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Thursday, December 13, 2018

WASHINGTON — Glenn Beck says he has come under fierce attack from some of his fellow conservatives for a grave transgression.

His crime? He announced plans to bring food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls to at least some of the tens of thousands of Central American children who have crossed the border into the United States.

“Through no fault of their own, they are caught in political crossfire,” Beck said. “Anyone, left or right, seeking political gain at the expense of these desperate, vulnerable, poor and suffering people are reprehensible.”

Beck, not averse to a certain grandiosity, let us know that “I’ve never taken a position more deadly to my career than this.” But assume he’s right — and he may well be. It’s one more sign of how the crisis at our border has brought out the very worst in our political system and a degree of plain nastiness that we should not be proud of as a nation.

Let’s stipulate: This is a difficult problem. Unless the United States is willing to open its borders to all comers — a goal of only the purest libertarians and a very few liberals — we will face agonizing choices about whom to let in and whom to turn away.

Moreover, it’s clearly true, as The Washington Post editorialized, that “there is nothing humanitarian in tacitly encouraging tens of thousands of children to risk their lives, often at the hands of cutthroat smugglers, to enter this country illegally.”

But instead of dealing with this problem in a thoughtful way reflecting shared responsibility across party lines, President Obama’s critics quickly turned to the business of — if I may quote Beck — seeking political gain. Last week, the only issue that seemed to matter was whether Obama visited the border.

It’s not just partisan politics, either. It should bother religious people that politicians pay a lot of attention when conservative church leaders speak out against contraception and gay rights but hardly any when religious voices suggest that these children deserve empathy and care.

There are those in our clergy who could usefully consider whether they speak a lot louder when they’re talking about sexuality than when they’re preaching about love. Nonetheless, many religious leaders are condemning callousness toward these kids.

“The church cannot be silent,” the Rev. Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, wrote in Time magazine, “as angry groups of people stoking the flames of fear yell at buses filled with helpless immigrant children and women.”

And Sister Mary Ann Walsh, the media director for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, called for “a moral conscience moment” akin to the response during the civil rights era “in the welcoming of children and others escaping the violence in such countries as Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.”

It is said, and it’s true, that the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act that swept through Congress and was signed by President George W. Bush in December 2008 has had the unintended consequence of encouraging the Central American children to head north. To protect victims of sex trafficking, the law guaranteed an immigration hearing to unaccompanied minors, except for those from Canada and Mexico.

As the bill was making its way through Congress, members of both parties could not stop congratulating themselves for their compassion. The bill, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) said, arose from “exemplary bipartisan cooperation” and showed how big-hearted we are.

“Together, let us end the nightmare of human trafficking,” he declared, “and lead the world to see, in the poignant words of Alexis de Tocqueville, that America is great because America is good.”

Suddenly, although kids are still involved, we are far less interested in being “good” than in protecting our borders.

All the pressure now is to change the Wilberforce Act so it would no longer apply to Central American children. There’s a strong logic to this. The law does create a powerful incentive for unaccompanied minors from Central America (which is not that much farther away than Mexico) to seek entry, en masse, to our country.

But there is another logic: that the anti-trafficking law really did embody a “good” instinct by holding that we should, as much as we can, treat immigrant children with special concern. Do we rush to repeal that commitment the moment it becomes inconvenient? Or should we first seek other ways to solve the problem? Yes, policymakers should be mindful of unintended consequences. But all of us should ponder the cost of politically convenient indifference.

E.J. Dionne’s email address is Twitter: @EJDionne.

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283 Responses to Bordering On Heartless

  1. The problem has become insurmountable, but it is wrong to visit the sins of the older generation on the children. How many of us would feel different if the children were blond, blue-eyed children escaping violence and starvation from Canada?

    • I would feel EXACTLY the same way that I feel right now, and that is the kids don’t belong here. There are perhaps a billion or more folks who would benefit from coming to the U.S., but we can not reasonably permit them in this country. If you are so willing to spend your money to support these children, please publish your address so that we can send 10 or 20 kids to your house, and you can support them directly. Education alone for EACH kid will cost in excess of $10,000 PER YEAR. Add to that medical costs, housing costs, food costs, clothing costs, etc., and you will probably be looking at costs of a half million dollars for each kid during their lifetime. Were broke, and owe the Chinese over $17 trillion dollars.

      • “There are perhaps a billion or more folks who would benefit from coming to the U.S.”

        They must be people like you…lets send them to your house!

      • If it was up to the Rethuglan party and the TPricks they would have all them gun totting idiots that want to carry there guns everywhere they go, on the border shooting anyone that crosses the border. they (the repubs & TPrs) are afraid that if these kids get to stay here and become legal that they will be Democrats and vote. and they know that they will not vote Republican! they have NO COMPASSION or SYMPATHY for anyone that is not republican. how Christian is that for a bunch of adults to be shouting at a school bus carrying a bunch of innocent kids that have risked there lives fleeing there homeland because of the violence there. nothing but a bunch of PRICKS!!!!

          • Just in case you are interested, 99% of those shouting at the black kids walking into schools in the south were democrats.

          • And everyone who keeps pointing this out is either a moron or a liar. True, they voted for Democrats, until they discovered Democrats stood for Civil Rights, after which maybe one in a thousand remained with the Democrats rather than joining the openly-racist GOP with the rest.
            And don’t tell us that because what you said was true in the technical sense that it wasn’t a lie.

          • The Southern Dixiecrats all became republicans when northern democrats pushed for civil rights and voting rights. Why do you think the republican strong hold is now in the south? All the racists switched to a welcoming republican party where they are now the majority and continue to push their racist agenda.

          • Get your facts straight. Those racist Republicans are the reason the Civil Rights Act passed. A lot of Democrats voted against it. Read the facts in the Congressional Quarterly June 1964. And by the way, wasn’t MLK a Republican?

          • The part you missed is that the Dixiecrats switched parties in 1968 AFTER the passage of the civil rights acts. So, yes, the Southern Democrats were opposed to the civil rights acts, and Nixon strategist Atwater formulated the “southern Strategy” around successfully attracting them into the GOP. They’ve been a solid GOP voting block ever since. Ask David Duke.

          • Those same Dixiecrats change to the Republican party in response to Nixon’s and Reagan’ s southern strategy. When Strom Thurmond became a republican the democratic party got better!

          • Just a statement of fact that is no longer the case, Todd boy. Quick, look in the mirror, there’s an idiot there.

          • Irrelevant fact. That you state to make some sort of point….otherwise…why bother stating it? Whatever your point, it obviously carries no water here. But many ignorant right wing media listeners are too misinformed to realize that the Southern CONSVERATIVE Democrats of yesteryear are now the TP followers. We all know this firsthand as many make the same ‘point’ as you. And we immediately realize we are talking to an idiot.

          • There is a reason that the south is solid Republican. A Democrat signed the Civil Rights Act into law.

          • Same old tune. However, it was a Democrat that signed the civil rights act into law, hence the south has never voted Democrat since. Shows they are still racists.

      • We owe the Chinese less than $2T. We owe the American public (bonds, TBills, SS IOUs, etc.) about $9T.
        Yes, the kids may not belong here (certainly a change in our history of “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”, but lets go with it for now) but there are two Federal laws (from 2002 and 2008, both signed by GWB) that come into play. They require that minors be given a hearing to determine whether they can stay or not.

        • Sorry, we can’t support the “tired”, “poor”, those “yearning” for a free ride. Our country is broke, go back to where you came from.

          • Absolute HORSE MANURE!!! America has THE LEAST DEBT of any similar industrialized nation on the planet!!!

            America’s debt to GDP ratio is now under 73% while virtually EVERY OTHER similar industrialized nation runs a debt to GDP ration of 80% or greater; even Canada’s is over 85%.

            You obviously watch to much Faux News and believe TOO MANY FAUX NEWS LIES!!!!!

          • More utter rot as usual. China has been redeeming the debt it owns in America the past couple years to the point that of our 17 trillion in debt, China owns only about ONE trillion or less of it now. Some other countries in Europe actually own more of it. While the American people own far more than China and of the 17 trillion, our government owes about 1/3 of it to itself.

            You just love trying to further the GOP’s lies and distortions, don’t you!!!!!!

          • You just love liberal propaganda. The point is…. that it goes right over your libtard head. ZIP!

          • Nothing here proves anything I said is wrong – I said the debt China holds against the U.S. was “about 1 trillion”. 1.2-1.3 trillion is “about 1 trillion”.

            But what you and the vast majority of Americans don’t realize is that China owes the U.S. “about 1 trillion” on bonds that China sold the U.S. yeas ago.

            See the “Conservative Alert” this from AmericanBondHolders.Com:

            Obama Wants $1 TRILLION Debt Ceiling Hike — But We Can Get That From CHINA Right Now… No Debt Limit Increase Needed!

            YOU READ THAT RIGHT — China owes the United States nearly ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from bonds they sold to US decades ago!

            Everyone always goes on about how much WE owe to CHINA — but they’ve conveniently forgotten the fact that China owes US so much money!


          • More lies!!! Do you know how to post anything that isn’t a lie??

            When adjusted for inflation, spending is at the lowest levels in more than 60 years – at the levels of Eisenhower who was cheapskate (he leads all presidents since 1900 in presiding over the most recessions during his 8 years (3 of them) since he was such a cheapskate). And similarly, Obama is the smallest spending president since Ike.

            If the nitwits in the GOP House had passed Obama’s jobs bill back 3 years ago, it’s quite likely that Obama would have totally wiped out deficit spending – as his jobs bill would have created another 2 million plus jobs which would have spurred the economy and created even more jobs. More people working would have greatly increased tax revenues which is what is keeping the current spending in the deficits – NOT ENOUGH TAX REVENUES!! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TOO MUCH SPENDING!!

          • Let’s get a few things clear. One, our country is not broke, we are by far the richest nation on the planet and even more rich per capita. We have a revenue problem because there aren’t enough adults in the room to have a real discussion about expenses and revenue sources.

            Two, as a nation, we vehemently disagree with your morality (or lack thereof).

            In sum, if you have something valuable to contribute we would love to hear it. In the observed absence thereof, I’m moving on.

          • You just continue spouting GOP idiocy.

            Debt is a function of income. Someone earning $50,000 a year is in serious debt if they owe maybe over $400,000; whereas a debt of $400,000 would be minor debt to someone earning $200,000 a year.

            The same applies with countries. A 17 trillion debt would be serious debt to a country with a GDP of 5 trillion but to the U.S., that has a $17 trillion plus GDP, $17trillion in debt is no different than would be say $1,000,000 in debt to someone earning $1,000,000 per year.

            You idiots just keep inflaming the situation to achieve your own myopic, treasonous objectives.

          • You really are a moronic pinhead.

            The national debt is the result of deficits in past years. The last Democratic President left us with a SURPLUS. The last Republican President blew through that surplus in no time, wrecked the American economy, and left us with a record $1.5 trillion deficit.

            Democratic Presidents ALWAYS do better than Republican ones with the deficit, debt, and the American economy in general. Obama is no exception, and he has reduced Bush’s deficit by 2/3. We need another Democratic President to finish cleaning up the Republican mess, because it was just too huge to fix in one administration.

      • Are you a native American? No, so you ARE an illegal immigrant also! So you should give up your citizenship, and give it to one of these INNOCENT children, who, no doubt, will CONTRIBUTE to our society. If YOUR child was a thousand miles away, wouldn’t you want those people to at least be kind to them? Where is your empathy, shame on you.

          • I was sure that was somewhere in your “common sense.”
            So you oppose immigration of children because they’ll contribute – if they live, stay out of prison, and are treated like most of the poor in this country – to “left-wing” parties, in which we can include the right-of-center Democratic party which seems “left-wing” only when compared to the unhinged lunatics of the GOP.

          • We regret those who contributed to you.You are stupid and ignorant enough to think that you have arrived at this point in your life all on your own.

          • Statistics show, as immigrants age, they as a whole move UP in social/economic status, and pay MORE taxes, buy MORE goods/services, etc. How is this bad for the US?
            Yea, right, they might not support the lunatic GOP.

        • Paul, are you surprised with the behaviour of these people? Am not. These are the same people who were kicked out or run away from their country they were born in because it was hard for them to get along with their same people. They run away with that behaviour to the Native Americans land and they are still sticking to them. They never change. It is in their blood and they will die with that same behaviour.

          • The same people who graze their animals on government land for years and refuse to think they owe anyone for that.

        • Good point; these kids could, if they had the power, deport the WHITE people in their OWN countries back to Spain (and England in the case of Belize), because the vast majority of Hispanic people are descendants of the Native Americans who survived the wars and diseases brought by the Spanish and others.

      • Guess we should do the same for those opposed to (other people’s) abortions: just send the crack babies to some of those “Christians.”

        • Being raised by people like that would be worse for crack babies than being raised by mothers on crack. At least the mothers on crack CAN sober up and get better. These people will be hating with their last breath and the undertaker will not be able to bend their middle fingers back because of the rigor mortis (which set in mentally many years before death).

          • While your points are true, it seems to me there’s very little danger that any of the wing nuts will try to raise anything except their voices and their bank balances.

          • Actually, there is a Christian Taliban movement called “full quiver” (of arrows for the Lord’s army) that encourages “Christian” couples to ignore the problem of world population and bear and raise as MANY children as medically possible, to try to outbreed the “heathens” around them. If one of these couples had the chance, they WOULD adopt some of these children (but not too old and already set in their pagan ways) and raise them to be as full of hate (disguised as zeal for the Lord) as they are.

      • Refugees should be protected. You cannot help it if you have no compassion or do not even want to know the entire picture. Maybe, some of these right-to-lifers should take some real children and care for them.

    • I am sorry, the USA has enough of its own problems, we do not need other countries children. I can barely afford my own anymore, I do not need someone else’s to look after with my tax dollars.

        • Or an ‘American’ for that matter. What do people like teryn think the Statue of Liberty in NY harbor is suppose to represent?

      • As rugged individuals who are solely responsible for their own, then adding more people can be financial disaster. Ask any woman who faces an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy. Yet many of these women do make room for one more. Our country is a very wealthy community. When we start thinking of ourselves as a community of neighbors helping neighbors the burdens are much lighter.These children and their parents are in need. Instead of thinking of the costs, let’s start thinking of the benefits. From my work with refugees in the past, I have experiences benefits way beyond any expectations.

      • Your tax dollars are also paying for 47 times repeal of the ACA, lasted scheme to sue the President or to have him impeached, the bridge to no where, the salaries of the do nothing congress, do you want me to go on.

      • These are refugees and we are supposed to be a compassionate and civilized nation. I always wondered about the difference in those who sheltered Jews from the nazis and those who turned them in. What saddens me, is there are people here, who would have been the collaborators.

      • If you have a sick child and there is a car wreck out front of your house, you will ignore the injured and dying because you have enough of your own problems. In 1939 930 Jews were turned away on the ship, St. Louis because we didn’t have room for them. They were sent back to nazi Germany where they were gassed and cremated. In 1921, we passed the immigration quota act to limit the number of Asians seeking to come to this country. In 1942, we uprooted 110,000 American Citizens and put them in internment (concentration) camps because they were of Japanese descent. In 2014, you want to turn children, fleeing for their lives, back to be killed. Bully for you or is it bully is you.

  2. yes, this behavior by americans is beyond shameful. And it is encouraged by the meanest and nastiest of GOP politicians, including the governor of my state.

    • What the protesters don’t seem to understand is that adding border patrol officers, building higher fences, dynamiting tunnels, building electric fences, puncturing plastic water bottles so that illegal immigrants die of thirst, and encouraging vigilantes to shoot illegal immigrants, will not solve the latest problem.
      The women and children coming from Central America don’t jump fences or crawl through tunnels, they walk to the nearest immigration point and ask the border patrol officers and immigration officials for asylum, and are immediately transported to the nearest processing facility in accordance with the law signed by former President Bush in 2008. One of the laws the disciples of David Duke refuse to reform…apparently because they don’t know how to read or are incapable of rational thinking, beyond the pleasures of having overseers and hearing the crack of a whip.

      • Right Dominick. Can you imagine a poor kid coming all the way from Guatemala touches an electric fence and dies. Or get shot by border guards who get tired of seeing the flow which never end. This crisis is a very big test to any human being. As a country, we can pass the test or fail it because of the few who are ready to turn to be ignorant while they aren’t.

        • That’s the worst part. The people who don’t have a problem with Reagan’s wet foot-dry foot policy, because if the Gipper did it, it must be right, are not ignorant, they know what they are doing, and they enjoy what they are doing.

          • And at the end of it all, despite their inhumanity, many of them still consider themselves to be Christians; are they ever in for a big surprise.

          • “Suffer, Little Children, come unto me.” Or “You have done for the least of them have done for me.”

      • Securing the border will stop this crises. A comment from Obama saying your chances of staying are remote, would go a long way to slowing this mess.

        What you don’t get and refuse to admit is the Executive Order DACA 2012, that blanket covered illegals prior 2007 without Congress approval and is the beginning of the surge. It predated the 2008 law and added more all by Executive Order. It was the cause of the surge by simply broadcasting “that if you make it to the border you have a good chance at not being deported because there is a law that prevents that from happening”. Obama’s version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform without Congressional approval and now he wants billions not to stop the flow but to cover his ass for the crises of his making. He even has good old Jessie up in arms.

        Yes, Bush signed into law to protect minor immigrant children from traffickers, a pet project of Diane Feinstein “the Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act of 2007. Which was added to the William Wilberforce TVPR Act of 2008. It was to take custody and in a humane timely procedure for their cases to be heard and a decision made.

        It was either CBS or ABC, followed a mother and child go through the process and received a date to report for a hearing. Hearing date came and she was a no show, TV crew went to house she had given and found they had never heard of her. This is not the exception but the rule. 90% teens are no shows. It is now 3 years before a hearing and who pays for them this whole time the tax payer.

        Reagan did sign the Immigration bill which had in it the securing of the border, good old Tip O’Neal and the democratic majority never funded the border security.

        • And your ignorance continues!! What’s going on these days HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SECURING THE BORDER!! These kids ARE NOT crossing the border. Because of a law BUSH SIGNED, they’re simply walking up to border guards and asking for asylum. WAKE UP TO REALITY!!!!!!!!

          • I see you missed the facts again. Bush signed a law to protect the children from traffickers and sexual exploration. It was Obama by His Executive Order DACA 2012 not to deport the “dreamers” which has led to this crises. These people are hoping for the same. Since Obama signed it in June 2012 the numbers have gone from 12k in 2012, 38k in 2013 and 51K since October 2013, and still rising.
            Go on Youtube and watch these Union presidents of the Border Patrol, after talking to the young people the reason for them coming. The main answer they received was “it was the right time”.
            You are the one with the reality problem.

          • NOT TRUE!! More lies and distortions!!!

            It’s the Wilberforce act that Bush signed in 2008 which requires that all minors not from Mexico or Canada have to be held for a hearing to determine if they qualify for asylum in America.

            The Dreamers Act Obama signed has nothing to do with what’s happening these days.

          • All true, you just don’t like the truth. Numbers of illegals entering the country each year are correct,
            Hell, you are so in denial about your buddy Obama, when I quote Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security you even ignore him.
            Yes, you are correct on the law Bush signed, but the EO Obama signed 2012 “dreamers” not likely to be deported. What your little brain can’t grasp is that under Obama deportation has plummeted. Oh, the left talks a great story but the truth is very clear it has plummeted.



            Time for you to stick head back in the sand.

          • So let them stay in Mexico, why US? They are being told they are getting “free passes”-Jeh Johnson- Homeland security Sec..
            So it is our responsibility to feed, educate with our tax dollars. Hell even Jesse is having problems with this crises. Look at the polls, the majority of Americans have had it with this administration on immigration.

  3. I suppose there are certain people who would say, “turn around, walk out into the barren wasteland of Northern Mexico, and die”!

    • I’m afraid you’re right, and that only goes to show just how unAmerican many of those living in our country have become.

      • It makes me sick that children fleeing from death and destruction cannot be accepted as refugees. These same people would have sent the Jews back to the gas chambers.

        • In fact, their grandparents DID send some of them — an entire ship full — back to the gas chambers in the 1930s. That ship traveled around the world and EVERY neutral country turned them away. It had to go back to Germany, where the majority of its passengers did die in the camps.

          But that’s not what we, as Americans, WANT TO BELIEVE we are.

          Anne Frank never knew Prescott Bush, but his bank helped to buy her a train ride.

          • Along with Henry Ford and IBM. Wouldn’t it be nice if we decided we wanted to be what we thought Americans were and became a compassionate people?

    • They knew the job was dangerous when they took it. We need to take care of our own children first. Wise the hell up America!

        • Definitely not a compassionate person. If the tables were turned, would this creep want to be sent back to be killed?

      • These children DID NOT “take a job” to come here. They are running for their lives. If you were threatened with death, when you were a child, by a criminal who you knew could not be stopped by your local police, in fact may be a friend of your governor, you would be desperate to escape to another state and hope they would help you.

        Or do you think we should stop them with soldiers at the border, like Louie Gohmert said? They are ALREADY surrendering to the first official looking uniform they see. Would they turn back if the soldiers SHOT them? Or, as Gohmert said, use the navy to shell them? Is THAT the kind of “Christian America” you believe in, one that kills children at the border, or sends them back to certain death, without due process? America never turns away refugees (except for that ship full of Jews in the 1930s).

        • You are talking to a person who was born without the capacity for compassion. It is genetic and some just don’t have it. Maybe people are inclined to be liberal or conservative according to the predisposition.

          • Some people just have hearts that are “three sized too small” as Dr. Seuss wrote.

  4. Sanity at last–a plan that makes a lot more sense than giving kids teddy bears or shouting at busses or fund raising off rampant xenophobia.

  5. It is very hard to swallow all news regarding these kids. It is even more harder to watch people from the opposition side how they are treating them. How on Earth any human being who has an IQ larger than a normal animal can behave like a wild animal whose IQ is less than 0. How can a human being with the right thinking can differentiate themselves from a pet that all the time is to follow orders because can not think self and not aware at all how to treat fellow animals. Kudos to Glenn Beck. You are a high standard human being. You can think, you can realise whats good and what is bad, you can feel the pain of others are going through, you can understand that no one lives forever, we are living now BUT tomorrow whether we like it or not we have to go. So whats the use of not being considerate to others???????

  6. What do you suppose all those who are decrying the entry of these refugees from Central America into our country would be saying if there was a news article about say – the countries of Turkey and Jordan refusing to let the hundreds of thousands of refugees into their countries that are fleeing from the advancing ISIS terrorists – and instead forcing them back into the areas of fighting where they may well be killed?? They would quite likely be in the streets criticizing the leaders of these countries for being totally heartless, not seeing now just how big of hypocrites they really are.

    • You are absolutely right. And, the chicken hawks would be foaming at the mouth to send troops and spewing invectives at the President for not using the military to force our will on others.

  7. When one of the vilest and nuttiest political baboons our country has to offer (Glenn Beck) is taken aback by the sheer despicable intensity of Tea Bigot hate, it’s time to ask ourselves as a country why were are putting up with these despicable people.

    In yet another problem started by President Bush (as if there weren’t enough already), President Obama is correctly following the 2008 law as it applies in this case, while attempting to find ways to speed up the process of hearing the cases of these immigrant children to determine if they are, in fact, in danger and qualify for refugee status.

    But there is no act vile enough, no hate talk despicable enough, no lie ridiculous enough to satisfy the most ignorant and abominable people this country has to offer — The Tea Bigots. Since the day they first formed from the remnants of the KKK, white supremacist groups and the ever-present right-wing lunatic fringe, these people have done nothing but their level best to turn America into a cesspool. Racist hate, public lying and abject stupidity is all they’ve ever offered to America. Although the question has been asked many times, nobody has ever been able to name ONE THING that the Tea Bigots have done to help Americans.

    And now they are turning their loathsome, racist hate on innocent children? Real Americans don’t behave this way.

    Americans who truly love their country (as opposed to hateful Tea Bigots who only lie about it) need to start facing these worthless Neanderthals head on. It’s time that we showed up at their rallies, their places of business and wherever they spout their vile and despicable hate and let them know that we’ve had enough. Other countries in the world just watch in amazement — wondering how long we will tolerate this abhorrent, ignorant behavior. We need to shut this garbage down.

    Show your love for America: Slap a Tea Bigot.

  8. Anytime there is a chance that the tax dollars will be used on a minority, OMG, that is less that the GOP can give to their minions.

    • It’s just one more example of how anti-Christian the GOP and many of it’s supposedly Christian supporters have become.

  9. I think one of the big problems is that many in the Tea Party are truly like sheep – they’ll jump in and support virtually any issue that Tea Party related politicians and faux celebrities like Sarah Palin get on the airwaves and harangue about; not bothering to do any of their own thinking. Basically turning the vast majority of Tea Party supporters into true ‘sheeple’.

    • Those Tea Party sheep realize that the grass is almost gone and many will die if something isn’t done sensibly!

      • And they don’t realize that their masters like the Koch brothers have more hay in more barns than God and these guys ain’t about to share one straw with the sheep!

      • Sorry, Tea Party types clearly have no clue as to what the meaning of “sensible” is!! If they did, they wouldn’t be pushing for a great deal of the idiocy that they’re apparently pushing their corrupt politicians to push for: like budget cuts that do nothing but destroy the economy, or shutting down the government for the idiot reason of our government wanting to pay its debts!! Anybody who thinks that what the Tea Party has been pushing for is sensible is a clueless idiot himself!!

  10. OK, Obama, this is your fault for completely ignoring the border. Do something about these kids, and by the way, you are not getting any money to do it. Figure it out, though. Love, the GOP

    • False 5600 border agents is not ignoring our borders, picking up all those kids is not ignoring our borders. If they had made it in then it would be ignoring our borders. Think about it.

      • Leave it to the GOP to try to take political advantage of an unfortunate situation. The party has gone all out to convince its minions that Obama has not secured the border, when it fact, these kids are not crossing the border – they’re surrendering to guards at border crossings looking for asylum. As you pointed out, what’s going on these days has nothing to do with the border not being secure.

    • Not in my state. After a particularly horrid undercover tape was made showing animals being tortured on a dairy farm, the legislators lost no time in making such taping illegal.

    • More than likely, because being GOP supporters they’re too clueless to realize that unless these immigrant children become citizens they cannot share in Social Security or Medicare.

      And an interesting act is: the CBO projects that illegal immigrants in America contribute close to 7 billion/yr to Social Security (helping it survive) even though they are not eligible to receive S.S. or Medicare benefits.

      • They are so clueless they have even been known to wave signs around saying “keep your government hands off my medicare”

      • Unless some of these kids become citizens, or at least legal residents, they will not be paying into the FICA and Medicare payroll taxes to keep the trust funds solvent.

        • According to the IRS, in an effort to keep the undocumented status of some of their workers hidden, some employers actually deduct FICA and Medicare from the pay of some illegals using a number that the IRS gives them (I forget what that number is called – NCIS?), such that the CBO estimates that undocumenteds contribute as much as 7 billion/yr into social security and Medicare, which they can’t access because the money is not being recorded under a bonefida social security number. They do not have to become citizens in order to be contributing to the payroll tax.

          • That is true, but I was thinking of these kids after they grow up. If they are allowed in they will contribute to the Social Security and Medicare trust funds; if they are deported, and either die at the hands of the bullies who threatened them, or just never come back, legally or illegally, they will not.

          • You’re right. I hadn’t thought of it that way. So many Americans want to do nothing but demonize immigrants, not realizing that without them, the U.S. would be on a path to a diminishing population which would really create problems for people in their older years as there would not be enough younger workers contributing to Social Security.

            Then you have people like Bowen who’s convinced himself that these immigrants will create such over population that the country won’t be able sustain them; when in fact, a diminishing population is a much larger danger long term. So far in history, countries have always been able to work out dealing with an increasing population, and thus far, America has one of the lowest population densities on the planet.

            And then you have the faction which the GOP has convinced that America is on the throes of bankruptcy and can’t afford to house and feed these young immigrants; when in fact, America remains by far the wealthiest nation on the planet and despite our 17 trillion in debt, still has the lowest debt to GDP ratio (by quite a bit) of any similar industrialized nation in the world. Despite what the GOP would like people to believe, America is no where near being broke!!!!!

  11. The GOP has it right. There are laws barring illegal immigrants from staying in this country. If the government admits the illegals, what’s the point of the laws? They should be deported immediately. The U.S. should convene a conference of central and south American countries to discuss ways to develop democracy and jobs in those countries, and offering financial assistance as needed. People won’t rush to enter the U.S. if there are jobs and stability in their home countries.

    • Sorry. The 2008 law signed by GWB gives unaccompanied minors a hearing to determine whether they should be sent back or given asylum. The “government” is not “admitting” them, it is holding them pending a hearing, as required by law.

      • You are talking to someone who cannot comprehend that. It was probably his ancestors who turned to boat load of Jews back to Germany to be gassed and sent to the crematoriums.

    • Actually, the laws require that they be given a hearing. The laws ARE being followed, that is why it takes up to two years to work through the system.

    • Sounds good, but one of the primary reasons Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are such horrific places is the “help” they previously received from us.

    • Oh that’s a good one. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the GOP to offer financial assistance….to anyone. Except of course, Corporations.

    • BTW. What fair and balanced media do you listen to….and not know that the ‘illegals’ we are discussing here, are entering legally.

  12. Why? can’t our leaders come together and do some crittcal thinking and solve this problem. I throught our President showed some concern When? he asked Congress for MONIES to set up camps for the children.Who? the hell is in charge of this country. Somebody better tell those Texans that America is for all. Democracy is still alive even though we have them that disagree. We can work this out Time will take care of this problem and the children will prevail because this is America and everybody is welcome. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. P. S. A lot of those border States think they own all the land around them, Plutocracy instead of Democracy. Mr. C. E. KING

  13. GOP heartless towards children? It’s been that way for a while now, so where has everyone been. The GOP, “pro-life,” but cutting food stamps to children and lunch programs at school…I think their (the GOP) new motto should be; “You born em, we’ll starve em!”

    • You’ve got to be kidding.
      The odds are excellent that those leading this crusade against children are far more fervent than the average hypocrite in declaring themselves “saved” and “forgiven” Christians.

      • Have a Bible handy? Look up Matthew 19:14. I stand by my statement.

        That said, I know that you are not actually disputing with me, but O the hypocrisy…

        • Understood. Actually, I don’t have a Bible handy, but I always like the book attributed to Matthew, even admitting its rather obsessive determination to prove that everything in it was somehow foretold, no matter how far the “prophecy” or its “fulfillment” must be stretched.
          Not often quoted by the “Born Again,” because Matthew says you’ll be judged by what you DO, not how much faith you have or how correct your dogma might be.

  14. At the end of the Vietnam war, millions of refugees fled their countries by boat and by foot. Tiny Thailand became a place of refuge for millions of people. The Thai refugee camps were not luxury hotels and I have heard first hand horror stories, but the United States, and the UN have resettled and repatriated most of these people. The “problem” with these Central American child refugees is not insurmountable. It is not unaffordable. It is a matter of will,, mercy, cooperation with other nations and a plan. And yes,I did have refugee living in my home. And yes, I would welcome these kids. My church sponsored and found housing, jobs and community for 37 refugees in 10 years.

  15. Looks like Lady Liberty’s light has gone out and people ignore the promise of
    The New Colossus
    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed,sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch,whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning,and her name
    Mother of Exiles.From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes
    The air bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep ancient lands,your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips.”Give me your tired,your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these,the homeless tempest -tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
    Clearly,there are those in our country to whom these words will fail to open up their hardened hearts.They thrive and suck and tell the constant lie of
    “Not Enough.” They hide the gold and claim there is no promise and tear our land apart.

  16. We should not be surprised that this attitude comes from the same people whose health care proposals are “let ’em die”. The angry have no compassion for their fellow Americans, how can they possibly find the time to care about these kids?

  17. What we have on our souther “secure” souther border is nothing less than an invasion. It may be non violent, but it is an invasion. Thousands of illegals walk across our bordeer every day. Many are children, but they carry many communicable diseases with them. They are then put on airplanes without ID’s and are spreading whatever they brought with them to the general public. They are sucking our country’s resources dry. It would be nice to take care of all the oppressed children of the world, but Barack Obama’s invitation to come and not ever have to leave is not realistic. This is an attempt to further bankrupt our, whether intentional or not. What Americans have to suffer to take care of these illegals we are simply allowing to walk into our country. Is it the veterans we take money from? Is it the head start program that suffers? is it seniors on medicare and social security we take this money from? Is it our military? The money has to come from somewhere. Maybe all those that support letting these children walk into our country should pay for them personally. If you want to have these children come to our country, then put your money where your mouth is, literally. Volunteer your salaries to pay for all this. If you don’t then consider yourselves complete hypocrites.

    • Just reclaiming land we stole from their ancestors, who stole it from the native inhabitants (of whom many of these refugees are no doubt descendants, at least in part).

    • Better,I suppose,that we should endure the hoarding and secreting away of unpaid tax dollars rightfully owed to the Federal government by corporate scofflaws.If an asshole like you has the ability to do so,then you can please send at least two of those nasty,dirty,diseased children to me. On less than one thousand dollars a month,I will house them in my one bedroom apartment.I will cook good nutritious meals for them.I will see that they have good clean clothes and that they themselves are clean.I will see to it that they are educated.They will sleep in my bed and I will sleep on the floor. And I will teach them to never ask for anything from someone like you.

  18. The law needs to be repealed so we can deport these kids immediately. We cannot afford to take in all of the world’s children who live in undesirable places.

      • These kids are aliens. They should be treated the same as other aliens and deported immediately. That requires the law to change, but it was a misguided law to begin with.

          • Then stick on talking about the Law. Leave these poor kids alone. They know nothing about the Law, neither where they are at the moment.

          • Most of them know very well what the law is, or at least how it is enforced in practice. They know that if they can get in, the odds of they staying indefinitely are good. The law needs to change so that they may be deported immediately.

          • Stop lying. Many of these children are under the age of 10, some of them aren’t much more than toddlers traveling with older siblings. Such children do not understand the legalities involved.

            You should appreciate following the law. If it weren’t for the law you would be just another illegal alien subject to deportation — and then you’d be too busy worrying about your own ass to hate on little kids.

          • If they are that young, than someone is bringing them in with them. Many of the others are teenagers. Either way, someone knows what they are doing here. The laws needs to change to deport them ASAP.

          • Why not instead change the law that allows YOU to be here? That way we have a win-win situation: We have an innocent child who can grow up to help keep this country remain great, and we’ve gotten rid of one drooling bigot European illegal alien who is dragging this country down.

          • These children are not innocent. They know exactly what they are doing in coming here, or are following the instructions of someone who does. This will not remain a great country if we don’t strictly enforce our immigration limits.

          • Come on James. These kids up to two years old know what the Law says???? They know nothing. They do not know even the English language either. Those who might know a bit of something are their parents who sent them down to the border. Is this a thing no one can’t reason out!!!!

          • It is not two-year olds who are coming across, unless someone brings them. Judging from the pictures I have seen, many of them are teenagers–and they know very well what they are doing.

          • Imagine these kids, scared and running and being met at the border with all those heartless people. Imagine the pain their parents went through to send them away so they could live.

          • Who is going to change the law? We can’t even get our representatives to put in an appearance most days.

        • I know you lack the compassion gene, but these kids are refugees fleeing for their lives. Were your ancestors some of those who turned the boat back? Did you do your part, by practicing birth control? How many kids did you produce to help with the population?

          • Again, we can’t take in all of the people in the world who live in violent places. Violence in Central America is nothing new. These kids are coming here because they accurately believe that they can stay indefinitely if they make it here. If that was not the case, they would not be coming in such numbers.

            I don’t have any kids. I would like to, but I intend to stop at two.

    • there are over three hundred million US citizens and we most certainly aren’t going to be bankrupted by feeding and sheltering a hundred thousand children. we have huge surpluses of food and lots of empty land.

      if you have a point to attempt to make, it’s gotta be something other than this imaginary “we can’t possibly afford it” garbage.

      • 300 million is already too high. The “empty” land that you refer to is empty for a reason–there is too little water there. Immigration is almost the sole cause of U.S. population growth, which is unsustainable. The surpluses you take for granted will be erased if this growth continues. We need to greatly reduce legal immigration and have absolutely zero tolerance for unauthorized immigration such as we are seeing with these kids.

        • There IS no ‘unauthorized immigration’ with these kids. Everything being done here is according to law. Why do you keep insisting we must break the law? Are you a criminal who doesn’t respect laws?

          • They might not be illegally-present aliens, at least not yet, but they sure are unauthorized immigrants. They were not invited here nor do they have legal permission to enter the U.S. Current law states that a hearing must be conducted to determine their status. It is imperative that that law change immediately so that they can be declared illegal aliens and be deported upon capture.

          • The only imperative is that the law be obeyed. why does an illegal immigrant from Europe think that he doesn’t have to obey the law?

        • Bowen, do you think that simply making claims up and stating them as truths is really valuable???
          the USA is underpopulated, having one of the lower population densities in the world.

          and it has a freakin enormous amount of surplus food as well.

          the US GIVES AWAY far more food to feed the people of Gaza ( and has for decades) than it would need to feed these kids.

          hysteria and bs claims simply don’t amount to a cup of spit, Bowen.

          the same stupid claims have been made since the 1850s when the Know-Nothing were screaming that all the immigrants from Ireland would destroy the USA

          • So, the fact that Lakes Mead and Powell are so low because we are taking more water from the Colorado River than is fed into it is a made-up claim, huh? Just because we have a low population density does not mean that we are underpopulated. The land has to be capable of sustaining large population densities. Only a quarter to a third of our country meets that criteria. We also need space to grow food to feed the population–did that ever occur to you? Yes, we do have a large surplus of food, but that surplus will be erased if we keep growing. We need to stop growth, and to do that we need to slash immigration and not tolerate unauthorized immigration. One more thing. Our surplus is only what it is due to technologies that rely on non-renewable resources. Using completely sustainable organic resources, the U.S. could maybe sustain 150 million indefinitely. For more information, look up Dr. Albert Bartlett.

          • So tell me then, how are we going to sustain an ever-growing population when our water supplies, among other things, are all ready running dry in many areas of the country?

          • If you don’t live to be part of the answer then you are part of the problem.It is always the same old shitty lie with you and your kind-never enough to go around.

          • I noticed that you didn’t answer my question. I conclude that you don’t have one. Well, I do, and part of it goes like this: halt population growth, which means slash immigration.

          • I have a better one.Support legislation that allows a woman to make her own health choices,especially contraception,known world-wide to control population.By the way,I did indeed answer your question.Perhaps you would do better to address your question to those who are responsible for the the problem.But then you would have to deal with climate change deniers among other things.

          • I do not see that you answered by question, but I agree with you here. I am a very, very strong supporter of birth control and family planning. However, the native fertility of the U.S. is already well below replacement level. It is immigration that is driving our population up, and it needs to be reduced.

          • are you willing to see Bowen put to death?

            I would hope not. being a fool isn’t a capital crime.

          • You are stretching quite far to suggest that I favor putting Bowen to death. But I do not oppose his self inflicted destruction if he is so sincere in his concern of overpopulation.

          • sorry, Mark if you thought I was being serious rather than facetious. I didn’t really think that you were really advocating the death of Bowen.

          • I’m a fool, huh? We tell me, how we are going to indefinitely sustain an ever-growing population driven by immigration?

          • the same way that we’ve sustained AND VASTLY PROFITED from the 100,000,000+ immigrants that came before them, foolish one.

            we don’t have to sustain them all indefinitely. they, as do we all, die in a fairly short time and their descendants help sustain the nation and the citizenry.

          • You missed something. The population is growing due to immigration. How do we sustain an ever-growing population?

          • we don’t have a problem with that, Bowen. not only do we have lots of room, and an enormous amount of rich agricultural land, we also have an abundance of readily available fresh water, sufficient to sustain a far larger population than we have.
            we’re good for centuries of population growth in terms of land and water.

            there are areas of the world that have problems with that and China seems poised to run into water shortages in the next couple of decades, but we’re not.

            you wanna worry about something, maybe you might wonder if the planet’s atmosphere isn’t a bit stressed.

          • We do not have lots of room. About 2/3 of our country is too dry to have large population densities. We do have a lot of good land, but using completely sustainable organic methods, we can only sustain about 150 million indefinitely (our current surpluses are achieved with technology which depends upon non-renewable resources). And if the human population were to keep growing at the rate is has since 1972, in 500 years the mass of all human beings would equal that of the current estimate of the Earth’s non-bacterial biomass. That obviously is not going to happen.

          • You would fit right in with the Bilderbergers.Perhaps you should apply for membership.Failing that,you can probably still find some old Nazi’s who will share their ideas on population control with you.

          • You really need profession help!! You are so absolutely clueless it’s infuriating!!

          • Then I’ll ask you. Tell me how we are going to indefinitely sustain population growth?

          • We’re already doing it!! America is already producing far more food than the nation needs. And the current water problems in the west are due to a drought situation, NOT TOO OVERPOPULATION!!!!!!!!

          • Drought is routine in the West. The fact that the demand for water already exceeds what can be reliably provided from year to year demonstrates that the West is overpopulated. And we are only producing that food due to modern agricultural technology that depends on resources that we will run out someday at current rates of usage.

          • You’re clearly a shortsighted defeatist. In another post, I told you about the USS Pennsylvania which easily converts enough sea water to fresh to keep it’s 200 plus man crew going for months. Thus far, there hasn’t been much done to convert the water in the Pacific for drinking water because most of the demand had come from farmers who couldn’t afford to pay what it may cost for desalinated water.

            But now with more towns and cities really being hit by water shortages, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time (very quickly) when you’ll see large desalination plants spring up along the West Coast and within the next 5 plus years, water shortages will be a thing of the past in the West.

            You keep spouting all these things about using organic growing methods will only support 150 million people – making those statements based on what’s known today about how to grow produce organically, showing just how shortsighted you are by assuming that no one is going to devise a better method when the chips are really down.

          • Again, that is speculation. You do not know if we are going to make more discoveries that would lead to indefinitely sustainable agriculture at our currently high yields. And it is foolish to base important decisions on course of action on speculation. Even if such new discoveries are made, they still do not change those physical limits that I mentioned.

          • Americans already do that. Our fertility rate is sub-replacement and has been since 1972, at least among native-born Americans. It is immigration and immigrant fertility that is causing our rapid population growth. We have to reduce immigration and not tolerate illegal immigration if we are to stabilize our population.

          • You have some credible statistics? The individual snowflake does not feel responsible for the avalanche. So, it it okay to increase the population via your spermatozoa, but not by attrition. Now that your ancestors were welcomed in this country, you can withhold any compassion for those who follow. Since you have a hard time processing the actual problem – refugees from death and danger are not the same as illegal aliens. The illegals are here because of your greedy fellows who ship them in to avoid paying decent wages. I think compassion is genetic and you may not have the gene to feel with these children or their parents. You won’t be able to feel the fear both the children and their parents have felt and seen. People, like you, have the ability to dehumanize people and make everything their own fault.

          • Here’s one: And no, it is not okay to increase population by any means. Americans are good as using birth control and have been since the early 70’s. We are a full country and we don’t have room for any more. We are not a frontier nation like we were in the 19th Century. And violence in Central America is nothing new. What is new is an accurate perception that they will be allowed to stay if they make it here. Their refugee status much be stripped by a law change. Also, the murder rate in those Central American nations is lower than it is in Chicago.

          • I am not talking about killing anyone off. I am talking about halting and reversing growth, which means sub-replacement fertility, very strict immigration limits, and economic disincentives to growth.

          • When are you going to wake up to the fact that NO ONE on the NM is going to listen to your horse turds!!!

          • Some do, and frankly those who don’t have a closed mind. Denying the threat of overpopulation to the U.S. is along the lines of denying global warming, only even more so.

          • I have not seen one NM poster agree with your fanatical obsession with overpopulation. Sorry – you’d have to prove that one to me. Only someone with limited IQ cannot see that ingenuity will bring about the solutions to population growth when the time comes that they are really needed – WHICH IS NOT NOW!!!!!!!

          • And what are those solutions going to be? If you can’t answer that question, than this is nothing but speculation. Such important matters should not be decided on speculation. Even if there “solutions” that will buy us time, ultimately no technical solution can overcome a physical barrier: the energy the Earth receives from Sun. Using completely sustainable organic methods, the U.S. can only indefinitely sustain about 150 million people. Our current surpluses are achieved with technology that relies on non-renewables such as those fossil fuels you say we don’t need.

          • The solutions are wind, solar and plasma. They’ve already proven they can create “the sun in a box”. A lump of plasma the size of your hand (what the sun is made of), will generate more heat than any nuclear reactor can produce without the side affects of radiation. They’ve almost gotten the process cheap enough where plasma could easily replace any current planned nuclear generators and replace any that have been planned for coal fired power generation.

            They’ve actually reduced the price of creating heat and power from solar to where it’s cheaper than coal. The Battery company that produces the batteries for Tesla cars is now producing batteries for home use which is why thousands of homes here in the North East have already been taken off the grid and our self generating. The solar panels
            produce more than enough electricity for the home which is stored in the homes batteries and excess is fed back into the grid.

            Germany recently because the 1st country on the planet to get more than 70% of its power generation from Solar. The days of power grids are numbered. Another article on solar has shown that a 248 by 248 square mile field of solar panels, would be enough to produce all the electric power that is currently being used by the ENTIRE PLANET. They showed where that could be put in the middle of the Sarah Desert. They could put several much smaller solar panel farms in the U.S, at critical points and feed the current grid. It’s going to happen within the next 5 years.

            The University of Maine in my state is also testing tidal power generators to utilize the power of the tides to also produce electricity. They’ve gotten some pretty good results from doing that down at East Port near the Bay of Fundy.

            The days of coal and oil are numbered. Those companies better start figuring out real quick what they’re going to do when the demand for coal and oil disappear (but then maybe China and India will keep them going for a while longer.

            Although it was because an American company that got pirated and shipped to China gave the Chinese the American know how for producing solar panels, that Solyndra was not able to compete and had to go bankrupt. So it’s China that is flooding the world now with cheap solar – so maybe oil and coal aren’t that safe after all.

          • So these will help us generate more power–but that is only one of many challenges. These do not increase the amount of energy we get from the Sun. They do not raise the photosynthetic limit.

            By the way, how is this plasma heated (seriously, I am just curious on this one)?

          • Do you realize that the USS Pennsylvania, the largest submarine in the world, already produces more than enough water from the water its submerged in to supply its crew of hundreds and all the water the sub itself needs, so that the sub can stay submerged for more than 3 months without surfacing (it doesn’t store any water to begin with) – and the only reason it needs to surface in that time is because they run out of food – they simply don’t have enough room to store enough food for more than 3 months for hundreds of personnel (it also makes all the air the crew needs while it’s creating the fresh water).

            You’re working yourself up because you’re far too shortsighted to realize that there are people on this planet that can come up with solutions to anything. And with respect to overpopulation of a country like America, which at the moment has one of the least population densities on the planet – IS THE LEAST OF AMERICA’S PROBLEMS!! Why don’t YOU try to figure out something more important to hype up – OVERPOPULATION ISN’T ONE OF THEM!!!

          • Being a Naval nuclear submarine officer, I am well aware of the technical and operational capabilities of the U.S.S. Pennsylvania. What are these solutions that you are so confident of? Can they overcome conservation of energy. If they can’t, than overpopulation is the major threat the world is facing.

          • He doesn’t need to die in order to reduce the population. Since he’s a European immigrant who relies on similar laws to be here, he should simply declare the law invalid, renounce citizenship, and cast off in a leaky boat headed for whatever hell-hole he came from. Self-deportation for bigots — yeah, that sounds like a winner, but I’d also support lending him and those like him a helping hand.

          • I would be more than happy to do so. I’ve had enough of all of these vile and despicable bigots to last several lifetimes.

          • Hey folks, lets settle down.

            While I don’t agree with James on many issues, I’ve had some good and respectful conversations with him and he deserves to be treated with the same respect we expect for ourselves.

          • I’m afraid I’m going to have to file that one under ‘DontCare’.

            Anyone who comes out here advocating doing evil things to very real people — in this case innocent children — had better make sure they have their big boy pants on.

          • I am beginning to think that empathy and compassion are inherent traits. You were either born with it or you weren’t. I also think those that were born with it tend to be more liberal, politically. These heartless people cannot help it.

          • I truly like to give people the benefit of the doubt,and I’m sure that there is a certain percentage of people who are constitutionally incapable of certain positive human traits.I Don’t think that they are reachable,but there are those,and we encounter more than our fair share of them here on the Memo,who are knowingly and willfully ignorant.I also think that we develop a sensitivity to that willfull ignorance that helps to inform us as to who or what type of person we are dealing with.I don’t think this Bowen guy is all bad,but his perspective on immigration is a case of looking at the glass as half empty and in this case is the difference between negative and positive thinking.You and I both know that the other side likes to promote the lie that there is not enough of anything to go around and share with everyone.It is a bald faced lie based in fear.The insanity of constant fear will cause someone to hold hard to their beliefs even when down deep in their hearts,they know it is wrong.

          • You neglected to comment on his very real opinion that we should consider launching nuclear weapons against immigrants to combat immigration. IMHO that is the opinion of a lunatic.

          • I guess there are some opinions that are so ridiculous that they don’t warrant a response much less a discussion

          • I showed you evidence the other day cluesless one -that a shrinking population is FAR WORSE than a growing one. Ingenuity will always succeed to adjust to a growing population BUT NOTHING CAN BE DONE TO SPUR THE ECONOMY OF A NATION WITH A SHRINKING POPULATION!! When are you going to shut up with your nonsense!!!!!!!

            The horse crap that the professor in Colorado brainwashed you with has been disproven numerous times over the past couple years. When are you going to wake up to that fact???

          • You showed me nothing except for speculation that, even if it comes true in the short term, will ultimately fail in the face physical limits. A gradually-shrinking population is far, far preferable to a growing one in the current state of affairs. It is not population growth that develops and advances an economy–it is inventiveness. And Dr. Bartlett’s points have not been disproven. If they have, that would mean that it has been demonstrated that energy is not conserved, and that certainly hasn’t happened.

          • You are getting awfully close to acknowledging that global warming is real. Time to back off a bit before we learn something.

          • Global warming is real and is a serious threat. Did I ever imply that was not the case?

          • Jim, you’re right, I don’t recall you being a climate change “truther”!
            I think plc97477 is referring to Tea partiers in general, not to you in specific. So, on behave of him, I a yellow dawg, apologize for this broad brush painting of yourself, I’m glad some conservatives believe global warming is a serious threat. Have a great day.

          • Imagine, for a minute, that where you live is hit with a national disaster like a tsunami or a caldera. Now imagine your only path of safety leads you to Canada and Canada turns you away.

          • If there was a disaster such that people remaining there would surely die, I would support letting them in temporarily. However, letting them in should be orderly and disciplined. They should be supervised and kept in one place. These kids are fleeing bad situations, but they are not situations where death is certain if they don’t flee.

          • How does this square with your belief that we should consider using nuclear weapons — launching them against our own Texas-Mexico border, of all things — to combat immigration? Let me enlighten you to a simple truth: Nuclear weapons launched against the Texas-Mexico border would also result in death — many deaths. And those deaths wouldn’t be limited to would-be immigrants, you nut.

          • I don’t think nuclear weapons should be used at the border. My point there was that if the people in these nations turn hostile because we turn these kids away at the border, we have the ability to deal with that.

          • Now you are just flat-out lying. You have previously commented that should the number of immigrants become such that our border agents and/or National Guard could not manage to stem the tide we could always use nuclear weapons. Don’t make me go dig up your post and rub your nose in it.

          • Yes, I do maintain that, but that doesn’t mean I want that to happen or think it will be necessary.

          • Actually, in some cases they HAVE been threatened with certain death if they return. And we ARE doing the processing in an orderly manner. The protesters are, in fact, interfering with that orderly process by blocking official traffic (and how do you think those kids who do survive will think of our country as adults?), and the House of Reprehensibles is unwilling to provide necessary funding to keep the process orderly.

          • Maybe a few of them have, but most of them haven’t. The murder rate in Chicago is higher than it is in those countries. The protestors have a very legitimate concern that these aliens will never be deported if they are not deported immediately. The funding request appears to do just that, and it should be denied unless the law is changed to allow their immediate deportation. If the law is not changed, they should be placed in detention camps near the border instead of transported to communities in the interior.

          • The Yellowstone supervolcano is overdue for an eruption of Hollywood proportions (except that it would be real). Half of the US would be covered in volcanic ash and uninhabitable for a century. Our people would probably try to flee to Mexico AND Canada.

      • It is not certain that they will die if they are sent back. They are coming here because they believe they can stay indefinitely if they make it. If that was not the case, they would not be coming.

  19. Well this influx will probably reduce and hurt our ‘middle class’ statistics that Obama is always referring to!

  20. “Bordering on heartless?!?” The GOP are heartless, cruel and Fascist bastards…there’s no “bordering” in that regard with the GOP…they crossed that “border” a very long time ago 🙁 ssmdh

  21. All this hateful rhetoric is coming from the Religious right. These kids are running from forces that are trying to kill them and you treat them like dirt. If you had any shame you’d hide your faces, but all I can see is a bunch of hate on them because your hearts are filled with hate! Crawl back under your rocks and don’t come back out until you learn some empathy!

  22. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: The doing nothing and obstructionists group of clowns that representative only 45% of the American voters due to their State gerrymandering lack Common sense and Decency. It seems less important to House of Republicans as they continue their shameful racial animus conduct toward President Barack Obama for trying to do his job. These House clowns don’t want to solve the basic policy problem we face, which will require accepting uncomfortable trade-offs, when continuing to do doing nothing — allowing the status quo to fester — is politically easier. They say $3.7 billion is too much but had no problem flushing $26 billion down the toilet when they closed our Government,then paid-off federal employees for keeping them home! Some of us Americans share Martin Luther King’s dream that this President will be judged by the content of his character to take responsible action and not by the color of his skin! In closing everyone has to understand that although we have shared international community Humanitarian moral responsibility to deal with REFUGEES with other South American countries, but we are not and cannot be THE policeman or social welfare agency for the World. And anyone that disagrees, no problem, just put up your own money! But we are sick and tired these disgraceful “doing nothing” republican hypocrites (nation press: no more false equivalents)! There will be some voting surprises for them in November!

  23. … w/a bit of sick, twisted irony, it’s almost humorous watching these people eat each other alive w/hate… But sadly, they’re American’s & free to express themselves in just these perverse, psychotic ways – Beck, for wracheting up this very same ghoulish hate mob over the years & the mob, who now has deserted the very values & virtues they claim to be ‘trying’ to preserve! To an individual, it must feel awful knowing their votes in the 2001 thru this most previous election, going to conservatives, has brought them a world of such chaos. In spite of what they claim to the contrary, the years that President Bill Clinton was in office are their best of recent memory. Knowing that by not voting for Al Gore to succeed President Clinton, the suffering they & the rest of the Planet endures currently, is a product of their ill-informed, unwitting actions at ‘stickin’ it’ to Liberals… & now it’s our job to save US… & them… b/c that’s the kinda of people we are (w/empathy toward lesser creatures)…

  24. People do tend to loss their humanity when they feel threatened. What I find the most heartless are the elected congressional representatives that whip those fears up through their access to the press. Not only is it heartless, it is unethical and just the exact opposite of what they swore on the bible to do. Not only are the GOP members heartlessly ignoring the fact that they are talking about children, they are putting their own selfish needs ahead by using the minds and hearts of the very people who voted them in a negative way. But we have to remember that this is the same Party, that will do anything to end abortion and do away with birth control while refusing to feed hungry children and make sure they get health care and a good education.

  25. What this shows the world is the perverse way Americans follow their faith. Their Jesus is not one of love but one of hatred, one who hates Latinos minority women, LGBT followers and anyone on public assistance. These are the people who on Sunday put their arms in the air and ask for forgiveness for their lives, then go out on Monday with hearts filled to the brim with hatred. Welcome to the Christ of the Republican party. a venal and vindictive man, callous to the suffering of anyone that doesn’t look like us, especially the defenseless. It was the same Christ that was worshipped during the slave owning period of our history, by people who never understood his message. The same ones that yell the loudest today.

  26. There are so many people in this country who desperately want children and can’t have them. Can’t something be done to match some of these courageous, but scared kids with those who would volunteer to give them a good home and a future? How can we,as a nation turn our backs on innocents, regardless of where they come from or how they got here? They are children who need our protection and we need to stand by them. These are the ones who made it here. How many died along the way in the hopes of safety in America. We can’t just give this lip service. We, as a people, need to step up and show what we’re made of. Nothing is more important than protecting human life wherever and whenever it is in danger. How can any decent human beings turn their backs on children?

  27. The embarrassment and shame I feel at this moment from the images I have seen and words I have heard from “Americans” screaming and attacking bus loads of these children and women in my state of California is a complete disgrace. My grandmother was a full blood Native American, my father’s mother, my Great Grandmother was a full blood Choctaw Native American my mother’s grandmother. I come from this with a completely different outlook. I know what racism and bigotry are, first hand, and I know it when I see and hear it, no matter how quiet the “dog whistle” is……..and from what is coming from the right and far right is contemptible. The hypocritical two faced rhetoric is beyond the pale, from McCain, Perry, countless numbers, despicable Fox News, so many in the House, Steve King, Gohmert, too many to count…..These idiots can’t wait to get their face on TV to denounce and blame the President for THEIR, THE GOPTP, failures in governance, while they condemn CHILDREN for escaping horrific situations refusing to vote the funds to address immediate issues to protect CHILDREN for Gods sake!!!!! John Boehner’s refusal to legislate and put the Senate bill on immigration up for a vote is an absolute failure in responsible governing ……then predictably, Boehner continues to repeat ad nauseam, “our broken immigration system is of the Presidents making”………..REALLY, ….NO Mr. Orange man, it’s your cowardice and poor leadership that this problem exists today!!!!! Exactly who did Boehner blame when the Republicans refused to pass or even address Immigration when Geo. W was president????? This is a big country and we are not “poor” as the GOPTP wants us all to buy, that’s just lazy political rhetoric…… I CERTAINLY DO NOT AND NEVER WILL BUY IT!!!! Some one in the Republican Party that is left of the very few that still maintain some sense of right and wrong, need to stand up to the Tea Party racists and xenophobes and tell them they are MORALLY WRONG, beyond hateful and inhumane and put a stop to this insanity, they may be the GOPTP’s base, but that’s nothing to brag about or be happy for and it sure as Hell will not get you elected to the White House any time in the near future and is plain and simple a deteriorating moral assault and cancer eating away at the civility and decency and doing the morally RIGHT thing for human beings, mostly children, in horrific circumstances whose lives will NEVER be the same…….

  28. Yes, these are the same people who wave the constitution and scream “freedom” and “liberty”

    You know, we had a President once who empowered us and gave us hope and pride with the words “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”

    And now we have another entire party whose entire political strategy is to inflame fear and anger.

    It’s only been 70 years between the two. I refuse to “fear”. I refuse forget what “liberty” actually means. I emphatically support de Tocqueville’s statement that “America is great because she is good.” Ignore those spouting fear and anger, remember our greatness is based in us and our goodness.

    Sorry, feeling a little philosophical, but let’s not forget who we are.

    • Their idea of “freedom” is the freedom to teach their kids that two plus two is five, without interference from “gummint propaganda” in the schools teaching them that two plus two is four.

      Must be something jihadist in that AL-gebra and AL-gorithms, not to mention ARABIC numbers, right, Kleagle?

  29. Well since he has fueled and deliberately cultivated this environment and a lot of the crazy it is good that it is getting directed at him.

  30. Hey, here’s an idea even the NRA should love. If we’re going to send these kids back to the streets of San Jose or Tegucigalpa, it would be compassionate to equip them to defend themselves. So while they are here, let’s give them firearm training to make them snipers, send them home, and put a nice shiny American made assault rifle in their checked baggage, so as soon as they leave the airport they can defend themselves. What could possibly go wrong?

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