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Thursday, March 21, 2019

OK, enough already. I don’t want to hear any more whining from Democrats about how hard it’s going to be for President Obama to win re-election in 2012. Because the political landscape has just shifted dramatically.

Of course, it’s not going to be any walk in the park for Obama and Democrats. It never is, for either party. But, even with John Boehner caving in on payroll tax cuts, the political equation has experienced nothing less than a historic, seismic shift. And Democrats now enjoy a huge advantage. Think about it.

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16 responses to “Boehner's Self-Destruction”

  1. carroll6 says:

    How I love it..the Tea Party shows just how immature and dangerous they are, in such a matter that that dumbest voters “get it”. It is the Republicans who are the biggest threat to the American people, at least to THIS people. Obama handled the Tornado disaster quite well. How come people forget?

  2. Professor Curt says:

    With apologies to Groucho Marx:
    Republican Party Theme Song:(as performed by Groucho Marx)

    I don’t know what they have to say,
    It makes no difference anyway,
    Whatever it is, I’m against it.
    No matter what it is or who commenced it,
    I’m against it.

    Your proposition may be good,
    But let’s have one thing understood,
    Whatever it is, I’m against it.
    And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it,
    I’m against it.

    I’m opposed to it,
    On general principle, I’m opposed to it.

    [chorus] He’s opposed to it.
    It’s fact, indeed, that he’s opposed to it!

  3. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    How twisted is the thinking of the socialist-written article? The Republicans wanted a whole year with spending reductions to try to save our grandchildren even more irresponsible debt, while the democrats wanted only two months. Face the facts, government is a parasite who wants to cling to any lie they can, to perpetuate their feeding. The government has become too onerous a parasite to last much longer. Let the bums who champion the non-productive, perpetually blood-sucking poor, tax only the people they champion. As is typical in this country, maybe we need to start another world war, and a draft. If such be the case, let’s first draft for the foot soldier in the infantry, all the government politicians and their sons and daughters, and entitlement people who are currently sucking the life out of free enterprise. A ground war with China would be a good start, we can first help them with population control, and we can give all of our own parasites an insight into the cost of freedom. Look at all the bums we have in prison, let’s put them on the battlefield. It’ll cost 40.000/yr to keep them in prison, only about 20K to train them, ship them out, equip them, and pay their little life insurance to their survivors. About a 250K or more, savings for each prisoner. To empty the prisons out to the battlefield, it would save us 150 billion/yr. And think about it, no repeat offenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And over a ten year p[eriod, that comes out to 1.5 trillion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. j_berry50 says:

    Most presidential elections turn on the economy, but that figures to be especially true this time. Recent weeks have brought a few, tentative signs that the nation’s bleak jobs picture may be improving, which would certainly help the president. Still, the unemployment rate stands at an unhealthy 8.6%, and few analysts think it will drop fast enough to reach the 7.4% rate that prevailed when Ronald Reagan won re-election in 1984, or even the 7.5% when Jimmy Carter lost his re-election bid in 1980. Not since Franklin Roosevelt won re-election in 1936 has a president faced a worse jobless situation.

  5. RachelContreras says:

    Maybe your right and maybe the ones they should put on the front lines are idiots like you that are a real threat to America!!!!!!

  6. metrognome says:

    You may be older, although your diatribe sounds very immature. But one thing is for sure. You have not gotten one bit wiser.

  7. ruauper2 says:

    The opening comment of carroll6 that begins “How I love it..the Tea Party shows just how immature—-” is factually confirmed by rolderbutwiser1’s opening, oft repeated and unsubstaniated claim that the Dems are formulating some kind of undefined, nebulous socialist plot.

  8. kurt.lorentzen says:

    No matter where your affinities fall, this is a pure spin article. To read this one would think that Republicans were against the tax relief when, in fact, they wanted a realistic year-long extension instead of a stop-gap 2 month extension. Also, $40 per paycheck is an arbitrary number unless you define the pay period and income. 3% of $50K is $1500 per year. If you divide that by 52 you get $28.85 per weekly paycheck. That’s about 1/2 a tank of gas.

  9. j_berry50 says:

    President Obama’s victory last week over Republicans on the payroll tax cut was a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.With higher taxes to pay for our retirements,now we can go to Hawaii and live off working Americans?Does that sound fair?

    Buoyed by his successful battle to avoid taking more money out of the payckecks of some 160 million Americans, the President’s approval rating topped his disapproval rating in a Gallup poll for the first time since July.

    Some 47% of those polled approved of the job Obama was doing, up 5 percentage points since mid-December, when the President’s showdown with Republicans over extending the Social Security payroll tax cut was heating up. His disapproval rating in that poll was 45%.

  10. gotedge says:

    The Republicans have become the party that stands for nothing. By simply wanting to stop President Obama from passing any legislation they got sandbagged on the issue of the economy. It was easy when the President wanted to raise taxes on the top 1% to say no. That could make them appear to be heroes to their narrow-minded bretheren who love to believe that they are all rich and that they are protecting their right to live any lifestyle they choose while the rest of us are here only to service their whims.

    But they didn’t even notice that the legislation up for a vote was a tax reduction when they gave an overwhelming no to Obama’s reducing their payroll taxes for another tow months as a stop-gap measure until a longer-term solution could be found. They certainly lost the high ground by that brillaint move, didn’t they?

    With the economic high ground now firmly a Democratic victory, perhaps it isn’t a co-incidence that the economy is slowly improving. Unemployment is finally beginning to recede. The retail market had its best Christmas season EVER, the auto market is thriving, and the remnants of al Queda are trickling into Libya as a last resort to being thrown off the planet altogether. Libya? I’d rather spend my vacations in Camden, NJ than Libya!

    And to top it off, the Republican candidates for president are falling all over themselves and each other trying to repair the leaks in their personal lives: One is too stupid to believe, the next one is a serial philanderer, yet another wants us to believe that the earth is flat, a grouchy old fourth elf wants us to believe he didn’t say what he said in his own newspaper, and finally there is the one who sounds the most sensible that they want to defeat! In the end, maybe they will resurrect Bozo the Clown to run for President on their ticket.

    Tea Party Congresspersons: Don’t hang too may pictures on your office walls. You will have to fill all those holes in the plaster as you leave the end of next year!

  11. ex republican says:

    Republicans fight was not over the length of extension but the ear marks they were demanding

  12. ex republican says:

    Fox Cable News entertainment!!

  13. ex republican says:

    People in general want an instant response to things they have to say. Seems like when I ask a serious question people stop responding,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Do you know where you stand or is the life span of these websites two hours ????????????

  14. shades says:

    SO here we are, heading into an election year, and the left spin is trumpeting getting a two month extension on the books as the greatest victory of Obamas tenure?
    wow, pretty sad. What will happen at the end of the two months, the political spin machine, that is campaigning when he should be running the country will trot out another kick the can down the road two month extension… look, goofs, you dont realize that you dont have to lie to your base, thats intact.. You also however dont realize the rest of us arent stupid.. So celebrate as you must.. See you in November

  15. shades says:

    How this article got past the editors could only be explained by their cluelessness in harmony.
    Do you even read back what you write before you hit send?
    I realize you probably cant do anything else for a living, your skills are tied to your political beliefs, which makes you no more no less than a hack.

    Merry Christmas!

  16. NormaSapp says:

    Doesn’t everyone realize that the Tax Cut is YOUR MONEY that is not going into your S.S. account?

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