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Friday, October 28, 2016

Boy Scouts’ Policy On Gays Looks Increasingly Out Of Touch

Boy Scouts’ Policy On Gays Looks Increasingly Out Of Touch

So one of the nation’s largest and most respected youth organizations has decided that it will continue to discriminate against gays and lesbians. That decision leaves me with just one thing to say: Too bad for the Boy Scouts.

While much of the country has finally figured out that rank discrimination against homosexuals is bad for everybody, the Scouts remain hobbled by an antediluvian policy. The Supreme Court, though, has ruled that the organization has the right to be wrong. So be it.

For years now, gay advocacy organizations and civil rights groups have pressured the Boy Scouts of America to reconsider a longstanding rule that excludes openly gay or lesbian adults from roles as leaders, as well as prohibiting openly gay boys as members. But rights are only one facet of the Scouts’ wrongheaded policy.

Opportunity — opportunity for the boys who look to scouting for leadership — is another facet. The Scouts have elected to continue excluding a untold numbers of men and women — surgeons, lawyers, coaches, soldiers, athletes — who might have volunteered their time, their skills, their energy and enthusiasm. There are openly gay men and women serving in the clergy, in the armed forces and in a host of political offices. There are gay men and women at the helm of profitable businesses. The Boy Scouts have banned all of them.

These days, most responsible adults are busy juggling duties as parents, breadwinners and, often enough, caregivers to elderly kin. That the Boy Scouts believe they have enough capable volunteers at hand to exclude some is, well, harebrained.

The organization has also passed up the chance to help vulnerable boys at a stage in their development when they most need acceptance, guidance and nurturing. Teenage boys who may be coming to terms with their homosexuality need open-minded adult mentors.

  • montanabill

    This is a new high in nonsense from Cynthia.

    • Really? Why? Got something against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

      • montanabill

        That statement doesn’t have a thing to do with Cynthia’s ignorant attack on the Scouts.


    • MikeCassidyAHS

      If your genetic make-up leans you to homosexuality, then that is normal

      • How you act out on it may not be.

        • MikeCassidyAHS

          One could say the same thing about heterosexuals as well

          • Of course! That is just the point! See my earlier post.

    • Do all “normal people” have such a serious problem with spelling? Or is “THE BOY SCAOUTS” a different group than The Boy Scouts? Please clarify.

  • JALOR96

    Is not America the country where people have a freedom of choice? To have or have not!

  • quasm

    Ms. Tucker;

    Why don’t those who promote homosexual practice start their own organization? They could have leaders who are active homosexuals. Good luck getting parents to have their children join such a group.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • Because “separate but equal” has been shown to be neither.

      • That is just in tax-funded education. It works just fine in sports

    • Dik, your suggestion of gender apartheid sounds terrific but why not go further and ask your lawmakers to require homosexuals to wear a pink triangle so us normal people can recognize them on the spot. Worked for the Nazis. Your friend, Jack

      • John_Fund

        Judge not, you know

    • John_Fund

      Because you must remember that the sodomite rights group is all about control. Consider the fact that the they all have the right to commit to each other already. What they want when they say “marriage” is GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED “marriage.”

      • quasm


        The homosexuals seek something that is not obtainable. Happiness while violating God’s law. They seek others’ approval of conduct that is inherently spiritually self-destructive. While they may achieve that end, it will never bring them peace.

  • Why would anyone want to open the door to what basically for pediphiles would be heaven? We are being inundated with messages making a lifestyle that the Bible terms an abomination, a mainstay in the value system of our country. If we term ourselves a “Christian” nation, how is that we disobey the mandates/Commandments of the book recognized as being the official word of the Being that created all of this? For the “haters,” let me make myself clear: This is about sexual preferences; since when do such preferences become a civil right? If one choses sodomy and lesbianism as a personal preference, more power to them. I am all for supporting your right to make that chose. But when it becomes a mandate that strives to guide others, especially young impressionable kids, who show no signs or predilection for that lifestyle, into an association with those behaviors and attitudes, then I stand opposed. Why? Because when you have classes that teach tolerance of the behavior, it basically legitimizes the behavior and authenticates it. It would seem that as a Christian nation we would be opposed to this. If we are not then we have become spiritual outlaws and there are penalties for that. Because it is clear that if God is real and the Bible is His statement of Law, then people participating in such sexual acts are damned for only the behavior, not as human beings. If one stops the behavior, one is free from the biblically declared penalty.


    • nobowtie

      First of all, being gay is not a “choice”, and as far as having a pedophile orginazation…How many people are Catholic and send their boys to be abused by priests every day? You are afraid of teaching your boys tollerance. The majority of child molesters are straight by the way, or is mrs. Sandusky really a man?

      • You clearly know pretty much nothing about the Boy Scouts.

    • I guess ignorance is bliss, Mr. Bellamy.

    • lennyp96

      I think gays should all return to the closet. They is no place for them in a christian world.

    • Dear Avon Bellamy Sr. ~ or should I say John Oliver? ~ enough already, bro, you’ve got us laughing so hard we might bust a rib. But just in case somebody reading your satire does not appreciate your rapier wit, let me just clarify that there is no condemnation of homosexuality in the Bible, except maybe one vague reference in one of St. Paul’s more cheerful missives. I know, I know, you’re saying educated people know full well that the famous statements in Leviticus 18 and 20 pertain to a man’s assuming a woman’s role, and that because women were the same level as slaves, a man was unholy for imitating a woman, not for performing anal sex. But once you open up Leviticus, you got yourself one big can of worms, because not only are the punishments ugly (like killing your own child for sassing you) but there are clear implications that we don’t really want to get into. For the rest of you who are not Biblical scholars like Avon/John, one such is that Leviticus never once condemns incest between a father and daughter. There’s a green light if I ever saw one. And here’s another you can roar through: there is no condemnation of lesbianism in the Good Book at all. So why would lesbianism be okay with the Lord but not gayness? But really, Avon/John, I think I have said enough and will wind up here by bidding you a fond farewell and can’t wait to see you on The Daily Show tomorrow. Your friend, Jack

  • howa4x

    The Boy scouts are a Christian organization who teach values that don’t really exist anymore. They don’t teach greedy behavior and to be successful in this culture you need to practice it. You can’t really be a rain maker on Wall st if you can’t get a merit badge in greed. They also don’t teach enviornmental protection because the land is there for the taking, and we want cheap energy. Tolerance which is a foundation Christian value is also low on the teaching agenda since they are all white and of the same religion. Jews and Muslims have a hard time joining due that pork and beans thing. There is no merit badge for starting a breakfast program in the inner city
    It is almost like they are in a bubble.
    The rest of the world is changing rapidly, and one day they will have to deal with women’s and, gay rights, in the workplace, the emergence of Latinos, and Asians as political forces, as well as the green movement and they will face globalization so there may be no job for them because the corporation in town just moved to China. If things go the republican way they won’t even have health care..
    Adults want to protect them from Gays but not from pesticides in the food that cause cancer, toxins in the water, or particulates laced with mercury in the air. Asthma rates are climbing as is lung problems in youth. You feed them fast food diets and 14% of all kids are already obese and have diabetes. The Scouts are not making a dent because the Joint cheifs say our kids are too fat to fight
    If they want to make a stand only on gays as far as protection goes, so be it for now, but as Bob Dylan sang The times they are a chang’n

  • As a former Scout, this whole thing has appalled me from day one. I had hoped the B.S.A. would pull their heads from their collective khaki shorts soon, but my hope was apparently mis-placed. Which is a damn shame, because there is an awful lot about Scouting that is valuable, and denying it to an entire class of people is not only bigoted but, as Ms. Tucker points out, moronic.

  • So… what about DeMolay?

  • onedonewong

    Gays and Atheists make up less than 3% of this country’s population time to end this PC nonsense before it destroys the younger generation

    • “PC nonsense”? Oh, you mean tolerance. Yeah, let’s end that before it’s too late and we all start liking each other. And don’t you think we should stamp out the Beatitudes while we’re at it? Talk about PC …

      • overpaidCS

        No not tolerence its the tail wagging the dog. Ahh but the libs hate religion unless it serves their purpose

  • llferrell

    The Boy Scout administration lacks the understanding that there is a difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. They have somehow linked the two together. Sad

  • What is worse…THE BOY SCOUTS ? or the NRA?

    • Thanks for the second try. The Boy Scouts? Am I right and what have I won?


  • Who established a clear line between pedophiles and gays? At what age does a child become a “fair” prospect for a gay? Is 14 too young, how about 15, or 16? Do all gays follow the law on this and always wait until a chap is 18? Do all heteros? Of course not, so why think gays will if they are in the company of young, vulnerable guys who are looking for a role model. The whole issue is much more comkplex than Cynthia makes it look. If heteros engage in all sorts of sexual impropriety and even crime, then are gays any different across a broad spectrum of the population? She claims the BSA policy is antediluvian, which would mean that it is somewhere around 10,000 years out of date. Really? You may want to find a new long word Cynthia. She claims that predators are mostly married men. The tricky part is “mostly.” She uses specious arguments to try to make her point, but I never see any of these anguished do-gooders explain what work they do with the Boy Scouts or how they contribute to the organization. The military argument is off base. They are a government organization and all in it are adults, but wait a minute. She was for sure in favor of women in combat roles in the military, and now we see all kinds of sexual abuse cases cropping up between men and women in the military. At the base near where I live a seargeant major was court marshalled for just such conduct, but nobody can explain how to solve the problem. Yes, women should be allowed to serve in the military, but this policy was put in place without any parallel effort to protect them from macho, in-your-face, type-A personalities that were trained to kill. This abuse has happened in tail hook organizations, in service academies, in basic training, and in various posts around the world. Now all of a sudden Cynthia thinks that a swarm of gay leaders and boys coming into the Scouts wouldn’t have any negative consequences. Older boys can be predators too, you know, Cynthia. Maybe you could convince the Boy Scouts if you were to set up a fund to cover all the law suits and loss of contributions they would surely suffer under your new policy. Hurray for no-real-solutions Cnythia.

    • There is a prattler named Gary
      Whose raving can get quite scary;
      He makes a claim
      That’s rather lame
      And slanders everyone military.

  • When my son was a cub scout I was a den mother, then when he was older and advanced to being a boy scout his father became the leader. The last thing on their minds was each others sexual preference. How have we stooped so low?
    I feel like I’m back in the 50’s as a child and had to watch out for a commie around every corner!

  • Where are all these Americans who are overjoyed about the gay rights movement? Where are all thesse Americans who think the gay lifestyle is normal and acceptable? These Americans seem to be in abundance in Hollywood, and are well established in the news media. Yet in the streets outside of certain coastal cities, most Americans remain firm in their beliefs. Few parents would truthfully say-“I’d love for my child to grow up gay.” Americans are basically a fair people, and few would happily go back to the days of discrimination. What started out as civil unions, though, has morphed into gay marriage, and is now attempting to morph into the belief that everything is normal when it’s not. Average Americans have a habit of deciding for themselves what is and isn’t normal, and few would readily admit to the concept that gay is normal. Continued attempts to make it so, run the risk of a backlash the likes of which has seldom been seen. It seems to be common knowledge with the elite media that if you speak out against gay issues, you are a backwards, ignorant, bigot; Sadly mis-informed, certainly hateful, and always, very, dangerous. All this has done, though, has been to send such sentiment underground. There such thoughts bubble under the surface, heating like some great super volcanoe waiting to explode. The Boy Scouts have taken a stand against, what is seemingly apparent to the average American, not just an issue of gay rights, but some sort of gay agenda; A chain of thought that says, not only must we protect the rights of individual Americans to be gay, but we must now convince the majority of Americans that the gay lifestyle is healthy, normal, correct, and something that should be aspired to. That day is far from sight, despite the best efforts of Hollywood, the media, and small, vocal, political groups. How we move forward after this Supreme Court ruling will probably depend a great deal on the ability of gay rights activists to compromise.

    • So “few [average Americans] would readily admit to the concept of gay is normal”? Hmm. Please see Gallup’s May 14, 2012 poll, “U.S. Acceptance of Gay/Lesbian Relations Is the New Normal.” Fact: 63% of your “average Americans” think homosexual relations should be legal. Fact: 54% of your “average Americans” say homosexual relations are morally acceptable. Fact: 50% of your “average Americans” think that homosexual marriage should be legalized. Fact: on each of these matters, women and adults 18-34 lead the pack in regarding homosexuals as their fellow Americans worthy of the same respect and treatment that they get. Fact: the only part of the country where support for and acceptance of homosexuals is far behind the rest is the South. The East, Midwest, and West are far more inclusive than the South. Excepting the South, 60% of the other three parts of the country think homosexual relations are morally acceptable; excepting the South, support for homosexual marriage is a shade under 55%. There’s more good information (definition: what concepts are based on) but I will let you savor the data on your own. The Gallup survey’s conclusion confirms what you now fear about your “average Americans”: “Significant pockets of resistance remain — namely Republicans, those 55 and older, Protestants, residents of the South, and, in some respects, men — but majorities of other groups have grown comfortable with gay rights.” But does the Gallup survey suggest that opponents of inclusion are “backwards, ignorant, bigot; Sadly mis-informed, certainly hateful, and always, very, dangerous.” No, just that they are below average.