job of World Judge and Policeman. There is a mechanism that Obama was very fond of mentioning when he was a senator and criticizing the aggressive actions of the previous President…I think is called….The United Nation Security Council…or gee maybe even NATO.
        The fact remains, nobody else wants to be involved because they are smart enough to know that in that mess…there are no angels or good guys and the down side of getting involved is far more serious than the mess we made of Iraq.
        Of course…no matter what, I expect you to disagree with me and I honestly do not care.

        • What corner? He made a very explicit statement and is getting Congress to support him. He is the President of the United States and can say what he likes. I didn’t know he needed permission from you.

          • Only Idiots say what they want. Respected leaders measure their words because they know they have to live or die by them.
            If he needed permission from me, he would not have done half of the stupid things he had.
            As far as Congress go….good luck with that.
            He has not being able to pass gas thru Congress since the country decided to take the majority away from the democrats.
            Of course, we can never overestimate the intelligence of the Republicans either.

        • I didn’t confuse you with someone who cared.
          I just said it shows no class on your part to say
          the President needs to keep his mouth shut.
          Since you have so much respect for Somalis.
          And your lack of class, and respect for civility
          Even as it extends to the highest office here.
          Maybe you, and Somalia might be a good fit.

          • Excellent comment– once again.
            Germansmith often lets his unfettered big mouth overload his locked brain– especially when the target is President Obama.
            Humans who hate other humans as much as Germansmith hates President Obama lose the ability to think before yapping.

        • As a senator, Obozo was also fond of voting “present”. I see now, that was prolly a good thing… we see the fiascos he is causing by being “decisive” now…

    • German, don’t confuse the United States with Cuba. Yes, we stand united when we are attacked, and we stand united when we see atrocities being committed against innocent people. As the leaders of the free world we have a responsibility to deal with crises commensurate to their magnitude and implications. What is likely to happen within the next week or two has nothing to do with President Obama saying the obvious a year ago: that the use of WMDs was unacceptable to the civilized world. Our position would have been the same regardless of whether or not he made that statement.
      We are a military and economic superpower, with global interests that we must protect. Doing nothing would jeopardize the hegemony we exert worldwide, as it would embolden our foes by demonstrating that we are no longer the country that did not hesitate to act whenever it perceived a threat or acts of genocide.
      I don’t support war as a solution to international or domestic problems, but there are times when dialogue only serves as a catalyst to despotism, and that is exactly what al-Assad concluded when he noticed that we have been reluctant to interfere in their internal affairs.

      • Now who is exaggerating ? Who is using hyperbole?
        Has Syria attacked the US at ANY time? I must have miss it in the news…
        Who is innocent? Who is committing the atrocities? The fact remains, innocents are dying at the hands of the rebels the same way they died due to government actions and in the same numbers. You want to talk about atrocities? How about a rebel leader eating parts of enemy soldiers, cannibalism!!!
        We have NO INTERESTS IN Syria. We are a very sick Military and Economic superpower with lots of debt. What give us the right to intervene in other countries internal affairs?
        Embolden our foes? Too late dude, they are already embolden when we allowed our people to get kill in a country we just helped liberate and we did nothing about it….CNN reported the FBI is not even investigating the case or even bother interviewing witnesses.
        Hegemony? What are we?, the New and Far more stupid British Empire? Our sense of self importance and our need to control what is happening in the rest of the world got us to Viet Nam, Iraq and many other places and have gotten thousand of young Americans killed with no visible gain but the hate of lots of people.
        At least the British Empire was smart enough NOT to intervene in the 1860’s when another young republic was at gusto killing each other with great brutality.
        We have no reason to get involve in Syria…oh wait…I forget
        The Big Brother drew that “Red Line” about chemical weapons and now some smarter guy decided it may be a good idea to find some way to lure the US in this conflict.
        The best it can happen in Syria is that this war drain the resources and the energy of Iran, Hezbollah and kill lots of Muslim Fundamentalists looking to meet Allah in person.
        And why would you think of comparing Cuba to the US? Is this you Mr. Villa allowing cattiness into your usually intellectual and informed comments??

      • It is refreshing to see intelligent comments indicating that the writer has a continuing belief in the importance of doing the right thing without regard to whose ox is in the ditch. The Obama-haters on these threads would let the entire world eat yellow cake so long as President Obama does not get any credit for helping America do the right thing. Where did all these anti-Americans come from in the past four years?

        • Dissent used to be a patriotic duty, just ask Hillary! Of course, that was when she was the one dissenting. Now dissent is “anti-Amercian.” Strange, that.

          • As you recently and correctly pointed out on another thread, angry conservatives who use vile, raciest, rude and slanderous ad hominem arguments against the 44th President of the United States are not engaging in “patriotic dissent.” And your feeble attempt to lend them cover will not work Public_Man.
            Why not help me convince the decpicable racist conservatives posting on these threads to stop acting like school children and either be quiet or go somewhere else with their racist filth? If you are not helping America heal America, then you are part of the problem too.

          • I will happily exclude racists of any political background from the discussion. I would suggest that you stop the straw man arguments. You’re not truly suggesting that anyone who disagrees with the president is a racist, are you?

          • No. All I am saying is that racists are extremely easy to identify these days merely by their rude, crude and vile comments now routinely published on these and other public threads, thereby embarrasing America itself.
            Most adult Americans are aware that racism is still very much alive and well in America. However, watching American racism now being openly displayed in front of the entire civilized world is personally embarrasing to me– and it must also be to most intelligent conservatives as well. Am I wrong Public_Man?

      • Funny how the first 100,000 Syrians being killed in the civil unrest didn’t constitute an atrocity. How Assad must be hating himself for simply not having those 1400 people machine gunned. Apparently, that would have been fine and none of our business.

        As far as national interests in Syria, there are several. First, support for Israel. Second, support for Jordan. Third, the establishment of an AQ-oriented group would be a disaster for the US.

      • If this is the best your tiny brain can muster…do not have another drink, your brain can not afford to have any further losses of neurons.
        This is my last reply to you Pis_Warrior

  2. Should we be worried about an Obama proposal if it supported by Boehner?
    Obama’s “red lines” are going to force him to do something. Let’s hope it is just enough to make a point without getting us stuck in the conflict or taking sides.

    • Obama doesn’t have a red line. The red line was there when he came to office. Or someone came along last night when no one was looking and drew a red line. Red line? Me?

      — excerpts from Obama’s recent comments.

  3. One more reason that Boner needs to be primaried and kicked the hell out of Congress. He’s such a weak and feckless idiot it makes me sick.

    Have a nice day!

    “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” – Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo, December 20, 2007

    • The soldier in the picture joined to do whatever it is that his country requires of him. He gave up his power to have a say in the matter when he took the oath.

      • Actually Hasty…. If his leaders tell him to committ an illegal or unconstitutional act, he does not have do what he is told. Notwithstanding that you are correct in most senses of what you said, but I’m just pointing out the exception. But we argue semantics here.

        The reality is that the soldier has a legitimate point. And the freedom of speech to make it.

        Have a nice day!

        “God created war so that Americans would learn geography.” ― Mark Twain

        • Obviously, you were never in the military. You do what you are told or face serious consequences like court martial. Standard issue gear to the military does not include a copy of the constitution that can be consulted before any order is carried out.
          Go away, please.

          • Nappy… is that what you’ve learned playing ‘Call of Duty’ in the basement at your mommy’s house?

        • Were this soldier to reveal his identity and do as he has done when the US in involved in a military conflict, be it one he personally approves of or not, He would NOT have the freedom of speech to voice his opposition. Those in the military do not operate under the Constitution of the United States, the operate under the Uniform Military Code.

          • Hasty… what is the oath one takes when he/she joins the military? Here it is….

            I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

            Clearly, they are swearing allegiance to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That means that a President or superior that issues an order that violates the Constitution shall NOT be followed.

            I know this is more of a game of semantics, but it’s interesting to consider.

            Again, however, the soldier’s note absolutely makes a legitimate point in this whole Syria debate. WHY are we getting involved in their mess where there are no good guys and no good outcomes? So Obozo can save face? That’s not a legitimate reason to spend taxpayer money and spill American blood. It’s just not.

            Have a nice day!

            “The President does not have power under the Constitution to
            unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” – Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo, December 20, 2007

          • Hate to say, but a lot of folks besides me will just have to differ with you on the oath thing. Using one’s reason, it is not difficult to understand that differing with one’s superiors in the military over how to interpret an order, or whether one is obligated to follow that order, is not a wise thing to do.

    • Another bum who likes to throw out un-american remarks while hiding his face. Doesn’t have the balls to stand up for his opinions.If he’s so damned unhappy living up to the oath he took, why is he still in that uniform?

    • You do not know what you are talking about so please go back into the hole you came out of. You have spread enough shi@ today so please have a nice day. assho@@.

  4. Boehner is thinking, leave alone the Party differences. He knows he can’t throw his country to the trash. I get irritated listening to the very old radio man John Gibson talking to people who can’t think for themselves. He is totally a liar and being there to fill his own pocket/stomach. He has no thought of the country at heart. Why should these old folks/old pigs don’t retire and count themselves they were there and time for young blood!

      • Sometimes when I have leisure time I need to listen to these kind of people in order to know what is in their mind. Sometimes they talk sense (anyway in rare cases), always they are talking nonsense. It also gives me an opportunity to complain on what they say and to alert some who were not aware.

  5. ll that they want to grant amnesty to millions of illegals… cause it’s the right thing to do.. Figure by 2050 our country will no longer be the United States of America but the United States of Mexico.. Thankfully I will no longer be amongst the living… Sad…

    • My my, what a tiny & hateful mind you have. We have the Statue of Liberty welcoming all. Our nation was built upon immigration & many were treated horribly, like the Irish. We have Germans, Italians, Polish, West Indies, Spain, Swedish, & so many more. But in your hateful little world it’s just Mexicans. I’m so happy that my Native American kinfolk, who were cruelly brutalized also, feel nothing like you & your ignorance!

    • Yes, it is sad, but not for the reasons you believe. Anyway, what does this have to do with our impending involvement in Syria?

  6. President Obama’s decision to seek Congressional support and consensus before intervening in Syria was a statesman decision that demonstrates self confidence and respect for the opinions of others, something that has been in short supply in Washington during the last few years. Considering the fact that the UK, under pressure by the Labour party, had to back down, and that the only ally we can count on in this instance is France, having the support of Congress is of critical importance.
    An ancillary benefit for the President is that after 4.5 years of opposing President Obama’s policies, allegedly, because he doesn’t work with Congress, the GOP now has no choice but to support a President with the authority of act alone (1973 War Powers Act).
    Interestingly, opposition to intervene in Syria is likely to come from Democrats, rather than Republicans who have never seen a war they didn’t like, regardless of its scope.

    • I definitely agree with your take on the statesman’s aspect of consulting
      Congress. I also believe it was necessary due to the limited effects of any
      very limited, almost symbolic wrist slapping we’re doling out as punishment.
      Because we both know the rabid right. It wouldn’t be 24 hours until the
      caterwauling would start about how weak Obama has made the U.S. look.
      How he’s emboldened the Iranians, put the security of Israel at risk. Blah,
      blah, blah! At least now, the GOP is framing the parameters on the side of
      doing less. If that is, they get something to the affirmative put together in the House at all. Another positive to forcing Congress to make a decision, is
      they can’t simply wait until Obama makes the call, and start chattering along
      the sidelines what an incredibly poor decision Obama has made. Which has
      heretofore made up their entire political strategy.

      • I think it is also important to remember that when President Obama ran for President in 2008 he said that Congress should be consulted before going to war. Obviously, he could have done the same thing his predecessors did. He could have launched an unprovoked attack against countries that did nothing against us, and could have gotten us involved in one of the longest wars in American history.

        • It has been an interesting, and at times, a complicated issue.
          This ill defined power of the Presidency. We know Washington himself, was very reserved in his thinking about the possibility of too much concentration of power being vested in the office. And those, foreign entanglements.
          Then, Jefferson single handedly makes a multi million dollar real estate deal with France, without the proper Congressional appropriation of funds. And we’re off! In modern times Congress itself has seemed more than willing to relinquish a good deal of it’s responsibility in matters of war, and peace to the executive branch. With the President’s Commander in Chief’s hat at the ready. We have tended to
          lionize those Presidents who have expanded the power of
          the office. Usually by just bull dozing ahead with whatever
          action they could claim was necessary. Again, in the Bush 43 administration, Congress wrote the blank check. Then, Bush, deferred the decisions further out of reach from any check, or balance, with his constant leaving it up to his, “Generals in the field.” So, I hope President Obama’s return to sanity on this issue sets a better precedent in getting Congress reestablished in fulfilling their proper role, whenever military action is considered.

        • Congress authorized President George H.W. Bush’s war against Iraq (albeit after a major troop build-up in the region already happened) and President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq over a decade later.Bush also went into Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks under a sweeping, open-ended anti-terror resolution that Congress overwhelmingly approved.

          • The Constitution is very clear on the issue of which branch has the power to declare war: ONLY the Congress.
            Moreover, the Congress cannot lawfully delegate that important (or any other) Constitutional power to the president, or to the CIA, or to joint chiefs of staff, the boy scouts or whoever.
            The fact that Congress can give (and has given) presidents apparent STATUTORY authority to start or conduct wars does NOT mean Congress has the CONSTITUTIONAL authority to do that. This CONSTITUTIONAL issue has never been presented to the SCOTUS for resolution– and probably never will be.

          • Not even the boy scouts? Reminds me of a Get Smart episode. The U.S. hasn’t declared war since WWII. Since then we’ve had so called “limited police actions”

          • Allow me to finish your last sentence: “Since then (WW II) we’ve had so called ‘limited police actions’ ” …none of which should have been pursued.
            BTW, this confusing drama now being acted out in Washington can best be explained if you will focus on President Obama’s “long game” (and one of his original goals): ending ALL useless foreign wars like Iraq and Afganistan.
            By taking on the role as “the heavy” and absorbing all the heat in this political drama President Obama (and the Democrats) have advanced one of their main goals, perhaps by decades. THINK: If enough conservative Americans now decide to stop allowing the Congress to conduct all forms of war because they hate President Obama, and if Congress responds by rebuking Obama’s request for limited air strike authority, who wins the long game? Hint: Not the war mongerers.

    • The decision to have Congress decide is a wise one.
      If Congress give him the go ahead and all goes wrong….he was just executing Congress decision.
      If Congress denies the permission to go, any massacre of civilians could be blamed on the GOP for blocking his desire to go and intervene and will be used in the next congressional elections.

      • President Obama’s record indicates that he is not prone to dodging a bullet, avoiding responsibility, blaming others for what he does, or tackling highly controversial matters. He is not going to blame Congress if anything goes wrong. He, clearly, welcomes the opinion of Congressional leaders, and is seeking support, not a scapegoat.
        In any case, time will tell.

        • Germansmith said nothing about Obama blaming the GOP. Germansmith said the GOP might be blamed by the public if they do not support America’s leadership position in the world.
          Unless America lives up to its self-declared promises to lead the world– repeated over and over and over for decades now– America will be seen as weak. Only an anti-American could want that to happen.

      • So the decision is wise because it’s good politics? Will Obama ever do something simply because it’s right or oppose anything simply because it’s wrong?

        • Of course he could and all depends on what YOU think is the right thing to do

          To me. The right thing to do is publicly condemn Assad for killing civilians, help the refugees escaping the country, try to negotiate a peaceful solution in Syria with Russia’s help (I am sure that would also please Israel) and attack NOBODY.

          This path is not only the right thing to do, but the only one that would bring stability in the long run and justify his wining of the Nobel Peace Price early in his presidency.

          Violations of human rights occur on from sides and neither side (specially the Sunni rebels) are likely to ever be our friends.

          Violence only brings more violence. No war should be started unless you are willing to go all the way to obliterate your enemy (and I do not think we are contemplating that)

    • “Interestingly, opposition to intervene in Syria is likely to come from Democrats, rather than Republicans who have never seen a war they didn’t like, regardless of its scope.”
      You are wrong— this time. Why? Because many radical conservatives on the far right hate President Obama much more than they love wars, and cannot do anything seen as agreeing with Preident Obama.
      By contrast, the sane ones–led by McCain, Rubio, Boehner and Graham– are still able to see the really big picture and have chosen America’s leadership position in the world over their own re-election possibilities, vel non.

        • Response to Public_Man who gives this good advice:
          “You could listen to the opposition and respond to that. Ad hominem arguments are fun but not particularly productive.”
          I agree that “ad hominem arguments are fun but not particularly productive.” And I will also pronise to stop using “ad hominen
          arguments” the day after “you people” (all the vile, rude angry conservatives who hate President Obama only because he happens not to be white) stop using “ad hominem arguments” and slanderous attacks against the 44th President of the United States. Until “you people” stop I will fight fire with fire. Deal?

  7. Well let me say I am shocked to know Congressman Boehner is backing President Obama. I wonder why, Is this another war we do not need? I agree the use of chemicals should be stopped but is it REALLY AMERICA’s job? We have so many other things happening here in AMERICA. Let’s hope for the best, MAYBE “JUST MAYBE THIS COULD BE THE START OF UNITY IN OUR GOVERNMENT.” Even if it isn’t a great idea to go to war. Why not sit this one out?

  8. You’d think that Boehner would learn. I am a Republican and I called into congress and expressed that I did not want the US involved in another war, period. At least with Bush their were years of Kurdish and Iranian deaths due to Gas being delivered by Sadam Hussein. With Assad, we have had a few hundren die from gas delivered by who ?
    Sadam continuously used Chemical Weapons. Chemical Alli his right hand butcher launched chemical weapons upon the Iraqi people. Why doesn’t the press cover these aspect on why we went to War with Iraq. Iraq moved his chemical weapons into Syria.
    End of Story, No more War ! Enough is Enough, Obama !

  9. Our government of lies….
    — The death toll given by the Obama administration for an alleged
    Syrian chemical weapons attack is far higher than confirmed counts of
    two key allies and a main activist group, which said it was shocked by
    the U.S. figure.

    In pressing Congress to authorize a military strike against Syria, the
    administration has asserted that the government of President Bashar
    Assad killed 1,429 people, including at least 426 children, in an Aug.
    21 attack on the suburbs of Damascus.

    But Britain and France have cited far lower numbers of confirmed deaths,
    raising questions about the intelligence the White House is using to
    make its case to launch missile strikes against Syria.

  10. To all
    I have previously for two
    weeks been faxing and emailing to POTUS, CONGRESS, NETANYAHU, PUTIN and the
    media that the Russians (and the Chinese) are the solution and not the

    Now the President and Congress should
    pass a joint Congressional resolution for the following proposal to the UN and
    Syria that the Russians, the Chinese and US representatives(for verification) go
    in jointly as UN Peacekeepers into Syria during a 60 day in
    place cease fire to allow the UN to take over full control, and’or
    remove and destroy all the Chemical WMD weapons (with an automatic 2nd up to 60
    day continuation of the in place cease fire). This proposal will not include any
    mission of Regime change, but will include that medical, economic and food aid
    be allowed to be brought in to Syrian for the civilians. The Russian (and the
    Chinese) -but not the US-allies- will bring in the necessary military power to
    enforce the in place cease fire. The only air power to fly over Syria will be
    Russian Air power (no Syrian air power). The Resolution will include that no
    Chemical WMD weapons shall not be transferred by Syria to any other parties or
    countries – including and particularly Hezbolah and Al Quada affiliated groups).
    The resolution will state that if the proposal (of full
    verification by inclusion of US and allied observers to be included) is not
    accepted by the Syrians, the Russians and the Chinese, or completed in full , or
    obstructed with delays within the prescribed in place cease fires, the US will
    reserve its right to use military strikes to marginalizes and prevent Syria’s
    further use of Chemical WMD weapons.
    Now this is how to make the Syrians, the
    Russians and the Chinese “an offer they cannot refuse” with

    MRCANDU10 (Cousin of Mr Get IT

    Lloyd Michael
    Abrahams CPA

    LAKE GROVE NY 11755-2521

    A personal note Previously Sent to President
    President Putin
    If you agree with the idea presented in this letter
    – why not team up with the Chinese to put it into effect thru the UN. NO cruise
    missiles with potential collateral damage – no regime change at the moment –
    Russia already has a Naval Base in Syria –
    what an opportunity for Russia by
    you to stop the lunacy of cruise missiles and at the same time remove all the
    chemical weapons from whatever parties might use them. You would then be a true
    humanitarian and will have proven yourself a world leader with intelligence to
    stop possibly the world’s worst disaster.
    I do not agree with everything you
    have done and stand for, but I believe in this case you are the right man and
    leader for the job that can make it happen.

    I leave you with one other thought
    from “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    Politicians, Governments, Presidents
    (and Presidents to be), Prime Ministers, Secretaries of State and Defense,
    Foreign Ministers, Defense Ministers, Parliaments, and Congresses make, declare
    and run Wars. However, it is always WE THE PEOPLE (and rarely, but not never,
    any of the above) who have to fight, be wounded or maimed, and die in the wars.
    True statesmen and stateswomen will only use war as a last method of dealing
    with terrorists and dictators of radical, totalitarian governments that use or
    support terror.

    Just as the pen is mightier than the sword, the
    “VOTE WEAPON” is more powerful than our mightiest military weapon. It is time to
    unleash its power to bring the practice of peace uniquely to the

    Michael Abrahams

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