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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • Why spend this amount of money just to keep him locked up in that embassy? That is more than it would cost to keep him locked up in prison and he has it much better in the embassy. Just walk away. Sooner or later he will decide on his own that he doesn’t want to be restricted to one place and he will venture out. In this day and age, with all the smart phones, satellites, drones and everyday street corner video cameras, there is nowhere he can hide that will make him invisible and unable to be arrested. I mean, it’s not like Osama bin Laden hiding from George W. Bush.

    • ralphkr

      Also bear in mind that London has complete, or nearly complete, surveillance of every inch of their surface streets. With the powerful facial recognition software they have combined with their omnipresent camera system they can be alerted immediately if he ventures forth. NHI (no humans involved)

  • I say bill WikiLeaks for it. That’ll make some noise.

  • Colleen Adams

    Bill Wikileaks….why? Wikileaks is not responsible for him or any decision made by the Government. The man has been granted asylum, I would imagine he has no intention of leaving the Embassy. Think people. Where would he go.? What may be a good idea, is to suggest that the British Government and the Swedish Government agreed that he will not be extradited, oops..sorry renditioned on to the USA.

  • this is a direct move to kill freedom of speach, you can bet the bush klan is leanning hard on g.b.

  • Colleen Adams

    How about thanking wikileaks, that would be more appropriate, considering what they have done at great personal expensive, for your freedom of information.