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Sunday, October 23, 2016


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  • LouisTrujillo

    Disclosure of Tax returns should be a qualification for all politicians who serve the people in the United States and should be a continuous review while remaining in office. This should especially apply to those serving in Key positions of authority. We the people of the United States deserve the best Servants that are elected that are voted in,to insure not a perfect Government but an “Honest One”.

  • JSquercia

    Let’s also remember that Romney’s father who was CEO of American Motors regularly turned DOWN raises. Something unheard of today

  • jimmyags

    Just like you have to go through the long,drawn out process of “getting the whole story” from a child about how the lamp got broken,we will have to get his returns a pice at a time. Anyone who believes that he is going to offer full disclosure before he is forced to by the voters is delusional.


    there will be little, or no truth to anything this lying thief “releases”.he is not his daddy, folks he is not your friend.possably slightly saner than the newtwit, but a danger to freedom just the same.

  • Jim Groom

    Mitt’s team will release just enough to get themselves off the hook. Most folks will just believe what they are told…as usual. His team has been working the spin on this issue for years already so they know what to hid.

  • rhstrat1

    He will not make his tax returns public or he will do what all politicans do,tell you only what they want you to know. The truth will get you more in trouble than telling a lie.

  • ajaxgeneral

    What’s this: “release “multiple years” of his returns”..? I watched several renditions of Romney rhetoric and unless I was spacing out during an obscure retort, I never once heard him mention ‘multiple’ years.. Even when he thought his bully tactic would work and he stated you would see it come April 15th, he was still referring to one (2011’s) return.. Don’t expect this idiot to reveal something that absolutely separates the classes.. He’ll use 2011’s return (this year’s taxes) but not before telling his over-paid CPAs’ to be (nudge.. nudge) “extremely liberal this time around and we’ll make up for it when I become Prez”.. (yes, he’s that confident.. silly human).