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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Stephen Colbert brought his bid for the presidency of the United States of South Carolina to Charleston Friday afternoon, where he was joined by Herman Cain, the former candidate actually on the ballot in Saturday’s primary for whom the comedian is urging his supporters to cast their ballots in a show of support.

Ridiculing the Citizens United and related decisions that said corporations and individuals can make unlimited, anonymous donations to independent political groups, Colbert used a marching band, choir, and Cain’s goofy singing to rouse the crowd of over 3,000 young people and fans. Here’s the video:

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8 responses to “Colbert And Cain Rock Charleston”

  1. terango.lf says:

    Chuck Todd’s commentary was mild yet very much misguided. If Colbert had kept his “schtik” to only Comedy Central, the message of these absurd new monetary election freedoms would not get the exposure that it deserves and needs.

  2. CarolMartin says:

    I am disgusted that colbert would even dig up that b***sh***er cain. cain should stay back in the filthy morass he lives in w/his ‘my little conniving hermmy’ wife. mock the crooked supreme court and their monied boys control is fine with me. We need to get rid of tripe like roberts/alito/scalia/thomas and their ilk. too bad they have life positions. too bad hell is out of room at the moment

  3. JohnQCitizen says:

    Colbert is not “marginalizing” the Republican Party and “poisoning” the election process, the Republican Party is doing a good job of that all by themselves. Colbert is just letting the GOP provide him with an endless supply of comedy material, with a party that went from the “moral majority” to cheering for Newt’s marital behavior and is so easily fooled by the “Tea Party” that was manufactured and financed by the Koch brothers into becoming the best worst party that money can buy?

  4. Challenged says:

    Chuck Todd added nothing to this commentary unless you value “um” which he used at least five times. Stick to someone brighter than you to speak and let them feed you through the ear Chuck. As far as he idolizes our Nation’s institutions wake up! And lose the chip on your shoulder for not leading the way on pointing out the gigantic problems with Citizens United, Colbert and Stewart beat you to a story. Try and catch up and don’t couch this in terms of them picking on Republicans, they are eating their own just fine thanks in large part to Citizens United.

  5. Hal says:

    Cain is so dumb he doesn’t even realize that Colbert is actually making fun of and mocking the GOP and the right wing. What an idiot.

  6. glogrrl says:

    Absolutely not! If anything, he is a corporate shill. And obviously with no sense of humor.

  7. Embarrassed Citizen says:

    Two slime balls that deserve each other.

  8. adeleyesr says:

    The man, Herman Cain, who has smartly dodged the bullets from women accussing him of “ADULTERY”, “SEXAUL HARRASSMENT” or whatever has now come out again exposing himself to another rounds of probably fatal bullets from other women yet to surface or a continuation from the previous ones now with valid evidences that could crush him. To me now, Herman Cain is like a person being hidden or camouflaged but starts to cough when those people looking for him are passing by. I think he should go home and enjoy his time with his family.
    He has named many sources as those who caused his political DOWNFALL, viz: Gov Rick Perry’s campaign staff, Gov Mitt Romney’ camp, the Democrats and lately when he was on CNN with Mr Piers, the LIBERAL press. Which one do we hold accountable for his downfall?. When he cannot identify or find solution to his own personal problems, how can he solve or find solutions to the nation’s problems?.

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